Last night, I sent this to embodystyle about her “gypsy banner” tattoo:

Alright. What you need to realize is that we are an actual ethnic group, and that “gypsy” is an awful, awful racial slur–our proper ethnonym is the Rromani peoples. Every time that a gadje (someone not of Walking People descent) such as yourself gets a “gypsy tattoo”, you are perpetuating the same stereotypes that have left us enslaved, persecuted, hunted down, murdered and tortured for the past thousand years. If you want to further educate yourself, read my blog, golden-zephy and stfugadje.

No response. When I got up this morning, she had posted this: http://embodystyle.tumblr.com/post/14405124925/when-did-tumblr-become-a-place-where-everyone-shits-on

I fuckin’ swear to Deval–if this is about me “shitting” on her about using a racial slur, I’ll be pissed. Well–either way, I’m already pissed. Rrgh.