ENCHANTING SPARKLING AND FLYING - model: Soo Joo Park - photographer: Kevin Mackintosh - fashion editor/ stylist: Enrica Ponzellini - makeup: Tiziana Raimondo - Vogue Gioiello September 2012

  • Dolce & Gabbana dress - Faraone diamond earrings & necklace - Luca Carati pendant with black & white diamonds
  • Storm: Evan there you are! Come back to the house we can help you work through your mutation.
  • Spyke: Sorry Auntie O I’m going to turn down your top notch medical care and all the friends I’ve made to live in the sewer and be the sewer guardian for the sewer mutants I literally just met and become a really aggressive vigilante. Tell my mom I live in the sewer now.
  • Storm:
  • Storm: Boy