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The Black Orchid

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Genre: Smut

Word count: +/- 4k

Office. Paperwork. Meeting. Phones calls. More paperwork. Contracts. More meetings.

That was his routine almost on a day to day basis. Being one of the wealthiest men in the whole province had its pros and cons, but it sure did include a whole lot of stress, so he had to find a way to relax and lay back.

And he did.

It was well past 9 pm when he had left his enormous office on the last floor of a twenty-storey building after the umpteenth day of his usual agenda. He grabbed the jacket of his suit from the back of his office chair and put it on in a swift movement, mentally going through the path that would lead him to her. He pushed the button to call the elevator, the big metal box signaling its arrival with a ding sound soon after. He couldn’t get her out of his mind the whole way: her silky voice ringing in his ears; the fullness of her lips and the way they moved whenever she spoke or smiled; the rich dark color of her complexion that seemed made from the finest mahogany with the subtlest golden undertones whenever the light hit her smooth skin. She was absolutely divine. His Adam’s apple bobbed lightly behind the skin of his throat at the thought, his tongue grazing his lips almost subconsciously.

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The Signs and their Prom Dress
  • Aries: floor-length gown. Starts as a deep dark blue at the lower hem and blends into a light baby blue at the top. Gradient seems like the different blues of the ocean
  • Taurus: airy dress, which is short in the front and long and flowing at the back. A burst of violet and pink
  • Gemini: neon yellow dress, which is so bright, that it hurts in the eyes. Short, flowing with a large opening at the back
  • Cancer: dusky pink dress, seeming as if it came from a past time period. Intricate laces embellish the neckline. Golden pearls are woven into the fine cloth
  • Leo: an explosion of colors. The empire waisted dress seems like a water color painting, in which the different colors flow into another creating a chaotic harmony
  • Virgo: floor-length gown sitting snugly at the bust and waist and streams down the hips in a fiery waterfall of oranges, yellows, and reds
  • Libra: bordeaux dress, with an empire waist, which is embellished with sparkling stones. Seems like the color of fresh blood. Ends mid-thigh
  • Scorpio: stunning floor-length deep blue gown. Crystals sprinkle it like the stars of the night sky. Loosely cut, but waisted
  • Sagittarius: sexy tight-fitted black dress, showing off the curves. Has cut-out parts at the sides and ends mid-thigh
  • Capricorn: short dress, which fits snugly at the waist and bust and fluffs out at the hips in a cloud of cream tulle. Has a cute bow at the lower back and ends at above the knee.
  • Aquarius: hyper modern black dress, with neon [insert fave color] accents. Ends mid-thigh and is cut asymmetrically
  • Pisces: floor-length mermaid dress. Sits tight and accentuates the beautiful body, to subtly flurry out at mid-thigh into a swirl of turquoise
Daddy’s Little Girl, Part 1

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SUMMARY: Reader is the daughter of Triple H and Stephanie and catches the eye of a new face in WWE, Mark Andrews. The two start liking each other but her parents are against the idea of them together. Will she follow her heart or let a good thing pass by because of her parents? 

TAGS: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @nickysmum1909 @birthday-prinxess @randomfandompenguin

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The New Princess - chapter 10

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 3700ish (like no joke! This is the longest one so far, but see it as an early Christmas gift/an apology for my slowness in updating)

Warnings: a little angsty (maybe? idk), a curse word here and there, the usual basically

A/N: And we’re already at chapter number 10! How time flies! And quick shout out to @smoothdogsgirl for being the 300th notification on the first chapter! Thank you! And thank you to everyone else as well for reading, liking and commenting on my story! Love y’all!

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With Dean’s arm swung over your shoulders you strolled through the halls of the palace, the man leading you towards your sleeping quarters. You walked with him in a daze, a comfortable silence resting between the two of you. Once you reached the doors of Ellie’s room, he made you face him. Your eyes focused on his green orbs when he lifted your chin up with his finger, his touch setting the skin on fire, the tingling feeling spreading through your form. Your knees buckled and the air was knocked out of your lungs. Get a grip, you scolded yourself.

“You okay?” the Prince asked concerned, his gaze boring into yours, the moment very intimate all of a sudden. You bit your lip and nodded your head, sure of the fact your voice would waver when you spoke. His worried expression didn’t go away, prompting you to croak out your next words.

“I just need a minute to myself, is all,” you smiled. Dean seemed to be reassured by that and you quickly thanked him for helping you. The man simply shrugged it off with a smirk.

“That’s what future husbands do,” he joked, making a smile appear on your face. I wish you could be my future husband, you sighed in your head, but pushed that thought away as soon as it popped up.

You stood in front of each other, not knowing what to say next. “I should probably go,” Dean broke the silence first while he pointed towards the empty corridor. “You know, governing a country.” You snickered at that statement and waved at the royal as he retreated himself towards his own chambers. Shifting from one foot to another, you tried to get rid of the giddy feelings in your stomach. Today’s just a strange day, you told yourself, using it as an explanation for the different emotions coursing through your body.

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A Week in Mistward 1/7

Hey! In the Target Edition Short Story for EOS, the short story was about Rowan and Aelin entertaining REMELLE, Rowan’s past lover, and two other Doranelle nobles named Essar and Benson. I’m going to do 7 (probably more😊) fan-fics where instead Remelle, Essar, and Benson are staying in Mistward for a WEEK instead. Today is Monday where I am (Eastern Time Zone); this fic will be finished by the end of this week! Rowaelin may be lovers by the weekend, or still friends. You never know!;) Each fanfic will be the next day of entertaining the AWFUL (don’t worry Essar is the only chill one:) nobles. I’ll take requests for fan fics as well, if you’d like me to add on to the days or something with a new idea! I also may do a couple fics that are TOTALLY separate from this one, but have the same plot (entertaining the nobles.) Sorry for making this so long! Anyway! Hope you enjoy;)

characters copyright of sarah j maas

side note-because these take place in HoF, I will be using the name Celaena! I can change this if you’d like, though:)

pps-no spoilers of EoS are contained in this fan fic!

It had been an off day. Rowan hadn’t been himself today, and it was throwing Celaena off as well. Ever since they started training this morning, he’d been…distant. Not cold, but not welcoming. She wanted to ask what was bothering him, but figured he’d tell her when he was ready.

Indeed, as they were walking up the stairs to their shared bedroom, he said, “I’ve got a favor to ask you.”

As they reached the door and went inside the cozy room, she replied, “Ask away, Prince.” She figured it didn’t hurt to smirk with a raised brow as well, earning her a glare in return.

“Have I told you about…a past mistake, Remelle?”

“No, but I’d love to hear the dirty details.”

He sighed. “Remelle, and two other nobles will be here in Mistward for a week…we are to entertain them.”

She nodded slowly. “Okay.”

Rowan continued, “Since they live within Doranelle’s borders, they expect to be treated a certain way, and above all.“

It was all Celaena could do not to cringe.

“At sundown, we are to accompany them by horse to a river-side dinner lounge. I trust you to scrounge up a dress; be graceful. They look below on Demi-fae.”

“We will dine with them, and when we return to Mistward, we will show them to their rooms. Be polite. Break the ice.”

At that, she smirked.

“Not with your fire. It is safe to assume they will report back to Maeve, so don’t give anything away.”

Her smirk vanished.


Celaena had borrowed a beautiful green dress that matched Rowan’s eyes from a pretty Demi-fae dwelling in Mistward. The girl had known about the three nobles coming, and how Celaena would be involved in entertaining them, and told Celaena to take whatever she needed for the night. She’d picked the dress and thanked the girl, promising to return the gown the next morning.

Now, she stood beside Rowan in front of the doors to Mistward’s stables.

The dress was tight-fitted with an empire waist and silver embellishments along a medium neckline. It wasn’t the modest ever, but it certainly wasn’t whorish either. The long sleeves ended in a triangle of material over the top of her hand, delicate silver whorls like lace accenting there, too. Rowan had given her a long look from head to toe when he’d seen her emerge from their bathing room in it. And he’d gulped.

As they waited for the three figures clad in bright colors on three black stallions, Rowan remarked, “You weren’t kidding when you’d said you’d found the perfect dress.”

She slid her eyes to him. “I lie, but I don’t kid.” Still, she felt her lips tugging upwards.

He gave a small chuckle. “The dinner will be for about two hours. Can you hold your silver tongue that long?”

With a small smile, she retorted, “Definitely, Prince.” He simply rolled his eyes in response.

Remelle and the two others were in sight now, close enough Celaena could see the white of their eyes.

She wondered if Rowan was expected to help the two ladies down. She snorted. All eyes fell to her, but she refused to let pink coat her cheeks.

Her suspicions were confirmed when he helped the female behind Remelle, she assumed, based on her possessive and dirty smile to Rowan, first. She didn’t grumble about it, but when he assisted her as well, she remarked, “Saving the best for last, mmm?” With that, she ran her finger down the front of Rowan’s shirt. He stepped away at the touch.

The male beside the first female helped himself down, and introduced himself with an appreciative nod. “You may call me Benson.” He gave Celaena a longing look that made her shuffle on her feet, and got a glare from Rowan that heated his cheeks.

The first female, with lovely chocolate skin and eyes, and luscious brown curls, went second. She smiled.“I am Essar.” She motioned to Remelle, as the female flipped her pale blond hair and smiled secretively. “This is Remelle.”

Remelle fixed cold blue eyes on Celaena. As soon as she noticed the human ears, she sniffed, and turned away. “Rowan,” she began. “What are you doing with a half-breed? You could be in much…higher company.”

He fixed Remelle with a cold stare, and waved to Celaena, close enough for him to tuck her close. Everyone in the circle detected the possessiveness in their proximity, but the only person who seemed bothered by it was Remelle. “This is Elentiya, and she will be accompanying me on your requests this week.” Remelle cringed, while Benson and Essar smiled two very different meanings.

Benson clapped his hands together and reminded, “Let us be on our way.”


After getting two more stallion horses for Rowan and Celaena, two blond ones, they indeed began their way. Mainly everyone had something to pitch into the conversation, except for Rowan, despite Remelle’s prodding efforts. Celaena just kept answering for him, and receiving a death-glare from Remelle. Rowan just gave Celaena a look with a quiet laugh in his eyes every time Remelle pinned her eyes on her.

After a good hour or two of riding, a small wooden building, quite modern-looking, sat in the distance. It wasn’t tall; it was short and wide and blocky. Bamboo was planted all around, as well as many different types of trees, plants, wildflowers. The doors were blue-tinted glass, the white frosted words Bamboo River in cursive across the doors.

There was a water-wheel, spinning and churning out water into a gutter that led down to the river. What a calm sound.

There were two elegant black-clad guards at the doors, who wordlessly pulled them open as Celaena and everyone else hopped off their horses; Remelle waiting for help. Essar resorted to getting herself off, and giving Remelle a incredulous look in the process that sent Remelle’s chin up.

Essar and Benson entered first, Essar wordlessly beckoning Celaena to walk him with them. She let her hand brush Rowan’s as she sped up to them. Gods above, I wish I could just keep his hand in mine. The thought popped into Celaena’s head so quick she flinched. She felt Rowan stiffen from behind her, both because of her flinch and the fact that Remelle was settling on his muscled arm.

The room was completely empty; Reservations, Celaena thought. Reservations.

The room’s dark wooden paneled walls were thick with the scent of fresh, distinct, forest. The tables were set with a silken maroon-colored tablecloth, completed with crystal-clear wine glasses, plates, and silverware. Well…glass wear, in this case. The glass wear had rainbow colors glint off of in certain areas where beams of the setting sun hit them. Facing the clouded mint-blue river, the wooden walls morphed into glass windows, floor to ceiling. The sun was setting over the pine forest, and the beautiful river running below…Celaena wished she was here alone. With Rowan.

It seemed that this kitchen was on a small hill, looking down onto the river.

At least Remelle seemed satisfied. She had a pleasant smile on her face, and she didn’t look too calculating at the moment. It seemed she was enjoying the sunset as much as Celaena was.

A man slightly more dressed-up than the guards outside came to their table as they all sat down and gave them menus. He stood off to the side as he waited, arms long and hands crossed in front of him.

Celaena had gone for Rowan’s right, but Remelle snagged it, a triumphant snarl on her face as she did. Rowan laid his hand down on the seat to the left of him before Essar began eyeing it. Celaena quickly took the now-prized seat. Essar sat to her left, and Benson sat to Remelle’s right. The seating had quickly become a elegant version of musical chairs.

After they all ordered through much discussion, and the man left to deliver their orders to the chefs, Celaena took her time to sit quietly and run her mind over what Rowan and the nobles had been wearing.

Remelle wore a red sleeveless dress with a plunging necklace that nearly bared all. The red glitter hit the flower and trailed a foot behind. She had her blond hair pulled into a tight slicked-back ponytail, her hair thick and shiny. She’d loaded plenty of kohl around her lids in a cat-eye style. She had on bright red lipstick, and some blush as well. She’d put a tonic over her skin that made it look like porcelain, as well, to complete the look. And it worked. She looked stunning. She was surprised she caught Rowan frequently staring at her tonic-free, kohl-free, lipstick-free face instead of Remelle’s.

Essar wore a yellow cocktail dress that showed off her dark, creamy legs. It was a halter top, and the ends of the mini-dress, at her upper-thigh, were edged in white lace, as well as the collar of the dress.

Rowan simply wore a green tunic that matched Celaena’s dress, with a white shirt underneath. He had on plain black pants, and Celaena could’ve swore he’d run her brush through his hair. Simple, easy, but very handsome. She wondered what he was thinking.

As Rowan’s words started dwindling as he sank into his own thoughts, most likely trying to guess what she was thinking, the man came out with five plates fitted together on one huge platter. He had to balance it with both hands, and another man dressed the same rushed out of the room where the first man had come from to take the plates and off and deliver them to the table.

They had all ordered pretty much the same thing: Celaena, creamy white pasta, and both Rowan and Essar followed, while Remelle ordered a grand salad; Benson ordered fish.

Celaena let out a moan of pleasure; Remelle did the same. Oh, no. Celaena saw where this was going.

The table went awkwardly silent as Celaena and Remelle’s moans became louder and more frequent. Rowan had stopped eating entirely; he was clenching his fists in his lap, and pinned his eyes on his half-full plate.

Celaena started tilting her head, and sexualizing her body a little bit more. This wasn’t for the males, though; this contest was between the females, and who was mightier.

Even Benson, who had been eyeing the females disgustingly a few minutes before, put down his head at the noises and words that began coming out of Remelle’s mouth. Celaena could fake an orgasm…but she didn’t want to.

So she got up on the table and danced.

Not wildly; not fast. Slow, and sexy. She was getting way too much pleasure out of it as Benson got up to stand and face the wall window; Essar dropped her napkin and headed for the door, Remelle aggressively clutched her fork; and Rowan didn’t move. His head stayed down, fists still white.

Her hands roved; and her body turned. She felt a whole new burst of confidence as she moved; dancing was salvation and rebirth.


Minutes later, the group silently rode towards Mistward, beings and horses tired alike. No one spoke.


After Rowan had showed the nobles to their rooms, when he came back to his and Celaena’s shared room, she was already reading in bed. However, when she noticed him walk him, she put down the book and stood up. Rowan walked swiftly to her, and she crossed her arms.

He tilted his face down to hers, so close they shared breath. “What,” he breathed, “was that?

She smirked. “You know what it was.” He pulled away, and shook his head. He went to his side of the bed, the left side. She watched him pull off his boots, his shirt, his pants. She still stood, arms crossed and hips leaning to one side, still smirking, and he looked to her and gave her a glare. She was already in her nightclothes; simply a short and silky white dress with lace accents. After a minute, she joined him in their shared bed. But not before running her comb that had sat on her nightstand through her hair as he still glared, looked at it accusingly, then back to him, and he narrowed his eyes even more.

“First thing tomorrow, we are showing them to the gardens.“

Celaena sighed blissfully, wondering what adventures she’d put in their way tomorrow.

Hope you guys liked it! Tell me your feedback, tell me what I can fix! I look forward to putting out the next day out tomorrow:) This has taken about an hour to edit; I will try to get the next part out earlier!:)