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Hi, just wanted to drop a note as to why I'm a big admirer of your work. Ever since my first playthrough of FF7 in '97, I've shipped Cloud and Tifa. I saw those two as childhood friends who really understood each other and were meant to be together, and Aerith as just a tragic unrequited schoolgirl crush. Your work gives me pause, however. You do a great job of conveying a very real, tangible connection between them, and I love that. Thanks for sharing your AU stuff!

criES - ohhhhh ;;;;

I draw so much clerith but it’s not the only thing I ship, tbh. I love Clerith because is a ship about healing, the implied canon things about even post death Aerith is still trying to heal him. There’s some mention about Aerith keeping Tifa’s mind in tact when she goes into Cloud’s subconscious, knowing she can unlock the memories to help make Cloud whole again. And she’s there again in AC trying to help him heal thru the pain and guilt he’s been carrying since her death. (“Isn’t it time you did the forgiving?”)

I love Cloti too, which makes sense because it’s another ship about healing. Tifa who is worried sick about Cloud from the moment he shows up in Midgar. Desperately tries to keep him close. Makes mistakes about his mental health but who wouldn’t, she just hopes they can find the right time to work through all the damage done. Tifa, who shares all of the same pain Cloud does, losing her remaining parent, losing her home in the fire, nearly losing her life to Sephiroth’s blade.

Tifa who tries to keep in touch with Cloud in AC but never takes his distance personally. Tifa, who helps push Cloud towards action rather than despair.

I like characters and feelings over “ships” or whatever. Both relationships are super important to Cloud, regardless of how strong or how long either was in his life ;;

bonus points for tifa and aerith being fast friends during their time together. Taking care of each other. They are not competition, but two super important characters that bond with each other and leave impressions on other characters as well. Think about how the party felt leaving Tifa with Cloud in Mideel. All of the party’s comments about Aerith after she was gone… ;;

ahhh sorry for all the writing, the complexity of character webs is what’s interesting to me, not just characters holding hands or being “in a romantic relatioship”.

also - thank you so much for your compliment!! I just want to make art that conveys emotions ;;;