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Who wants to hear some old school Framing Hanley? Like, before they were Framing Hanley :D Back in the day when they were going by the name: EMBERS FADE
(This is a RAW demo. Nixon was probably about 18-19 around the time this was recorded)
The title of this track is “Song On The Radio”


Watch Me Fall - Framing Hanley, Embers Fade EP


Watch Me Fall ~ Embers Fade (Framing Hanley)


Framing Hanley - Days Of Our Lies (lyrics)

Bring Me Your Head Canon #11: The Green-Eyed Monster (Jealousy, not Mara)

“But as long as we’re on the subject, why didn’t you come back?”

She studied his face, wondering if this was a subject she really wanted to get into right now. “I had better things to do,” she said instead.

“I see, Luke said; and this time she did sense a twitch in his emotions. “Such as flying all over the New Republic with Lando, for instance?”

“Well, well,” Mara said, arching her eyebrows slightly. “Do I detect a note of jealousy?”

Once again, he surprised her. The flicker of emotions, rather than flaming to life like an ember in a breeze, faded instead into a sort of gentle sadness. “Not jealousy,” he said quietly. “Disappointment. I always hoped you would come back and complete your training.”

“You didn’t hope hard enough,” Mara said, forcing down a flicker of old bitterness of her own. “I thought that after all we’d been through together on Myrkr and Wayland I deserved at least a little special consideration from you. But every time I showed up, you said hello and then basically ignored me.”

I’d be interested in how other people feel/interpret this passage and other passages that may relate to the idea of jealousy as it relates to Luke and Mara’s relationship.

1. Is Luke in fact jealous of what he perceives as the relationship between Mara and Lando, or is he being truthful when he says that what he really did feel was not jealousy but disappointment in her not returning to the academy to full train?

2. Do you think Mara wanted Luke to feel jealous on a subconscious level, which is why she later thinks this:

She had promised herself–rather cavalierly, she realized in retrospect–that she wasn’t going to tell him until he point-blanked asked her about it.

Or is it more pride? Her wanting him to care enough to ask instead of dancing around the subject?

3. Do you head canon Mara being jealous of Luke’s past romantic relationships? And does the text support that to you? For instance, in this passage:

“Commitment?” Mara snorted. “You’re the one telling me about commitment? What about Callista, or Gaeriel, or any of the other women you’ve brushed paths with over the past ten years? Where is the commitment there?”

Or do you think jealousy on her part is irrelevant–that her beef doesn’t relate to Luke’s relationship with other women; her bitterness and irritation has to do more with his lack of relationship with her?

Note: All quotes from Vision of the Future.

My responses now, under the cut:

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               … don’t defend those around you. For a brief moment, Kuma wonders if that includes himself in some way – it wouldn’t exactly surprise him. He was certainly never kind when he was running the murder game, always adding in rules to make life harder for the students ( && ) picking them apart until they broke. Why would this time be any different just because he isn’t the one running the damn bear? It doesn’t really matter, though, he supposes. He wouldn’t have said anything anyways. He stays quiet, his expression unwavering, because the accusation doesn’t surprise him. He’d be surprised if it didn’t come up at all. He is – was – Monokuma. The Harbinger of the Apocalypse. The former Headmaster. The GAME MASTER. Of course he would be thought the traitor.

          He isn’t like Naegi. He doesn’t cling to the fading embers of hope – he never has ( && ) he never will, regardless of where he is now. He was born into this world a being of despair ( && ) he will leave it the same way. He could do every bit of good ten times over until it miraculously outweighed the destruction he’d helped bring about ( && ) it wouldn’t change anything. If they asked him to kill himself to prove he wasn’t the one behind all of this… Well, that’s what he’s been trying to do all along, isn’t it? He’ll do it in a heartbeat.

     Don’t defend those around you. At the very least, he’s fine with not defending himself.

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“Thank goodness you’re alright”

Your muse finds my muse passed out in the middle of the woods. Send “Thank goodness you’re alright” for my muse waking up in your’s house.

The area where she had been found had been decimated - in a wide radius around the maiden, the earth had been scorched and the trees charred. Some still smoldered with fading embers, and beyond the ring there were still areas that looked to have been hit by spells that missed their targets. And of course, the bodies of those unfortunate enough to be close by when whatever the spell had been went off. Verit had been completely drained and collapsed where she stood. 

The area she awoke was unfamiliar, and the sorceress felt the rising panic - which subsided slightly upon recognizing Juniper. “Gnnh… where are we..?” She murmured, trying to get her bearings.