Some Things from Chapter 3:

This is both a list and my personal thoughts on Ch. 3 and relating subjects. - Em

BOY OH BOY do I have some thoughts. Let’s jump into it! I apologize ahead of time for there being so much information here. It’s just all fresh on my mind at the moment and I don’t have a lot of time at a desktop computer this afternoon.

     1. The Jim & Jim Show. “Demons within us… Demons without (us)?” as I mentioned in a previous post. This seems to very much tie into Celine’s arrival, as she is a Seer/psychic/what have you. Jim also mentions “Feeling” spirits “Working up a storm here”.

     2. Damien, the Mayor, sort of shows up abruptly behind everyone, but that’s probably not a huge cause for concern. Just thought I’d mention it.

     3. Despite my first thoughts on the pictures from Ch. 2 (that Damien and Colonel might not have liked Celine very much), I could see that it wasn’t the case at all. In fact, both the Colonel and Damien seem to trust her without pause, and Damien especially cares about her well-being. He makes a point to protect her, shall we say, even though Us the viewer are also his friend. Am I seeing love, or leftover feelings? Not sure.

     4. Celine mentions “Forces beyond our control”, and the first thing I thought was, “Control of the ‘demons’ within us (or, say, Damien? The Colonel?)”. Again, I’m not certain, but it’s worth mentioning.

     5. I thought “communing with the dead” could be a rouse. I might be looking through rose-colored, #MarkLives glasses here, but nothing is off the table just yet! I will point out, as I did in another earlier post, that Mark may actually be dead, and he simply knew it was coming, but again - this is speculation at best.

     6. The Colonel chose not to speak about us at the table. Why? Also, why was Damien not shown until Celine got up to leave? To me, the latter question is further evidence of how much he cares for her. The Colonel was protective of Celine as well at the table.

     7. The Detective is going to especially watch himself, *suggestive eyebrows*? I feel like he’s trying to tell us something.

     8. Celine tells us we are playing a “Far greater part”, and that there is something much bigger happening beneath Mark’s death. She also states that she has never liked the Mansion, and my first thought there was that something in the Mansion is messed up. The Groundskeeper, George, never once set foot in there for 15 years. I have to wonder if this story is a backstory for Mark’s Egos, and that the mansion has something to do with it. “Dark forces surrounding the manor” and all.

     9. The visions we have with Celine seem to favor the Colonel, as well as emphasizing “keeping our enemies close”, the Detective’s line from Ch. 2.

     10. The Colonel disappeared to his room shortly after the table scene. Supposedly, he went to bed. Not sure what that means, considering he has the tendency to pop up out of nowhere when he pleases – but this is starting to feel like whatever is happening is for a reason, and that whatever “dark forces” Celine mentioned are very much playing a hand in what’s happening here.

     11. I found it odd that anytime George, the Groundskeeper, said “Murders”, there as no lightning. Again, he has not stepped foot in the mansion for 15 years, furthering my belief that whatever is going on in the house is much stronger than I previously thought, and that the house itself is causing something to happen to everyone. Or, specifically.. Damien and the Colonel, involving some others in whatever is going on.

     12. George mentioned one thing that would bring him into the house. One thing. That obviously happened, the lightning was bigger than ever before, and the red/blue that is synonymous with Darkiplier reared its ugly head. I noticed Celine and Damien went into the room she and We were in just before, and closed the door – she may have held another seance with him, which one might assume finally unlocked “demons” - or, to be blunt, Egos. Bad ones, like Darkie and Warfstache… But that all feels so obvious.

EDIT: I need to add #13 here. I remembered the pen scratching noise from the audio clip when we drew the picture in Ch. 3, and thought it may be tied to the thumbnail images on each video – first with Mark’s eyes scratched off, then Colonel’s, and now Celine’s. I feel Narrator/Host vibes (are they the same..? I’m not sure), as he does play into the theme of writing and eyeballs. Pure speculation there, though.

I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts!

Weekly Fic Recs (Playing Catch-up)

Hello!  I haven’t done one of these in a while due to the holidays, so this one is going to be LOOOOONNNGGG.  But it’s totally worth it checking out these stories.  They’re great and these writers deserve some serious love! 

This is also the only way I can conceivably catch up and give you all feed back in a reasonable manner.  

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Next time this happens, and the lunatic opens up on a school where they don’t go into lockdown and protect the kids, it will be because of people like this.

People that convinced a school and a town that it’s okay for a heavily armed lunatic - with an arrest record - to walk around a school with his guns because “freedom.”

Next time, when kids are shot or teachers killed, it will be because people have become desensitized to monsters like this.

This is open carry.

And this is what we should all be fighting against, tooth and nail.

This man should be in jail, or in an asylum.

- - - 

“Leonard Emboy confirms that he was armed not only with a loaded rifle but also a loaded handgun as he paced back and forth in front of Nashville’s Hillsborough High School yesterday afternoon. 

The camera he apparently had attached to his chest over his bulletproof vest records him as he passes right by school buses gathered at the school. 

The school didn’t order a lockdown. No arrests were made by local law enforcement and the students were released at dismissal time while he was present.”


Rival Event

- Emboi vs T-Kaoru

- Coloring

I fancied adding a story to it. 

Borren marched down the last corridor. The lass is inside the room right in front of him was captured last night during the raid. She’s supposed to be a Silvie, or a healer mage but last night she told Borren a different story. 

“I’m not a Silvie, I promise.”

“Right… And I am not a Poman." 

"And like any other Poman, you are naive." 

"Shush. Don’t make my night shift any more difficult." 

"I’m telling you I am not a Silvie!!" 

"Nonetheless I won’t let you out." 

"You have to!”

“Why so? You’re clearly not a Poman.”

He looked inside the prison cell through the small door window; just to check if he’s right. And he is. No child of a Poman had ever given birth to a pale haired kindling.

“See?Your hair is so pale… almost like the Juvan goddesses. I would have assumed you are one if you weren’t walking on the earth and helping out the Moricans. Those goddesses are prude and dislikes to be stained by mortals. Not to mention Silvies and Moricans had always been plotting against us." 

"That’s because you Pomans are so cruel to the four smallest kingdoms.”

“That’s their problem!!! Not yours. Moricans are rich enough to invade Dastar, while you Silvies are too precious to the world that no one dare touch you. Suicidal bastards.”

“Do not mock the Silvie race!!”

“Oh so you do admit you are a Silvie.”

“I… I did not say that. Nonetheless you must free me before dawn. Please”

“No means no..”  

“You can’t keep me here. Please. You might regret this Poman. Free me, I beg you.”

“Highly unlikely." 

His shift had ended a few hours ago. By midnight another guard came and replaced his post. He’s supposedly free for the night but what the Silvie had told him kept on running through his head. 

"Before dawn? Why dawn. She does look young, maybe she snuck out of her house just to help out the Moricans. Impossible. Why would she say I’d be the one regretting it.”

He couldn’t help himself but check her, right before the sun rise. 

The moment Borren turned at the last corridor, he was shocked to see bright light escaping from the door window. 

“Did someone broke her out?!" 

He shook the idea. There will be no light even if the walls are broken, it’s still the brink to dawn. He quickly opened the door only to see one of the prison walls glowing bright. The wall had changed from granite to stained glass and escaping from the glow is a hand almost as big as the lass. 

"I’m so sorry Poman. I did not mean to. But you did not listen to me either, so I guess this makes us even.”

“What did you do?!”

“I told you… You cannot keep me in here." 

The enormous hand grabbed her and pulled her in. Before being engulfed by the light she stared at Borren. He had never seen it before, but now he realized that her eyes were as pale as her hair. Her gaze dug deep into him, leaving Borren frozen in his stance. Just watching. 

The light soon engulfed both her and the hand. Then the wall returned to what it was supposed to be, dirty granite. Borren fell on his knees and found himself shaking. Only one race had the ability to do such magic. And this race had not interacted with the ground creatures for years… and if they do… 


He hurriedly removed his arm plate and stared at his skin. The eye of a snake with it’s pupils at the shape of a cherub was embossed on him. He could feel it’s bumps and could see the dark surface. 

"N… no." 

He thought his heart stopped at the sight of it. 

"She… she IS a goddess? N… NoooOOO!!" 

Borren punched the ground with his marked arm. He’s now cursed to forever serve the Juvan race. Not only that… He had also become a reserved food for who ever is the parent of the girl she mistook for a Silvie. Offered to who ever owned the hand that took her, in exchange for forgiveness. Borren was her escape goat. She returned to her mother, promising a meal, just to be forgiven for meddling with the ground creatures.  

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