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Hey it's not weird that jensen did a black guy and then a Hispanic girl impression at the con right?? He was imitating what they were doing, but I don't know if that's offensive? I just felt embarrassed but idk if he shouldn't have done it? Help me out here

(anon is referring to this moment of the J2 panel at NJcon 2017)

I wouldn’t reblog a video like this because I do think that it teeters on a line and I don’t want to offend anyone, but ultimately I don’t think that this was offensive. The story is just diverse - I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that? Jensen was not trying to make fun of the people that he was imitating because of their unique speaking patterns or because of their races, he was just trying to tell the story the way that it happened and was to capture the intensity of their reactions.

He did it, it happened, and we can only respond!

I would died laughing if I had been present in that Starbucks at the time, but it’s definitely ok for you to feel embarrassed. People have all sorts of different reactions for all sorts of different reasons.

I’d love some input on this if you guys have thoughts.

me: i hate fuckboys. i hate their smug attitudes, i hate how they walk around in gym clothes all the time as if they could start working out at any second, i hate how they look like the human embodiment of the word “bro” while simultaneously calling everyone around them a bro, i hate how they’re always flexing like they Know you’re watching, i hate how they throw up the same tired pose for every selfie, i hate em!!! hate fuckboys!!

tom holland: [does all of the above]

me: 👀

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I'm sorry may I ask for Keith voltron headcanons ur hcs are so Good

  • when he enters a room he automatically assesses his chances of beating the people inside in a fight
    • this is kinda horrifying but also. really funny
    • keith: *looks at shiro* *makes a mental note to add more push ups to his workout*
    • keith: *looks at lance* *nods because all is right in the world*
  • someone explained the “i say vol you say tron” thing to him a while back but he keeps messing it up because he thinks lance’s reactions are funny
  • *pidge drops down from the ceiling* keith, without looking up from his cereal: “hey”
  • has a weird stockholm syndrome-y relationship with country music since it was the only stuff on the radio out in the desert
    • he hates it. but. it was there for him when no one else was
  • is confused 72% of the time
  • the living embodiment of the words “fuck it”
  • refuses to refer to his hairstyle as a mullet. it’s just long lance. go away lance
  • keith: “why are you squeezing me with your body” hunk: “…it’s a hug, keith. i’m hugging you.”
    • alternatively: *literally anyone goes to hug keith* “…is…… is that a knife in your pocket”
  • “i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i’m a little disoriented”

- David Suchet on what advice would Hercule Poirot give to people since the character is a great moral compass, ABC Q&A panel, 28 July 2014

Voltron Characters as my friends and I descriptions on Facebook
  • Keith: I try to be sarcastic, but I'm so monotonous people think I'm being serious
  • Lance: you don't save the memes, the memes save you
  • Pidge: yeet
  • Shiro: Stressed, Depressed, not even well dressed. Are you impressed? No? Neither are my parents
  • Allura: I've only been traveling in space for two years and I've scammed over 12,000 galra. Iconic
  • Coran: the funkiest and freshest altean on the block
  • Hunk: Embodiment of the word 'hufflepuff'
Wolfgang & Sun

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  • They don’t say much, but they FIGHT for their loved ones
  • They don’t show emotions, but they PROTECT their loved ones
  • They’ll kill for survival, but they’ll DIE for their loved ones
  • They don’t smile much, but when they do, it comes from PURE happiness
  • I was SO HAPPY to see so much interactions between Sun and Wolfgang happened in this season – I loved this pair since Christmas special when they had this whole “if you need help” “I’m fine. If you need some air” “I’m good” then * both smirk * scene
  • There are so many things Sun and Wolfgang share in common
  • Both are the quiet ones in the cluster; they are badasses; and THEY DESERVE PEACE & HAPPINESS – and LOVE!
  • They might be strong on the outside, but they have soft heart inside; and that sometimes make these two people blame themselves for what they’ve done
  • Their mothers loved them; their fathers…one was abusive and the other was ignorant; and their other family members (like Steiner and Joong Ki) just couldn’t leave them in peace
  • One thing they don’t share in common, other than their fighting style, is that when Sun needs help, she asks for help. Whereas Wolfgang would NEVER, EVER ask for help – even when he’s being captured and tortured by Whispers
  • I really hope that in the end, both Sun and Wolfgang find their own peace (except rest-in-peace bullshit, I won’t allow it)

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers!)

2x02 Who Am I?

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– I like that when they’re visiting each other, neither of them says ‘hi’ or ‘what’s up?’ Instead they just simply have a short eye contact and that’s it. The zoo scene sums up Sun and Wolfgang’s relationship. And we love this quiet-yet-we-know-each-other-by-just-looking-at-one’s-eyes. PERFECTION

– Not just from this scene, but most conversations between Sun and Wolfgang are short, very straightforward & concise…and that’s what makes their dynamic so real and sincere because we know both characters share a deep connection through their unspoken pain

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms


– OK, I love Sun just the way she is. But I absolutely love her when she embodies Wolfang. Two words; and her level of being badass just exploded there. Hats off to Doona’s perfect portrayal of Wolfgang/Max

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate


– In graveyard scene, everyone from the cluster talks to her from their heart…from their experience. What differentiates Wolfgang from rest of them is he’s the only one who says ‘the world would be better without’ people like Joong Ki and Wolfgang’s father. Revenge is a double-edged sword. It’s bittersweet. And Wolfgang has already had a taste of revenge..several times. However, I don’t think sweetness of revenge or his skepticism about justice are entire reasons why he says it. I think it’s because deep down he knows Sun is stronger than she thinks; strong enough to not only make Joong Ki pay for her father’s death but also take in the bitterness of revenge

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (1)


– YES! YES! YES! A thousand times YES! THAT SMIRK IS EVERYTHING! I don’t we need more explanation to this, at all * drops mic *

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (2)


– OMG. Did they literally finish each other’s sentence? OH YES THEY DID! * drops mic, again *

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate & 2x09 What Family Actually Means



– This is not an interaction between them, but I really wanted to go over this little parallel scenes. Another thing I love about Sun and Wolfgang is they don’t use their strengths to bully someone or to just show off. They use them to protect their loved ones when they are treated like shit by shitty people not nicely

2x11 You Want A War?


– I know I didn’t include “I would” in Gala scene. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it; it’s just kinda goes along with what I’ve written in graveyard scene. I didn’t want to be redundant. But yeah, I liked that scene too: Wolfgang in gangsta mode walking by Sun’s side while others are trying to stop her XD

– But back to the point, I personally like this scene more simply because I love when Wolfgang shows his gentle and caring side of him towards his cluster. Like when he cared for Will [x]. Also, we don’t really get to see Sun being afraid a lot (I mean of course, she’s a warrior), so it was kinda good to see her being weak and vulnerable for a moment but then quickly regaining her calmness after her cluster reassures she’s going to be fine. It shows how much Sun trusts her cluster; and how much her cluster cares for her (PLATONIC LOVE RIGHT HERE PEOPLE!)

I would say most interactions between Wolfgang and Sun happened during ‘sharing’ – resulting great action sequences, which also proves (again) that these two are not talkers; they’re fighters. Maybe that’s why they make an awesome pair!

Nectar of The Goddess

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@permanentcross I told you it was coming soon, hopefully this will make a good little miniseries

“Bet yah taste sweet,” He purred in her ear before cleaning off one of his fingers and letting out a groan of his own. “Oh yah do love, best thing ‘ve ever tasted. Even better than those drinks yah make me. Although, guess it should be huh, after all it’s the nectar o’ the goddess. Why don’ yah go head and taste it.”

He held his other finger to her lips and Y/N seized the opportunity she saw. Her lips closed around his finger and she sucked firmly, running her tongue around it as she rocked her head back and forth slightly. Harry knew that if he fucked her right now that he was going to climax way too quickly, he had to prep her more, needed to get her all ready for his cock and build up her orgasm.

“Want to truly taste yah love. Got to taste the nectar o’ the goddess from the source.”


Y/N is a bartender who makes all sorts of drinks for Harry, but Harry’s favorite drink is Y/N’s juices

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  • hoseok, with as wild and open as he can be, is someone that romantically needs familiarity,,,,,,,like he’s the classic case of “oh no im in love with my best friend”
  • except he’s really good at hiding it from other members and people because yeah he initiates skinship with you, throws his hand around your shoulder when you’re showing him something on your phone, ruffles your hair, tells you you look cute when you wear something new or cut your hair, but hoseok is like this with literally everyone so you never know whose special to him ,,,,,,in that way
  • but hoseok plans his confession,,,,he doesn’t fall into his feelings headfirst like jimin or get straight to the point like yoongi,,,,,,he takes the time to learn what you like and who you are as a friend and then,,,,,when he feels like it’s right 
  • he asks you out and it feels like a shock,,,,because you?? hoseok chose ,,,,,,,you??
  • and it’s not secret that everyone always makes up assumptions about hoseok’s love life because with a personality so bright and so,,,,,hot,,,,,there’s got to be a long list of people willing to do hoseok’s every bidding
  • but here he is, standing in front of you with flowers on a saturday night and he wants you,,,,,,,to go on a date with him
  • and it’s a date that seems almost perfectly catered to you. hoseok remembers that movie you wanted to see,,,,,,he remembers that you like popcorn a certain way even if he doesn’t like it like that,,,,,,he knows that you always pick seats towards the middle of the row,,,,,,he gives you his jacket because the theater is cold
  • and after he knows what restaurant you’ve been dying to try,,,,,he picked a theater close to it,,,,,,he points out that he likes how you look in the lighting and that afterwords you guys should take a photo together to remember this day
  • when the waiter takes your order hoseok asks if the dish you’re getting has anything that you might get sick from and it’s so considerate?????
  • but that’s hoseok and ,,,,,,,he knows,,,,,,you,,,,,,he knows your quirks and habits and what you like and don’t like,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when he’s walking you home,,,,,,hoseok asks  you to close your eyes for a moment. he wants to give you a gift
  • and so  you do and you feel something drop into your hands and quietly you ask if you can open your eyes but he says,,,no there’s one more thing,,,,,,,
  • and that’s when you feel his hand on your cheek, gentle and delicate,,,,,,his warm breath and how he smells really good up close,,,,,,
  • “can i?” he asks for permission, just like a gentlemen and when you nod he kisses you with such softness???? such,,,,,,restraint because you can feel a chill go down your spine and his almost at the same time
  • and hoseok wouldn’t want to be rude and take it to far on the first date but if you grab him, open your eyes and ask him to kiss you again well,,,,,,
  • then hoseok takes a hold of your waist, lets you tangle your fingers in his hair and he kisses you the way he’s been dreaming of kissing you for soooooo long and you can see his restraint is broken,,,,and your lips are both going to be swollen,,,,,but it doesn’t matter because
  • now hoseok knows another thing about you: you,,,,get weak in the knees for his lips hehe
  • and hoseok is such a charmer,,,,,you get home and you’re still giddy over everything and you get a text that just reads “my angel, goodnight~” 
  • and just that makes you fall over onto your bed with hearts in your eyes because,,,,,,,,,,oh god you’ve liked hoseok for so long and finally,,,,finally he’s shown you that you’re,,,,the one he likes too
  • but hoseok has a bad habit of being selfless and you learn this over the course of your dates where sure you two will do things you like,,,,,,,but you never hear hoseok as much as mention what he wants to do
  • so that’s why you always ask hoseok that instead of doing something for yourself or whatever how about you two do something new???
  • and hoseok loves this,,,,,because hoseok likes going out and being active and you guys throw away the notion that you have to stick to what you know to have fun
  • like sure why not go to the new amusement park, get scared on the rides together and scream your lungs out while holding hands????? a new rollerskating rink is open,,,,,can either of you roller skate????? what does it matter! you have each other!!! a cafe just got opened and they have raccoons??? ok hoseok might be a little frightened but he wants to go and wow now you guys get to tell everyone in bts you petted a raccoon named sylvester like,,,,,,,life is for living so why not do it together with the person you trust the most
  • and hoseok every now and then will pull out the romantic,,,,picnic by han river, cuddling under the stars thing that you like but you always make sure to set up a nice date at the practice studio where you and hoseok put on random music and dance around while no one else is there
  • namjoon once walked in on you guys dancing and hoseok was doing a handstand while you were holding his ankles and namjoon was like,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im out
  • and you and hoseok were like,,,,,,we might have scarred him,,,,,oh well
  • but what hoseok is really the best at,,,,i mean he’s the best at everything, but what he does that no one else has ever done for you is he supports you with his entire heart.
  • he never has doubts about your dreams and he never makes you feel like something is impossible. he trusts your decisions and gives his wholehearted love to you,,,,,,,
  • if you have a dream, hoseok shares that dream with you. that never changes about him
  • even if everyone else tells you you’re pushing it, even if they’re your family or close friends, hoseok will tell you with all his honesty that he thinks you can achieve anything
  • he’s always smiling, arms open to hold you, in your times of needs and that kind of emotional support is something that isn’t common. not the the level of hoseok
  • and sure he worries about your safety and well-being but he knows your potential and he does everything for you to know it too,,,,,,like how can somebody embody the word positive - idk but hoseok does 
  • and being around him never makes you feel weaker or discouraged because hoseok respects you,,,,,,,,and wants you to succeed 
  • he puts you before himself and it’s so lovely to have someone whose first thought when you tell them you want to try something is “do it! ill be behind you, supporting you the whole way!”
  • the sad part is,,,,,,hoseok fails to support himself the way he supports others but that’s ok because now he has you!!!! 
  • people see him for his smile, his athleticism, his never ending cheer but hoseok is honestly hard on himself. and you catch it in how he refers to himself as “ugly” or “unwanted”,,,sure he might say it jokingly but you know better
  • and when you’re alone, you can see the darkness the festers inside of him sometimes and that’s when you tell him how much he means to you. how you’re not joking when you tell him he’s the sun,,,,,he’s everything warm,,,,,,he’s kind and handsome and so so so so talented and that his family, his friends, and you are so proud that he’s here. all that he’s achieved and more
  • and hoseok cries sure ,,,,,, but when you give him that comfort and that assurance he just holds  you so tightly because you are everything precious to him and he is everything precious to you
  • and with each other you can really do anything,,,,,,,
  • and WOW that WAS EMOTIONAL,,,,,,but seriously as hoseok’s significant other you have to give him all this love because he deserves it. buckets and buckets of love. but yes on to the cute parts of boyfriend!hoseok
  • he loves giving you compliments and cheesy-gooey-lovely nicknames,,,,,,,,,,he loves it so much every damn week your name in his phone changes to something cute and sugary followed by every heart emoji avilable
  • and jungkook was like “hoseok, i want to call you s/o what’s their name in your phone?” and when hoseok said it out loud jungkook was like u know what nvm im not calling some named honey bunny all that is my heart -______-
  • you once played a trick and hoseok was like whats my name in your phone!!!! and you were like oh it’s just hoseok and he got all pouty and sulked and asked hoW could you do that to him
  • but you were like baby im joking it’s ‘prince of my heart, i love you 2 the moon and back’
  • hoseok had literally lighted up like a christmas tree and pulled you into his lap to give you eskimo kisses and tickle your sides for tricking him but he was smiling the whole time,,,,,,,,
  • he really likes it when you tell him about your day and you get to something frustrating and you get all cutely animated and he’s just grinning and you’re like!!!!!!!! it’s not funny
  • and hoseok is like no no it’s not,,,,,,you’re just so adorable i can’t help myself
  • and you hit him playfully but he catches your hand and kisses it you’re like rolling your eyes,,,,,,but it’s so sweet
  • but seriously hoseok loves when you’re open and truthful with him,,,,,,,communication is everything to him
  • to the point that you two can be sitting in silence, you’re in between his legs with your head on his chest texting on your phone 
  • and he’ll just lean to whisper in your ear that right now, he loves you so much like it’s random and whatever but he just has the need to say it
  • knows you like a specific kind of cologne on him so he carries it with him everywhere,,,,,,even if he’s far away from you he has it with him
  • knows your takeout order by heart
  • you know his by hear too
  • yoongi: this is the epitome of love, knowing that your s/o wants menu number 4 on sundays and menu number 2 on mondays.
  • hoseok and u: can’t tell if yoongi is being sarcastic but thanks yoongi
  • hoseok tells  you about how he really just wants to make his mom proud so sometimes when he’s practicing you take videos and send them to her
  • and hoseok finds out and is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!! and you’re like “because your mom said she likes seeing you dance!!!!!”
  • and hoseok is like,,,,,,,,,heart shattering because you’re so cute,,,,,how are you so damn cute
  • takes pics of pretty things he sees on tour and is like “reminds me of you!” 
  • loves to buy things for you,,,,,,like you’ll be like don’t i don’t need anything!!! but he has an impulse to spoil you,,,,,that’s just how he is hehe
  • looks super hot coming back from practice,,,you know wet hair from sweating and low hanging tank top and he knows you’re into it so he’ll send you selfies in the mirror and you’re like !!!!! don’t tease me jung hoseok
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,wish you were here ;)))
  • but intimacy with hoseok is really just again about trust and being there for one and other and hoseok has the capability to be so gentle and loving when you need him to make you feel good because the day has been shitty and whatnot
  • but hoseok can also snap,,,,,and become this sensual,,,pleasure above all person with kisses that burn into your skin and a grip so hard and so needing that it makes your head spin
  • but like anything, he puts you first and sometimes you seriously have to flip him over and be like “ok, my turn - no no no hoseok stay down”
  • likes it when you wear his accessories more than his clothing (because you’re better without the clothing cough i didn’t say that) but he thinks it’s cute when you wear like a bracelet of his or that time you stole the keychain off his bag
  • and it was the keychain of the hiphop monster version of jin and you were like hehe so cute but hoseok was like ,,,,,here take this one instead
  • and traded that jin version for his and you were like you’re right,,,i should carry you my boyfriend around with me instead
  • hoseok,,,,blushing,,,,,,,,,,but also smiling because being called your boyfriend makes him so happy
  • concentrates when watching dance videos and his mouth is always open, tongue peeking out and you’re like dammit hoseok and he’s like huh
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,what no i didn’t say anything and he’s still eyes glued to the screen like uhuh and you’re just like seriously what how is he so hot he’s literally not doing anything and im turned on????
  • hoseok’s magic wooo
  • yoongi is especially fond of you for taking care of hoseok and he won’t admit it but you guys are his favorite couple and when you get all pda and soft if jungkook opens his mouth yoongi shoves some candy into it and he’s like “let hoseok have this - do you understand me?”
  • you lay side by side with him when he’s tired and falling half asleep
  • and he’s at this stage where he’s just mumbling his answer and you’re just ever so quietly like hoseok,,,,,,,,are you made of stars,,,,,how can you be so bright
  • and he mumbles and cuddles his head into your neck
  • and you hold him and you think he didn’t hear you but the next morning hoseok hums to himself about him?? made of stars??? if that’s true,,,,,,you’re made of gold
  • and you overhear him and blush like i,,,,,,,im gonna go take a shower
  • hoseok: ok ill come with you!!!!
  • hoseok scribbles lyric ideas down on random scraps of paper that he can forget about but you collect them and tape them up in your room and when hoseok sees he’s like ???? you keep them
  • and you’re like shrugging and telling him you love reading what he writs
  • and hoseok touches the paper and looks at you and you’re just standing there smiling and hoseok is like “i,,,,,i love you so much you know that right?”
  • you: yes you’ve said like the 53rd time today. not that im complaining i love hearing it!
  • hoseok the type to buy you three bouquets of flowers so big that he can’t see in front of him when he’s walking down the street tbh,,,,,,,,,,
  • also last but not least,,,when hoseok wears glasses and is reading or at the cafe with you it literally takes all your might not to kiss him so hard because he looks SOOO CUTE 
  • boyfriend hoseok ,,,,,,is everything ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I finally read The Hunger Games Trilogy

And boy do I have opinions and feelings.

First, these three books were amazingly well written, and I loved them.

That said:

These books should have been titled “Katniss Everdeen ends a couple of tyrants while a completely useless asshole and a somewhere less useless jerk pout because she won’t fuck either of them.”

Peeta is far more likable in the books, but there are several places where he comes off as a jerk.  Like, dude, Katniss saved your freaking life at least twice, and you’re going to give her shit because she didn’t fall in love with you while she was doing it?  That said, he gets better in book two and book three.

Gale Hawthorne is a total and complete asshole.  Like, dude, your unrequited feelings are your fucking problem, and punishing Katniss for doing what it takes to survive is bullshit.  You are the embodiment of the word Fuckboy, and I spent most of book three hating the fact that I knew you didn’t die in the end.

Finnick Odair did nothing wrong in his entire like, and I love him.  I knew it was coming, and I was still miserable when he died.

Poor, poor Johanna.  I am really, terribly sad that we never found out what happened to her after Katniss shot Coin.  I kind of wanted her to show up in District Twelve and for her and Katniss to turn into crazy old cat ladies together.

I loved the fact that the traumas these people have been through actually affected them.  I loved the bit with Finnick, Katniss and Peeta tying knots.  I loved “Real or not real”.  I loved the scene where Johanna is sitting there considering becoming a morphling addict.  I love that there’s no magic cure for Haymitch’s drinking problem, and at the end of the story, he’s still an alcoholic, and Peeta still has flashbacks, and Katniss still has nightmares and depression.

I loved these books, but man, I wanted to punch pretty much everyone in the face at some point for the way they treated Katniss, with the notable exceptions of Johanna, Finnick, Paylor, Castor and Pollux, Cenna, Rue, Greasy Sae, Prim Mags, and Wiress.

Never in your life had you been this smitten with a person. Harry Styles was literally the embodiment of the word ‘perfect’, and everything he did made you feel as giddy as a schoolgirl - he had you wrapped around his pinky finger and you two had only been out on six dates, which was a lot of dates in your book. You had never experienced anything like this before. To just have Harry casually walk into your life and whisk you away into the world of a fairytale-like romance. Your romantic life was nonexistent throughout high school, although you never really bothered with crushes and flirting because hello, you were focusing on your grades! Now that you were out of high school and fresh into your second year of college, your whole idea of ‘being in love is dumb and only exists in romantic comedies’ completely changed. There was just something about Harry that made you want to scream - in a positive manner, obviously.

Where’s he taking you tonight?” You were on the phone with Y/F/N, seeing as she always knew exactly what to say when you had pre-date jitters. You weren’t nervous to see Harry, you were just… Well, you didn’t know why exactly your palms were getting clammy. 

“I actually made dinner for us tonight!” Your phone was sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder as you spoke, lifting the lid up off the pot to check on the spaghetti sauce. It was bubbling away and it smelled pretty good - thank god for Buzzfeed recipes. 

“…He’s never going to want to see you again after he tastes your cooking.” 

“Wha- I’ll have you know my spaghetti is… well, it’s better than average!” You huffed, setting the lid down with a clatter before walking over to lean against the side of the counter. “Plus, Harry’s too sweet to tell me my if my cooking’s disgusting or not. Which, it’s not.” 

He’s almost too nice.” Y/F/N joked, “How’d you meet him again?” 

You remembered it almost as if it was yesterday, and you’d like to say the day you met Harry seemed like a page taking right out of a piece of fanfiction. Because you weren’t the most social of people, you spent most of your time working at the campus library. Organizing books and reading quietly behind the counter was very much soothing for you and was a way for you to escape reality temporarily. (You tried getting Y/F/N to sit down and read a book with you once but she ended up going to a nearby party instead.) 

Harry had come in one afternoon with his cozy looking cardigan, his too-skinny jeans, and his dorky little glasses, asking you with a polite smile if you had any books related to painting techniques floating around anywhere. (That explained the splotches of paint on his shirt. He sure did look like an art student.) You, being you, naturally got intimidated by him because wow, he was pretty, took nearly a minute to finally get a proper sentence out of your mouth and point him towards the shelves. After that encounter, you automatically assumed Harry thought you were the weirdo who was at the library 24/7. And then he came in the next day. And the next, and the next, and sometimes he wouldn’t even be looking for a book. Sometimes he’d come just to talk to you, for some unknown reason. You were terrible at conversations when you were nervous, and Harry made you nervous in a way where it felt like butterflies were in your tummy. It didn’t take long for you to open up a little and begin recommending books to him, even letting him check out a couple extra books without charging it on his student card. (Maybe he only stuck around because you were giving him free books.) He even lent you his cardigan - which remained in your closet to this day. 

“Yeah, a ‘we met at the library’ would’ve been good enough.” 

“You’re the one who asked!” You pouted, walking over to the window and looking down from your apartment. “I dunno, he’s just so nice, and funny, and awfully charming, and to top it all off he’s gorgeous. Did I mention he has tattoos?”

Just like the bad boy of your fan fiction dreams.” 

“He really is! He’s way out of my league so it’s a miracle he seems to like me.” 

But you haven’t kissed him yet?” Truth be told, you had been putting the first kiss off. Not because you didn’t want to kiss Harry, because you really, really did… You just didn’t want him to think you were a bad kisser because you had zero experience. You two had almost kissed once, after your… fourth date? Your phone going off in your pocket interrupted that, causing you to pull away from Harry with blushing cheeks and a sheepish smile. After that, you thought you had ruined your chances - which wasn’t the case because he was still talking to you! 

“I will, eventually. When the timing’s right, I’ll kiss him.” You sighed dreamily, already feeling woozy at the thought of Harry’s lips pressed against your own. You really were whipped for him. You glanced down from the window once again, your eyes widening slightly in excitement at the sight of Harry stepping out of his car. 

“I wonder what he’s like in bed.” 

“I- Y/F/N! Quit thinking about that, you creep!”

“All I’m saying is that you should lock him in as soon as you can!” You clicked the speaker button, setting your phone down on the coffee table as you worked to fluff up the pillows. This was Harry’s first time at your place and you wanted him to be somewhat impressed by the cleanliness of your apartment. 

“I’m just enjoying the time I have with him now. I’m not thinking about what he’s like in bed, unlike some people.” 

Oh, please. Everyone’s who seen Harry on campus thinks about what he’s like in bed. Look at his face! And his body! Plus, he has perfect biceps to bite into when he’s-” 

“He’s not a piece of meat, Y/F/N.” 

When the time comes, you have to call me immediately after you bang him.” You loved Y/F/N, but she could be a little extra at times. Now was definitely one of those times. 

“I will not be calling you after I have sex with Harry- Why are we even-”

Wait, do you even want to have sex with him?? Is that why you haven’t kissed him yet?” 

“No, that has nothing to do with- Of course I wanna have sex with- Look, Harry’s a very busy person so he probably doesn’t have time to bloody bang me in the first place!” You exasperated, picking your phone up and bringing it to your ear again. And then the doorbell rang. You whipped around to look at the door, feeling the heat rush up to your cheeks. There was a chance Harry just heard the entirety of that conversation. “I gotta go-” 

“Alright, have fun bangin-”

“Don’t even- I’m hanging up, bye.” You tossed your phone to the side and padded over to the door, fanning yourself quickly as if that was going to make your cheeks less red. Mustering the most friendly smile you could, you opened the door to see Harry standing there with a bouquet of gardenias and a bottle of wine. “Hey…” 

“Hey, stranger. Everything alright?” Harry smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek before handing you the bouquet. “You’re a little red.”

“I’m just… hot from the cooking.” You waved it off, shutting the door after he had come in. 

“Oh, and by the way?” Harry turned to look at you, his lips tugging up in a cheeky grin. “My schedule’s wide open, love.”


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anonymous asked:

What would you say to an incest survivor to justify your lifestyle as not being scum of the earth to imitate something most of us feel is glorified pedophilia?

*I am answering this to address harmful opinions, but I might remove this answer after a while because this blog is first and foremost a safe place for dd/lg* 

First of all, DD/lg does not glorify the crime of incest. DD/lg is for consenting adults to engage in a dominant/submissive relationship. At no point in the relationship does any party lose sight of the fact that there is absolutely no biological relation between the parties. We are not lusting after any biological relatives. So you may ask, but why use a name that, by definition, implies paternity? Are there really that many women out there that have some sort of incestual fetish? Not at all. Far from it. The term Daddy, in one word, embodies almost all of the qualities of a good Dominant. It indicates the need to nurture and care for his submissive, and the strength he displays when things get tough. It shows the respect and reverence the submissive has for her Dominant. In other words, the terms “Daddy” or “Mommy” for the Dominant in the relationship are not at all about incestual desires, they are terms of respect that encapsulate all of the best qualities of a dominant and stress the aspects of care and guidance that are so important to DD/lg. 

Second, DD/lg does not glorify pedophilia nor is it comparable to pedophilia. Once again, DD/lg is for consenting adults to engage in a dominant/submissive relationship. In DD/lg, we never lose sight of the fact that all parties are adults. DD/lg is not somebody pretending to be a child, it is about the submissive embracing an inner innocence and handing over care and responsibilities to their dominant partner. Moreover, the things that many Littles enjoy are not necessarily related to anything childlike. So DD/lg often talks about stuffed animals, coloring, and Disney. Guess what, any instagram search will show you women of all ages posting pictures about the stuffed animals their husbands gave them for a special occasion. Coloring books are now used by many adults, whether its the cartoon kind, or the intricate designs meant to help with stress. Disney is common among adults, as shown by the large amount of childless couples that go to Disney Land every year. The point is, DD/lg is not about anyone pretending to be children. It is about us (Littles) embracing fun, innocent activities and interests that help us let go of responsibilities and stress. Many of us don’t even LIKE kids in everyday life, much less want to involve the idea of kids in any relationship. By contrast, pedophilia is a crime that involves children victims, and is marked by the fact that they CANNOT and do not consent, and is abusive. 

Finally, we do not have to “justify” our personal relationship choices to you or anyone. Adults choosing to engage in a consensual relationship are not hurting anybody. We are free to choose our relationships and we are free to express our interests, and we are not doing anything Objectively wrong.