ember mclaine

Ember: *meeting Youngblood for the first time* Jesus Christ!! Is that a fucking gremlin!?

Youngblood: No. I’m a third grader.

Ember: Whatever, just no one feed that fucking thing after midnight.


Ember: Are you sure you’re not a gremlin?

Youngblood: I was born in 2003! I have no idea what that is!

Ember: Hmm…sounds like something a gremlin would say…

[More later…]

Youngblood: Hi, Ember!

Ember: *eyeing him suspiciously* Hello, Gizmo…

Pun war

Danny was exhausted. He had a test, fight Skulker, Box ghost, Desire and Ember and again box ghost. He never learns.
Now he just wants to stare at stars from watchtower and brood like a batman.

“ Hey Phantom, what happened? You are as pale as a ghost” Flash snorted noticing his pun.

“Flash” Danny said,utterly dissapointed. “That was super terrible.”

“I know but its is still better than your jokes. Especially that one you told monday”

“No, mine are charmingly bad, cute even.” Danny proclaimed, crossing his arms with a pout. “Yours sounded like a bad dad joke.”

“ Oh you want a war kid ? U will get one ”

And so the whole day was full of really bad puns. Every 5 minutes somebody groaned. Supermen cursed super hearing because he had to listen to every pun. Bat still had a poker face but wonder woman could swear he rolled his eyes at jokes.

But Danny was happy so nobody stopped it .