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If I have a Jace Unraveller of Secrets, emblem in play and my opponent casts a spell masteried exquisite firecraft, obviously the spell can't be countered, but does that fulfil the emblems requirement of countering my oponents first spell? Or will it counter the next thing they cast instead?

Jace’s emblem triggers when an opponent casts their first spell in a turn, so it will trigger when Exquisite Firecraft is cast. When the emblem’s trigger resolves, it won’t do anything since EF can’t be countered by abilities.

The next spell cast by Exquisite Firecraft’s controller won’t trigger the emblem again because they’ve already cast a spell this turn. The fact that the emblem didn’t counter it doesn’t matter.

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Anonymus: Blue = 2 characters

@carolyn-the-sword : Henry

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I think Henry would lose patience and be like fuk this but still have fun with it, and most likely he was losing too

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