ember blast

RWBY Volume 1 Episode 5

It was a calm and peaceful afternoon, the bird peacefully glided through the air until it suddenly exploded into a ball of feathers as Ruby collided with it. Ruby called out to the now dead avian “birdy no!”.

As Ruby began to approach the top of trees she began to fire Crescent Rose in it’s shotgun form. Slowing herself down until she finally was slow enough to catch a tree with the scythe and stop herself. Weiss meanwhile used her glyphs as a platform, slowing herself until she finally stopped and landed on the floor of the forest. Others had similar ideas. Slowing themselves down gradually until stopping.

Yang was different though. Using Ember Celica to blast herself forwards. Her competitive nature ignited as she wanted to be the first one to get an artifact. Laughing as she sailed past everyone. Only being stopped by the forest’s canopy. Eventually landing on her feet, turning she smiled at the trail of broken tree branches she had left “nailed it”

Pyrrha took a different route, forcing herself to land early and using her shield to protect herself she pulled out Miló in its rifle form and scanned the horizon, looking for a certain bumbling blonde. Spotting him she smirked, changing Miló to a javelin and then throwing it several hundred yards to, hopefully, pin to a tree. From a distance she heard Jaune yell “thank you!”. Happy with her success she called back “I’m sorry!”

In no time at all everyone had landed. Ruby was in the midst of a panic attack however. Sprinting through the forest as she frantically looked for Yang. Thinking to herself she kept repeating gotta find Yang. Gotta find Yang. Gotta find Yang. But soon self doubt creeped into her mind. Her sprint slowing. What if I can’t find her? What if she was already paired with someone? Who else could I pair up with? Her mind rapid fired these questions to her. If she couldn’t find Yang she could always look for Jaune. Though to Ruby he didn’t seem like a very good fighter. What about Blake? They both liked books and it seemed like she had gotten through her shell last night but then again she didn’t seem to be very talkative. Was there anyone else she could find?

Ruby ran through the small list of names in her head. Yang, Jaune and, Blake. Yang, Jaune and, Blake. Anyone but… right then she ran through a group of bushes and nearly tackled someone on the other side. It took a second to realize who it was but her heart immediately sank “Weiss!?!”

Weiss looked at Ruby, a frown on her face. She wanted to turn and walk away but guessed that if she did it wouldn’t matter. Ozpin said they would be watching so even if the heiress did walk away; chances are that Ruby would still be her teammate.

Weiss sighed “looks like we’re teammates… yay” she said, un-enthused. “We aren’t stopping though if you get tired and if I get a bad grade from you slowing me down then I swear to god” Ruby grinned, dashing to be next to her, hand around Weiss’s shoulder “you don’t have to worry about me Weiss. If there is one word to describe me it’s fast. Today you’ll see a whole other side of me and by the end of it you’ll say” Ruby put on her best Weiss impression “wow, that Ruby girl is really really cool. I want to be her best friend” Weiss rolled her eyes. Ruby dashed away and Weiss followed after her, trying to get the last word in “you may be fast but you still excel at wasting time”. Ruby didn’t respond and was soon out of sight. Weiss felt a bit of worry “Ruby. Ruby? Ruby!”

Chasing after the red hooded girl Weiss was soon in a clearing “Ruby?! Where are you?” but paused. Red eyes could be seen from the bushes all around her and the monsters began to growl. A beowolf stepping out towards the distressed heiress.

The first time


Prompt 4: korrasami - Book 3 AU : Asami kills someone to protect Korra

Yeah I’m a little twisted. The first paragraph sounds like this could be a very different, much lighter fic (hence the intended irony of the title). sniperct thought it’d be really interesting to sort of dig into the “loss of innocence” and the what-if they had to kill someone to protect the other. I had a hard time deciding whether it should be canon universe or AU, but decided that canon would probably be the most interesting and retain the most impact. Hence, the scenario evolved to what it was P'Li who came after Asami and Korra while they were trying to escape in Book 3?

You must have blacked out for a second because when you come to, you’re opening your eyes only to come face to face with this terrifying woman. Like a dragon, lithe and strong and reptilian eyes the colour of dried blood, devoid of warmth. She clutches your jaw, pulls you up by your chin. She’s close enough you can smell the spice and heat in her breath. Close enough you can see the puzzle and the question hidden behind the cold stare.

She starts laughing when she sees the look in your eyes. “How precious,” she says softly, gleefully. Her voice sends shivers crawling down your spine, makes your stomach turn. Her free hand slides its way up your chest, hovers above your heart. “You’ll feel this then, when we take her.”

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Letter To a Friend pt3:

P1: Vee? Are you alright? -Elder

P2: KEI!!!! -Vee

Grrr -Vee

*sigh* I’ll be right back. -Kei

P3 Kei! Get These Stupid Cuffs Off Now!!!! - Vee

P4: Vee! Were still back here! -Elder

( Woo~ got one page done~ don’t you lot worry I’ve been working on the next few pages~ hopefully my art block doesn’t come back~ -Mod) 


Letter To a Friend pt.3


P1: Norman, is the little guy I gave you. Remember don’t put him down he is get’s really cranky when you do, he will bite.-Harro

P2: Norman? -Smitty

P3: Huh? You don’t seem that bad. but it’s still good to keep on the safe side. -Smitty

P4: Kei!! Get Back here!! -Vee

Not until I get my revenge!! -Kei

P5: I dropped him. -Smitty


P6: Ah there he is!! -Smitty

(Back to the action)

P1: Kei, calm down! You don’t need to hurt him. -Harro

Let Me Go!!! Let Me Go!! He Needs To Die!!! -Kei

*Gasp* -Glassmaker

What did you do? -Vee

P2: I Said LET ME GO!!! -Kei

Gah! -Harro

P3: Kei that is it!! You need stop this and calm yourself down right no- -Vee

P4: Get over here!!! -Kei

NopeNopeNopeNope -Glassmaker

You know for a small guy he is pretty strong and fast.- Ember Blast

Kei please, put the vase down. -Skipbeat

( Woo~ Got these pages down, sorry if it felt like I took long I had a small art block, it still is lingering but I’m still working on the next page, of the story and I really hope you guys understand what I tried doing with showing you guys thee two pages. -Mod) 


P1: That sounds like fun. You have alot of skills don’t you. -Harro

P2: Here you guys go~ Some nice warm cocoa to keep you warm. Since it’s been getting colder at night. -Vee

Thanks Vee. When I come back I will help you with the kitchen. -Harro

Just be safe out there. -Vee

P4: :groan: -Kei

Huh? -Vee

P5: Hey Kei do you need help with those lights? -Vee

P6: No, I can do alot better with out you staring at me and standing there. -Kei

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