emboss nails


Emerald Vines - Color-shifting Blue-Green Chrome Nails with Vine Embossing

Decided my short chrome nails were looking a bit blah (too lazy to apply nail tips and sculpt them) so I decided to jazz them up by painting on textured vines with clear builder gel and a nail-art brush. Ended up with a fun set of nails.

(Now here’s something I wish I could do on my dominant hand.)

If you DIY you will need:

Black gel polish

Clear no-wipe gel topcoat

Chameleon powder (mine are No.25 by NAIL MAD on Aliexpress.com)

Clear builder gel (I like CANNI UV Clear Builder cos it’s thick enough to hold its shape when you do designs)

Super fine nail art brush

LED lamp (obviously)

Otherwise just ask your nail technician to do a regular chrome manicure first, then apply the embossing pattern over top and cure. You can flash-cure every few strokes if your gel is a bit runnier. After removing the inhibition layer off the builder gel, buff one more coat of chrome pigment over for some extra color intensity. 

No more topcoat after this because it will remove a lot of the the crispness and detail of the vines.