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Hey. Danny Phantom fanbase, has someone noticed this yet?

So, I’m not going to lie. Ember is pretty much the only Danny Phantom character I remember. (I only saw a few episodes as kid and younger me thought she was pretty… Sue me). Anyway, so her full name is given as Ember McLain, right? Well the Ember thing is obvious, right? Because she’s got fire powers. But I actually looked up her last name. And get this.

So, even if you aren’t big on Christianity, you probably know Saint John is a pretty important dude. Well, technically there’s multiple Johns that achieved sainthood, but I’m thinking of probably one of the most famous, Saint John the Apostle.

Long story short, he was one of Jesus’ disciples and wrote several books of the New Testament, but that’s not why I’m talking about him. I bring him up because of what he’s the patron saint of.




>Burn Victims

Remember what Ember’s backstory allegedly is?

They really went full ironic with her name. Because she’s got bad luck in all those areas.

(It also describes her power set to a certain extent, since she’s got fire powers, can make people fall in love with each other, and draws power from the loyalty of her fans. Whoever named her should give themselves a pat on the back for that one)

I have no idea if this is all coincidence or not. (Or if it’s totally accurate) But I found it interesting and I know Butch Hartman is a Christian, so I thought I’d share.