emblem3 today

*sees someone in band merch*

*internally combusts as a montage of friendship filled with blasting music and headbanging and tear-filled concerts plays in head*

*monotone voice* “hey i like your shirt”

I just can’t help but think that two years ago today emblem3 was probably preparing for their audition for the xfactor not expecting much just living life as normal kids keaton was still in high school and drew was still making footlongs at subway and wes was just being a little shit and now they just fucking ended their first headling tour noBODY TOUCH ME IM EMOTIONAL

An Open Letter to Emblem3

[Note to the readers]: There’s a lot going on these days. And as an Emblem myself, I’m starting to doubt the whole idea of forever together. I love the boys. Please don’t get me wrong. And I’m not drifting from the fandom at all. I will always support the boys no matter what. 

Dear Emblem3,

This is for all of you. Not just 2/3s of you. So wesmasterfresh, thesunandtheseasons, and truechadwick, I am writing this letter to all of you. It’s been over a year since Drew left the band to pursue his solo projects and all of the Emblems were very understanding. Or, at least, we tried to be. And Keaton and Wesley gave us the idea that Emblem3 would not become Emblem2 because the fans would fill the void of the missing member and we’d be Forever Together.

(I’m not crying right now. I’m really not. Maybe I am a little. Probably because I’m listening to 3000 Miles. That’s the only reason.)

Except, everything started going downhill after that. Wesley and Keaton, you guys started drifting apart from each other and sometimes we don’t hear from you guys for days. Which, okay. It’s fair to say you’re not required to update us on your lives, but when you give us complete radio silence when we all just want to make sure you’re okay? It’s worrying.

And then you break the radio silence to tell us that basically, you’re breaking up, but not really. It was an extremely vague letter but with Wesley’s project with Kenny (the balCOny) and Keaton working with other artists, we kind of see what’s going on. (For the record, I thought the balCOny was somewhere Wesley and Kenny were performing.) But to me, this looks like the end of Emblem3 as a band. (Does anyone even know what Drew is up to?)

The band isn’t the only thing drifting apart, so is the fandom. The fandom is breaking. If you look on Twitter, people are speculating the same thing I’m writing to you right now. It’s worse, because they’re bringing in Drew to all of this again and I actually can’t even write this letter without crying. 

You boys are important. The day I throw out my Emblem3 posters is not today. It’s not tomorrow. It’s not for a long time. I just wish you’d be more honest and tell us if this really is the end of Emblem3. We haven’t heard new music or even covers in ages (what happened to Drew’s “Fairytale”?) and I just really miss the old days. I know you’ve grown up and you want to try new things. I am behind all three of you. Forever. I support your decisions. 

I’m not sure why I wrote this letter. I miss you guys, as a band, as brothers. I miss the old fandom. I miss everything about Emblem3. If you’re happy, then we’re happy for you. I just wish you’d answer the questions everyone’s asking. 

I can’t stress this enough. Emblems are always going to be behind you. We love you guys and we love to see you happy. We just want to know what’s going on and if you guys could open up a little bit more about what happened last year with Drew and why you’re just not that into the band anymore, it would be amazing. We love you.

There are a few more things I want to address:

Wesley: I’m not sure what’s going on with you and Drew. I’ve heard numerous people say you two aren’t on the best of terms and then you say you’re flying out for his show? Okay. And I know you’ve started the balCOny. Which is good that you’re still into music. We love you. There are a lot of sides in the fandom when it comes to you, but every one of those sides support you in one way or another. Stay smiling x

Drew: I haven’t heard anything from or about you in a long time. I know you’re working on new music and stuff, and again, Emblems are happy for you. You’re following your dreams. It hurts when I think about you leaving the band, but at the same time, you’ll always be a part of Emblem3. You’re there in the lyrics, in the way you influenced the Strombros… we’re standing with you too. Some fans may have left, but the rest of us are with you in every chord you play. x

Keaton: My friend and I were talking about this: it seems like you wanted this band to be the most successful and yet you end up with the short end of the stick. Wesley has the balCOny, Drew has gone solo (who knows where), and this is just one girl’s opinion, but. If they never come back, you could go solo. You have the voice, the personality… you could do it Keaton. But if producing is also your dream, then go for it. We support you no matter what. Stay strong x

So that’s it. I’m sure many would disagree with everything I just wrote but I wrote it from the heart and there may be a few tears mixed in but I’ve said all I need to say. I’ll tag you one more time in hopes that you see it.

Good luck with everything, boys. We’re all with you


(wesmasterfresh) (thesunandtheseasons) (truechadwick)

PS. (I don’t know if truechadwick is actually Drew, but it doesn’t hurt in trying)

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