embossed notebooks


Blank book in 10.5" x 14.5 size, thickness around 2.5 inches and has 250 leaves (500 pages) of cream toned paper in 100 gsm paper weight. The inside cover - endpapers are marbled parchment which gives it a nice touch. The gilded and aged paper edges all contribute to that authentic vintage look.

29.08.15 Hi! It’s been a while since I uploaded any of my own pictures. I went into Westfield today and picked up this beautiful embossed lined notebook for £3 in Paperchase, I’m going to use it for my Korean. And then also these 2 plain greeting cards and a block of small sticky notes from Tiger for £2 (together). Just thought I’d share :) Anyone looking to start a bullet journal, I spotted some really nice bound notebooks in Tiger for just £2! Definitely recommend 👍