embellished sandal

W Magazine April 2017, Editorial “Let´s Get Physical”.

From left: Prada jacket; Roxy wet suit; Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang sneakers. Maison Margiela embellished jacket, skirt, and sandals; WXYZ Jewelry bracelet. Prada vest and pants; Nike lanyard and sneakers. Alexander Wang jacket and shorts; Roxy wet suit top (around waist); Prada neck strap; Fendi sneakers. Sacai jacket (around waist); Christopher Kane shorts and sneakers; EA7 swim shorts (underneath); A.P.C.O.V. tights; Prada backpack. Esteban Cortázar dress and leggings; Proenza Schouler earrings and sandals; Roxanne Assoulin chokers; Tuleste rings.

Photographer Emma Summerton, Models (in the whole editorial) Janiece Dilone, Mitchell Slaggert, Jordan Barrett, Birgit Kos, Grace Hartzel, Mayowa Nicholas, Jess PW, RJ King, Valentine Rontez, Grace Elisabeth. Styled by Giovanna Battaglia

Leia Skywalker at the Galaxies Opera House
Marchesa, Fall 2013

What if… Darth Vader discovered Leia on Alderaan at a young age and reclaimed her. Raising her as his daughter and training her as secret apprentice…
A black and red Speeder appeared in front of the red carpet. The press, the crowd, all were waiting impatiently to see who was inside of it. A with fire rubies embellished black sandal was seen first, followed a long leg and flash of a red. It was Leila Almadima.

Or rather that was whom the people believed her to be. Leia smiled prettily at the photographers and reporters stationed outside the Galaxies Opera House as, with some help from the footman, she stepped out of speeder. Flashes went off as many tried to capture the moment, her dress sparkling and clinging to her every curve as she descended the aisle.

She never considered herself vain person but the attention, but walking on the red carpets as Leila Aladima certainly stroked her vanity. Of course that wasn’t the foremost reason she was quite fond of her persona of a young wealthy socialite from Coruscant. No it was because her fake identity made it remarkably easy to spy on the upper echelons of the empire in ways her father couldn’t. High ranking members of the imperial military and politicians, none if them might even consider that the lovely, blue eyes redhead she pretended to be was spying on them. And Leia would keep it that way.