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How would the Reaper, Fresh, Error and Ink skelebros react to their S/O breaking up with them, and then finding out later that it was because they didn't think they were good enough for the skeletons.

I’m gonna assume you meant Sans with all of these ~Mod Feral

Reaper Sans

Honestly, he understands breaking up with him anyway. He’s death, it’s not exactly an ideal relationship. He’s somewhat chill, mainly because he saw this coming. Once it’s revealed why you broke up with him he’s laughing. Not good enough for Death. People are dying to meet him, pun intended.

Fresh Sans

He is the embodiment of “Cool Cool”. He really couldn’t care less. Until you say why, that is. Nah, he’s not that great. Sure he’s cool, but he’s not that great.

Error Sans

This man. You may not remember it, cause that’s what happens when the world and/or universe resets, but he’s destroyed your universe a couple times out of heartbreak-fueled rage. And after about the 5th time he’ll tell you in detail what he did and how you reacted. This time is the time to tell him. Once it’s out there, he’ll freeze. He may then need rebooting. Once he’s done with that he’ll retreat to his anti-void for… Well, who knows time is irrelevant

Ink Sans

.He’s devastated. He won’t let it show, but he really didn’t think the relationship itself would happen, and now it’s falling apart. When he finds out why, he finds you and gives you a big hug, reassuring you that you’re perfect and there’s no reason to feel lesser to him.

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As OUaT comes to an end (?) one can’t not wonder where did all go wrong? Was it you who criticized parallels with BTVS/JaneE transferring her penchant for writing/promoting abusive relationships and violent sexist “badboys” and their ships ruining female characters? Because Kitsowitz’s Hook boner ruined OUaT the same way Marti/Jane E’s boner for shirtless Spike ruined Buffy. And it’s sad, because both used to be shows about “strong female characters” and ended up as odes to manpain. (cont)

All that we’ve sorely missed on our TV? Riiight. As if. We’ve been promised a “modern” fairytale, and we’ve been naïve enough to hope that the story about Saviour and the Evil Queen, redeemed through the power of love, family and hope would be it. Naïve to think that “Jane E was a part of Buffy, they gave us Willow/Tara, the first great non-fetishized love story between two women”. But all we got was queerbaiting, heteroenforcing and Hook, Hook and more Hook. (cont)

To the point of Emma Swan, former “strong female hero” being disfigured beyond recognition and fading into nothingness.  And yeah. Six years of our lives called Once Upon a Waste of Our Time, while at least in Buffy we had five great ones, you know? :(

Not really sure that this is the end of OUaT, but general uncertainty (the negotiations, as well as talks about a ‘reset’ and the need for change they’re evidently desperately aware of) is a clear indication how much of a deep shit they’re in. And yet when it comes to reasons, they remain either oblivious or careless? But speaking of those stolen borrowed things that came from BtVS… well, I am not sure. We did compare ships in terms of how they’ve been portrayed (Spuffy allegedly deliberately as negative and harmful, while CS openly and directly romanticizes same things) but… it’s true. The very same can be said about both, concerning the impact of an unexpected popularity of a posturing, vaguely thuggish minor character in a black leather jacket, turning a once-good show–into a really bad one. Because in television, as in life, events tend to repeat themselves, but as proven so far–Brothers Dim showed very little originality apart from the general idea (and S1, which I still claim–was stolen and bleached bones of the original author are going to resurface in Nevada desert at some point) and hence we got a whole premise ruined by Spike #2–Mr. quasi-redeemed-ex-rapist Killian Jones?

Because where else do we place blame for general mediocrity? Was it the onslaught of random “which iconic character do you want to see next” episodic storylines that, instead of connecting things from the background/flashbacks–only fragmented everything? Was it the overemphasis on irrelevant new characters, love-interests as well as villains-de-semiseason–that they never developed enough for us to give a damn about? Was it the decision to build entire seasons around different Disney characters/realms while putting on hold (at best) and backtracking on and directly contradicting (often even retconning, yes) the main characters that we fell in love in the first place–by creating complex convoluted storylines that made less and less sense? Well, that’s only part of it. Because we all agree, things were much better before that point when everything started evolving around Hook, his quasi redemption and his obsession and pursuit after Emma Swan. Which is now history repeating itself, like in BtVS where all problems could be traced to the moment when Buffy found out that Spike, attempted rapist and current possessor of a soul, had somehow been killing people despite his souled status–and from that point on, the show has no longer been about Buffy and her friends, or Buffy and her mission, or anything that used to be interesting on this show–it was about Spike. It involved Buffy trying to find out why he was killing again, then she spent several pointless episodes focusing her attention on freeing Spike (instead on the impending apocalypse), then a new character had a vendetta against Spike so we got an entire episode devoted to filling out Spike’s back story… and we sat through various other plot threads about Spike. Even when Spike isn’t on-screen, characters were talking about him, so it was ALL about him. And Buffy, indirectly, through their (fucked up, for her–character degrading) relationship. And that was about all.

Sounds familiar?

(cut, because we don’t pull parallels and metas with pretty gifs–but cold hard facts and words, which means–long textpost ahoy :)

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INTJ: I love your sense of humour, your relentless love of objective knowledge, the way you secretly care so much, the way you push against your culture’s current. Female INTJs specially, oh, man. You’re all insanely smart in such different ways, too. How do you do it???

INTP: You guys are dorks in the best ways. You always figure your way around any problem,  no matter how weird or different it is. You also have a weird, hilarious sense of dry humour that I love.

ENTJ: You guys inspire me. You force me to go for a challenge and not be lackadaisical. Sometimes it’s annoying, but you guys really are natural leaders. Nobody does it the same way you do.  

ENTP: I love the way you don’t take crap from people. If you have a problem, you go for the kill and find a way to make things better. And you don’t let people put you down, either. Even if you feel bad, you go for what you want,

INFJ: You guys may be feelers, but you don’t put feelings above everything. You often use very calm, foreceful logic that I respect and admire. You’re also solid with advice; you’re not secretly psychic or Jesus, but you’re great with reading people. and you use that to help others.

INFP: You guys are often genuinely sensitive, warm people. You confuse the heck out of me, and you put so much meaning in everything, but I can dig it. I love how you all seem so fascinated by the past, and you’re very passionate about little things that people don’t think about. Like writing style or stamps. It’s interesting.

ENFJ: I love your enthusiasm for…everything. You guys just bubble over with plans and thoughts and it’s amazing. I also love how you guys care about people, like, I could never care that much. But you guys do, and it’s amazing.

ENFP: I love the energy you guys bring; it’s relentless, like a wave. You never give up on people, and you pour out so much to make other people happy. I have so much love and respect for you guys.

ISTJ: I once heard you described as, “The more chaotic the environment gets, the calmer and more in-control ISTJs get.” I think that’s pretty accurate. I respect your determination and calmness, even if our types often butt heads. I have a great deal of respect for you.

 ISFJ: You guys are warm and caring, but you also have a quiet strength that a person has to look for to see in you. It’s a quiet lightheartedness and I respect it a ton. Subtly like ENTPs, you also don’t take crap from people, but you show it in a different way.

ESTJ: I love how punctual you guys are and love to be. You’re the type that keeps us all on track and I respect it very much about you. I also love the intelligence that people don’t tend to notice about you, which is weird because it’s pretty obvious if you’re just looking. 

ESFJ: I love your strength. It leeches into everything and everyone and I see other people becoming stronger because of it. I love how you’re open but not harsh about it; you don’t shove people down with your emotional knowledge.

ISTP: I love how you guys are just the embodiment of coolness. You take things in-stride and you don’t get overwhelmed. I respect that quality about you a lot.

ISFP: I love the way you guys quietly put yourselves out there. You’re very confident when it comes to topics you enjoy, but you’re also open to trying new things and you’re very understanding. 

ESTP: I love your sense of adventure, the way you wildly embrace the things that come your way, and how you’re always up for a challenge. People say that you’re more rash than wise, but you often present things in a very clear, simple way that’s easy for anyone to understand. That’s pretty cool of you. 

ESFP: I love your devotion to the things that you love, your interest in things, the way that you seem quickly able to move on and find a new topic if you have to drop your old one. That might mean breaking up, choosing a new outfit, or a class. You name it. 

a novel i will never write: daughters of the seven seas

a story of girls with saltwater in their veins and seaglass hearts; girls who can’t be separated from the ocean for too long or they’ll dry up; girls with blue eyes and sandy skin and storms at their fingertips; girls as calm and tranquil as the sweetest beach and girls as wild and reckless as the worst seastorms; girls with seashell bracelets and shipwreck smiles; girls who rise with the tides and fall with the moon that pulls them to shore. who would you be if the ocean lived in you?

Thoughts on Lemonade and Osetura

I don’t usually post my writing, however being where I am in the world  and at the suggestion of a friend I wanted to express my thoughts on Beyonce’s Visual album “Lemonade” and my perspective on the poignant references to Yoruba, religion and philosophy encoded within it. This perspective is my own and I do not claim to be an expert or intend dismiss or devalue other perspectives, I am simply drawn to comment due to the nature of my work and the fact that I have been living in Nigeria (Yorubaland to be more specific) for the last seven months.  I want to start off by saying that Beyonce is not the first artist to incorporate these themes sonically and visually into their work.  Angelique Kidjo, Ibeyi ,Oshun NYC and Azaelia Banks are but a few others who have delved into this realm, Beyonce is simply the latest and arguably most well known, (within the realm of pop music) to do so. Throughout the video there are numerous references to the many facets of Oshun, one of the most prominent Orishas in the Yoruba Pantheon.  Oshun like the other female Orishas is representative of Yoruba concepts of womanhood and the feminine powers of the universe, She is the embodiment of fertility, love, coolness, patience and wealth. She is the spirit of the Oshun river and the sacred mother Of Osogbo a town built  along its banks.  As recorded in Osetura one of  the 256 Odu of the Ifa literary corpus (the sacred corpus of Yoruba poetry used in divination to reveal one’s destiny) , she was among the first Orisha (Irunmole) to descend from Orun (Sky, Heaven, abode of Olorun the creator and sustainer of all things)  into the universe to create the physical realm and the only female among them. It is in this Ese (poem within the Odu) that both the creative and destructive powers of Oshun are demonstrated. When the Orisha attempted to form the world they excluded her, devaluing the awesome and essential power that she contained. Their heads fell into chaos, and life on earth failed to prosper. When they returned to Olorun they asked why they had failed and Olorun (who is far beyond gender) responded by asking “ What of Oshun? What of the Woman that I sent with you? They responded by saying that she was but a woman. Olorun then told them that they are knowing what that did not know before. The other Orishas returned to her and begged her forgiveness and only then could creation resume unabated, the male and female forces were then in equilibrium. It is said by some Babalawo/Iyanifa (ifa priests and priestesses) That the failure of the first attempt at creation was due to Oshun forming the Iyami (the witches or more accurately our powerful mothers) The Iyami (Iya=mother Mi=my) are the powerful unseen feminine forces that can work both for and against mankind. They demand recognition, inclusion and respect and wreak havoc on societies, families and individuals that ignore their relevance, their importance and their essential function of balancing creation. The Iyami are addressed and respected each time a babalawo/Iyanifa casts the divination chain and in the numerous prayers and blessings associated with Ifa.  The Orisha all possess contradictory aspects to their nature, Oshun is love, beauty, fertility, coolness and abundance, but when pushed to extremes, when ignored, when disrespected, she can be wrathful, her anger and  her sadness can bring  chaos and destruction. In Yoruba lore the Orisha are the manifestation of nature, art, creative and destructive forces as well as the deified ancestors who came to embody these forces on earth. They are the manifestation of the Yoruba perception of the visible  and unseen energies personified in human forms, Black forms. Throughout Lemonade there are numerous references to not only Oshun but the Iyami.  In the visual album Beyonce emerges in a rush of water dressed in Yellow (Oshun’s color representative of the sweetness of honey and the glimmer and luxury of brass) smiling as she smashes windows, pipes and signs. She has been betrayed, excluded, devalued and disrespected by her husband. The family and by extension the world reams in the chaos that ensues.  The film also included Sybrina Fulton, Gwen Carr and Lezley McSpadden, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Mike Brown, three women, Three mothers, who have faced unimaginable loss, pain and sadness. Their pain, their narrative as well as the narratives of the countless other Black mothers, our mothers, have been ignored, disregarded and dismissed. They have been told through the injustices of our legal system that the lives of their children as well as their pain as mothers don’t matter.  Such is the dilemma of the Black woman. As stated by Malcolm X whose famous quote is used in the film, there is no one in America today as disrespected as the Black woman. This is an unfortunate reality faced by Black women in the Americas, both within and outside of the Black community. Their beauty, strength, intelligence and essential value to our society is constantly disregarded. They face continuous disrespect not only from society as a whole, but even from some Black men who unabashedly spit some of the most vile and hateful vitriol at women, who are our own sisters and our own mothers. Oshun as well as Oya, Yemoja, Obba, Iya Mapo and the countless other female Orisha represent the power of the feminine forces of the universe as embodied in women, as embodied in Black women. To me this is a visual ode to the Black Woman, Her power, her pain and society’s need to respect and to include her. It is about about the chaos that ensues when she has been denigrated and the prosperity that comes only from her inclusion, reconciliation and healing. I am not a Beyonce fanatic, however I can appreciate the symbolism artfully used in this work. She is not the first artist  to explore these issues of Blackness and womanhood, by any means. However I hope at this very crucial time history we begin the question and explore this issues of identity, history and social activism, giving attention to all artists using them creatively, while pondering these issues ourselves.

in case you’re on the fence about watching Grease 2, the plot is basically

girl: I have a kink, a specific kink and none of you fucks can live up to my kink

boy: I’m gonna spend all my senior year using all my time and money to become the living embodiment of your kink

girl: cool beans

Breaking Point

Episode 15 made my heart break when Adrien said he was nothing compared to Marinette. :( And @yaushie and I were talking about Marinette’s and Adrien’s flaws (Adrien’s being that he puts everyone first and self sacrifices himself alot). 

Also, I watched this and Cassie’s genderbent babies called out to me. So blame her.

Rating: T for blood

Summary: Genderbent dark!LadyNoir. Our Parisan superheroes have flaws, and Chat’s catches up to her.

(Not beta’d and done quickly so sorry if it’s a mess.)

You can find it also on AO3 here, and fanfiction.com here.

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@geleixi: right???? Pop punk is my favorite….AG is my favorite…..it should happen.

(Also you can’t tell me Drew wasn’t a fan of that music. He embodies it. Too cool for school dude who hates parties and rather be by himself?? Gives a girl roses but always chickens out in telling his true emotions?? I can piece together his character with Simple Plan and Blink-182 lyrics.)

And seriously those albums are like a fever dream. But I guess it’s a testament to how ridiculously popular Pokemon was. I can’t think of many other shows that got that treatment. …well Yugioh kind of did so maybe it was a 4kids thing?? Lol

The "Cool" Girl

I recently watched the movie adaption of Gone Girl, and am intrigued by the infamous “Cool Girl” passage it has to offer. The Cool Girl is what many men consider to be their dream girl, and what many women consider to be the dream compliment. Gillian Flynn explains what a Cool Girl is by saying, 

“Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl.Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding.Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, sh*t on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl.”

Essentially, being a “cool” girl means getting shit on, and smiling and nodding when you know better. She is completely made of fiction created by men telling women how they should be, and women eagerly looking for love and acceptance happily take on this role. This grin-and-bear-it attitude will not get you anywhere. By doing this, it allows men to silence women. It allows them to continue doing shitty things because he can, and because he knows that you won’t say anything about it. Why? Because you’re a cool girl. 

The Cool Girl does not make big decisions or show her take on a different perspective because she always agrees with him. She becomes whoever he wants her to be because she never disagrees. 

Cool Girls are constantly being told by men that they are so fucking cool and not like the other girls. All the girls want to be her, and all the boys want to be with her. At one point in all our lives, we either were a Cool Girl, or wanted to date a Cool Girl. I should know, because I was one. 

I used to be guilty of saying I was “not like the other girls,” until I soon realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with being like the other girls, because girls are fucking awesome. 

I molded myself to being what people wanted me to be and agreed with whatever men said. As a result, I was constantly being told how “cool” I was, and I couldn’t be happier, or so I thought. 

I thought I was the “perfect girlfriend,” not because I was caring or empathetic, but because I refused to get upset, never show signs of being clingy, and never said how I truly felt. I was constantly in fear or letting the “crazy” out. 

My boyfriend would say how he liked how I never complained that he never responds to my texts at a reasonable time, or that we don’t spend a lot of time together. What he didn’t know was that it was eating me alive. All of my friends knew how much it annoyed me, but I refused to let him know. That’s how “cool” I was. 

I considered myself a feminist, but when it came to my boyfriend, that persona completely disappeared. I laughed at everything he said and eagerly agreed with whatever he said, even though I didn’t. I had no idea I was betraying my own gender, let alone, myself. 

I would not show any signs of disappointment when he canceled plans on me last minute, or care that he wasn’t romantic. Yeah, sure I’m perfectly fine with this being a casual thing. It doesn’t bother me you’d rather spend more time with your buddies than me. Nope, I’m not mad. I’m low-maintenance, nothing like the other girls, but just one of the guys. I’m a Cool Girl. 

I realized that the Cool Girl doesn’t exist. It is all an act, and is a fantasy. At one point the act stops, the Cool Girl loses her cool and becomes a normal person who has feelings and opinions. There’s an expiration date as to how long you can continue to be a Cool Girl. You can only fake-love getting walked all over for so long. You will soon realize that the role you’re playing is not making you happy and that you need more. Men will like you now, but just like in Gone Girl, there will always be a better, cooler girl to replace you because she’s willing to give up more of herself. No matter how attractive and cool you are, there will always be a younger, more attractive, and chiller girl than you. There is an assembly line of Cool Girls eagerly waiting to take your place as long as the fantasy is alive. 

As long as you aspire to be a Cool Girl and chase after qualities you don’t possess, you are inherently saying that the real you is not worthy of real love, that you’re not enough. It can get tricky at times because most of the time you’re unaware you’re embodying a Cool Girl. But once you do, it’s perfectly fine to stop. It’s so easy to lust after the Cool Girl when female characters on TV and in movies are used as props to further a man’s story. You are being told what is attractive and this sentiment is accepted when men around you agree. Once you become more confident with yourself and accept who you are, the Cool Girl facade starts to disappear. 

You do not earn a man’s respect by conforming to what he wants you to be. Your self worth will be determined by compliments given by others and not from yourself, where it needs to come from. 

The long assembly line of Cool Girls show that they’re not going away, but they sure aren’t going anywhere. You, on the other hand, are. 

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Wlw are so wonderful Pan girls are like goddesses. Angles sent down from heaven to bless us mortals I swear I love them so much Bi girls are like queens they scare me they're so fabulous and cool I have never met a bi girl who wasn't really really cool Lesbians are so wholesome they must be made of sunshine and cookie dough and every one. is beautiful. I don't understand?,, Trans sapphic girls slay. Like. They're so magnificent?? And I am so low compared to them?? They are perfect?? (1/2)

(2/2) ace wlw girls at like. So classy. And incredible they honestly run the world I wouldn’t survive without them no sir and they’re really dang cute too Just queer girls are amazing af and perf and I love them all??? Go wlw!!

h onestly anon i feel this message on a spiritual level…..also

- questioning sapphic girls??? incredible, beautiful, amazing, strong
- wlw who don’t know how to label their attraction? fucken GODDESSEs we are not worthy of them
- aro wlw? the human embodiment of cool and stunning
- legit every sapphic girl at all ever (besides terfs ofc): super cool and a true role model to the entire universe, the stars and moon look down on all wlw with love 

The 5 Cutest Stray Dogs of Sochi

1. The One that was Saved

This little guy, at a makeshift dog shelter on the outskirts of Sochi set up by animal rights activists is available for adoption. Or at least he was as of 4PM Moscow time Thursday. 

The fate of these other four adorable pups is less certain. As we reported on air, a local pest control company has a contract to scoop up and kill Sochi’s strays ahead of the Olympics.

2. The Hockey Fan

This black and white cutie was strutting in front of the Bolshoy Ice Dome earlier this week. Will he survive until the hockey games start? 

The International Olympic Committee says not all the strays will be killed.

“It would be absolutely wrong to say that any healthy dog will be destroyed,” said IOC spokesman Mark Adams.  

These guys look healthy, right?

3. The Hot Dog

He may look like a police dog, but this German shepherd mix is all street dog, embodying the Sochi slogan: Hot. Cool. Yours. 

4. The Ski Bunny

A little snow can’t cool the cute with this one. She was spotted chilling around the ski lift line at the base of the alpine ski course.

5. The NPR Mascot

Part Yellow Labrador, 100 percent adorable. This pup has been making friends with volunteers outside of the Gorki Media Center in the Mountain Cluster. And we want to take him back to NPR.

Photos/Video by: Tamara Keith/NPR, Quinn Rooney/Getty Images, Adam Pretty/Getty Images, Doug Pensinger/Getty Images, Sam Sanders/NPR.