you’ve all heard of ghost hunger, now get ready for ghost dining, ghost snacking, ghost feasting. Ghost products and services. Ghost consumerism. Mass ghost food corporations. Ghost capitalism


do they sell cosmetics in the ghost zone? For ghosts? Sure. Ember and Kitty are his friends and they give him a spooky makeover to make him look more like an actual ghost (with gray foundation, green blush, thick eyeliner)

then they head to Ghost Starbucks

I talked to my uncle/3rd-best-friend about how is Danny Phantom and how is the Phandom, and this is his opinion:

About the show:

“Vlad is right. Fuck the Fenton parents.“

“Wow, they reversed the popular-girl-and-poc-character by making Paulina the most popular girl whilst the blond-white-blue-eyed is her minion.”

“Ember is hot.“

“Sam is cool. I like her.”

“This could be so cool if DC put it’s hands on it and made it officially a dark show.“

On ‘Shades of Grey’ “Wait, she canonically tortured him?!”

“The parents want WHAT?!“

“WAIT, all of his enemies know hid secret identity BUT not his parents?!”

On Danielle “Well, fucking hell, that girl is gonna grow up with a lot of traumas and seeking male aprobation. Which member of the animation staff was letting loose their own traumas?“

On Cujo “Hey, the puppy’s story is sorta cute…”

On Poindexter “Wait… did he commit suicide…?“

“This has a lot of potential for a children cartoon.”


Now, on the Phandom:

“The creator provoked a Shipps War? Didn’t he know that you can’t decide how the fans shipp?”


“Oh, forget the traumatized little girl, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“This is way too much gore for a children cartoon.“

“You are all crazy.”

“Ok, yes, this show has dark potential, but you are way too much.“

After some phanarts “Oh… what is wrong with you?”

“And you are part of all this?“ “A little part, but yeah.” “Ok, I’m paying for your therapy.“


How did I not talk about this computer at all?

Okay, for starters, this computer is just sitting in the lab downstairs. Seems kinda dangerous to keep all this stuff in there. Especially with a folder that has the DP logo on it sitting right on the desktop. But Danny did mention it’s password protected. Still…

Also, they have this really thorough program just for documenting information about ghosts. Tucker probably wrote all the code for that, and I’m proud of him. It’s really cool, though. They’ve got little links for their power, defense, and weapons. Where’d they get the photos? Or did they draw them? Ember’s one thing since she was a pop star for awhile, but seems like getting those pictures of Skulker could’ve been tough.

And finally, what’re those numbers in the corner for? 19 and 4. I considered that they could be canon levels, but Ember at 19? That’s ridiculous, especially if Danny’s supposed to be a 7. 19 would make sense for Ember’s age, but we can probably guess that Skulker isn’t 4. It could be the number of times they’ve been caught, but c’mon. There’s no way Skulker’s only shown up 4 times before now. Perhaps it’s what they consider the ghost’s threat level? If so, ouch. Sorry Skulker.

I dunno. Feel free to share if you’ve got any ideas.