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According to one of the creators for the show, before she died, Ember was an (un)popular high school-aged girl who had large dreams of becoming a rock star. One day a boy asked her out to the movies. She waited all night for him to show up, saying, “He’s just running late.” When morning came and he didn’t show up, Ember went home. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep and didn’t wake up when her house mysteriously caught fire. She died in the flames, which possibly gave her the name “Ember.”


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  • Robbyn Kirmsse
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“Remember”, by Ember McLain (Robbyn Kirmssé) from Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom

Oh, Ember, you will remember
Ember, one thing remains
Ember, so warm and tender
You will remember my name

(So yeah, turns out the original singer uploaded an actually high-quality version of the song to her personal website a while back. It’s a version that well surpasses the very low-quality version floating around the Internet, and even surpasses the audio quality of the actual episode. Neato!)

My first digital piece in years and i had to do it with a mouse. sigh. couldve added a little more detail with a tablet but ya know. Anyway, thought itd be interesting to do comics about how the ghosts died and this is sorta my take on Ember. i might do the others but idk.