emblem3 one shot



You and Keaton had just begun dating and your parents weren’t sure if he was the one for you. The two of them decided to go out for dinner and get to know the boy who stole your heart just a little bit better. After everyone ordered is when your father began to bombard poor ole Keats about his job, how he might wont be here to see you or protect you when situations come up, and how he’ll find somebody knew on tour since girls are practically worshipping at his feet. Keaton looks down *gif* completely hurt and wounded from your fathers accusations. Your father clearly didn’t know Keaton and how sensitive he was, and how deep he felt things. “Dad, thats enough! Stop, he wouldn’t do that! You don’t know him and you don’t know me. You don’t  know us!”, you completely lost it until Keaton squezzed your knee and looked your father in the eyes and said, “Sir, I know you don’t approve of me but right now I got enough money to buy what your daughter needs, I’ve got a phone to call her every night I’ve got anything you could ever worry about handled. I even bought a tour bus with an extra bunk so she could join us on tour… Just give us the summer to prove everything you just said wrong”.

Well that didnt just suck balls.

Wesley One Shot

“Where is he!?” You muttered to herself, as you pushed passed the rushing people who were catching there flights. Your long hair blowing in the wind as you snapped your head to the right, praying to see the tall muscular figure that you’ve grown to be so familiar with.

You looked around frantically, still not seeing him. You groaned, running a hand through your hair in frustration before you saw a airport attendant walk past you.

“Uh, excuse me! Do you know where the Jetblue area would be?” You asked quickly.

The airport attendant scrunched his eyebrows in confusion before answering,

“Yes, go all the way down and make a right.”

“Thanks.” You said before quickly rushing over to where his the JetBlue area would be.

Once you reached the crowded check in area, you looked around not seeing him. You groaned in annoyance, why didn’t he wake me this morning? You remembered the pain shooting through your heart when you woke up, seeing a little note in place of where his body should have been. You remembered reading the note, seeing his familiar messy writing with the words:

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t wake you. I love you. -Wes

You knew it would have been difficult to say goodbye, but you couldn’t let him leave without saying it. Suddenly you heard the familiar faint laugh from a distance, you snapped your head in the direction,

“Wes?” You said quietly to yourself, walking in the direction you heard the laugh from.

Suddenly you saw a small Starbucks kiosk where Wesley was sitting down with Keaton and Drew. He was laughing, oblivious that you were only standing a small distance away.

Just then, his head snapped in your direction, his laugh silencing as he looked over towards you

“Y/N?” Wesley said, ignoring the confusing looks that he got from his two best friends.

He stood up from his seat, walking over to you.

“Wes?” You said, your voice slightly cracking.

Just then, Wesley eloped you into one of his huge bear hugs. You hugged back, burying your head in his chest as a few tears escaped your eyes.

You and Wes pulled back, both gazing into each others eyes.

“Don’t ever do that to me again!” You said, lightly slapping Wesley’s arm.

Wesley grabbed your hand, his eyes softening as he saw the tears urging to break through your eyes. He lifted his hand, his thumb rubbing against your cheek as he wiped away the tears.

“I’m sorry baby.” He said quietly, “It’s just..it’s difficult to say goodbye.”

Just then, the loud speaker erupted through the airport, grabbing the attention of the two teenagers. “Flight 113 to New York is now boarding!”

You closed your eyes, allowing yourself not to cry before you looked up into Wesley’s eyes.

“I guess this is it.” You said quietly knowing you won’t see him for another month or so.

Wesley nodded his head, before leaning his forehead on yours,

“Just remember, I love you. Even if I’m miles away, I still love you so much.” He said quietly, before he leaned down giving you a sweet kiss on the lips.

No, Keaton

Thank you for requesting, Malayna. I really liked this one and I hope you do too.

You rush out the door as you knew what was coming. He dropped hints for days but you never thought he’d do it. You knew what he was going through and how he felt. You knew his troubles and you tried helping him and showing him how great he was and you’d never know how much you’ve helped him. He loved you. He loved you more than words could ever explain. You loved him too, more than he’d know but you were never confident enough to tell him. Maybe one day you could admit it but right know you had no time to play silly games.

“Keaton! Open up,” you banged on the house door. You knew he was alone because no one was ever home at this time of day.

Inside Keaton sat hunched over with blood running down his wrist, a tingling sensation caressing his body slowly. He threw his head back angrily at all his mistakes. He was angry at the world but more hurt than anything. How could he be treated so bad when he’s been so good to the world? He’s always been a nice, loving, caring human being and to be treated the way he was, was not something he seen as ok. He was bullied and tormented on a daily, bringing you into it as you tried sticking up for him. He always was though. Even since grade school the kids picked on him and you every once in awhile because you hung out with the ‘freak’. No one understood your love for the boy but it was there whether they’d like to see it or not. Little did you know they only messed with you because they themselves wanted you. You were just a desirable person and for the freak to have you was downgrading. Keaton never knew how lucky he was to have you but he only seen a fraction of it and that was all he needed to stop and think before his doing. He held the pills loosely in hands, shaking them, ready to sleep for eternity. Ready to get away from the nonstop harassment but the thought of you on his mind made him rest his evil thoughts for a second in time. He needed you, you pushed him along day by day. If anything you were his anchor, his rock in life. You held him down in his darkest days and lifted him higher in his brightest days. He thought of suicide many times before but your love and the caring person you are, held him back. He cried to you many times before and you held him, tears rushing in your eyes as you seen him break right in front of you. You held the broken boy in a way you fixed his broken heart. He was just a lost soul, lost in a world of trouble and hurt. His heart ached as his sobs racked over his aching body. If he left, life would be better for everyone. He just wasn’t thinking about you. It was done with trying any longer but he’d never know how hurt you’d be if he left, gone for good. You’d blame yourself for not taking hints or trying to help, he’d just never understand. He could never explain his feelings but you’d always seem to understand the words that couldn’t come out. You completed his missed pieces and he knew it. He couldn’t live without you but he knew you’d be better off without him. It was a lie though. You couldn’t live without him because he pushed you along. He brought you up when you were down and held your hand through everything, he was just too naive to listen to their words. You needed him. He needed you.

“Keaton,” you screamed at the top of your lungs, knowing he damn well heard you and he in fact did. He sobbed harder than ever as he heard your voice ache with pain and hurt, something he pushed onto you. He knew he was hurting you but nothing too bad. He thought you were just mad at him for what he did earlier but you knew time was running short. You bang on the door and he heard your hands pound achingly fast and hard on the wooden door. Tears ran down your cheeks as you began to breathe hard. He couldn’t take his life yet. You couldn’t live without him.

“Please, Keaton,” you sobbed and banged your head on the door.

Keaton slowly grabs a pill and shakily brings it to his lips. He swallows slowly, taking in the fact he was going to go through with his plan. Tears silently run down his cheeks as he takes another and another. He became empty, hollow like a rotten tree homed to an owl. Tears ran empty along with his heart. He felt no remorse, it was time. He wasn’t needed any longer. No one needed him and he was realizing that. His mind became dark with demons and chewing, mind blowing thoughts that would send anyone to a psycho ward. He no longer felt the hurt and pain. He smiled in want, ready to accept his fate. You slipped from his mind.

You rush around the front, moving and shoving things out of way to find the key they left outside. You rush to the pot by the door and lift it up. Only to come short of nothing. You let out a strangled ‘fuck’. You knew you were running out of time. You rush through the rocks in front and trip over a big one. Your knees run over the jagged rocks, starting to bleed. You sucked in a huge breathe, ready to say every curse word in the book. It wasn’t because you were physically hurting but your best friend, your love, was inside ready to take his life and here you are messing around in rocks. You look down to see the house key hidden within the rocks you fell on. You jump around with the key and give a quick praise to the heavens. You hurry to the door to open it and up the stairs straight to Keaton’s bathroom. You stand paralyzed in the door frame as you watch Keaton breathe heavily, blood running down his aching wrist, and ready to pop another pill out of the ten in his hand. You knew he took more than just a few and you rush to his side as your senses came back to mind. You knock the pills out of his hand and move to the tub. You turn on the water to hot and go back to Keaton, wrapping your hands under his armpits in attempt to get him up.

“No,” he told you weakly, knocking your hand away.

“Yes,” you scream at him, roughly grabbing him and throwing him in the hot shower. You get in and sit behind him, wrapping yourself around him.

“Please, Keaton. Hang in there with me,” you see his eyes start to roll and you open his mouth, shoving two fingers down his throat as he started to retch. You did a few more times before everything in his stomach rush through his body and out of his mouth. It runs down the drain with the mix of water. It still got on the both of you but you didn’t mind and by the looks of it, neither did Keaton. You bring him closer and wrap your arms tightly around the boy. You sob heavily into him as water runs down the both of you.

“I’m sorry,” you sob out. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here and didn’t take hints earlier, I was mad. This is all my fault and here you are, on the verge of death and I feel like a horrible friend. Why would you do this, Keaton? You hurt me and you would’ve hurt everyone that loved you,” he tries looking away but you grab his soaking face.

“No one loves me,” his eyes become droopy and he looks like his body was ready to give up on him.

“You’re so fucking dumb, Keaton! I love you. I love you than anyone in this world, more than anyone else. Why can’t you see that? Why do you think I stuck through with you since day one? Tell me because if your selfish enough to take your own life, you don’t love me. You don’t love me Keaton and you’ve never have. But I’ve loved you since the day I realized why I went through so much trouble to stick up for your sorry ass. You’ll never understand the love I have for you because you’re too blind to see it. Open your fucking eyes, Keaton! I’m madly in love with you,” you scream angrily at him as he watches you tiredly. He was ready to give up but you saying those words pushed him along. Tears engulf his eyes as he realizes just how dumb he was for almost taking his life. He loved you and he loved you to the moon and back. He needed you and you only but he was too dumb to see it.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything,” he sobs into you now. You hold him as he lets everything out, everything he’s ever wanted to tell you.

“I love you more than anything. Maybe I wasn’t the dumb one. Maybe I did realize you loved me. What if you were just dumb enough to realized I loved you,” he start sobering up and staring in your eyes. “I loved you longer than you could’ve known. I love everything about you and every flaw and quirk of you. I love you more than time can tell and more than life itself because you’ve held me down for years on end. You’ve just never realized how much you mean to me,” he stares longingly but lovingly into your eyes. He knew he could never have you. You were just a beautiful sin to be taken. Maybe you were best for him but he knew he was nothing for you. He did no good in the world but as long as you lived, he would take advantage of your love but only in a way people imagine.


Rated MA 

Frustrated you let out a grunt out of annoyance as you threw off the bed sheets exposing you in your bra and underwear. Retreating your hand from between your legs you let out a sigh. It’s been almost 30 minutes and you couldn’t get yourself to reach that state of “zen” that you desperately needed. You did everything that you could but you knew you needed the real thing.

You reached over to your phone to scroll through your contacts looking for his name. When you got to his name you lingered over the call button for a few seconds before tapping it and then holding it to your ear, hearing it ring.

“Why are you calling me?” he answered amused, you can almost hear his smile on the other line.

Taking the direct route you simply answered “I’m horny” in a quiet voice.

“Oh? Is that so Y/N?” his tone was different now. It was deeper. His voice sent shivers from your ear all the way to between your legs.

“Yes, Wesley. That is so.”

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"Fuck up." (Wesley one shot)

*mature content*

“My God Wesley! I’m sick of this! Can you do anything right?!” You asked as you took your white tshirt out of the washer, pink splatters decorating the fabric.
“I didn’t know my red tanktop was in there! Damn, I’m sorry!” He said, waving his arms in the air.
“That’s why you sort them out! This is my only good shirt for work and now it’s ruined! Just like the other ones! When will you learn?!” You screamed, walking into the kitchen, throwing the shirt into the trash. It had been the 3rd time Wesley had messed up the laundry and ruined your shirts.
“Why do you have to complain about every little fucking thing?! It’s tiring!” He exclaimed, walking in behind you.
“Then leave! Get the fuck out. I don’t want to deal with this anymore. Bye!” You yelled, shoving him toward the door.
“Fuck you! I’m out.” He said, walking down the hallway.
You slammed the door, sliding down it, your face in your hands.
Ever since Wesley had been home, nothing had been the same. You didn’t know why, but you knew you had been hard on him.
It just gets so frustrating when he messes everything up.

While you sat on the couch, watching tv and ignoring Wesley’s calls and texts, tears were still cascading down your swollen cheeks.
You knew this would be the end, why would Wesley come back to you after what you had said to him? Shaking your head, you tried to focus on the tv.
When there was a knock at the door, you groaned, not wanting anyone to see you looking like this. Getting up, you trudged your way to the door, not bothering to look through the hole to see who it was.
“Wes-” you started but was interrupted by his lips smashing against yours. You were initially shocked, but didn’t complain. You missed him too much for you to complain.
“I’m so sorry baby.” He said, pushing you up along the door. You shook your head, “shh.” You said, kissing him again.
Running your fingers through his hair, fighting for dominance with tongue-play.
He tapped the back of your legs, indicating for you to jump, so you did.
At the sudden contact of your crotch on his, you let it a small moan.
“Bedroom?” He asked.
“Bedroom.” You confirmed.
As Wesley carried you to your shared room, your lips never broke contact, and that’s how you liked it.
As he layed you on the bed, you took one look into his eyes and everything stopped.
“Wes?” You asked, fiddling with the hair by his ear.
“I love you (y/n).” He whispered. You heart fluttered and your cheeks went hot.
You kissed his awaiting lips again, reaching down to remove the yums shirt he wore. You felt the heat radiating from his body, warming your cool hands.
Running your fingers along his torso, feeling every muscle, made goosebumps arise in your skin. That’s just the effect Wes had on you.
You looked up to Wesley and stared into his caramel eyes, getting lost. It wasn’t until you felt the cool air hitting your exposed breasts that you noticed Wes had completely rid you from you clothing, not that you cared.
“God I want you so bad.” He trailed, kissing your neck, being sure to leave a mark.
As you undid Wesley’s pants, he made it mandatory to ground his hips deeply into yours, wanting friction as soon as possible.
You nipped at his collarbone, leaving your own marks as he began to pull down your pajama shorts and lace underwear.
He traced his finger along your entrance, making you hiss in pleasure. Silently begging him to stop teasing.
His throaty chuckle only made you want him more.
While you removed his boxers from his hips, Wesley whispered things into your ear, making you remove them faster.
Spreading your legs for him, he licked his lips, making them glisten before attaching them to yours in a sloppy kiss.
“Wesley.” You whined, wanting him right there and then.
When he entered you, you let out a moan of relief, the feeling satisfying.
Kissing you again, Wesley deepened it, playing with your tongue while he let you adjust.
“God Wesley, fucking move.” You groaned.
He began to rock his hips against yours, going faster by the second.
“Shit.” He moaned when you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts, only making him go faster.
The headboard was knocking against the wall, creating dents, but you couldn’t care less at the moment.
“Mm.” You mumbled, wrapping your legs around him, enabling him to go deeper. His thrusts became hard and deep, making you bite your lip.
Arching your back into him, curling your toes, head thrown back in pleasure, you raked your nails across Wesley’s back.
“Fuck Wesley.” You moaned, more profanities escaping your lips while Wesley’s thrusts became sloppy. You moaned louder and louder, encouraging him to release.
“Jesus, (y/n)” he moaned.
As your breathing regulated, Wesley slid beside you, he looked up.
“Oh my God, babe.” He said. You rolled over, confused.
“What?” You asked, still catching your breath.
“Look. We broke through the dry wall!” He exclaimed, a proud smirk plastering his face as you examined the hole in the wall.
“Maybe we should fight more often.” He said, giving you an Eskimo kiss.
“Should we call someone to fix it?” You laughed.
“How are we going to explain that?”
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Preference #5: Picking You Up From School

Keaton: Your boyfriend had graduated the year before and you, having a somewhat late birthday couldn’t get your license until a few weeks after school started. So Keaton, being the amazing boyfriend he was, had decided to pick you up from school. The first day of school he had parked and sat on the curb by his car, know where you come out. He played on his phone, probably tumblr or twitter, as he waited. He did get recognized by some boys and flirted with by some girls but his eyes were only on you as you ran out of school and tackled him into the grass before kissing his lips sweetly.

Wes: The bell would ring and you walked out of your class. You seen your locker but the person leaning on it didn’t go to highschool anymore. He smirked as you walked to him and started laughing. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. “You know you are going to get caught right? All the teachers know who you are.” You tell him. He smirked. “They miss me don’t they?” He asked cockily. “No, they wonder why I’m dating you.” You corrected. He laughed. “Mr. Stromberg, aren’t you graduated?” One of the teachers noticed.  He grabbed your hand quickly before yelling “RUN!!!” And laughing as you ran away.

Drew: You walked out of school and the first thing you see is Drew leaning on the hood of his car. Your friends all give you looks before pushing you to the hot man on the car. You walked up to him with a smile and he pulled you into a huge hug. You smiled before pulling away a little so you could peck his lips. You then let go and hopped into the car before he asks how your day was and you asking how his song writing has been going.

Drew Imagine~Dramatic

We sat there at that table for I don’t know how long. Neither of us said a word, we were silent, the only noise was the small chatter in the background and the grinding of coffee. I don’t know exactly how it go to this but I know one thing for sure, neither of us saw this coming. If you saw us a couple months ago this silence would be unimaginable. But I guess thats fate, and time continues to move on. I used to look forward to the day he would be back from tour but as the date approached I began to wish tour lasted forever. His blank expressions inform its the same for him as well. This was the 12th time i heard coffee being made, and this isnt a popular cafe- we’ve been here for a long time this is going nowhere. I place both my hands on the table and look him in the eyes, “well if were done here, I’ll be going”. His eyes flashed with disappointment for a second then returned to his glassy eyed stare. I slid my bag on my shoulder, grabbed my copy and made my way out the door. He didnt even say one word. Not one. I feel a pain in my chest, maybe i’m not as over him as i thought. But this pain doesn’t take back what he did, what I did. We had our fair share of equal mistakes, we each got close with other people and stopped communicating for a good 3 weeks. He at bars, and me in tears at home. Why am I still thinking about it were done, over? Why is he so hard damn to get over. It’s just Drew. Oh, drew why dont you love me anymore? I remember living for those 3 am conversations we add, snow fights at christmas, those scary movies you made me watch so you had a reason to hold me. I miss you. I was reminiscing on those memories i didnt even realize where my feet had taken me, the beach. Our beach. My toes sunk into the sand, but my gaze remained on the horizon. What had we done? There was so much more to us than this, i thought it was love.. The sand next to me sunk, someones sitting next to me but what does it matter he’s there and im here. “You know we weren’t done there” it’s him, my head immediately turned to my side, but he wasnt looking at me. “I dont know, you werent saying anything, and i dont know where to begin”, i let a tear stream down my cheek. “I was trying to find the right words to tell you i still care about you, no matter what happens” oh God no, thats it his break-up speech. Even if we werent together together i thought it was all okay because somewhere somehow we still had that title. “Drew, you dont need to say it, I know were done” “were not done, i dont ever see me getting over you y/n” “you will, ive seen them theyre all beautiful, your fans. Theyre better for you then i will ever be” Thats when he actually looked at me. “Dammit stop. You were the best damn thing, that anyone could ever want. Do you think that this is easy for me?! Because i can assure you it is not, nothing makes sense. I thought that this is what i wanted but when you left that cafe i felt broken, hell it took balls not to break down in there! I fucking loved you, I love you. Dont make this anymore difficult and dont lie because i know you wished i would follow you. Wish granted im here” “Drew, I”. “No, y/n dont say your sorry tell me do you want me, this relationship?” Yes, hell yes. “Yes” “Then we need to go unpack your bags”.

X’s and O’s: Wesley

“I think people know that we aren’t really dating.” Was the only thing I heard from my “boyfriend” Justin Bieber say through the phone. “Oh. Shit. What. Do. We. Do. Now!!” I said sarcastically. “Y/N, I’m not kidding. This could ruin me. This can’t happen.” He said. I heard him rustle his hands through his hair. “It’s not like you like me anyway!! You are always out with different girls and I’m sitting here on my ass waiting to go out and do something!!” I yelled beginning to quickly turn red. “Yo, it’s not my fault that I like girls.” He said obviously not realizing what he had said. “You know what Justin; I don’t give a fuck about your management team anymore. You can go crying back to Selena because quite frankly that skank is the best you’ll do!! I don’t like you and you don’t like me so why not be just be done with it!” I said feeling all the weight rise off of my shoulders. “I guess you’re right. I need to be seen with someone who is as great as I am. You missed out Y/N. Good night.” He said, I could feel him laughing. “Haha, yeah. Fuck you to.” I said throwing the phone down. I hated him so much.

 I looked down at the floor for a while, just sitting there thinking. Then I heard the door unlock. I looked up at who had walked in, tears starting to form in my hazel eyes. It was my best friend and house mate Wesley Stromberg. His band Emblem3 and I go way back and we moved to Huntington Beach about 4 years ago and haven’t left each other since.“ hey” he paused. His expression changed from the happy and cheerful guy I know him to be to a serious, concerned and sympathetic Wes. He came over and sat down next to me on the sofa in our living room. He took me into his nicely toned body and held me close for a while. I snuggled into his chest and started to cry holding back most of my tears. “Shhhh..” Wes said as he patted my back. Drew and Keaton quickly ran up the stairs obviously hearing what had happened on the phone earlier. “Y/N, babe what’s wrong?” Drew questioned concerned sitting down on the other side of the sofa. “J-Justin’s ….S-Such… A … A- D-Dick…” I said through the sobs. “I knew that this wouldn’t end well” said Keaton who was sitting across from me on the arm chair looking concerned. “But I thought you didn’t like him?!” Said Wes continuing to rub my back in circular patterns. “I d-don’t it’s just… How he t-treats me… There is so much d-disrespect and…. I just couldn’t…H-handle it anymore…” I said calming down a bit. “I’m going to kill that kid.” Wes said getting up and taking the phone. Drew took me into his arms and I rested there. Keaton the laid down slightly on top of my body snuggling on to me like a cat. I was hoping Wes wouldn’t startany drama but its Wes and he has a lot to say if someone hurts his loved ones.

-Sasha xx


Rated MA

All night you could feel the sexual tension between you and Drew: at the movies, at dinner and now at the club where you two were dancing. You guys weren’t the only ones who noticed it; your friends that you guys had gone out with all kept giving you that knowing look when you and Drew would tease each other.

On the dance floor you guys were dancing together, your back to his chest, your ass to his crotch. You head was leaned back to the side against his shoulder giving Drew access to your neck as he kissed it softly as you grinded against him. You moaned quietly so only he could hear, you felt his lips curve into a smile. He turned you around and leaned down into your ear.

“I need you. Now.”

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"Fire." (Wesley one shot.)

*Warning; mature content.*

After the xfactor, the boys planned on vacationing up to the mountains and renting out a cabin. And that’s exactly what you did.
“Dude don’t pee in the fire. It took me hours to do that.“ Keaton pleaded, wanting nothing more than drunk drew to just go to bed already. Drew was drunk, keaton was 900 percent done and you and Wes seemed to be the only ones having a good time.

Wes convinced you two hours later to take things into the bedroom you two would be sharing for the weekend.
“It’s cold outside.” He whispered against your lips, tugging at your hands.
Barely making it up the steps, when you finally made it to the bedroom, you were already pressed against the mattress, Wesley hovering you.

“I love you.” You whispered, tugging at his tank top. Straddling your hips, wesley sat up, removing the material, giving you full view of his toned body. Biting your lip tip keep you from moaning out, you grabbed the back of Wesley’s neck, pulling his lips onto yours.

Wesley began tugging at your belt loops; “baby you gotta take these off.“ He said, beginning to rub your hip bones. Slipping your shorts off, Wes rubbed your thighs “heating them up” he claimed, his calloused fingers rough against your skin.
Creating friction from Wesley’s jeaned crotch against your silk panties, making you wetter by the second, you started to unbutton his pants, indicating that you wanted them off, now. Wesley’s deep chuckle sent chills down your spine.
Palming Wesley through his boxers meant you wanted him, now. Being your first time, Wesley was hesitant.
“You really want to do this.. with.. me?“ He asked, rubbing his nose against yours.
“Yes.” You said, as confident as ever. You loved Wesley and you wanted to show him, in every way possible. You nodded, telling him you were ready.

Pressing himself into you, you screwed your eyes shut, the pain almost unbearable.
“Please.. open your eyes (y/n)?“ Wesley pleaded, trying not to move.
“Wes.” You cried, a single tear falling down your face.
Shock cruised through Wesley’s face, and he immediately kissed it away.
“(Y/n) baby, we can stop.” He said, looking into your eyes, sincerity filling them.
“N-no. Please. I want this.“ You said, nodding and bringing his head down to kiss him. Sighing against your lips, Wesley began to move, slowly at first, picking up a rhythm with time.
“How does it-” He began
“Good.. it feels good.“ You finished, pressing up on him.
Wesley stood on his knees, grabbing your leg, and throwing it on his shoulder, pain spitting through you, making you hiss.
“Shit baby, I’m sorry.” He said, setting your leg down, kissing you with sympathy.
It’s f-fine.“ You whispered, feeling a tingling sensation from your stomach.
“Wesley. I’m gonna-. Faster.” You said, unable to form complete sense making sentences.
Wesley began to thrust faster, eyes locking.
“Fuck.“ He said. As you felt yourself getting closer, you began to buck your hips, meeting him halfway.
“Oh God Wes.” You moaned in his ear as his head fell between your neck and shoulder, tickling your skin with his hot breath.
Back arching, toes curling, nails scratching, name moaning, wesley brought you to the highest place thought possible.
You felt his hot liquid ease through you as he grunted your name into your ear, cursing altogether.
“Oh god.“ He whispered, leaning into you kissing you softly.

"Did it really hurt.. t-that bad?” He asked, rubbing your back, as your chest was pressed against his.
You nodded.
“I love you, Wesley. You know that right?“You said, running your finger along his bottom lip. He smiled, blinking once for yes.
The whole night was spent in silence, just communicating through kisses and touches.

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Keaton one-shot....I don't really have a name for it.

You and Keaton had broken up months ago, but to you it felt like a lifetime. You missed him so much. You missed his soft brown curls, his cute smile, his smooth skin and how good it felt when he wrapped his arms around you, the songs he would sing softly into your ear to help you sleep, the sparks flew out when your lips touched; you missed everything about him and everything you guys had, but it was all gone. Everything was gone and ripped away from you in a blink of an eye. It was his fault….or was it your fault? No, it was all her fault. It was all that girl’s fault. Ever since he met one of the girls who was Selena’s back up dancer, she was all over him. She wanted him even knowing that he was taken. Stupid little boyfriend stealing slut. You hated her and hated more the fact that you had to see them together everyday. That’s what you get having your dad be Emblem3 tour manager. You had to watch them be all lovey dovey and that dancer made sure you saw it all. It was like she was loving every second of causing you pain.  

You heard a voice at the bottom of your stairs, not only snapping you from your thoughts but also making your heart skip at beat. “(Y/N),” Keaton called up to you. “Your dad wanted to know if you wanted to come with us to supper.”

You rolled your eyes groaning, “Is there any girlfriends coming?”

“Well mine was-”

You cut him off mid sentence, “Tell my dad that I am eating here.” You sighed putting your head into your pillow just wanting to cry and scream. He was just so blind to everything that was going on. Why does he have to be this blind? Why couldn’t he see the truth? You finally just let all your feelings go soaking your pillow. In all your tears, you didn’t realize that there were footsteps coming upstairs or the fact that you were no longer alone in your room. You felt someone’s hand begin to rub your back in small circles. “ssssh,” the voice said trying to comfort you. You knew who the voice belonged to, but you didn’t care anymore. You got up from your pillow and laid your head in his chest, crying softly in it. He wrapped his arms around you pulling you onto his lap. He sang you  favorite song into your ear.

“Why Keaton, why?” you asked him my head still buried in his chest. “Is it because she is prettier? Does she put out more? You never gave me a reason why you picked her over me?”

You felt Keaton’s stomach go up and down as he sighed, “It wasn’t any of those reasons.” He ran fingers through his curly locks. “Its just really complicated, actually.”

You pulled out of the hug fast giving him a look of disbelief. “That’s all you have to say! Its really complicated! Why can’t you just give me a reason Keaton?! Is it really that hard to explain? All I want is a reason! Tell me anything! Just give me a reason why you left me?”

Keaton looked down at his hands. His hair covered his face, but you could see his back moving up and down. Was he crying? “Keaton?” you asked putting your arm around him.

“(Y/N), I am so so sorry for what I have done to you. I never met to hurt you like this. Elena (A/N: back-up dancer name.) told me all this stuff about you and another boy. She told me how much he was better for you then me. She also said you told her, you were going to leave me for him.”

You were beyond pissed at him. You got up from your bed and began angrily pacing up and down your room. “What boy?!” You yelled.

Keaton looked down and began to twirl his thumbs, “T-t-tyler.”

“YOUR BEST FRIEND?! Are you freaking mad?! Why would I chose him over you? I don’t even like him like that. Oh my god, Keaton! I love you. I love you so much that it has killed me not be with you. You sit there and dangle that girl right in front of me! “ Keaton kept on looking down not saying a thing. You couldn’t help but just boil with anger at him. Why wasn’t he saying anything? “I love you, Keaton,” you said softly tears cascading down your face like a waterfall. “There is no person in this world that could be better for me than you.  Why wouldn’t you at least talk to me about this?! Ask me about it?” You just wanted reasons on why he ran off with some other girl. Why couldn’t he have talked to her?

He reached up and grabbed your face whipping the tears with the pads of his thumbs. You pulled his hands away turning around. There was silence for a moment before you felt him wrap his arms around you tight. He made sure that you couldn’t get out of this one. “Look, I made a stupid mistake. I feel horrible for it. It breaks my heart to see you like this.” He said swallowing hard. You felt his stomach shaking on your stomach. You turned around in his arms to see tears falling from his eyes. “I love you so much. I couldn’t stand to the thought of losing you….that I did something I regret. I shouldn’t have left you like that. I am so sorry. I just got so jealous every time I saw you talking with Tyler after that I couldn’t just….” You reach up and whip Keaton’s eyes with your hands. Before you could stop yourself you pulled Keaton’s closer and kissed his soft lips. His arms pulled you closer so your body was against his. It seemed like forever that you were just there kissing til you heard Wes going. “This is a different kind of dinner.”

You roll your eyes at Wes and shut the door on his face and walked back to Keaton. He kissed the top of your head. “(Y/N), will you be mine again?” You didn’t even answer. You just put your lips against his.


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“Push,” Drew screams loudly at you as you squeeze his hand as hard as you could. You yell profanities at the man who put this baby inside you. He keeps pushing you to push hard but you were already pushing as hard as your body could but it was like the babies he just wouldn’t come out. It was like the babies skull was just solid and it was just too much to push. Sweat rolled down your forehead to rolling down your back, you were sweating so hard. You couldn’t help but to blame Drew at that moment for getting you pregnant and putting you through all this pain.

“Dammit, Drew! This is all your fault,” you scream at the top of your lungs. The more you tried pushing, the more grunts of pain came. Sweat rolled down every possible spot on your body. You squeezed onto the bar of the hospital bed, letting go of Drew’s hand. You rest your head on the cold bar and push as hard as possible, wanting the baby out already. Who would’ve known it was this much pain to have a baby.

“It’s ok. Just a few more pushes,” he encourages you to push a little more. You push a few more times and you were just about ready to give up on it. You were in so much pain and it felt like you were pushing forever.

“Come on, babe. Don’t give up,” he soothes you. Before you know it, you hear the cries of your baby girl and cry with joy. You lay back and watch them move hurriedly to get the baby in a blanket after Drew cut the cord. You watch in amazement at how Drew watched them handle your baby. He looked in pure awe and seen him wipe his eyes off on his scrub sleeve.

“Are you crying?” He looks at you and nods, smiling to you.

“Can you believe we made that? It’s just so amazing,” he always surprised you with little things. You were always happy to start a family with Drew but this just added to your love for him. He was always one for words in the right moment and even though it felt like a lifetime for this baby, you couldn’t be happier to have it with Drew. Your heart throbbed, pounded, in your chest as your love for Drew and your baby could be felt pulsing through your veins. You’ve never felt this before and your eyes started tearing up. You grab Drew’s arm, surprising him, and kiss him with all you could.
“Push me higher, daddy,” screamed your five year old little girl. She giggles as Drew pushes harder, making her soar through the sky. She almost touches the tree branches that the swing was attached to and she screamed.

“We’re hurting the tree, daddy,” she yelps in surprise. Her feet stop moving and she gasps.

“I hurt the tree.”

“It’s ok. It’s just high-fiving your feet,” he pushes your daughter higher. You laugh at Drew and his little playful remarks as you daughter rambles on.

“Wait, daddy?”

“Yes,” he stops pushing your daughter.

“Can we play house instead,” she scraps her feet on the ground, slowing down the swing.

“Sure. Why not.”

Your daughter jumps off the swing that was still slowly moving and laughs as she falls on her butt. You smile as Drew races her to the playhouse, obviously letting her win. He helps her in her princess dress. You were confused as to why she wanted to dress as a princess if she wanted to play house.

“Will you be my prince, daddy?”

“I’ll always be your prince,” he crouches down to her level as she sticks a crown on his head. He smiles at her and kissed her cheek. You smile as your husband wears a crown with pink fuzz on if and plays in a small house with your daughter. You never thought life would be this good to you in the end.

“Can we watch a movie?”

Once Drew agrees, she rushes pass your legs to the actual house, almost knocking you down and picks the movie she wants to watch once in the living room. You both follow along behind her, Drew puts it in the DVD player and watches the movie with her on his lap. As soon as it came to her favorite part, she jumps out of his lap and makes him stand with her.

“Dance with me,” she grabs his hands and they move together. You rest your shoulder against the wall, arm crossed, and realize how lucky you were to have someone like Drew to have a family with. Though everyone doubted your relationship, nothing could ever change your mind on what you two had. You were always pushed and shoved to give up what you had but you always knew it would be ok in the end.
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Keaton Imagine for anonymous

Tonight would be the first time I got to see my boyfriend Keaton and the rest of his band Emblem3 perform. Last month Keaton surprised me with front row tickets and backstage passes and i was on cloud nine. Keaton and I have been dating for 3 months now, but we’ve only seen each other for about 1 month. Keaton was my first real boyfriend and I knew what we had was special, only thing was he never kissed me. I saw pictures on the web of his kissing past girlfriends and even fans on the cheeks, but never me. It kinda hurt, but I wasn’t complaining like how the hell am I supposed to kiss him? He’s experienced and well Im not. Well whatever happens tonight will happen. Getting dressed in

so i could relax with Keaton for awhile before the concert I rushed out the door.

As i knocked on the door on the door to his dressing room i heard him shout, “ Not now Wes! I already told you I’m trying to get ready so I’ll look good for Y/N”. Aww was he really?? I gave  him one more minute and then I walked in ,“Y/NNNNNNN, oh my god you’re here Babe!!” “haaha uhhuh”, was all I was able to say since Keaton hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe. He engulfed me and our bodies became one, at that moment it was perfect. As we each leaned back a bit to look into the others eyes it felt like something out of a movie,slowly he leaned his head down toward me as I lifted mine up- oh god here it comes. “ KEATSSSSS WERE ON IN 5 MINUTES HURRY THE- oh y/n youre here.. umm awkward im leaving; just be ready to go on”, of course someone would barge in on OUR moment, guess there wont be a kiss tonight. I know Wes didnt intentionally sabotage the kiss but still, this is the one thing I need right now. I guess Keaton noticed I was upset because he reassured me we’d pick up from there later- but now it wouldn’t be special. whatever..im just reading into this too much. 

After what felt like forever I saw the cutest scene, Keaton was dancing like a crazy fool shouting my name. what on earth? “Y/N come with me right now. I have to show you something, your gunna love it.” Keatons warm hand grabbed mine as he led me up  a million stairs, left and right we went until finally a big black door was before us. “go”, he whispered. I pushed it open, it was heavy but I managed. He led me to a small metal rooftop over looking the pavilion where the concert just was. Hundreds of people were below us, along with the bright lights of their cell phones. I heard a soft melody play below us and the angelic voices of Wes and Drew sing some helpless love song. After sometime of appreciating the moment and our surrounding I returned my attention back to my cute little Keaton. His cheeks were blushing as I noticed he had been watching me. “Y/n.. I have to tell you something” I told him okay, I got nervous because well he looked nervous and I didn’t know what to expect- but before I could think of anything I felt his soft lips on mine, together they moved in sync- I even felt him smile a little. Now this- this was perfect. Keaton slowly pulled away and whispered into my hear, breathing his warm air on my ear, “i love you”. I just looked at him and smiled,“.. I love you too Keaton”. And with that he grabbed my face in his hands brought me in for round 2.

"Lick my persuasion." (Keaton one shot)

“Have I ever told you how amazing you are at kissing?” Keaton said, out of breath.
“Yes. Multiple times” you replied, attacking his lips once more tangling your fingers through his dirty blonde locks, tugging.
You were clad in just a tank top and underwear. Keaton shirtless and boxered.
“And I’ll keep saying it.” He whispered by your ear, nibbling the lobe and kissing your neck.
You moaned in pleasure as he found your soft spot, tugging his hair harder.
“Found it.” You felt him smirk against your skin.
He kissed down your chest, leaving a purple bruise to form on the top of your right breast.
Trailing sloppy kisses on your hot skin, he stopped at the top of your underwear, licking the exposed skin.
Goosebumps immediately arose allowing Keaton to smirk again.
“I want to try something new. I’ve been reading about it for a couple days.” He said, not waiting for your answer before he tugged your underwear down your legs, leaving you exposed in front of him. Not like it was the first time though.
Keaton kissed your thigh, grabbing your hips and pulling you toward him.
Opening your legs, Keaton examined you, making your cheeks heat up.
“So sexy.” He breathed against you.
Keaton took you by surprise as you felt his hot tongue trace up your slit, making you gasp.
“W-what?” He asked, concern lacing his voice as he stopped to look up at you.
“Nothing. Keep going.” You said, looking down at him.
He continued to lick your folds, kissing and teasing you. Sucking on your warmth making you bite your lip in anticipation.
He began to hum a tune, sending vibrations through you, making your body writhe in his control.
He picked up a good rhythm, darting his hot muscle through your opening, drawing figure eights upon your clit.
You twisted the sheets between your fingers as you felt Keaton’s hair tickling between your thighs, making your stomach knot in that familiar way.
“Fuck Keaton.” You breathed, wanting him inside of you.
“I need..” You trailed, Keaton getting the hint.
With one hand still drawing around you, Keaton came up to your opened mouth, letting you taste yourself. As a small ‘mmh’ escape your lips, Keaton positioned himself where he was once playing. As you felt him bury himself inside of you, you began to rock your hips upward, meeting him.
The sound of skin on skin contact and heavy breaths filled the room, making the moment even more enticing.
“Shit, Keaton. Go faster.” You panted.
Keaton picked up the speed, capturing your lips with his. “Fuck” you breathed as you felt your toes begin to curl.
“I’m close, (y/n),” He warned, his breath fanning over your shoulder.
You yelled out, as Keaton began to play with your button, making your orgasm last.
You opened your eyes to watch Keaton come undone, and it was a sight that would never get tiring. You loved watching him orgasm.
“Jesus Christ (y/n).” He moaned, sweat dripping down from his forehead as he shook above you.
Kissing you once more, he fell beside you, catching his breath and painting your name.
You still felt your body tingling from the activities as you cuddled up to his side, legs wrapped around each other.
“You taste good, (y/n).” He commented, chuckling at your red cheeks.

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You Will Not Be Forgotten

hey pooface here’s the fanfiction that made you cry at your party <3 ilysm

(jsyk the beginning is very cheesy and the ending makes you cry, here is a warning)

(also my grammar is crap so if you see mistakes don’t throw a hissy fit)


It was finally happening. I’m going to meet Emblem3! Electra thought. After hours and hours of blogging their faces, the time had arrived to meet them. At this moment, Electra was standing next to her friends, Olivia and Katie. The line was long, and the boys weren’t out yet. Electra’s palms were sweaty and she was feeling faint. She closed her eyes and drifted off for a second. She felt a hand and Olivia said “You okay Electra? You’re, like, asleep. Wake up, dude.” Electra opened her eyes and she heard dozens of girls screaming and someone saying “hi” in the most adorable way. Electra saw the beautiful Wes, the majestic Drew and precious Keaton walking towards them. Olivia and Katie squeaked and bounced around, excited to finally see their idols for the first time. Electra covered her mouth, forcing herself not to scream and shout. She didn’t want to be one of those annoying girls who scream every time the boys come out. The first group took their pictures with them, and then the next. The time seemed to be river of muck; slow and unbearable. Soon enough, Ranel signaled them to come up and take the picture. Electra said hi to Wes and Drew, but quickly walked over to Keaton. Keaton looked at her with his beautiful eyes and said, “Hi, I’m Keaton!” and smiled. Electra’s breath was taken away and somehow she collected herself enough to say, “Hi, I’m Electra!” They positioned themselves into a cute pose and then they took the first picture. "Has anyone told you that you’re really pretty?” Keaton whispered softly into her ear. His hot breath lingered on her skin. Electra blushed and giggled. The second picture was taken, and before Electra could say goodbye, Ranel the asshole swept them away. The three girls were escorted to the mosh pit, while they waited for general admission to come in and for the concert to start. Electra made her way to the front, and got more anxious by the second. Keaton had called her pretty. This must be a joke. Electra thought about the say he said hi to her and the smile on her face was staying on for the rest of the concert.

        Electra tapped her toes and breathed slowly, waiting for the boys to come out. She tried to talk to Olivia, but she lost her. “Damn it”, she thought. She looked the other way and saw Katie over to the left and in the front row. “Fuck!” she whispered. Now she was all alone in a hot, crowded room with annoying girls. She was miserable, uncomfortable, and just all over upset.

All of a sudden, everyone started to scream hysterically and the soon the gods walked out on stage. Electra was about 2 people back, and put her hand out, hoping that one of them would touch her hand. Unlucky enough for her, that didn’t happen. The boys opened up with One Day. They sang the songs perfectly, danced, and it was a great concert in general.

        There was a pause in between the songs. Everyone in the audience chatted, waiting for the next song. The security guards passed out water bottles and tried to keep everyone calm. Electra looked up and saw Keaton whispering into Wesley’s ear. Wesley was nodding his head, agreeing with whatever Keaton was saying. The brothers positioned the instruments, and Drew and Wes walked off stage. Keaton, a guitar, and two stools stood alone on stage. Everyone was very confused. Keaton strummed the guitar and Electra knew exactly what the song was. Of, course it was her favorite. Keaton’s angelic voice echoed throughout the auditorium and sang, “You will not be forgotten, the life, the presence you have given to me” Keaton looked at the audience and seemed to be looking straight into Electra’s soul. His eyes glistened like pools of water on a hot summer’s day. He continued into the song, and every lyric dripped of passion. Before the last part of the song, Keaton stood up and bent down towards the security guards, causing the girls in front to go wild. One of the girls swiped the hat off his head. Electra got angry. That was Keaton’s hat, not hers. Electra pushed through the crowd and grabbed the hat from the dumb girl. “That’s Keaton’s hat! You shouldn’t steal, it’s not right.” The girl flipped her off and turned away. Electra rolled her eyes. She turned around and was face to face with a security guard the size of a Viking. His shadow lurched over her and made her feel small. She held back a scream, and gulped loudly. The security guard grabbed her waist and lifted her up on stage. “OH MY GOD! PLEASE PUT ME DOWN!!” Electra yelled as she was thrown on stage.

        Electra was face down on the flat surface. She felt a hand on her back and she looked up. Keaton’s face was gleaming and he took her hand and led her towards the second stool. He took his hat from her hands and placed it on top of her head. Electra started to cry. She couldn’t believe it. Keaton Stromberg, the stranger she was in love with, had brought her on stage and gave her his hat. Keaton picked up his guitar again and played the last part of the song:

“I just wanted you to know, that I love you so, so much I can’t let go.- and he added in – “ you will not be forgotten”

        The crowd went crazy. Pictures were being taken, girls were screaming and trying to crawl on stage and the guards were struggling to hold them back. Keaton grabbed Electra’s hand and cradled her face with his other hand; he leaned in and planted a kiss onto her cheek. The audience all at once “aww”ed and pictures were flashed again. Electra giggled out of nervousness and looked down at her hands. Keaton lifted up her chin and kissed her again on the other cheek. He led her to downstage and gave her a big hug. His strong, warm arms wrapped around her body. She breathed in his sweet embrace and hugged tighter. The hug seemed to last forever. Good, she thought. I never want this hug to end.   

        Keaton lowered her down to a security guard, who safely put her down on the ground. Instantly, hundreds of people were around her. “How did you get him to do that? “ “What was it like?” “You’re a lucky bitch!” Electra was getting claustrophobic and started to hyperventilate. The whole room was spinning and she was seeing colors that she’s never seen before. Before she knew it, her head was on the ground and she had fainted.

        “Hey girl, are you ok?” Drew’s voice echoed in her ears. Electra fluttered her eyes open. She put her hand to head and felt a large bump. Ew, she thought. She focused on what was around her. Her vision was fuzzy but she gasped when she realized where she was. She was inside Embelm3’s tour bus! Drew and Wes were sitting next to her, seeming quite worried. “I… I think I’m okay. What happened?” Wes shrugged and replied “I’m not sure. Keaton came up to me after Jaiden and asked if he could serenade one of the girls- you - that he met in the M and G and that he was, like, in love with or something. I asked to accompany him but my lil bro insisted on doing this solo. You’re pretty lucky.” Electra didn’t reply. Keaton? In? Love? With me? She thought. This can’t be true. Wes giggled and added “Yeah and your friend with the long brown hair and the Blink-182 shirt was pretty hot. Mind if you call her? It would be rad for her to hang with us”. Drew quickly added “Yeah invited all of the friends that came with you.” Electra slowly nodded her head and pulled out her phone and texted them: DREW AND WES WANT TO HANG WITH YOU GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE. Electra put her phone away. Keaton walked in the bus and looked at Electra and stopped himself. He smiled at her and gestured for her to come over. Electra looked around at the other boys. Surely he meant for them to come over to him. Drew shook his head and whispered, “Keaton really likes you. You better go over there.” Electra took a deep breath and walked over to Keaton slowly. Keaton’s smile seemed bigger than ever before. Here they were, standing in front of each other, smiling and staring into each other’s eyes like lovers. Keaton was about to lean in, Electra closed her eyes and waited for Keaton to kiss her. She could feel Keaton’s warm breath mingle with hers. All of a sudden, Katie and Olivia busted through the bus doors. “Jesus fuck.” Katie said, as she fell onto the carpet. Olivia giggled, stepped over Katie and quickly ran over to Wes. Wes stood up and gave Olivia a hug. Katie picked herself up and casually slid over and sat next to Drew. Keaton looked at Electra and said “How about we get some privacy?” Electra nodded and Keaton led her outside the bus. It had to be at least midnight. Keaton held Electra’s waist and brought her in close. He gently placed his lips onto hers, and she stepped back, surprised by Keaton’s sudden move. “I’m sorry. I should’ve asked.” Keaton apologized. Electra laughed and kissed Keaton. Their lips talked in the language only they could understand. Is this really happening? Electra thought. Me, a fangirl. Making out with Keaton Stromberg? She didn’t question the truth and focused on kissing Keaton.

        The rest of the night was filled with laughs, kisses and more kisses. Keaton led her back to tour bus. “I had a wonderful time”, He said. He took out his phone and pressed “new contact”. Electra quickly added her number and Keaton put his number into his. They both walked into the van. Katie, Drew, Wes and Olivia were all laughing and having a good time. “Heeeeeeey bro! How was your night?” Wes yelled. Electra and Keaton looked at each other and laughed. They were going to keep their little adventure to themselves.

Sunlight peaked into Keaton’s apartment. Electra shifted her body and looked at Keaton sleeping. Keaton was 25 now, she was 23. She observed her little rock star. Emblem3 had broken up a few years ago, and all 3 had gone their separate ways. Wes had started a new band and Keaton had gone solo and now had multiple sold out tours. Drew had fallen off the face of the earth. Rumor was is that he ran away into the woods with a girl he met in E3’s tour bus many years ago. Supposedly they got married, but no one really knows.

        Keaton looked years younger when he was sleeping. His curly hair framed his face and made him look child-like. His beautiful smiled remained on his face and his happiness infinite. Electra brushed her lips across his and he roused from his sleep. He opened his eyes, and kissed her nose. He stretched and yawned like a kitten. “’Morning, beautiful” he mumbled in his sleepy voice. He wrapped his arms around her and she cuddled with his warm presence. They stayed like that for a while, breathing in each other’s air, sharing energy.  Electra sat up and said, “C’mon, we got to get up. You have a doctor’s appointment today.” She rolled out of bed and put on one of Keaton’s hoodies. Keaton stayed in bed and frowned. “Baby, just 10 more minutes. Stay with me.” He put on a puppy dog look that Electra could not resist. She rolled her eyes and crawled back into bed.

        20 minutes later, they waltzed into the bathroom together. Keaton had grown since he was a part of E3, and stood proudly next to Electra at 5’10. They brushed their teeth together and they both started to get ready. Keaton dressed up in a button down shirt and jeans for his appointment, and Electra dressed in her usually blouse and skirt for her music producer job. She slipped her diamond ring on her left index finger. Every time she put on that ring, it always felt like new. She admired her ring, proud to call Keaton hers. After years of her adolescence spent on the internet, dedicating her blog to him, hanging up posters in her room, it was finally time to be his.

        Keaton was brushing his hair when he caught her staring at her engagement ring. “You like it, right? I can always get another one if you don’t want it.” Electra giggled and said “Keaton, this ring is perfect. I wouldn’t trade anything for it.” He wrapped his arms around her waist. “You’re perfect and I never, ever, ever want anything else that isn’t you.” He kissed her delicately and left the bathroom to go downstairs. Even though they had been together for years, every time he kissed her, it felt like paradise. She sighed deeply and shook her head. Sometimes she couldn’t believe she ended up with Keaton. She collected herself and drove to work.

        She loved her job. Working with music, meeting new people, it was amazing. It was her dream job and she never want to leave it.

        Today was a slow work day, so she decided to cut early and have lunch with Keaton. She dialed his phone number and waited for him to pick up. “Hi, this is Keaton. Please leave a message at the beep.” Electra hung up. Hmmm, maybe he’s still at his appointment, she thought. She skipped lunch and flipped through bridal magazines.

        Electra arrived home at Keaton’s apartment and saw Keaton sitting on the couch. “Hey babe, how was your appointment?” Keaton stared at a TV that wasn’t even turned on and ignored her question. Electra dropped her purse on the side table and sat next to him. “Keats….” Keaton’s usually lively eyes were dark and dead. His smile was gone and his hands were shaking slightly. “Keaton, please talk to me. What’s wrong?” Keaton blinked and clasped his hands together. “Baby, you’re scaring me.” Electra clutched Keaton’s arm, hoping to make him snap out of it. Keaton closed his eyes and spoke slowly. “Electra, I… I have cancer”

        Electra stood up from the couch. “Keaton, you’re joking. Please tell me you’re joking.” She laughed nervously. Keaton didn’t laugh with her.  “Please Keaton! Say something! This is isn’t real!” Keaton stood up. “You think this is fucking joke? My life is in danger and you’re standing here laughing? What the fuck? What kind of fiancée are you?” Electra was taken back. Not in all the years that they’ve been together, has Keaton ever, ever used that language. She twisted her ring on her finger. It’s just a fight. It’s okay. She thought. Keaton stormed out of the room. “Keaton, come on. Don’t walk away. Please. We’ll figure this out.” Keaton walked into the bedroom and Electra followed him. As soon as she made it to the doorway, he brushed by her, car keys in hands. “What are you doing?” She grabbed his elbow and turned him around. She had never seen Keaton this angry before. His eyebrows were furrowed and nose wrinkled.  “I need some peace.” Keaton started to back away, but Electra stopped him once again. “You know it’s bad when someone has to leave the house to find peace. This place, our home, Keaton, is our palace for peace. Please, Keaton Robert, I beg of you, stay. We’re going to figure this out.” His eyebrows knit together and nodded his head slowly. He walked over the couch and sat down.

        “Ok… Let’s start off simple. How was your appointment today?” Keaton shifted his body away from her, and said “I went to Dr. Medernach today and she ran the usual tests for me. They found cancer cells in my brain, heart, and liver. Doc said she’s never seen this kind of cancer cell in anyone, ever. She thinks it’s a new strain of it.” Electra gasped. Keaton continued, “They sent all my paperwork to this big hospital in Texas for further diagnosis. Until then, I’m screwed.” A new cancer? This meant no cure. Electra began to sob uncontrollably. Keaton comforted her by giving her a hug. Keaton’s teardrops fell onto her neck. They cried together for a good hour. Electra didn’t know what to do, what to say, or what to think. All she knew was that she had to support Keaton through this.


A month passed when Electra opened up the mailbox and read the most important letter she’ll ever receive. It read:

Dear Mr. Stromberg,

        Our associates here at Austin Medical Center have observed your case closely. It appears to us that you have a newly-found cancer. We do not know what is in store for you, so we would like to be moved to our medical center so we can observe your illness. Please notify us if you have decided to move her by next week, August 25.

                                                                                                                                Thank you

Electra’s heart dropped. Keaton was very sick. Currently, he was on bed rest, and didn’t move much these days. Electra had left her job to care for him.

        Electra knocked on the door and read Keaton the letter. He sat up and thought for a while. He nodded slowly and said, “Whatever can make me better.” Electra logged onto the computer and made the necessary flight plans.

        Electra called Wes up and explained what had happened within the last month. Wes started sobbing over the phone and said something that Electra couldn’t understand. Wes hung up and she placed the phoned down. She looked behind her and Keaton was asleep on the bed. Except this time, he didn’t look years younger. His stringy hair covered his face and his usually smile was now a snarl. His skin was pale and looked unhealthy. Her fiancée was still as beautiful as when she first saw him at that concert. She fiddled with the ring on her finger and moved over the bed and sat down next to him. She pulled the covers up to her neck and cuddled with sick Keaton. She brushed his hair with her fingers and wished the cancer next struck the love of her life.

        It has been 6 months since Keaton and Electra moved to Texas. Keaton was in the hospital, not doing so well. The cancer didn’t get worse, and it didn’t spread. It was just slowly killing him. Killing him, Electra thought. It didn’t hit her until now that Keaton was dying. Her world, her love, her life, her support, her reason to be alive, was on a hospital bed, helpless. Electra had not thought what happened if this got worse. She didn’t want to.

        It’s been a year. All of the Strombergs have temporarily moved to Texas. Even Drew magically reappeared again. Currently, Wes and Drew were sitting with Electra in Keaton’s room. It was at least 3AM. Everyone in the room was asleep except for Electra. It didn’t matter; she hadn’t slept for days anyway. His fiancée’s room was littered with flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears from fans all around the world. During these long nights, she would pace around the room and read the notes her fiancée’s fans had given him. “Get well, Keaton!” “We love you, Keaton!” and “I’ll see you in concert soon!” were popular notes written on cards. It reminded Electra of her youth. She wondered about all the fans out there, on their computers. Fans really do make a difference. When Keaton is awake, he reads every single one of the notes. It reminded Electra how much of a little note could cheer up Keaton even in his darkest days.

Keaton jolted up and Electra dashed to his side. He was breathing heavily, eyes wide open and darting around nervously. “Keats, are you ok? Talk to me.” Keaton calmed his breathing and looked into Electra’s eyes. “Do you remember the first time we met?” Electra nodded her head slowly. Keaton laughed, and then coughed harshly. He cleared his throat, giggled and said, “The meet and greet. I called you pretty and you blushed like tomato.” The couple shared a laugh for the first time in a year. “Oh yeah, and when the security guard tossed you on stage and-“Keaton coughed again and Electra’s face was covered in tears -“and you on stage, face first. It was so hilarious.” Electra wiped away a tear with her sleeve. “Remember when I kissed you? You backed away; I thought you had rejected me.” Electra sniffed and said, “I would never reject you.” Keaton continued, “Remember our engagement? Disneyland? Under the princess castle? I can’t wait for our wedding. This spring, Greece. We’re going to tie the knot. You and I, babe. We are going to make it. You’re going to look gorgeous in your wedding gown and I can’t wait to see you it in. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Electra sat there silently as tears streamed her face. “I love you so much, Electra. I know I don’t say it a lot, but I truly love you.” Keaton took a deep breath and softly sang, “I just wanted you to know, that I love you so, so much I can’t let go.” Electra got on to the hospital bed and cuddled next to Keaton. He put his arms around her. He kissed her forehead and sang,”You will not be forgotten.” Electra whispered into his ear, “I love you Keaterpan. Always and forever.” Keaton didn’t say anything. Electra heard the flat line from the heart monitor.

        She bounced from Keaton’s side and shook him. “Babe, c’mon. Please wake up. Please. Oh my god, please, please.” Wes and Drew woke up and Drew ran for a nurse. Wes ran over to his brother and held his hand. “Lil bro, please. Come on, man. Wake up.” Wes brushed a hand through his hand and started to cry. “I love you, brother. Now say it back. Say that you love your big brother.” Keaton didn’t say anything. Electra grabbed Keaton’s other hand and kissed it over and over again. “Please. Wake up.” Keaton’s smile lingered on his face. Even after his death, Keaton’s smile was still with him. His happiness will leave a legacy in this world.

A nurse ran into the room and pushed Electra out of the way, into a chair. “Please, ma’am, leave this to the professionals.” Electra didn’t scream, she didn’t shout. She didn’t flip tables. She didn’t cry. She didn’t punch the nurse. She didn’t yell at Wes. She didn’t run into the streets and break windows. She sat there, in the chair, motionless. Her chest felt heavy and her legs felt like lead. She took a deep breath and buried her head into her hands.

        She looked back up. Her breathing slowed and she focused. The nurse’s voice faded. Electra couldn’t hear the flat line anymore. Wes’ screams of denial dissolved. Drew’s footfalls evaporated. Keaton’s face disappeared. The hospital’s fluorescent lights dimmed. She felt a hand and a familiar voice said "You okay Electra? You’re, like, asleep. Wake up, dude.” Electra opened her eyes and saw her old friends, Katie and Olivia in front of her. Electra looked around. She was at the concert where she met Keaton all those years ago. “How long was I like that?” Electra inquired. Katie shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe 5 minutes? 10? I’m not too sure. And those sunburned idiots aren’t even out yet!” She heard screaming and someone saying “hi” in the most adorable way. All the memories came back. Except, they weren’t memories. Her life, job, education and Keaton were all a dream. When she figured all this out, Ranel pushed them towards the boys. Electra was still in a state of shock when she was swept to Keaton’s side and she looked at Keaton with amazement. “Hi! I’m Keaton!” Electra gasped and said “You’re… you’re alive.” Keaton looked at her with confusion and said, “Yes, I’m alive. Why wouldn’t I be alive?” Electra shook her head and giggled nervously. Keaton smiled and said “Let’s take a picture! Also, has anyone told you that you’re really pretty?”

Surfs Up Wesley Stromberg Smut for Irene (ivemblem)

“Hey babe ready to hit the waves?” Wesley asked as I decided to spend the day with the guys and they all wanted to go to the beach. Perfect. It’s not that I hate the beach, I just can’t swim.

“But Wes–”

“Nope! You promised last time we went to the beach that you would come surf with me but you didn’t. So now this is when you need to make it up.” He argued not even letting me finish. I sighed and gave in as he listed me from my chair and dragged me to the water.

“Irene don’t you trust me?” He whispered in my ear and I knew I had this terrified look in my face.

“If course we’ve been dating for almost four years!” I argued and he laughed while I started took freak out that we were getting to the point where I couldn’t touch the sand with my feet.

At that moment I clung to Wes and he laughed while lightly kissing my temple.

“I promised just one run and you can go back to the sand and if you want we’ll even heard home. Deal?” He sled and I took in a deep breathe.

“But I can’t swim what if–”

“If you fall I will be right there to catch you. I promise you want fall.” He said and I sighed as he helped me climb onto the board and he got on right behind me.

“Ready?” He asked and I slowly nodded my head and we started to swim toward the wave. Before I knew it we were surfing. I was actually on the board gliding over water. I felt Wesley grab my waist and bring me closer to him.

“I’m so proud of you babe.” Wesley whispered in my ear and I smiled as I felt really happy at the moment. But then we fell into the water and I started panicking. Everything was black and I tried to swim but I couldn’t reach the top.

I felt something tug my arm and then I was lifted up to the surface and I gasped.

“Irene! Are you okay? I’m so sorry! We fell and–”

“Its okay. Can we please just go home?” I asked and he nodded his head and we got out if the water and straight to the car. The whole ride home Wesley would treat me like I was glass and if I was glass. Constantly asking if I was okay and not even touching me like he normally would when we were in the car.

“Wesley are you okay?” I asked as we stepped inside our house and he shook his head.

“Everything is fine why?” He asked and he sat on the couch.

“Because ever since the beach you keep on being distant.” I answered and sat next to him.

“No. It’s just–”

“Spill it.” I said and he sighed.

“I let you down.” He said and he hurried his head into his hands.

“Wes no you–”

“Yes I did! I promised you that you wouldn’t fall! I can’t trust myself to take care of you if–”

“Breathe! I trust you and you didn’t let me down! You saved me from the water. If I didn’t trust you to take care of me then I wouldnt have gone on with you. Babe I trust you.” I said and I straddled his lap and lightly kissed his lips.

“No Irene you shouldn’t–”

“Just like my family said I shouldn’t date a rock star. But I did it anyway and look how that turned out.” I whispered and he shook his head and laid me to the side and he walked toward our bedroom most likely going to take a shower.

I walked in and I was right. I smiled at myself and stripped completely and snuck into the bathroom hearing him sing.

I quietly climbed in and kissed his shoulder blade causing him to yell and jump.

“Shit babe you scared me!” He yelled and I laughed as I kissed his neck and he brought my face up to him.

“Who would you think it was?” I asked and he laughed and lightly kissed my lip.

“No one. But babe I’m not in the mood.” He said as I pouted my lip knowing Wes couldn’t stand it.

“But babe how else am I supposed to show how much I trust you?” I asked as I let my hands wander down his chest and he sucked in a breath.

“We just–”

“No let me make it up to you.” I whispered and I went on my knees and immediately brought him into my mouth causing a loud moan to leave his lips. His hands automatically found my hair and pulled it back. I quickly went back and forth, not giving him a chance to notifying me he was coming. My free hand found his bails and I gave them a light squeeze and he key out s loud grown before coming into my mouth and I easily swallowed.

“Irene I–”

“No please I need you.” I whined and he smiled and gently laid me against the wall and I threw my head back as he slid into me.

“God Wes! Please move!” I moaned because he filled me up and it always felt great.

“Whatever you want love.” He said and quickly started to move and his thrust were fast and quick but each one was c filled with passion and I knew I want going to last long.

“Wes I’m about to–”

“Go ahead babe. Come for me. Show me how much you trust me.” He growled in my ear and threw my head back as I came hard and classes at his biceps.

I was panting hard and he had the goofiest smile on his face and I knew that smile meant he was glad what had happened.

“Shut up.” I said and he shook his head as I stepped out and grabbed the towel.

“I made you squirt. I’m not letting that go.” He said as he followed me into our bedroom and put on his boxers.

“Ugh Wed thats–”

“It was hot! Do that next time?” He asked and I laughed as he brought me into the bed with him and kissed my cheek.

“I cant control it! I–”

“Looks like well have more shower sex then?” He asked and I laughed and gently slapped his chest.

“I guess so. But for now let’s sleep?” I asked and he laughed and nodded as we both cuddled and knocked out.

"Hi." (Keaton one shot)

*mature content*

You watched as Keaton laughed at something Tyler had said. The way his whole face just lit up. A strange feeling encircled your body and you couldn’t help the thoughts that ran through your mind. You inwardly gasped at what you had realized. Sending Keaton a text saying you wanted to leave Wesley’s party early, Keaton gave you a strange look. A blush crept upon your cheeks and you just shrugged, even though you knew why. He nodded and went to go find Wesley, telling him you two were leaving.
As you filed into Keaton’s car, he turned to you.
“Baby, are you okay?“ He asked, you wanted to wait until you were safe in your home before you told him why you wanted to leave. You nodded your head.
“Yeah.. it was just.. crowded.” You replied, but you knew he didn’t buy it.

While Keaton closed the door to your bedroom, you just stared at him. You knew tonight was the night. You were going to make love to Keaton for the very first time. Both of your first times altogether.
“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?“ He asked, slipping off his jacket.
“Keaton.. I’m ready.” You whispered. You watched as Keaton stiffened.
“I thought you wanted to wait?“ He asked nervously. You nodded;
“I did.. but I want to do this.. tonight.” You pressed. He looked around the room, not making eye contact.
“(Y/N) we don’t have to do this.” He said, walking towards you. You swallowed back the nervous words that almost came out.
“I’m ready. I want to make love to you.. please Keaton.. please.“ You said, closing the space between the two of you. Your lips brushed his neck as you took him into your arms. You wanted to feel him already.
Keaton’s shy smile sent your heart thumping even faster if possible.
“Please..” You begged. His lips came crashing down into yours, passion filled. Goosebumps immediately arose on your skin, making your body go crazy. You ran your fingers along Keaton’s jaw, around his collarbone and played with the curls in the nape of his neck. You felt him deepen the kiss, his tongue jutting out and tapped yours, wanting to explore your mouth. You gladly opened, wanting the adventure to proceed.
You unknowingly pulled him back, and towards the bed, wanting to lay down before you collapsed in pleasure.

Lying down on the soft memory foam mattress, Keaton hovered you, still kissing the life out of your whole being.
Your hands ran down his torso, stopping at the hem of his black t-shirt. Pulling away;
“Can you take this off?“ You asked shyly. Keaton blushed and sat up, removing the fabric. You loved Keaton’s stomach, he wasn’t as toned as Drew or Wesley, but just toned enough to make you want him even more.
Keaton came back down, re attaching your lips, massaging them gently.
Keaton broke the kiss, looking at you;
“I’m supposed to take off your shirt now.. I think.” He said, biting his lip nervously. You sat up, face to face with him as he helped you remove your shirt. Keaton then went between your shoulder and neck, kissing where he knew you liked. Soft, breathy moans escaped your lips, without your permission.
Keaton’s fingers caressed your arm as he slid down your body, towards your shorts.
“Is it okay if I take these off?“ He asked and you nodded. Keaton undid the metal button, pulling down the zipper, making your breathe in deeply. Keaton looked up at you;
“We can wait.” He said, stopping his movements.
“N-no! Please.. take them off.“ You said, touching his hand. He continued with shaky hands and pushed them down your legs, kissing your thigh lightly.
His eyes raked across your center, making your cheeks flame.
“Keaton.” You whined, causing him to look up at you.
“I want to kiss you.“ You replied, beckoning for him to come closer. Your lips met again, and you could feel the sincerity through the kiss. You knew this was the right decision.
You broke the kiss to lay your lips on his shoulder, your hands finding their way to his pants. Your finger traced the skin above his boxers, that were sticking out above the jeans.
Unbuttoning them, your nerves grew, but Keaton helped. You gave a shy smile, while you pushed the pants down his legs with your feet.
There was only two thin pieces of fabric keeping you two from becoming one, and you were more than excited.
“I need you, Keaton.” You whispered into his ear. He smiled, allowing you to take off your own underwear, as he did his. You opened your legs, Keaton resting in between them, not positioning himself just yet.
“(Y/N);” he whispered, getting your attention. You looked up at him, your eyelashes brushing against his cheek.
“I love you.“ He said. You smiled, kissing his lips as you parted your legs further.
Keaton looked down and between the two of you, grabbing his length, and moving him to your entrance.
“I’ve heard this hurts.. so if I hurt you too bad, please tell me. Please.” He begged and you nodded, taking a deep breath, and you felt him enter you.
It didn’t hurt at first, so you just layed there.
As Keaton moved farther, a sharp line of pain shot through your lower half as you gasped aloud.
“I’m sorry.“ He said, moving to pull out.
“No.. please. Just.. stay there.. f-for a minute.” You pleaded.
Keaton layed his forehead on yours, your noses touching.
“Hi.“ He whispered. A smile broke across your face.
“Hi.” You replied, tracing his bottom lip with the pad of your finger.
“Keaton.. move please.“ You begged.
Keaton began to rock his hips gently into yours, making your mouth fall open while he kissed your cheek softly, asking if it was okay.
“It feels.. good.” You said, raking your nails down his back.
Keaton’s groaned into your mouth, making your stomach twist.
“C-can you go faster?“ You asked nervously.
Keaton picked up his speed, which only made you moan louder. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, holding back his moans.
You felt the bed rocking slightly with your movements, offering more pleasure to erupt between the two of you.
Keaton’s mouth opened slightly and he kissed your lips while his thrusts became longer and more prominent.
A little squeak ran passed his lips as he shook above you, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
“Oh God, (Y/N).” He said loudly
His movements slowed down as his head fell next to yours. You could hear his scattered breathing.
Seconds later, he looked up at you, worry on his face.
“Did you..?“ He trailed, not wanting to say the word. His movements stopped all together and you felt him soften inside of you. You didn’t know what an orgasm was supposed to feel like, so you were guessing you didn’t have one.
“No.. i-i don’t think so.” You replied.
As he layed beside you, he pulled you toward him, tucking you away into his chest.
“I’m sorry I hurt you.“ He said into your ear, kissing your temple.
As you covered yourself with the blanket, Keaton couldn’t help but ask.
“Was it bad?” He said, hiding his face by looking the other way.
You looked over and kissed his bicep. “No, baby.“ You replied and moved to lay down, the dull pain in your lower region soothing.
“I didn’t bring you to an.. o-orgasm.. though.” He said shyly.
“It’s okay.. we’ll get better, I promise..“ You said, feeling your eyes getting heavy.

"I liked it.. a lot.” You heard him say.

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Wesley One Shot for Chloe (butguysimchloe)

“Look at him. Over there laughing… Being all cute. Ugh. Fuck him.” You stare at your friend blankly. “Calm down. He’s not doing anything wrong,” you say to her. “Chloe, do you understand who we’re talking about? That’s Wesley Stromberg, okay? He’s kind of a big deal.” Glancing over at him, you feel your heart flutter and you’re able to quickly pull it off with an eye roll. “I’m sorry, I just don’t see it,” you tell her. “Wes… Stromberg,” she repeats slowly, as if it would change your mind. “Yeah… I know who he is.” She cups her face in her hands like she’s literally in pain from your stupidity but then pushes it aside. Sighing she says “I hear he’s having a party tonight.” You nod, trying to sound as uninterested as possible. “I’m gonna go. I think it’ll be fun.” You nod again. “His band is going to play. Have you heard them before? You’d like them.” You want to nod again, but you get caught in the thought of Wesley’s beautiful voice. “So… Are you gonna come or what?” she asks, breaking your thoughts. You glare at her hoping she’ll just drop the whole thing. “Come on!! Would it really be that hard to walk next door?” Standing up from the lunch table, you say “I don’t know. Maybe.” Walking home, you can’t think of anyone but Wes. Every other girl obsesses over him and makes it seem like he’s so great. But when it comes down to it, it’s all because of his band… Because they think he’s going to go far so they want to try and get around him now while they have the chance. Wes has built up this cocky conceded attitude over it, and you know it’s all fake. He does it so the girls will stick around. You know the real him though. You’ve known him since elementary school. He was always the dorky sweet funny guy. Everyone still wanted to be around him but for other reasons than they do now. You guys were best friends when you were little, not that he would remember. One time in second grade, this boy was picking on you, telling you your new glasses made you look funny. Wes stepped in and told him to back off. You’ve had the biggest crush on him ever since, but you wouldn’t risk anyone knowing it. You don’t want to be just another girl in love with him. Walking through the front door of your house, you pet your dog, say hi to your dad… The normal. Contemplating it for a few minutes, you finally decide to pick up your phone. You search through your messages and find your friend. You text her ‘Come help me get ready? I’m going to the party.’ She replies with a ton of random letters combined that you can’t see as anything other than just pure excitement. You decide on wearing black ripped jeans, a purple tank, and vans to match. Picking out your jewelry, you feel your stomach turn. You’re really nervous. You walk by his house every day but you haven’t been inside in almost 10 years. “Are you okay… ? Chloe?” Snapping out of your anxiety for a second you say “Uhh yeah, let’s go.” As soon as you walk in, Miss Laraine bursts with joy, hugs you for minutes, and blabs on about how you should come over more often and that she misses having you around. As she continues to talk, you see Wes behind her tuning his guitar. Some girl walks up looking perfect and sits on his lap, Wesley smiling wider than ever. Instantly you feel sick. You excuse yourself from Mama Stromberg to go to the bathroom. Shutting the bathroom door behind you, you start to tear up. You walk over to the mirror and take a deep breath “Pull yourself together, Chloe. This is stupid. It’s just a party. You see him with other girls all the time. It’s okay.” One last check to make sure your make-up hadn’t smeared you open the door to leave, and find Wes standing there. He looks you up and down and smiles. You look down and pretend not to notice. Just as you thought you’d made it past him without a conversation, he grabs your arm and turns you around. You’re so close to him you can feel his hot breath as you look up into his eyes. Clearing your throat, you look down. “You wanna talk?” he asks. Shocked, it takes you a minute to reply. “Uhm… about what?” Shrugging his shoulders, he backs up and takes your hand, leading you to the roof to. He lays down, puts his arm behind his head, and looks up at the sky. You’re still standing there awkwardly not knowing what to do. Laughing, he pats the spot next to him. You sit beside him, but decide not to lay down. “So how come I haven’t seen you at any of my other parties?” Wes asks. “My friend convinced me to come this time,” you explain, glancing down at him. He doesn’t see because he’s so focused on the stars, so you don’t look away. “I’m glad you came. I miss you." He misses you. He actually remembers. Coming back to reality, you see Wes studying your face for emotion. You can’t bring yourself to say anything, though you want to. He sits up and you are both at eyelevel now. After staring at each other for a while, he leans in and your heart begins beating really fast. Just as your noses touch, he looks down and says "Come here, I want to show you something.” Standing up, he takes your hand in his and helps you up. He leads you into the main room where it’s loud and crowded. Grabbing his guitar, he starts down the hallway and motions for you to follow him. A few girls stop him on the way to touch his hair or tell him how great he looks. Wes smiles each time and makes a few comments himself, comments that make you wonder why your following him into his room. “Wes, I think I’m just going to go,” you say turning around. “Wait,” you hear him say, but you keep walking. “Chloe, I’m sorry,” he says. You start to cry and walk even faster. A few seconds later, Wes is in front of you, blocking your way. “Hey,” he says softly, lifting your chin with his finger, “Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” You shake your head and turn the other way, crossing your arms, hoping he’ll go away. He wraps his strong muscular arms around you and your first instinct is to pull away but it just feels so safe and secure, so… right. “I’ve missed you too, Wes,” you whisper. He rests his chin on your shoulder and kisses you lightly on the cheek. Letting go slowly, he starts to walk into his room. You follow him and see him sitting on the bed with his guitar. “I wrote a song,” he explains, as you shut the door. You smile and nod, wanting to ask more about it, but not able to. He nods and starts strumming. At once, you feel at peace with his music. His voice takes you to another place, a better more relaxing place. “….There’s something about the girl next door, something that I can’t ignore….” When he gets done with the song, he looks at you questioningly and says “Well? What’d you think?” Standing up, you walk right over to him, wrap your arms around his neck, and put full force into kissing him. After kissing back, he pulls away hesitantly, laughing, and says “I guess you liked it then… ?” You laugh a little and mutter an apology, embarrassed. “No no, don’t be sorry babe.” You raise an eyebrow. "Chloe, I’ve liked you since second grade. All these girls… They mean nothing.“ You’re filled with relief and smirk. "Really?” you ask, just wanting to hear him say it again. He stands up and makes his way over to you. Putting his hands on your waist he pulls you closer. “You’re the one I want. You’ve always been the one I want.”

One Shot- Best Friends Brother (Wesley)

- Read this and then come tell me if you guys want another part to it! 

Keaton had texted me earlier in the day to meet him at his house at noon to have casual best friend day. Me and Keaton had known each other since kindergarten and we were never separated since. I walked up to his house and knocked on the door, but Keaton was not the one who answered the door, it was Wesley.
I was never a fan of Wes, we barley talked, but eye contacted was always made. 
“Keaton left, he will be back later. You can chill here till he gets back” Wes said opening the door wider so I could walk in. I walked in the house and sat on the couch in the living room. Wes came over and sat on the other side of the couch and we sat there in complete silence and it started to get awkward.
“So where did Keaton go?” I asked trying to break the silence.
“He went shopping with our mom and to get a haircut” Wes said then looking down on his phone as if he does not want to look at me. 
“I’m going to get some water.” I said getting up and walking to the kitchen. I reach up and grabbed a glass, but I felt two arms come around my waist, and held on to me right by my inner thighs, pressing me agents them. I felt a hot breath cross my ear with heavy breathing.
“Why do you do this to me?” Wes said into my ear. His mouth kissed it’s was down my neck. I could feel the two rows of teeth attacking my skin, causing me to fling my head back to rest on his shoulder. His hands come up my body to coming over the waist band on my shorts, and he stared to roughly rub me before sticking his figures up. 
“W-Wes stop, someone’s going to… catch us.” I said breathing hard. 
“No one will know. Everyone is gone” he said “don’t worry, just enjoy, but remember with me, you’ll get more.”
“Wes I’m close” I moaned. Just thinking of him on top of me, puts me over the edge. 
“Let it go (Y/N)” he whispered in my ear. “Then we can move on.” 
I released, practically yelling out his name, going up on my tip toes and arching my back. My breath quickened as I calmed down. I turned around to face him and for the first time our lips meet after months or glares at each other. My arms wrapped around his neck as his arms rub my back. His tongue takes control of my mouth, slowly slipping out to speak.
“I can take you right here, right now. Or we can take a second and walk to my room, you choose” he said, looking in my eyes, staring into my soul, and he was serious by his look. My body tingled as if his eyes were fucking my alone. I grabbed his hand and we started to walk up the stairs to his room. 
I walked in and he spun me around pressed against his now closed door. He’s likes taking over, and our tongues met once again. His body pressed mine and I could all the curves of his body on mine, especially the mountain that sprung out of his pants that his hands had pressed me closer too as he grasped my ass. 
He pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist causing his crotch to press between my legs. 
He walked towards the bed, and on the way there he released me with on hand and used it to search his night side table. I could hear a sound of a wrapper, so he must be grabbing a condom then he fell on the bed. I played with his belt to undo it and he started to get impatient so he took his clothes off quickly, then I strip myself down as well. I laid on my back fully opened up to him as he was on his knees between me. He stuck an end of the condom bag in his mouth and ripped it open, then slipped it on himself.
“You ready?” He asked as I nodded in reply. He shifted himself at the entrance and slowly tor his way in.
“Oh god Wesley!” I yelled as I felt him fill me in for the first time.
“Never had someone this big have yeah?” He said smirking in front of my face. 
“No!” I yelled in pain.
“Give it a second, you feel better soon” he said leaning on my forehead. “Real better.”
He kissed my lips and after a while we kissed, my grip on his back loosened, he started to move his hips. 
“Fuck!” I moaned in his mouth. He had done this many times before me, and he was dam good at it. “Wesley please go faster!”
And with that the bed started to tremble. 
“Uhh!” He moaned. He was hitting my spot with every mad thrust that occurred. Sweat dripped from both our faces. 
I felt it in my lower body, knowing I would go for the second time with him. 
“Oh god I’m gunna… FUUUUCK Y/N!” He yelled as he let himself shot inside me then me following after.
He collapsed beside me, and we both started to pant. 
"You have no idea how long I wanted you.” He said turning his head and smiling at me. 
“I usually get them guys to take me on a date first, but that was amazing!” I said and we both laughed. I rolled over so I half on him and placed my hand on his chest. “I better get up before Keaton finds us here.” I said and he nodded. 
“I can’t wait till the next time” he smirked. I kissed his lips this time with passion not just lust. 
“You better take me out first” I said. He just went in for another kiss. 
“I’ll plan it for the two of us.”