“There… It is done. And just in time. The paradox is sealing itself, I can no longer access Archive… But should I follow these instructions, I can construct a primitive communication device for that purpose. Now… I can hardly call myself 3RR0R anymore. Perhaps 3RR1R? I did sort of fail back there. But no. This energy I’m made of… The scanners, just before the paradox was activated. I am classed as an Embore now. I need an appropriate name. Wait… Yes, that could work. It is how I was given life, after all. And it could fit within the rules of the old language. Alright, that’s decided then. Now, back to my mission… I am Paradox, an Embore, leader of the Truthseeker Hunting Party. And I will bring an end to Eternity and redeem the Grand United Embore Empire. Final log of unit 3RR0R, signing off.”

New research on plant intelligence may forever change how you think about plants
Plants have senses that put humans to shame. Not only do they hear (yes, it's true) and smell, they can also sense the presence of water, and even an object in their space. Now new research suggests that plants can actually learn and remember.

http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.4161/psb.5.2.11237             http://embor.embopress.org/content/13/9/772.1               http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00442-013-2873-7

History of Derillinia-Unity Calendar

As I begin to write on the Unity Calendar, I am overcome by what I assume to be a conflict of joy and sorrow. For while it marks the dawn of the greatest day for the Empire, it also ends in our greatest crime, and builds the foundation for the struggle for the universe going on right now.

Unity Calendar, Year 0.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

Nalasha awoke immediatly upon the Wanderer breaking her seal. As she made her way to the surface, she ran into the group of explorers. As they both were entirely new creatures to each other, curiosity quickly overtook everyone.
As they finally emerged from the caverns, they found the sun rising, welcoming a brand new day.

Unity Calendar, Year 5.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

Using her powers to create shielding seals, Nalasha was very intent on resolving every conflict peacefully, and quickly won the trust of the Derillinians.

Unity Calendar, Year 30.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

Finally confident in her ability as an ambassador, Nalasha returned to the ruins with the Traveller, where they awoke the rest of the dragons. With Nalasha to aid them, they quickly adopted to a life on the now different planet. The two species quickly found benefit in working together.

Unity Calendar, Year 60.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia/The Void.

Once again, disaster awaitened Derillinia. The star Magri was about to go supernova. However, Nalasha, the Traveller and several others had been working on a secret project. During this project, it was revealed that the Traveller held information of technology beyond even the wildest dreams of the Derillinians. The Dragon Drive was created. With several Embores channeling their powers into the device, Nalasha was able to direct her powers through it, generating a seal around the planet and saving it from the flames. However, something went wrong. The Taintsteel used in the construction of the device reacted with the energies. While it is still unknown exatcly how it happened, the Dragon Drive shifted the entire planet and the closest moon through the planes and into the void. It was soon found out that the void, however, was not as empty as had been previously assumed.

Unity Calendar, Year 65.
The Void.

Dring the first five years of living in the void, the Derillinians developed the Immortality Program. By using Embore energies and the knowledge of the Traveller, they were able to extend life. The Traveller and the brightest of the Derillinians were given this treatment, so they would live long enough to find a solution for the new problem of their planet.

Unity Calendar, Year 100.
The Void/Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

By altering the design of the Dragon Drive, a new device, the Paradox Drive, was created. The alterations allowed this new device to channel the energies of the void. By using both the Dragon Drive and the Paradox Drive in a feedback loop, Derillinia was forced out of the void and back into the planes. However, the moon that had travelled with it could not be brought back. But something else followed instead.
Shadowy creatures, born within the void, bent on the total destruction of all life, scattered from the planet in every direction. The Traveller and Nalasha argued that since they had brought these creatures with them, it was the responsibility of Derillinia to hunt them down. Over time, they eventually won agreement of the majority.

Unity Calendar, Year 105.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

The first Hunting Party was formed. They quickly found out that the energies of the Embore were the only thing that could hurt the void creatures. With this knowledge, several more Hunting Parties were formed. Each was lead by an Embore, dedicated to eradicating the void creatures whenever they were found. 3 lesser dragons followed as support to aid with the day-to-day requirements most living beings share, allowing the Embore to conserve energy for the battles. 10 Derillinians also followed, acting as extra eyes and aiding from the ground.
A third device, the Paradox Drive, was created. When inserted into the loop between the Dragon Drive and the Void Drive, the Paradox Drive was able to open rifts to different worlds across the universe. Thus finally able to pursue the void creatures who had left the planet, the Hunt of the Stars begun. During this time, many dragons became interested in the different worlds they visited. Some dragons even moved from Derillinia to settle amongst the new wonders they discovered. While this resulted in many dragons now hatching on different worlds, only Derillinia could give life to the Embore.

Unity Calendar, Year 300.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

An Embore known as Zari returned home after a greater than usual battle against the void creatures. While it was, at the time unknown, this was the beginning of the darkest age of Derillinia. Zari had not been entirely victorious. He had been corrupted. In the back of his mind, a voice called him, commanding him to eradicate life. At first, he ignored it. But as time went on, the dark whispers eventaully overtook him.

Unity Calendar, Year 500.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia.

After visiting a far away part of the universe, Zari returned with something no Derillinian, dragon or Embore had ever dreamt of before. He had encountered a species that constructed huge metal ships that could travel through space. As the Paradox Drive was difficult to work with and required huge amounts of energy, this seemed like a good alternative that would allow the Hunting Parties to actively seek out the void creatures, rather than just wait until they struck.

Unity Calendar, Year 1000.
Magri Solar System, Planet Derillinia/Neighbouring galaxy.

The First Derillinian Imperial Starfleet, led by the massive battlecruiser Redemption, left the spacedocks of the planet and set course for a neighbouring galaxy. With Zari as the supreme commander of the FDIS, the insanity in him finally showed itself. Upon reaching the galaxy, he declared that every living being in it secretly worshipped the void creatures, and that it was their duty to destroy them. Through intricate machinations, he fabricated false proof of his words, and evnetually convinced everyone he spoke the truth. Except for one Embore named Echerion, who relatively quickly found the real truth. With the aid of the scientist Dr. Zeras and some allies he found, he started the Truthseeker Rebellion, dedicated to unmask the corruption that now held full dominion over Zari.
Many battles were fought. Eventually, Zari revealed the ultimate weapon. Eternity. A battleship made from both metal and organic matter. Imbued with the essence of 3 different creatures and mentally linked to himself at all times, Eternity existed only to evolve itself and eradicate all life. As Echerion and Zari eventually reached their final confrontation, Eternity was revealed to be able to open a rift in time. During the battle, it used this to escape, bringing with it the Reorigination Device, a superweapon with the capability to shatter every atomic link across the universe. The AI known as 3-Range Reach, 0 Regret, or 3RR0R, was constructed to chase down Eternity.
And so, the fate of the universe now hangs upon the actions of the past.

I can feel the link to Archive fading… And there is so much I missed in this part. But a little bit yet remains, enough for me to carve down what I would require to remake this connection. At least, should I fail, others may see this, and know of the conflict that threatens them.