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Sherlock Is Not in Unrequited Love with John

It seems that after Series 4, an increasing number of people think BBC Sherlock is TPLoSH come again. Sherlock is therefore in unrequited love with John (ala Molly, seen as Sherlock’s own mirror). Whether it’s because they cannot unsee the gay pining in TSoT or because a loving John wouldn’t have beat up Sherlock or blamed him for Mary’s death, it is what it is. And either that’s okay, or (more commonly) it’s the reason people leave fandom or simply reject BBC John as hateful and Johnlock more broadly, or at least shipping it in canon. The way I see it, however, BBC Sherlock only makes sense and works for Mofftiss’ stated purposes in showing how Sherlock became a ‘good man’ and John and Sherlock became the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in two ways.

Version One: it was always just really intense devotion, true platonic love at first sight. John is 'not gay’ as in he’s heterosexual, and Sherlock made the choice to be pure mind, as Moffat has said. So basically, he’s not gay or straight because he’s not anything, as I discussed in my post-S4 reading of ASiB and Sherlock’s sexuality. Sherlock genuinely angsted over losing his life with John in TSoT, as I’ve said post-S4, but it doesn’t mean that he’s in love. It certainly could be but doesn’t have to be read romantically to make sense. Given we’re interested in making the show work as a narrative, I think TSoT works best as a tribute, a high point before John and Sherlock’s slide into prolonged suffering, and a narrative demonstration of the parallels between John and Sherlock and John with Mary.

Basically, John explicitly compares and parallels his feelings for Sherlock with Mary in this episode, so if you’re reading Sherlock’s feelings romantically when he says both he and Mary love John during his speech, John logically has to be given the same courtesy. However, if you’re not reading their words romantically, then it’s all just there to set up a platonic threesome: Mary’s part of John-and-Sherlock now, at the end of TSoT. That’s what Moffat was talking about recently (though that’s not to say HLV and TST didn’t mess with this dynamic in its execution). Anyway, TSoT creates a parallel between the platonic bond between John and Sherlock and the romantic/matrimonial one between John and Mary. This is heightened by the fact that both John and Sherlock make a vow to Mary on John’s wedding day. Sherlock’s vow ties him into their family, which is reinforced by becoming Rosie’s godfather and finally simply calling John (and presumably Rosie) 'family’ in TFP. This is a real, functioning and balanced arc, and saying John doesn’t love Sherlock in this context breaks it.

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i have to say, the scene in please like me where josh has walled tom off in his room for eating the truffle oil mac & cheese and he tells tom he can have some pizza but only under the condition that when tom orders, he asks for extra jalapenos and insipidly pronounces the “j”

and so tom reluctantly does it and josh and claire just die of laughter

was like the most realistic depiction of friendship i have ever seen on tv

just, like, laughing so hysterically you can barely function over something that is objectively so stupid

that was very real