OK, I just made my own (labeled!) compilation of guild crests for the various Daedric Princes. Continuing the series I’ve started with Hircine’s emblem necklace, now I’ll work on a few sketches for the next ones on my list, probably Namira and Sheogorath. ^.^ They apparently have a crest for Jyggalag, so I’ll definitely need to make some Sheogorath/Jyggalag combo jewelry for myself! I’ve also gotten votes for Sanguine, Molag Bal, and Vaermina. Is there a Daedric Prince’s crest you really want to see made into a pendant?

Stockholm loot

IDK I love taking photos of things I have brought so let’s continue that habit

EVA action figure ♥, Sonic plushie, Ocarina of Time mug, owl piggy bank, Xenomorph plushie, Yautja doll, Mameshiba plushie, Majora’s Mask poster.

Mameshiba (Tiger bean ♥) purse, Snuffkin cookie cutter, Triforce emblem necklace, Silent Hill card deck, wrist warmers.

Literally me Computer skeleton sculpture. Gonna name this rad fella Robin.

And most important of all.

A bell. Now I can be a pretentious fuck.


Hircine, Daedric Prince of the Wild Hunt, Guild Crest / Emblem Necklace

From top:

  • GUNMETAL: gunmetal wire; gunmetal chain
  • SILVER: silver wire; silver chain

Available in my Etsy shop!

“Ever do we respect the Law of Fair Hunt, never taking a quarry that had no chance of escape.
Ever do we respect the Prey, thanking it for its sacrifice in our worship of you.
Ever do we respect the Huntsman, beseeching your permission even as we loose the arrow.”
The Elder Scrolls: Invocation of Hircine