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Remember CeCe Frey from season 2 of The X Factor USA? She just independently released her powerful debut single, “Dead 2 Me”.

“Wow. If I were a Universal or Sony executive I’d be punching my head against the wall. Her song "Dead 2 Me” sounds like a pop hit. It’s very Katy Perry/Kesha and definitely something Bonnie Mckee would write. CeCe has created a solid debut single, and I am totally impressed.“ -DirectLyrics Review

Listen to it here and BUY IT ON ITUNES NOW.

(Request) Preference 1: You're Famous

Aaron Carpenter: You’re really good friends with the Jenner’s. Although you weren’t exactly “famous”, people defiantly knew who you were. You’d been seen with Kylie and Kendall many times, and you already had a fandom acclimating. You didn’t know many of your fans, but one really caught your eye, because he was also famous. Aaron, the famous viner, obsessed over you, and soon, you became obsessed with him

Cameron Dallas: You’re a famous model. You’ve been in many photo-shoots for Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. You found out about Cameron through your friends, who practically worshiped him. You thought he was cute, but little did you know that he knew who you were, and had a big, fat crush on you. 


Carter Reynolds: You were a famous beauty guru on YouTube. You recently hit 1 million subscribers, and decided to answer some questions that your fans had asked you on Twitter. One of your fans asked you “Would you ever date Mr_Carter?” Your fans knew you LOVED his vines, and you didn’t think he’d know who you were, but he did.

Jack Gilinsky: You were a famous dancer for many people on The X Factor, you even danced with Emblem 3! Whenever you had free time, you’d go on your phone and watch vines, and one of your favorite viners were Jack and Jack. You loved them, but had a special place for Jack G. Even though he probably didn’t know you at the time, he eventually found out and thought your dancing was hot.

Jack Johnson: You’ve been friends for years before you got famous, and before he got vine famous. You were a YouTuber, but not a beauty guru, a comedy one. You became great friends with O2L, jennxpenn and so many other people. After finding out that you became famous, Jack called you saying that it was really cool. You decided to meet up and film a video. Soon, “(Y/N)lovesJack” was trending on twitter. 

Matthew Espinosa: You were a viner, just like Matt. You had about 700k followers, so you considered yourself famous. Matt followed you on twitter, you followed him, and he DMed you if you wanted to do a “collab” vine. You immediately agreed and you began to like him, and he began to like you.

Nash Grier: You were a famous actress on Nickelodeon, and an idol to many young girls. You knew who Nash Grier was, and he knew you. You two met when you were at an audition for a new TV show, and you guys instantly clicked. You guys totally hit it off. 

Shawn Mendes: You were a popular singer who was on tour with Demi Lovato. You were her opening act. After your first show, your twitter, instagram and all social media accounts boomed with new followers. You noticed you new followers on Twitter had been talking about this guy named Shawn Mendes, so you decided to look him up. You listened to his music and quickly grew on it. Now not only did he liked your music, you liked his.

Taylor Caniff: You were Tumblr famous. You posted a lot of pictures with your Canon, and many people really liked you. Not only were you obsessed with Tumblr, you were also obsessed with Vine, and enjoyed watching the Magcon boys, especially Taylor Caniff. You reblogged a picture of him and many of you fans began tweeting him, and he found out about you. He though you were gorgeous.

*DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this was kinda bad, it’s my first preference and I’ll probably get better once I do more of these! Thanks for reading it! Love you all <3*

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