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♥ or ♦ with rhack :3c

I am aggressively choosing “♦: Slow dancing” because it is my WEAKNESS (one of them) and because it gives me a chance to cheat expand on another scene for the trophy wife au. (The opening and last half is freshly written SO THERE it’s not cheating maybe.) Also, it gives me a chance to showcase one of my favorite Jack lines I’ve ever written.

Under a cut because this one got long. For the Fic Meme.

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By the hand of @connie.rie 🔥💯🌟 - Worthy is the Lamb who was slain- this song was playing in my head while i did another experiment with embossing powder. This time the result is better on a smoother Craft Paper from Clairefontaine. Lesson learned: i should’ve used a blind transparent marker instead of black🙈 oh well.✒👑
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Hello everyone! I’m back from hiatus (my husbando just got back, I haven’t seen him in 8 months ♡v♡ so I was on vacation). I’ll be posting all the requests that have been piling up in my inbox. For now have some majestic team rocket (it’s a tiny envelope for the gold embossed promo Arbok. I think it was for the year of the snake. I love them so much TTvTT)


Kryptonite" by Giuseppe Velardo: 
Paper: Somerset Velvet heavy Fine Art paper 320g/sm
Ink: Epson Ultrachrome HDX
Size: 11" x 14"
Edition: 10
Printed by: Rhino Barking Sparrow

Hand numbered, accompanied by sealed and security punched Certificate of Authenticity.
Embossed with our Signature logo in gold foil.
Shipped rolled in a heavy-duty tube mailer. 

A new series of prints available at https://www.rhinobarkingsparrow.com/products/kryptonite-by-giuseppe-velardo

Giuseppe Velardo

Kendall was spotted out in NY yesterday wearing this exact Are You Am I Dewi Tank in Black ($79.00), this exact Are You Am I Double Wrap Lilou Choker ($59.00), this exact Anine Bing Dotted Lace Bra ($89.00), this exact Versace Embossed Leather Backpack ($2,995.00), and these exact Louis Vuitton Republic Ankle Boots (unavailable for online purchase at this time).


“Ember of the forrest”   (size of a double ATC)
Tried incorporating embossing powder for the first time in a drawing (only ever see scrapbookers and card crafters use the stuff) and it was great fun, loved the embossing ink marker as it held on to the powder very well until i was going to go heat set it, and darn it’s so pretty! You can’t see it here but the design goes from metallic green to a peachy colour depending from what angle you look at it! Will surely play around with the stuff some more!
Ref for fox from paint my photo website (tho it doesn’t look quite like it anymore haha)

Tristan was having an incredibly rough time. The events at the party had lead to situations which had caused his world to come crashing down around him. His sanity was questionable as were his choices. Nothing was the same. 

“This better be important if you are disturbing me in my study.” Tristan spoke coldly as a figure walked into the room. “What is so urgent that it can not wait?” He asked, his eyes like daggers as he looked up from the book cradled in his arms. 

“It’s Aurora…” One of the vampire spies that Tristan had sent to keep an eye on his sister approached him nervously. “She has… She has gone missing. We can’t find her anywhere. There was a disturbance at her apartment and… and what we found was this…” He handed his sire a card with an owl design embossed into it.

The Strix. 

Or more specifically the coven of witches who had gone off on their own tirade at his party. It was no questioning that they were the ones who did this. The vampires wouldn’t have been so stupid as to cross him in such a way. They knew he could dismember them before they even had the chance to utter a word. They wouldn’t be so foolish as to go after their sire in the worst way possible. But the witches, on the other hand, they could put up a fair fight. Furthermore his prior conversations with Amy and Leven had already left him suspicious of what the coven was conspiring. The witches had gone out of control and it seemed as if they were purposefully trying to cause him trouble. One thing was for sure. They were going to pay. 

Storming out of the room, Tristan knew exactly where to go to get answers. He went to the meeting place of the Sisters Coven where one remained by herself, sitting over a book of spells. Leaving one with no backup? Big mistake. 

Tristan was at her in an instant, before she could recognize his presence or react. If she didn’t comply he was fully prepared to torture the information out of her. There were no limits when it came to protecting Aurora. “Where is my sister?!” 

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Sarcasm, meet… sour wolf. One side featuring the classic quote from Stiles ‘Don’t be such a sour wolf’, along with the target symbol from his shirt. The other featuring one of Derek’s ever classic 'Shut up’s, and the triskelion. ½ inch emboss-printed adult sized silicone jelly bracelet.

Finished my casting model for work today….this thing is heavy…