emblem three

idols and band members say a lot 

“without you guys, we wouldn’t be here" 

but little did they know without them, 

a lot of us wouldn’t be here either 

Preference #98: "You're cute when you're jealous."

Wesley: “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” You say nonchalantly as you apply ice to Wesley’s bruised knuckles gently, sitting on the kitchen counter. You switch to his other hand, putting the ice on his hand carefully. He winces and shakes his head. “He was practically undressing you with his eyes! I couldn’t just stand there.” He defends himself and you laugh softly, kissing his cheek. “You’re the only one allowed to undress me Wesley, don’t worry.” You add and Wes smirks. “You’re damn right, Y/N.”

Keaton: “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” Keaton playfully pinches your cheeks and you push his shoulder. “She asked you to kiss her, right in front of me! I have a valid reason to be jealous, Keaton.” You reply, arms crossed. “Aw, babe, come on. I didn’t actually kiss her. And, we have the whole day to ourselves now. How about the park?” He tries to redeem himself with a innocent smile, and you roll your eyes. “Only if you carry me there.” You ask, copying his pleading smile and he chuckles. “Done.”

Drew: “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” You tell Drew and squeeze his hand a little bit tighter. “Did you see that creep? Can’t even take a walk without guys drooling over you.” He grumbles under his breath. “I can’t help that I’m so good-looking.” You say with a teasing smile and he raises his eyebrows, biting his lip before throwing you over his shoulder. You squeal in surprise, hitting his back repeatedly to get him to let you go, but his grip is tight. “Mine.” He murmurs and looks back at you with a grin.

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