emboar gijinka


ahhhh so here’s my pokemon white 2 team in gijinka form-

Liepard (female)- Impish; Level 77 

Emboar (male)- Bold; Level 81

Leavanny (male)- Rash; Level 80

Watchog (female)- Careful; Level 74

Ampharos (female)- Quiet; Level 81

Azumarill (male)- Quirky; Level 85


eh its just a wip but gosh.

gijinka of my emboar. I dunno, I just call him piggy. He’s such a heavy hitter, I reckon he must dabble in sumo or something ((have almost levelled him and his party to 90! god they are my favourites. piggy, golurk, shiny abomasnow, scolipede, tyranitar, carracosta, gosh they’re all so heavy I love them so much @u@))

I’ve never done the painterly style thing so well. hope I didn’t just jinx myself. WOO IMPROVEMENT