behold, the true face of Mettaton EX.  I created it using the unfinished half of his face that is always hidden by his bangs, the unused defeated face sprites.

I then mirrored the unfinished side of the face, mirrored the unfinished right cheek area, and based on the dimensions that the teeth and mouth of the face could move. Remove the fake hair and it’s done. 
I was able to color this using the grey-blue color that the metal in Mettaton EX is colored in his overworld sprite.
A quick few lighting effects with it set as a metallic material and embossing filter, and there you go.  Looks like a new “Transformers” movie logo. 

This is the endoskeleton of Mettaton EX, you sinners love to see him naked, so I’ll show you what he looks like naked. The outer layer of the faces of most androids and animatronics is a stretchy pliable elastic mask of sorts, attached in sections anchored to certain moving parts of the face. Due to how some people get freaked out by this, I’ll let you decide if you want to search for the images of animatronics without “skin” instead of posting any here. 

You now understand why he still needed Alphys, as long as she didn’t put the finishing touches on his body, finishing the other half of the face and finishing the cheek and top of the forehead. Mettaton made his hair like that to cover it, and in the end, judging by the overworld sprite, Mettaton kept the look even after Alphy’s finished the body. Even though the defeated sprites exposing the face were not implemented, you can see that the bangs are instead pointing up to cast shade over the unfinished part of the face, with the unfinished eye shining light. 

pretty neat, huh?

Can we please try to find some sort of logical explanation as to why this is George Michael’s call screen for Gob.

Why is he in GM’s phone as Jesus Krist instead of Uncle Gob.

Why is Christ spelled like that.

Why does the picture look like a weird duck face waiter selfie run through the Emboss filter in Photoshop.

This singular screencap has continually confused and upset me since S4 premiered.