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Some thoughts I had about a possible spin on FE Heroes

  • Askr is some sort of pseudo Valhalla where heroes are summoned after they die in their original worlds 
    • They don’t retain all of their memories upon being summoned, so they don’t remember passing away 
    • The heroes’ appearance don’t necessarily indicate the age they died, but rather how others remember them as throughout legend 
      • really i just don’t want to think about certain characters dying so young ;_;
  • The Askrians may be aware they’re disrupting the dead in order to stop an opposing empire. What gives them the right to do this? Why not leave the dead in peace?
    • They probably wouldn’t tell the heroes straight up “Hey we know you’re RIP but we need you to fight for us”
    • What if they withheld this information from the heroes? They spun a lie of “summoning” to cover up the fact that what they’re doing more closely resembles necromancy
    • Kiran (the summoner) may or may not be aware of this
    • Anna has a quote that says heroes still “feel pain–just as we do”; maybe the lie is also a small act of mercy for the heroes?
  • The Emblian Empire summons heroes too for their own selfish goals, but that shouldn’t make the Askrians ideologically pure by default. Both sides are wrong in what they’re doing

Mom: Hey, I saw this game when I went shopping this morning!

Me: What game?

Mom: You know, this game you love! Emblem something.

Me, dreading the answer: Fire Emblem?

Mom: Yes, that! Here, you’ve been working so much lately, I figured you’d like to have it :)

Me, who told everyone I know EXCEPT MY PARENTS that I had neither desire nor intention of playing Shadows of Valentia: Oooooh, thank you so much, you shouldn’t have!!! :DDD

I’m actually curious about something. Reply to this post on the most morally questionable playable units in Fire Emblem. 

By morally questionably I mean characters who have either qualities or perform actions that would be antithetical to the “Righteous Army.”

I got an anon ask that I dont want to post because theres a good bit of Echoes character spoilers in it.  But its got me thinking and I’ve got a question to pose to you all:

How important is it to you that playable characters in Fire Emblem be good, moral people?

I think theres a few broad groups we can sort these kinds of characters into.  In the first case we have characters like Jaffar, Gangrel, and Walhart who have done horrible and unforgivable things that in the real world would have them locked up for life, but they are (at least somewhat) repentant and want to now try and do good. 

In the second case theres characters like Blazing Blade Karel and Peri and Oliver who have done terrible things and in the real world would be in jail or getting serious psychiatric help or both, and yet they arent particularly sorry for what theyve done and continue to commit monstrous acts or at least behave as though they will continue to do so.

In the last case theres characters like Makalov and maybe possibly a certain someone from Valentia who havent necessarily done anything that would get them locked up irl but they are just kind of shitty people who make others’ lives worse by being in them. 

I personally think that all these kinds of characters have a place in a playable cast.  Redemption stories are perfectly good, asshole/unlikable characters dont necessarily make for poorly written ones and they can add to the narrative and arcs of other characters, and even unrepentant evil characters can be used to show how dire a situation is (for instance, ”wed rather not have this slaver fighting with us but we are severely outnumbered and need all the help we can get so we have to accept”) and even be a thematic opposite of the camus archetype (just as circumstances cause good people to fight for an evil cause, circumstances can also cause evil people to fight for a good cause).

But I also understand the attitude that people on the good guys side ought to be good, or at least likable.

Fire Emblem If’s Morality

I really hope they don’t make Fire Emblem: If’s plot and characters as black and white as the theme they’re going with. I want there to be corrupt people in Hoshido, and kind people in Nohr. Don’t make it look like all assholes come from Nohr and all selfless angels come from Hoshido. Make it more grey.


me, delirious, at 4 in the morning: “okay so like, pokemon amie right? and the whole FE Fates petting thing? but with metal gear characters. yeah. metal gear amie. like just. what if.“ 

(this is part 1.) I kinda tried to stick to the fe fates style while working on this?? but then I got tired and so it got a little sloppy. but hey!! this was fun regardless LMAO