"Good evening, everybody."

“How are you all doing tonight?”

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Maria was mid way through a mini strawberry cheesecake when the new customers entered, Mac always said she could try them if she wanted. Maria’s, this was nowhere near as good as Harvey’s. 

“Hey.” Maria said before slapping her hand across her food filled mouth. “Sorry.” She waved chewing behind her hand, moving her head from side to side and waving with her hands as she tried to chew quickly. 

“What can I get you?” She asked when she finally swallowed before she started dancing on the spot.

You better run!

Once again, he was in a hurry for his life. How much time he has been advised about his powers not being suitable to the street fight? Tons of times. And none of them got Samuel away from doing the crazyness he has been doing lately. Running into his opponent, a known villian who could create earthquakes, the boy tried to avoid every single crack upon the floor. He was there, he could feel his arm punching that bad guy’s face. But instead, he fell on one wide crack, holding onto the ground near him.

“Help! Help!” screamed in a late attempt of saving his life.

embersandfireflies said: Charlie? What? Have you forgotten that?

“I’m sorry…I’ve kind of forgotten everything. I don’t know how, everything’s just a complete haze. But obviously you know me since you know my name so maybe you could refresh my memory on who you are?”