The Recruit (Chapter 13) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part I”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells, Julian Casablancas, Peter Collins  & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, some dirty talking, fluff, kissing, cursing, i assumeeeee..

A.N.: I’ve written three chapters of Mitch and Y/N on their first day in New York, while on break, so far and they are literally my favorite things in the world. I hope you enjoy them too.

Summary: The recruits get released for a weeklong Spring break. Mitch and Y/n go to New York.

Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

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“Alright, Y/n, what do you have?” Stan asked, standing in the front of their classroom. You had done this three years in a row now and already knew that your cover story worked. “I am going to go up to Manhattan to see my friends from Columbia and just like the past two years, my cover is that I work for the State Department and work overseas a lot and that’s why I am never all that accessible and cannot talk about my work in detail.”

“And as always, that works for me.. Enjoy your break.” Stan said, as you sat down and folded your arms, waiting for the next person to share their cover story. “Remember, the cover story needs to be good enough that it could be real but won’t elicit too many unanswerable questions from even your nosiest family member. It’s for your protection, their protection and the protection of the Agency… Who’s next? Julian?”

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hey just cause i was thinking about how awesome punk jack and bitty would be:


  •  wears leather jackets with cute gold embellishments 
  • loose fitting t-shirts that got distressed from shitty’s shenanigans
  • has tattoos in obscure places like the inside of his bicep or his ankle
    • also he’d have like minimalist tattoos of like hands or roman numerals
    • lardo totally gives him a stick and poke of the samwell hockey logo when they get high together
  • he doesn’t smoke cigarettes but he might get high if only to stop his anxiety from manifesting itself into an attack
  • listening to underground bands that no one would know except probably nursey
  • no noticeable piercings except maybe a stud in his nose
  • jack wears rings. multiple rings. all the rings.
  • he loves going to shows if only to stand in the back and just chill and listen to some music
    • he’d also totally pull bitty out the exit door to the side of the venue just to make out with him against the brick wall


  • wears leather jackets with like patches all over them
  • he doesn’t have any tattoos but he’d totally have a stud in his nose and/or an eyebrow piercing
    • he slicks his hair back so he kinda looks like a greaser but it’s still punk ok
  •  he’d smoke if only impress guys with his smoke rings
  •  he wears ripped jeans but he also rolls them up bc he’s a Good Boy
    • also fishnets peeking out from under his jeans when he’s wearing crop tops and if that doesn’t turn jack on
    • speaking of jack he totally steals jack’s clothes (band tees that are too big for him because jack is too big so he tucked them into his jeans and rolls the sleeves up)
    • and he also does the whole high socks and shoes so he can show of his super punk socks with pies on them
  • also sometimes he makes pot brownies just cause he gets tired of being bugged about it
Tinder part 2. - Jack Maynard Imagine

So here’s the part 2. Dramaaaa! I already have an idea for part three, so don’t you worry, it’s not over yet.

Also, I feel like I need to think of some names for the friends, it feels funny to write Y/F/N, Y/F/N2, Y/F/N3. I dunno. Let me know.

Again sorry for my poor English, let me know if its too hard to read.

Part One

Part Three


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OUAT’s Baelfire/Neal Cassidy Costume Meta

This was originally included as a reblog response to this question posed by screwballninja about the men of OUAT and character building/storytelling through costuming.

A lot could be said about Baelfire/Neal’s wardrobe through the years. 

Young Bae’s basic primitive sherte + cape peasant wardrobe visibly improves from ‘horrid poverty’ once Rumple starts coming up in the world following the Dark Curse.

Before/shortly after Dark Curse:


We’ve gained a neckerchief and more elaborate lacings on the shirt–plus, enough fabric for bonus collar.

Dowagers everywhere envied Bae’s post-Dark Curse collection of primitive fur stoles.

When he falls through the portal, we get him as Dickensian street imp, before he gets his pajamas and robe from the Darlings, wearing which he is stolen by the Shadow and taken to Neverland–definitely signalling that he has fallen into an enduring nightmare for those long years as he is held captive and never ages.

Following his stint on Hook’s ship (and Hook’s selling him to Pan), we see our first interesting alteration.

Look at this: I’m a pirate! (Except I’m in my pajamas underneath) 

Baelfire has begun layering his identity.

When he (now “Neal”) meets Emma, he’s in a hoodie/slouchy clothes, scraping by stealing cars, etc. This is clearly a man who probably doesn’t own a belt. (Yes, his jacket is red–does anyone ever talk about this wrt Emma’s fave jackets? Or wrt the red robe above, and the red pirate coat that followed it? This red is the only non-neutral/earth color the man ever wears.)

When we first see him in S2 E1, he’s in that sharp 3-piece suit (which should have clued us in if nothing else, that he might be Rumple’s son, right?), which serves to illustrate that either he is doing much better for himself, or has moved on to more elaborate (and higher pay-out) cons. 

Also, storywise, a suit can be a fairly ‘generic’ uniform; lots of people wear suits, and no one was supposed to feel *certain* after that scene as to who he was (remember how viewers scoured screencaps of his apartment for clues?)

When Emma hunts him down, we’re back to a hoodie, though it’s a less shabby one than their first meeting (zipper!), and his hair and face are better groomed. It’s still A Look, but now it seems to be a put-together one, the jacket over the hoodie is actually structured rather than slouchy. We’re being told Neal’s still kept his cred–but he’s moved on up.

Definitely wearing a belt.

This is the outfit that more or less becomes standard Neal, vaguely NYC, sometimes with a scarf, nothing too trendy–no puffer jackets for example. Urban, but w/o a harsh edge.

He falls through the portal to the EF and meets Mulan and Co, still in a version those duds–a way of saying ‘he’s not from here’.

But by the time he gets to Rumple’s castle and he’s using Blood Magic, he’s stripped the coat away and is just in his very nondescript shirt–looking less and less like ‘he’s not from here’.

Returned to Neverland, still, keeping it back to basics: this shirt. Only the buttons really signal it’s from the World Without Magic. 

What is that, linen? Certainly what a spinner/weaver’s son would choose. (* see also Neal’s usually interesting scarves for more thoughts on how Rumple’s spinner craft influenced his son’s taste and eye for fashion)

And then, later, we get this:

Which I can’t explain. Not at all, other than that maybe Pan’s Curse (Storybrooke ending, Emma & Henry forgetting) that sent Neal back home understood who he was? The father of the Savior’s child? The reason for Curse #1? Was paying homage to his grandfather who cast it? Or understood that you don’t suit up the Dark One’s son in some old rags and expect to get away with it? 

But still neutral/earth tones. 

In short: you cannot imagine Charming wearing this color palette.

It’s far too chill.

Thing is, when Neal gets close to fairytales/to his own past, he’s in that neutral (read: peasant, earthy, regular Joe, non-royalty) color, in a shirt that doesn’t give much away. 

For example, here he is holding Henry’s book. Here he is confessing to Tamara who he actually is. There are almost no fashion/embellishment clues from his shirt to locate it in time or place. It’s a color he would have worn as a child, and the cut (despite its being a stretchy fabric) is as basic as can be.

Notice that this is a shirt that was UNDERNEATH, or hidden by something else (here, his coat)–shoot, there’s yet another shirt under this one! He’s literally had to peel off layers to get to it. This is getting close to his core. 

He’s Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin’s son. 

The rest of his clothing is something he puts on to cover his identity up. (He almost always is dressed in some version of layers, several coats, scarves, extra hoodies.)

A minimum of three layers are needed right before your dad dies while killing your abuser grandpa

I don’t think it’s random that at his most vulnerable–when he’s closest to Emma, when he is the most himself, not the self he tried to create/pass for–he is shown stripped down to nothing but his white undershirt:

Interestingly, when Emma ‘hallucinates’ Neal in S5, he’s back in the bug, in his slouchy car thief clothes. (This time with *new/different* hat–which I’m going to assume was necessary b/c of actor changing his hair)

This could indicate a lot of things.

1.) Neal’s spirit is happiest/was happiest in these clothes
2.) Emma was happiest when Neal was in these clothes and doesn’t recall how long they went between washing…
3.) Emma doesn’t buy into the way Neal’s wardrobe had altered in the intervening years b/c she never believed/wanted to deal with the idea Neal had truly changed.

Vision experiences are hard to read, folks. I don’t know if Emma really encountered Neal’s spirit, if it was instead a sort of visitation or hallucinogenic dream that was only in her head? What I’m saying is, I don’t know if what Neal’s wearing/where he’s appearing to Emma here has more to do with Emma receiving the transmission from “A Good Place” that Neal is in, or more with Neal’s spirit and what translates to him as happiness.

I think this one’s a ymmv, to the power of 10.

But overall, between Baelfire and Neal, this character has to have had (certainly of the men) the most costume alterations, and I applaud the costuming department–who told a great story through them–and only one of them allowed to be ‘fairytale pretty’, at that.

The Perfect Collar Roll | Buttoning Down The Hatches 

Like every other sprezz obsessed menswear nerd under the sun, nothing makes me smile like a good collar roll. Being one of the parts of the shirt that moves with the wearer the most, a rolling collar embellishes shirts with a liveliness that the uninitiated tend to forget about in favor of the more obvious details (i.e. the jacket). 

P Johnson’s new button down collars are a great example of well executed ‘roll’ and furnish the wearer with more than mere aesthetic appeal. A well rolled button down collar also helps affix one’s tie, centering it and assisting in the creation of the much desired tie arc. With such a collar, the chances that one’s neckwear will hang limp and lifeless on the chest are greatly diminished. Together the tie and rolled collar give the wearer’s v-zone a distinctive dimension, working in harmony with the jacket’s lapel roll and other such details.

Liverano button down collars would be another great - if more aggressive - example of this detail. 

(Source: Patrick Johnson Tailors


The time you surprise him at his first show

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“I wish you were here right now.” 

It was always the same words after your conversations died down. Harry has been working very hard on his new album and, whilst you were always there supporting him, it did strain your relationship especially since you were both so far away from each other. You knew it; even Harry knew it. He makes it his mission to call you anytime it can and, even though you scold him for not getting enough sleep, you cannot help it when your heart flutters when his custom ringtone calls.

 He likes to video chat more than anything since he gets to see your face. “Still as beautiful as I left cha. ” he would say once the screen revealed your faces. You smile, noticing the dark circles under his eyes from late nights at the studio finishing the last touches for the big show, but continue to act oblivious to the obvious fatigue. You know what fatigue is too. You never thought that you would have trouble sleeping alone prior to meeting Harry but now you toss and turn and instinctively reach out for the warmth of his body in the middle of the night. The thought of being away from each other sent a pang in your heart as the separation slowly took a toll on you. 

 So it came to no surprise when Jeff contacted you and informed you on Harry’s restlessness and cranky attitude. Shame, cranky Harry is the most infuriating yet cutest thing the world is yet to witness but it is certainly not the one fans should see for his first show. You were honestly shocked that Jeff had organized for you to fly to San Francisco and surprise Harry at his first concert. You obviously accepted the offer and found yourself at the airport in the early hours of the morning to fly over.

 It was almost exhilarating for you to be FaceTiming Harry when you were a floor below him the day before his big debut. “I know, H. I wish I could be there too to see all those panties drop when they see you live. ” “You would know about your panties dropping, wouldn’t you love?” He teases as his smirk grows smugger with every word that passes. You rolls your eyes, dismissing the topic altogether. “I’m serious, H. You’ve worked really really hard for this and I know that you’re going to rock it. I’m sorry I can’t be there but know that I’m spiritually standing in the front row. ” you say, battling with the smirk with is making its appearance and you lie to your boyfriend’s face. 

 You didn’t expect this many people to come out for his concert. Of course you knew that it was sold out but you never really comprehended how may people actually made an effort to see your boyfriend perform. The venue was packed and the excited murmurs and occasional screams was an indication of one thing: this was going to be an amazing show. You didn’t know that Harry was freaking out backstage. 

His nerves were getting the best of him and you weren’t answering your phone. Anne, who knew that you were here, assured him that you were probably sleeping and that he should give it all he can. He smiles at her and kisses the ring which you bought him for your anniversary. The screams only grow louder as the lights grow dim and you realize that wearing a hoodie and sunglasses wasn’t the greatest idea but Harry cannot know you’re hear until he goes on stage . Anne and Gemma are on either side of me and we hold hands in anticipation to Harry’s performance. 

 The opening act blurs by as we dance to their music and soon the stage goes black. The screams reach a higher pitch and you hold everything you can to avoid joining in as well. The band plays the opening intro to ‘Meet Me In The Hallway’ and hat is when Harry appears. He’s wearing a yellow shirt with yellow pants and black shoes. Birds embellish his shirt and I see that he is anxious. He steps up towards the mic and waits patiently for the screams to die down. “Good evening everyone. I’m Harry Styles, but you probably knew that,” he says with a chuckle,“ and I’m here to put on a show for you. Are you ready?” He asks. The walls almost shudder with the volume of the screams and he smiles and starts singing. His voice is on a different level live and it take everything in you to not burst into tears of happiness.

 He jams out to ‘Sign of The Times’ and ‘Carolina’. Harry also makes an effort to briefly introduce each song before performing. Such a sweetheart. “So this next song is dedicated to someone very special. I’m sure you all know my girlfriend, (Y/N)-” he begins but is cut off by the increased screams of he fans. He smiles widely and continues his talk. “She is very very far away right now and, honestly, I miss her very much. She’s probably the most supportive person when it came to me being away and being Jamaica and being here. This song is actually about her. But don’t tell her I told you, she’ll kill me. ” He finishes and the crowd aaaws and laughs respectively. The beginning of 'Only Angel’ starts as Harry makes an effort to stare at the audience. His eyes dart into the front row and he smiles when he sees Anne and Gemma but his eyebrows scrunch when he looks at you. You take off your sunglasses and hoodie and soon as the guitar kicks in. 

 The look on Harry’s face is indescribable. It is the equivalent to a child getting a puppy for their birthday and you blow him a kiss. Fans behind you realize you’re there and the screams are almost deafening. Harry tries to focus but he cannot seem to take off you. At the last chord of the song he bursts in laughter as he is applauded. The applause soon dies down and he carries on laughing. “Sorry, everyone. Just realized my angel surprised me tonight. (Y/N)(Y/L/N) everyone!” He announces and the crowds cheers while you take a mock bow. The rest of the concert goes really and well and you can’t help but think about how amazing Harry is. The concert ends and you run backstage to see him. “My sweet creature.” He muffles into your neck as you reach up to finally connect your lips after being away from each other for so long. 

July 6th 2017 - Praying music video

Kesha just released the music video for her latest single Praying, a powerful ballad which seeks to encourage empathy and love for oneself. Shot in Slab City and Salvation Mountain, the music video was directed by the one and only Jonas Åkerlund, known for working with artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

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Good morning Comfort Lovers! Hope your Monday is better than you think it’ll be. Today we’ll be looking at some of the many body types you lovely ladies are gifted with, and some tips on what best flatters your type.

Diamond Bodies:

  • Square, scoop, or V necklines.
  • Empire waists and wrap-style dresses.
  • Shirts with wide necklines. Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops with empire waists are also your friend! :)
  • Relaxed fits that fall from the widest part of your hip. 
  • Boot-cut or trouser cut jeans.
  • Straight, A-line, or lightly gathered skirts.

Hourglass Bodies:

  • Form hugging and wrap-style tops.
  • Empire waists and snug-fitting dresses.
  • Anything that nips at the waist with a flare at the hip. Flair should be balanced between your bust and your waist.
  • Pants with a wide waist band.
  • Figure skimming and pencil skirts.
  • Full skirts that hug tight near the top.

Figure Eight/Large Hourglass Bodies:

  • Narrow V-necks or other slim necklines. 
  • Fly-away cardigans with draping down front.
  • Wrap tops with simple sleeves that wrap around your natural waistline.
  • Boot-cut, slightly flared, or trouser-cut jeans. 
  • Pencil skirts that flare towards the bottom. 
  • Cargo pants, or any bottoms with wide or flared legs. 

Rectangle Bodies:

  • Tops with belted or gathered waists. 
  • Shirts with embellishments around the bust and shoulders.
  • Off the shoulder shirts and wide necklines.
  • Pants with wide waist lines and slightly flared legs.
  • Full, tiered, or bubble skirts of any length. 
  • Skirts with details, seaming or pockets. 

Pear/Triangle Bodies:

  • Shirts with empire waists with flowing fabric below the waist. 
  • Low draped, banded waists. 
  • Classic babydoll cuts, and full sleeves with details around the bust.
  • Simple mid-rise pants with no or minimal pockets. 
  • A-line, pencil or straight skirts. 
  • Boot or trouser-cut jeans with relaxed fits at the widest part of your hip.

Oval/Apple Bodies

  • Square or scoop neck button down shirts, nipped at the waist. 
  • Belted tops that flare at the hip.
  • Wrap tops with wide, deep V-Neck’s and simple sleeves.
  • Wide-leg jeans or cargo pants with prominent back and/or side pockets. 
  • Fuller flowing skirts that gradually skim away from your legs.
  • Straight skirts with a flirty flared bottom. 

Inverted Triangle Bodies:

  • Billowy tops with a snug-fitted waist.
  • Wrap shirts with a wide neckline.
  • Jackets with full structured shoulders and nipped waists.
  • Lightly gathered and a-line skirts.
  • Boot-cut or trouser-cut jeans that fall straight down your leg.
  • Simple slacks with minimal or no pockets.

And remember, these are just tips and pointers of the trade. If you love something that doesn’t conform to this list, go for it anyway! Nothing is more beautiful than confidence in yourself <3

Happy Monday, lovelies. 

anonymous asked:

hey ik you took back what you said and all, but im p sure no one sees the word homo and thinks of anything other than gay. though i kinda see what you mean with femme though, not everyone makes the association i guess

well, i encounter the word homo literally everyday in my studies in a different context than gay, so im … maybe an exception that’s not representative of most people. But as i said below… hadnt seen the homo shirt, and had never seen one like that. I kinda took that as an embellishment to the femme shirt thing. Didnt think there were legit shirts that said ‘homo’ out there. So like i said what 5 times before ??? i spoke too soon and was not fully informed. It’s not ok for straight ppl like dua lipa to turn our lgbt-identities into a marketing trick. Its not ok for straight ppl that are aware of what they’re doing to wear stuff like that. I’m willing to excuse teenage girls that just buy a shirt at h&m while being completely unaware.

Patch Perfect

Quirky cool patchwork has never looked so good

The embroidered patch look popularized by soldiers and specialized groups decades ago has since become a way to make a fashion statement among today’s top tastemakers. Denim bedecked with floral iron-ons and sweatshirts emblazoned with witty badges are the new norm for girls who covet that ‘cut and paste’ style. Now you can get that DIY look from cool-kid brands like Thierry Boutemy and Stella McCartney, whose eclectic collections show off a mélange of patches and prints. Bring out your scrappy side with an assortment of collage-like clothing and accessories that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

The Patched Look

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Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014

LOVE Magazine Senior Fashion Editor Phoebe Arnold at PFW Fall 2014

Blogger Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa

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