embrace body hair


Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying summer. Don’t let a magazine or a tv show tell you that you don’t have the body to rock a bikini, or that you need to look certain way in order to use certain swimsuit. Enjoy the sun and love your body, you are beautiful and you are you, that’s more than enough, you deserve to be happy.

white girls everywhere: omg peach fuzz is so cute uwu embrace your body hair uwuwuwuwuw!!!!

me, a fucking latinamerican genetics smoothie nonbinary trainwreck with hormonal problems:


I love my black afrocentric melanin embracing proud feminist types. I also love the MEN that embrace them as well. You know…unapologetically black, unique and not afraid to be different. Those feminist types who are body positive and embrace having body hair. 420 friendly…about incense and meditation…love and peace.
But most of all keep up the fight and strive for equality


anonymous asked:

Do you shave your legs? I'm a firm believer in women being able to embrace their natural body hair, but sometimes I feel self conscious about my unshaven legs, since where I live it's considered disgusting. :/

I don’t want my personal practices to influence you in any way as you should honor your own rhythms regardless of what those around you are doing. Whether you’ve those to stand with you or not. But, sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t. My leg hair isn’t something I view strictly one way or another. If feeling compelled to shave for whichever reason, then I shave. While if I feel more comfortable with eight months worth of leg fur accompanying me then I don’t even consider taking a razor to my legs. Sometimes my legs will receive peculiar glances if they’ve gone unshaven but, really, that isn’t my problem. Even if the viewer is absolutely horrified and disgusted with my fur, it isn’t my concern. That has everything to do with how THEY choose to view bodily hair, with their perception of life, and it isn’t my responsibility to appease nor craft my life around their preferences. My comfort and freedom are the leading forces behind my life and if someone is so appalled at something so harmless then they will have to sit with those feelings because I will not subject myself to being their prisoner. I’m going to do my thing, whether that be shaving or growing, and it’s their responsibility to deal with their personal feelings, not mine. I will not allow my life be an expression of what best pleases others as I’m no shadow. I’m not something to be molded, altered, and censored by each creature looking for a force to control as they project and manifest their own insecurity with life. I am my own entity and don’t foresee a relinquishment of control anytime in the near future :) This applies to any aspect of self expression as far as I’m concerned. xxx

cool places for girls to have hair (!!!) 

  • arm hair
  • leg hair 
  • armpit hair
  • snuggly lower back hair
  • tummy fuzz !!♥
  • upper lip hair (normal & gorgeous)
  • chest hair ??? yes 
  • booty hair
  • alllll over them hips and thighs
  • shoulder hair = awesome
  • everywhere
  • literally everywhere
  • anyone who tells you different is ignorant or jealous (probs a combination of the two)

hey yeah i see posts about women embracing their entirely natural body hair and that’s wonderful you do whatever you want but um

yeah none of those posts are about trans women

a lot of trans women get facial hair and then get a bunch of shit for it

so let’s like, maybe start paying attention to that because fun fact trans people exist lmao

karlandrew23  asked:

Does your #wife #embrace your #body #hair?

My wife left me 3 weeks ago because she found me reading a poem to a loaf of bread i found in the woods behind the old Blockbuster. So why don’t you take your little hashtag joke and stick it up your fucking asshole. i love my wife and i am a good father but now i have nothing .

calling all hairy ladies!!

im putting together a zine about body hair/removal that will hopefully be part of a series about different aspects of femininity. it’ll mostly be information about the social and cultural history of body hair removal practices (and maybe a ‘coloring book’ section if i can make that cute and fun and not completely stupid) with the goal of getting women to embrace their body hair, or at the very least know why they’re expected to remove it. 

i would like to have some personal accounts if possible so if u feel comfortable sharing a little about yourself and yr experiences w body hair, i’d love to include that. it can be art, poetry, prose, whatever–as long as it’s under a page typed. shorter is better because i don’t know how long this’ll be (it’s still in very early panning/drafting stages). nothing super hardcore or scholarly, just something to personalise the issue.

u’d be fully credited for yr work, but idk if i’ll b able to offer any sort of compensation (other than a free copy of the finished product). that said, if that’s something u think i should do please talk to me about it and we can work something out.

i’ll probably be making a more serious post about this later so no pressure but for now just think about it. if u have any other thoughts/suggestions let me know!!