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I got into a whole discussion with someone because they do not believe that a band or other musician can save a person’s life because they do not know them in person. 

True Love, Puppy Love- Wesely Imagine

“Such a beautiful day in LA today don’t you think?” I said to Wesley as we walk hand in hand down the streets. I was held onto his arm with my head on his shoulder. It was nice for him to be able to be home for once with a day off, i missed these days with him.
As we walked there was group of people surrounding a store with cages out front. Kids were yelling “THIS ONE!” and the parents just agreed to there every demand.
“Whats going on?” I ask
“Dog Sale!” A man said. “Stores going out of business so we got get rid of the guys or they are..” he said motioned to death. I got a lump in my throat from the thought of one of these guys being put down. As i looked all the puppies were occupied with Children but far from were I stand there is a little guy just watching it all. He was soft black with tan legs and a few tan spots on his face. He was so tiny, it was hard to even notice him but he was the only thing in my line of vision, some what like when I meet Wesley.
I dropped his hand and made my way around the other cages and over to the little guy so he was not all alone.
“Hey there buddy.” I said kneeling down towards the little guy. He came towards me as I stuck my finger out to him. He was so innocent, like a little angle, he was to cute to even function. “Who’s a cute boy?”
I was able to pet his back and his tail grew up as I petted him. “You’re just like my boyfriend, he grows too when I play with him.” I laughed as he put out a softlylittle bark.
When I looked all the puppies were now leaving with kids heading to there new home.
“Come on Y/N, its getting late” Wesley said at my back so i stood up back on my feet.
“kay, Bye bye buddy.” i said as the lump in my throat is back. Wesley bend over and gave the a little guy a pet before coming back up with a leash.
“Why say goodbye to something so cute.” he said he lifted him out and putting out of the caged boundaries.
“Are you serious?” I ask Wes.
“So what shall we name him?” Wes asked as we started to walk away with the new little puppy so free, happy and safe.
“Wessy?” I said and Wes look over at me/
“Okay” he laughed. “But why?”
“Reasons” I giggled and looked at my two favorite boys.

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Keaton Stromberg Smut-Requested-

Hi this was requested, it is a smut so beware because it gets Dirty.. But who doesn’t want a dirty Keaton? ;)

         Your POV

  No one was in Keaton and Wesley’s apartment except for you and Keaton, so you decided to strip down into one of his t-shirts and lacy boyshorts, Keaton only in basketball shorts. You laughed as you got shot, once again, in Call of Duty.

            “God you suck,” Keaton laughed.

            “Yeah?” Your character got back up, you stalked Keaton’s character and shot him, “Wanna repeat that?”

            Keaton stared at the TV in shock before looking at you, you gave him a quick nod of your head and a smile before getting up and walking into the kitchen to grab a drink. “You want me to a put a pizza in?” You called out as you stared into the fridge and decided what you wanted to drink. Keaton didn’t answer, instead you felt his rough finger tips touch the skin of your upper thighs coming to touch your bum, “What I want is standing right in front of me,”

            You smiled and backed your bum into his crotch, teasingly, before shutting the fridge door and facing him, “Sorry, babe, but I’m not in the mood.” What a lie that was, you were always in the mood for Keaton, but you thought you’d tease him. You pecked his cheek and began to make your way back to the couch for another round, but Keaton wrapped his arm around your waist, picking you up and bringing you towards his room, shutting and locking the door.

            You glanced around his room, “So damn messy,” You noted with a laugh. Keaton turned you around and made you face him, he picked you up and threw you on the bed, “Someone’s feeling like a smart-ass.” He told you.

            “Aren’t I always?” You asked and propped your head up on his pillows, you looked at where he hadn’t even unpacked his suit cases from the last tour, “Seriously, Keats, you have another tour coming up and you haven’t even unpacked from the last one.”

            “Just shut up, Y/N,” Keaton said in a dark tone, you glanced up at him and saw him rip his shirt off, “I know for a fact your in the mood, so take off your shirt,”

            You smirked and took off your shirt, you weren’t wearing a bra and Keaton had a thing for your thighs and boobs. You didn’t know what it was about your thighs, you did some surfing but there wasn’t anything special about them. Keaton’s eyes darkened at the sight of your boobs as you laid back down on the bed, he leaned down and kissed the inside of your calfs making butterflies stir around.

            “Put your hands above your head, don’t move them,” Keaton whispered gruffly before continuing the kisses up the insides of your legs, he watched you to make sure you put your hands above your head, locking your fingers and widening your legs. You sighed as he kisses the skin that connected your thighs to your vagina, his fingers pulled your boy shorts off so slowly, his eyes never leaving your smooth mound. You knew you were ready for him, but he was into the teasing, the dirty stuff as you would call it. He was the only boyfriend you had let go down there because he turned out to be really good with his tongue and fingers.

            “Keaton,” You whispered as he pulled your knees apart and spread them, just the way he was looking at your center you knew it was going to be a long and very torturous process. He leaned down and placed a simple kiss over your soft skin, before taking one long lick and flicking his tongue against your clit.

            You bucked your hips but he held you down, on instinct you moved your hands to his hair during his second lick. The next thing you knew was the outside of your thigh was stinging slightly, you looked down at him, “Did you just slap me?”

            His eyes bored into yours as he sucked on your clit. You threw your head back against his pillow and let out a moan, “Hands above your head, now,” You heard Keaton roughly said before slapping your other thigh making you jump.

            You took your hands out of his hair and above your head, once you did his mouth and fingers began to assault you in the sweetest way, taking no mercy what so ever on your core. His lips sucked you in pulses as he slipped a finger inside of you, pushing it in slowly so you felt every inch. You were breathless and saying his name like it was a prayer, he was being an asshole. He would bring you so close to the edge them stop and slow down, you were teetering on the edge of insanity and he knew it. “Keaton, please.” You hissed, the pleasure in your body was getting too much, your hands were shaking along with your thighs.

            “Please what,” He said, taking you down from the high you were reaching for. You whimpered out, it was almost painful. Almost.

            “Keaton,” You moaned out, he added another finger and brought them out of your center to slowly slide them back in. You weren’t one to beg.

            “Say it, what do you want, Y/N?” Keaton whispered, giving your clit one long lick.

            “Let me cum, please,” You moaned out.

            “With pleasure,” Keaton said. The next thing you know is that your clit was being sucked and flicked by his tongue, his fingers thrusting in and out of you in a fast pace; you only saw stars. Your head was spinning and your thighs tightened around his head and you forced yourself to not grab his hair. He groaned against you and drove you through your orgasm. You were still seeing stars when you felt Keaton’s open mouthed kisses wrap around one of your nipples and suck, your body was already sensitive so when his fingers reached down to rub soft circles on your clit, your body jerked. You felt Keaton’s soft chuckle against your ear, you tiredly reached down and wrapped your hand around his erection and began to rub him, gripping him harder. Keaton hissed in your ear and reached for the condom that was in the drawer of his bedside table, “Grip me harder, Y/N,” He groaned into your ear, placing a kiss on the skin under your ear.

            You did as he said and gripped him harder, he leaned back and rolled the condom on. “Get on your knees,” Keaton demanded, still breathless and not wanting to argue with him, you turned around and got on all fours. He ran his hand over your bum and slipped inside very slowly, grunting how tight you felt.

            “Keaton, jesus,” You moaned out. Once he was all the way in he let out a moan, he began to move. He gripped your hips, hard, as his thrusts got harder. “Keaton, fuck me faster,”

            You felt one of Keaton’s hands leave your hips, it traveled up the curve of your back and tangle in your hair. He gripped onto it and tugged softly until your back was against his torso, his thrusts became faster, his breathing quicker and your moans getting louder.

            “Touch yourself,” He grunted in your ear causing your walls to clamp down on his dick. Your fingers slipped down to circle your clit, your nails digging into his thigh, you could feel your orgasm building up, you knew his was right there because his thrusts were getting sloppy and his teeth were clamped onto the skin of your shoulder.

            “I’m so close,” You moaned out.

            “Hold it,” He said roughly, his pointer finger and thumb pinching your nipples. He went on to do two more thrusts before saying, “Cum for me,” into your ear.

            His fingers pushed away yours and he began to do rough and fast circles on your clit, his thrusts sloppy. Your walls tightened around his dick as the stars once again appeared before your eyes, your head spinning as Keaton’s orgasm took over his body. He let go of you and you fell onto his bed, he fell right next to you, both of you huffing and trying to breathe again.

            “Jesus, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow,” You whispered.

            Keaton laughed and wrapped his arm around your back, your head moving to his chest. “Looks like you’ll be skipping surfing tomorrow,”

            “All your fault,” You whispered while closing your eyes.

            “I love you,” He whispered right before you drifted off into sleep, completely content in his arms.

Drew Chadwick Imagine

Tears still stained your cheeks as you woke up and recalled the events of last night. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Tears accumulated in your eyes when you started reliving the events. ‘Just leave me alone!’ Drew screamed last night after an intense fight. You remember how his face was bright red and his veins were sticking out of his neck. You knew this fight wouldn’t blow over so quickly. You buried your face in your pillow just wishing you were dead. He was you everything. He was the reason you were still alive. He was your reason to smile everyday. He was your reason to live. You couldn’t believe that you even let him leave yesterday. You started to cry, and eventually drifted off to sleep again. When you woke up you checked your phone and noticed it was already 12 in the afternoon which was extremely late for you, and you had a text from someone…it was Drew. Your hands started to shake…was he going to break up with me? why’s he texting me first?. You slowly open the message, and you were surprised that it wasn’t a break up text. You read it, and you noticed that it wasn’t an apology text either. It said 'meet me at laguna beach at 6’ with nothing else and another text sent ten minutes later which said 'wear something casual’. You didn’t know why he would want to talk to you after you disappointed him so much! Maybe he didn’t want to break up with me through text so he’s going to do it in person. You spent your whole day anxiously waiting until six came. You watched netflix, had lunch with your friend, and went to buy groceries. It was finally 5:25 which meant you could start getting ready. You wore a cute sundress with light makeup. When you were finally done getting ready it was 6:45 so you decided to make your way over to the beach. As you were nearing it your hands started sweating and butterflies weer vigorously flapping in your stomach. As you started walking down the beach you noticed Drew. Slowly you approached him…“Hi babe.” He said giving you pink roses  (which were your favorite.) “Hey” you replied with a small smile as you hugged him tightly. Behind him you noticed a picnic was set up, you were shocked. “Babe, I love you more than anything and I hope you’ll join me for dinner on this beautiful evening. You mean everything to me, I would die for you. I’m so sorry for yesterday I overreacted and I don’t think I could ever make it up to you, but I’ll try my best to. You are my whole world, and I love you more than anything, even more than myself, without you I’d be nothing.” You hugged him and kissed him passionately. “Drew, baby, you’re forgiven lets just forget about it. I love you too. You mean everything to me…without you I wouldn’t be alive.” Eventually you guys sat down and enjoyed dinner, and then went over to Drew’s’ apartment ;)

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Wes Imagine

Your bodies mesh together like one, your hips moving together. You can smell the faint alcohol and body odor in the room, everyone moving to the beat. You grab Wes’ arm and you both head to the kitchen. You grab another beer and hand one to Wes. He tried declining but you made him take it anyways. You both talk about random things over your beer and mess with each other.

It must of been at least two in the morning and the party was still pumping. You were always at Wes’ house parties and you always had fun but you never hung around this long. It was new to you but you didn’t mind. You had a dance with him at least once every time you come but he stuck to your side the whole time like a snail. You liked his clinginess though, it felt great to have someone always by your side.

You ask for another dance and you both head to the living room once again. Halfway through you felt tired and with your responsible side popping at the surface, you ask Wesley if you could stay. He of course agreed and said you could head to his room. You jog the steps and open the door. His room was always off limits, so there was no worry of anyone being in there. You strip from your black cut off dress to you strapless bra and tight black boy shorts.

You climb in his bed and fall right asleep. Your dream was going great but you suddenly woke up. You had to pee. So you throw the covers back and head for the door without thinking but it opened before you could do anything.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Um, I have to pee,” a blush took over your face as Wes stares at your body. The doors shut and before you can think, you’re pushed against the wall with Wes close to your body. Your urge to pee going away as a new feeling came over you.

“Not like that,” your arms were pinned above your head as lips attacked you everywhere.
“I want you so bad,” he moaned against your skin.
He picked you up and threw you on the bed, climbing on too of you. You move together and you take his shirt off, feeling his abs. Your hands attack his hair and you tug at it.

That’s all you remembered as you wake up to a warm body. You turn to see Wes buried against you. It hurt to think this would be nothing to Wes when he woke up. A one night stand was all it was. You get up to get dressed and you finally find all your clothes. You were slowly getting off the bed and ready to step to the door with shoes in hand but you were harshly pulled to the bed, shoes flying on the way.

“And where do you think you’re going? You aren’t leaving me,” his arms tightly wrap around you, his head in the crook of your neck and he brings you closer to his body. He pecks your neck and brings a leg around you. “Not today.”


Having to see Keaton changing in front of you.

“Keaton, what are you doing?” you ask him, interrupting the conversation that you were having with Drew.

“What does it look like what I’m doing, I’m changing,” Keaton said.

Your eyes slowly scanned his body, admiring his amazing body. HIs stony abs were looking great and his V-lines were perfectly sculpted. You didn’t knew you were looking too hard until Drew caught you off.

“Ooohh, (Y/N), are you loving that peep show back there?” Drew teased you while liftng his eyebrows to Keaton’s direction. “I know I’m loving it." 

"Maybe little bit too much,” you smirked before you heard Keaton grunting.

“This thing is stupid,” Keaton said with frustration, tugging his swimsuit up.

“Do you need some help?” you ask him.

Keaton immediately smiled, “Yes please.”

Preference #29- Lingerie
  • Wes: Wes was quite fond of lingerie. He always volunteered to go shopping with you, in hopes of helping pick out a sexy outfit for later that night. Sometimes Wes would even sneak into the dressing room against your wishes to get a better look. His favorite was lace, although those outfits didn't last very long. Wes's aggressive nature did not mix well with the delicate lace that wrapped around your body. Wes's hands would linger up and down your body, tracing the little designs in the outfit. But it wouldn't be long until Wes got antsy and tired of the small amount of clothing covering you. His hands would desperately search for a zipper or a buckle, anything to separate you from the fabric. But sooner or later Wes's impatience would get the best of him and you would hear a small tear in the lace. "Oops," he would say sarcastically before laying eyes on you and connecting a kiss.
  • Keaton: You & Keaton usually didn't use lingerie, but this time it was the result of a bet you lost. Keaton was allowed to pick out anything he wanted for you to wear, and you already knew that this was going to be dangerous. Although quiet, Keaton was extremely sexual, so you knew you weren't going to get off easy. You cringed when you saw the small little thing he picked on the hanger. It shouldn't even count as clothing. But as Keaton held the hanger up, you couldn't help but glance at his face shining with happiness. His eyebrows were raised and he nodded towards you as to say "Go ahead". Once you put it on, Keaton's smile expanded. He looked like a little kid who just got a new shiny toy to play with. And play with you he will.
  • Drew: Drew was never a fan of lingerie. He preferred you all natural so every time you did wear it, it never stayed on more than a second. "Y/N, you look nice..like really nice, but I prefer...this" He said as he would rip it off you and kiss every bare piece of skin on you as the clothing was tossed to the ground. You always teased Drew by saying that he is the only male who doesn't like it, but nothing would ever change his mind. "You don't need all that fake shit. You have it all already, baby." He would whisper. He compared it to him in a soaking wet white t-shirt. "You would want my shirt off, right?" And suddenly, his point was made.
First Big Fight-Emblem3


            You’ve never been so mad in your entire life. You’ve never screamed so loud, and you’ve cried so much in front of anyone. “You asshole!” You screamed at Wesley, throwing a shoe at him, hoping it would hit him in the head but he just dodged it.

            “You’re such a crazy bitch!” Wesley yelled back standing a couple feet away from you. You chucked his other shoe at his head and walked up the stairs to your room.

            “Just go talk some more shit about me to Keaton and Drew!” You yelled at the top of the stairs.

            “I’ll do just that!” Wesley called out right before you slammed the bedroom door and collapsed against the wall right next to the door. You’d had enough, at first it didn’t hurt you that Wesley complained about you to his younger brother and best friend, it was only little things that bothered him. But now it was big things, like how you weren’t skinny enough, or worked out enough with him. This time you over heard him say that and also you were getting boring in bed.

            You were a true believer in once you’re bored with someone it should end, only you weren’t bored. You were stressed with things to do with family and school and you felt like nothing was going right with you. You were so close to getting up and leaving but first you needed to gather some energy.

            You heard the front door open and close, Wesley had gone. You didn’t know how long you sat there on the floor, the stress from the last couple months kept you up at night and you found it hard to function, just having a massive screaming match with your now ex-boyfriend didn’t help.

            You were staring blankly at the wall across from you when the door to your bedroom burst open, scaring the living shit out of you. You screamed and scrambled away from the door from first instinct.

            “Jesus, baby, it’s me, it’s okay,” Wesley said, kneeling in front of you, putting his hands on your knees. “Y/N, how long have you been siting there?”

            Your heart had finally calmed down and your breathing evened out. “We’ve already established that I’m lazy, Wesley, just shut up.”

            Wesley’s eyes softened and he rested on his knees, he moved the a piece of hair from your face. You moved your cheek out of his palm and got up from your spot, stretching your tight legs and back. “I’m sorry I said all that, I didn’t mean it. I have no excuse for what I said, but I know I didn’t mean it,” He said.

            You didn’t say anything, there was so much you could fire back at him but you just didn’t have the energy. You just muttered, “Maybe we should just take a break,”

            “Take a break? I don’t think I heard you right,” Wesley said, grabbing your wrist and turning you to face him.

            You sighed, “We’re both stressing about things,”

            “That doesn’t mean we should take a break, Y/N, I’m not letting you walk away from this just because I’ve been too much of a dick.” Wesley said cutting you off, placing a hand on your cheek. He continued, “I love you, and we’re going to get through this.”

            You took a deep breath, “If this happens again, I’m gone,”

            Wesley dipped his head down so his lips brushed yours as he spoke, “I’m never messing this up again,”

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Things I have learned from Emblem3 TV

  • Drew can “surf” without a wet suit.
  • It’s okay to be 2 hours late cause of Starbucks.
  • Keaton is the best surfer.
  • Magic happens at the Strombergs.
  • We all need to thank Tony Morris.
  • Drew knows nothing about Keaton.
  • We can all go hang out with Drew.
  • Drew is the Strombergs sex slave.