embellished masks

concept: fitzsimmons grow old together, but they don’t explain very much about their past as secret agents which makes them adorable but a little eccentric. 

sometimes at reunions and holidays they’re so cute and in love that they get asked how they met and they start fitzsimmonsing about how they met in school when they were two young prodigies. and how they were clueless lab partners. and fitz will insist he was in love with her the whole time since they met. then Jemma will say it took him long enough to tell her. And he’ll say he had to figure it out first and then work up the courage to actually tell her. but she’ll say he was nothing but brave when he finally did. And then she’ll say it took her a while to realize she loved him back and by then she was scared she’d lost him. and they’re just talking about when they were young and falling in love… and they completely leave out the whole part about being shield agents. 

and whenever they directly reference something they don’t actually give any context. so their kid(s?) and grandkids are constantly confused and bemused at family reunions when Fitz will interrupt Jemma’s story about how “he would have waited around forever” to defend his slowness with, “Well darling, that was after you had just come back to earth, and I was just glad you were alive. I wasn’t gonna ruin that with all those pesky feelings when I had just gotten you back.” and everyone will think, “Wait is that a metaphor? what do you mean, she came back to earth?” and if someone asks Fitz simply says “Oh Jemma took a little trip to space to get out of going to dinner with me.” and Jemma, who doesn’t actually want to explain, just smiles and pats his shoulder or squeezes his hand as if that’s a perfectly acceptable answer and adds under her breath, “You know I would never want to get away from you, dear.”

Then later Fitz will sacrificially give her the last piece of pie “Take it, Jemma.” And Jemma will roll her eyes and say something like, “Oh, Fitz, don’t be so dramatic! It’s not like we’re trapped under the ocean and you’re giving me the last of the oxygen. We can split the pie.” and people will think she’s just a little creative with her expressions. 

Their past becomes an inside joke of sorts. Not really a joke, but something personal that they’ve embraced and learned to live with… but something they’ve almost fictionalized or turned into myth as a way of not flaunting the truth or glorifying the past… and as a way of keeping people from seeing them differently. People might wonder what on earth Fitzsimmons are talking about, but they always dismiss it. At the least they figure it’s all just teasing, at most they figure they had a little bit of a rocky past that they mask with embellishments so they don’t have to talk about it too much.

So people just think they have this made up way of talking to each other because they can’t actually believe any of it’s literal when Fitz says things like “Hey, if I jumped through a hole in the universe twice, I think I can handle this.” 

Also no one knows how Aunt Daisy came to be Aunt Daisy, but they don’t question it. She is mysterious Aunt Daisy who seems like she is always hiding a secret when pops up at gatherings. She gushes and teases and makes awkward jokes then disappears.

After they pass in their sleep together on their 70th anniversary, the truth comes out… they’re honored by shield and all the stories are told and it all makes sense and everyone has to pick their jaws up off the floor.

Masquerade part. 1

(Author’s Note: Here is the next installment of The Meeting. I will leave a link to the master list and the link to the song for this chapter. I am also on Wattpad now, the user name is the same as here. Please feel free to follow me on there if you want. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback!💕)


Feeling Good x Michael Buble

“Its time to get ready, Princess.”  Bruce leaned down and whispered in her ear, shaking her shoulder. Iris tossed the covers over her head as he walked back into the bathroom. He allowed her to take a small nap while the fundraiser started but nap time was over.

She had been staying with Bruce for the past couple of days. The first night Bruce took her back to her apartment to pick up Raksha and a couple of other things she needed but wouldn’t let Bruce buy for her. He even drove her to and from work, meeting her outside her job every day for lunch.

“Do I really have to get up?” She complained as she poked her head out from underneath the covers. He was still in the bathroom struggling with his bowtie in the mirror.

“I definitely think that you should join the party. There is going to be food, alcohol, and…” 

“Old, lonely men with too much money undressing me with their eyes as they try to keep up the small talk so that they can continue to undress me.” She rolled her eyes and sunk back into the bed. She hated being ogled at like she was some prized piece of meat.

“They’re not all like that. Besides, I’ll be there to protect you from the old scary men.” He walked out of the building taunting her, still struggling with his bow tie. 

‘Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire has trouble tying his tie.’

With a sly smile Iris got up and made her way to him. She wore a silk royal blue nightgown with a matching robe that billowed out behind her as she walked. He watched her intently as she undid his mess and tied the bowtie perfectly.

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“All set Mr. Wayne.” She smiled up at him, patting his chest and admired her handiwork. He tore his gaze away from her to look in the full length mirror on the wall next to them.

“I’ll see you down stairs, okay Iris.” His voice was playfully stern as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. He took one more look in the mirror and then walked over to the bedroom door.

“I’ll be down within the hour.” She swore.

“Okay. There is another little surprise in the drawer for you, wait until you’re ready to come down before you open it.” Without waiting for a response he winked and was out the door. She turned around and looked the bedside drawer and was tempted to open it up but decided for once she’d do as she was told. 

Iris walked into Bruce’s closet, where he’d been keeping her gown, he told her that it was a surprise and she couldn’t see it until the night of the fundraiser. In the middle of the closet floor was a large white box with a bow, she picked it up and walked back into the bedroom, she placed the box on the bed and pulled at the bow. 

She opened the box to reveal the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen. Underneath the dress was a pair of strappy black louboutins and a pair of large diamond studded earrings. 

‘oh my…’

She squealed and ran into the bathroom where Bruce left all the make up that he’d bought her. She gave herself a drastic black smokey eye, accentuating her brown eyes, then a fierce red lip. Finally she gave herself an elegant mohawk, slicking down the sides of her hair and styling the rest in curls that fell down her back.

When she was satisfied with her look, she went back into the bedroom to slip on her fishnet thigh highs, hooking them to her garter the she slid the dress up her body. The dress had slit high on her leg stopping at her mid thigh. She added her new heels and earnings to finish the look. The earring sparkled in the light making it look like she had stars hanging from her ears.

Finally she turned to the bedside table opening the drawer to find another small box. Inside was a matte black venetian half-mask, trimmed with shimmering gold paint. Carefully she placed the mask on her face and hid the band within her hair. In the mirror, she could see that glossy white cracks ran throughout the mask. She smiled at herself then left the room

‘How fitting.’

“Good evening, Alfred.” She sang out once she reached the stairs. The sound of her heels clicking against the marble gave her a new confidence, a new power. 

“Always a pleasure, madam. Are you ready to join the festivities?” Alfred asked, extending his arm. 

“As I’ll ever be.” She sighed. Linking her arm with his, they made their way down the stairs. Slowly and gracefully she seemed to slide down the stair case. Looking around she saw Bruce at the bottom of the stairs with a group of people, they all had their eyes glued on Iris. 

“Is that lovely creature coming down to mingle with us, Bruce?” She heard one of the men with him say. At the bottom of the stairs Iris let go of Alfred and sauntered over to Bruce, putting on a little show for him. He opened his arm to her.

“I would like you all to meet a very good friend of mine, Iris.” Bruce announced when she made it to them; his eyes, hidden behind a simple white mask, never left her. He placed his arm protectively around her waist as she greeted his guests.

“A true pleasure to meet you all.” Iris lied flashing them all her biggest fake smile, earring a nice bump from Bruce. She giggled as Bruce began to strike up another conversation with the group of guests he was with. Every person in the manor was expensively dressed with over embellished masks, some with large feather plumage others overly adorned with jewels.

“Now why don’t we talk about merging with Wayne Enterprises, eh Bruce?” She snatched a flute of champagne from a waiter passing by, and turned on her heel while Bruce was stuck in conversation with the people. She rolled her eyes and walked over to the small orchestra.

Hugging herself with one arm she closed her eyes and began to sway to the music. A man next to the orchestra began to sing to the music, making everyone freeze in their tracks at his voice. All conversation stopped as his voice floated through the air. A hand landed on the small of her back and she turned to see Bruce standing next her. 

“Dance with me.” He took the champagne from Iris and took her to an open space on the floor. He pulled her into him taking one of her hands in his and placing the other on her back. She smiled and set her arm on his shoulder and he spun her around the dance floor. 

Other couples began to join them as the jazzy song began to pick up, it had a saucy energy that seemed to be fueling Bruce. Some of the others watched in shock as Bruce danced with Iris, she looked up at him and saw that he was smiling bigger and brighter than she’d ever seen before. Her smile spread bigger when Bruce picked her up and spun her in the air. She giggled as he placed her back on the ground and spun her in a small circle. 

Bruce dipped Iris and brought her up slowly as the song came to an end. She felt like everyone was watching them at this point. Everyone began to applaud as the singer took a bow. Iris let go of Bruce and turned to applaud the man as well, another waiter passed by and she grabbed another glass of champagne and began to fan herself.

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“Will everyone move to dining room for the auction.” Alfred announced from the stairs; she watched as all of the guests moved together toward the dining room. Bruce walked up and placed an arm around her waist, smiling down at her.

“What auction?” she asked looking around, the ballroom was almost completely empty as everyone filed into the dining room.

“Its a bachelor/bachelorette auction.” He said ushering her into the room with the rest of the guests. 

“Why choose something like that?” She asked emptying her glass, handing it to the nearest waiter. 

“A few people on the board voted for it.” He said ushering her towards the dining room with the rest of the guests.

“Are you in it?” She asked as she took another champagne flute on their way in.
“No, but a few people signed you up for it.” Iris stopped in her tracks and whirled around to face Bruce.

“What do you mean ‘signed you up’?” She said narrowing her eyes.

“Don’t worry princess, I’m walking out with you.” He tilted her chin up and smiled at her. His hand slid down to her back and they began to walk again. Once in the crowded room, the waiters closed the doors and continued walking around with their trays of hors-d’oeuvres and champagne.

“Bruce, I don’t think I can do this.” She turned back to him and lowered her voice, hoping that none of his colleagues were listening in. 

“Its okay, just think about going home with the poster boy of Wayne Enterprises.” He said playfully giving her his best boyish smile. Iris sighed in frustration and walked towards the group of people in the auction. 

It was a while before it was Iris’ turn, she could hear how much people were being bought for and it made her more nervous. Almost everyone had made a bid on a least one person and she just knew that the only person to bid on her would be Bruce. 

“Next up we have twenty-four year old, Iris.” The heavy curtains opened and the light shone on her as she walked out onto the runway. She walked with forced confidence, trying her best to be sexy enough to earn some money for the fundraiser.

“Lets start the bidding at five-thousand.”


Iris almost choked at the starting bid.

Multiple paddles flew up at once and the bidding had begun. Iris walked up and down the makeshift runway while people continued to bid on her, the bids got higher and higher with each passing second.

“Seventy-thousand.” Iris’ head snapped up and everyone in the dining room gasped when they heard the bid. She looked around for Bruce but found a man, wearing a full mask, standing with his paddle high in the air.

“Ninety-thousand.” Across the room, Bruce’s paddle flew up. Iris stood frozen on the runway, the entire room was quiet as they waited for the next bid.

“$120,000” The man said calmly, looking from Iris to Bruce.

Under the lights, Iris saw Bruce’s face harden as the man continued to bid on her. She held her breath as she looked between Bruce and the strange man. The bidding war had begun and neither of them was backing down. Heads turned at each bid as if there was a tennis match taking place right above their heads.

“$900,000.” The man said, he turned from Bruce and looked directly at Iris.

“Two million.” Bruce’s voice rang throughout the dining room and more people gasped, everyone began to talk at once. His voice had come out cool and but Iris could hear that he had to force the calm out. She looked back to the other man as the auctioneer closed the bidding. 

‘What the fuck was that!?’

“You can leave the stage now miss.” The man’s voice brought Iris back to the world and she rushed backstage. She walked briskly back to the ballroom, trying to get to the liquor cabinet in the kitchen as fast as she could. As she walked past the stairs someone grabbed her arm and pulled her to a hidden space next to the railing. She yelped, looking around and found Bruce, he looked down at her his face still set in an irritated expression.

“Bruce, what the hell was that?” She said holding onto his arm for dear life. He glanced around before looking down at Iris.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think I’d have to do that.” He looked down at her, forcing himself to smile. Iris didn’t buy it for one reason. She didn’t know if it was a testosterone fueled thing or if Bruce was actually concerned about what happened during the auction. 

‘What is going on?’

“Stick with me for the rest of the night.” Iris nodded her head. Bruce put his hand possessively on the small of her back and escorted her back to the ballroom. The auction ended and everyone was filling back into the ballroom. Some were standing around gossiping about the show that  Bruce and the man put on over her. Bruce took a glass of champagne off of a waiter’s platter and handed it over to Iris.

‘The night is almost over…’ 

Iris downed the entire glass in one quick gulp and flashed her best fake smile as Bruce stopped them in front of another group of his guests. Nervously, she looked around for the man who’d bid on her but he was nowhere to be found.

‘Maybe he was scared off…’



Bulgarian Muslims Reviving Old Traditions

In the remote village of Draginovo, Bulgaria, Muslim brides are returning to the old tradition of gelina, or face painting, to mark their transition into married life.

Emilia Pechinkova is one of those young Muslim brides. The 24-year-old is a Slavic Muslim, part of a group often referred to as Pomaks. The elaborate wedding rituals of the Pomaks were suppressed while the country was under communist rule.

In an effort to recapture their forefathers’ customs, Pechinkova and her fiance Tsanko Perchinkov celebrated their love during a traditional three-day wedding ceremony. The festivities were captured by photographer Nikolay Doychinov on April 22 and 23.

During the gelina, Pomak brides are painted over with a thick cosmetic creme mask called belilo. An expert make-up artist spends up to two hours applying the mask and embellishing it with sequins arranged in floral patterns. Then, the artist applies lipstick and darkens the bride’s eyebrows. The bride’s family put her dowry on display in the room.

In order to keep the mask intact for the next several hours, the bride usually keeps her face very still. After an imam says a blessing, she is escorted by her family members out of her childhood home and to her groom’s house, where her husband will take off her makeup.

Although these rituals have been part of Pomak culture for years, they were suppressed during the time that Bulgaria was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. According to Reuters, the regime at that time tried to force Muslims to adapt the traditions of the country’s majority Christian Orthodox population. The traditional Pomak wedding ceremony was reportedly banned and was only resumed after the end of the communist era.

Today, Muslims are the largest minority religion in Bulgaria, making up about 8 percent of the population.

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Formal affairs Chapter XV

Chapter XV: new blood and old scars

First chapter
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Sole glanced over at Maxson in their shared bed. The night before had been particularly intense, emotions running high with both of them battling past demons. Sole had known that Maxson was much more than the authoritarian figure at the front of the Prydwin for a while now but moments of vulnerability remained rare. She ran her fingers through his hair, before sitting up straight and burying her face in her hands. She had barely managed to sleep, finding that the pictures of her family brought along some nasty nightmares… at least that’s what she wished they were. In reality they were more than that, painful reminders of what had happened and of what the Institute had done… and what she had done. She sometimes wondered if Nate would’ve approved of her choices, but each time she came to the conclusion it didn’t matter. She did what she had to do. Regrets and thoughts of what could have been were useless. She looked at Maxson more closely, to find out he had a frown set on his face. “ Maxson?” He started twisting and turning.  When trying to wake him gently didn’t work she grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. “Wake up! Maxson!”

He shot awake, heaving and with a look of terror set on his face.
Sole tilted her head.  “Looks like I’m not the only one haunted by nightmares.” 

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Valentines Day Special- Thranduil Fanfiction

“You’ve disobeyed me,” The King of Mirkwood says quietly, trailing the seam of your cloak with his bleached aspen staff. His eyes shine with displeasure behind his silver domino mask. He is Winter tonight, draped in an ivory brocade bespeckled with tiny white diamonds. His bone-white headdress of interlocked antlers make him seem even more imposing and intimidating than usual.

“…I haven’t…disobeyed you,” you manage, bumping up against the wall. You’re trembling like a cornered rabbit. “Not exactly-”

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Show Yourself (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: Tonyxreader were Tony has a masquerade ball & tony finds the reader at the bar & he offers her to dance & later on their outside on the balcony and they revile themselves (they both like each other but to afraid to admit it) fluffy & cute :-)

Here you go, doll!  Hope you enjoy!!  

Today was the biggest day of your career; Tony Stark had hired your catering company to provide service for his annual masquerade ball at the Avengers tower.  You had spent months preparing, choosing a menu that had eclectic selections for the different personalities on the team, who themselves likely had friends who were equally as diverse.  Tony had only spoken to you a few times about some of the specific details that he had wanted, otherwise most of the planning was handled by his employees.  During your meetings he was always very polite, thankful, and very, very handsome. You had definitely looked forward to meeting with him, but you knew he was too far out of your league for anything other than admiring from a distance.  He was about to arrive any minute now for a final check-in before you packed up and brought your staff to the tower.  

“Ok, so the bar has been fully stocked already, right?”  

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good.  You can go ahead and load the dessert trays into the truck, and I’ll put the appetizer racks into my car.  We should be able to leave in about ten minutes.”

Everything had been going to plan so far, and you were just waiting for Mr. Stark to arrive. Glancing at your phone you nervously awaited any sign of him; today was not the day to run late for anything. You decided to give him a call when he finally walked thru the door.  His calm demeanor was the opposite of the stress and anxiety you were feeling inside, and you tried your best to not let it show so he would have no reason to worry about your ability.

“Hello, Mr. Stark, it’s good to see you again.  I think we have everything ready to go and we’re just finishing packing up.  I was able to get everything you asked for.”

He casually walked past the rack of appetizers and peeled back the lid of the top tray, pulling out a shrimp and popping it in his mouth.  “Not everything I asked for.  I asked you a long time ago to call me Tony.”

“Tony, yes, sorry.” Quickly stepping past him you folded the top of the tray back down and pushed the cart towards the door.  “So, Tony, is there anything else you can think of before we get this fabulous party underway?”

“Yeah, about that, all this time and I can’t believe that there’s one huge thing that I’ve totally forgotten.  I just hope it’s not too late to make it happen.  It would really ruin the whole night if we can’t.”

You mentally ran thru everything that the two of you had planned for the party.  You were able to secure every type of alcohol he had requested, even that ridiculously expensive $2500 per bottle of champagne that he wanted. You made every appetizer, dinner item and dessert that each Avenger had asked for, and more.  What could he possibly have missed?  “Sorry, but I don’t follow.  What did you forget?”

“I would like to invite you.”

“But I’m already going to be there, Mr. Stark.  I mean…Tony.”

“Well I would prefer to see you there as my guest.  I think you’ve done enough work, don’t you?  You’ve earned some fun.”  He walked towards the door to leave, again stealing a shrimp from the tray.  “Remember, it’s a masquerade ball.  No revealing who you are until the end.”  He threw the shrimp into his mouth and waved a quick goodbye.  “Damn, I’ve got good taste,” he mumbled as the door closed behind him.

There was exactly zero time for this.  Driving to the tower, unloading, and setting up was planned perfectly to finish just as the party was to start.  How would you possibly pull this off?  You didn’t want to seem unappreciative to Tony, and really wanted to accept the invitation, but you didn’t think there was any way to pull it off.

“Excuse me?”  The arrival of a delivery pulled you from your thoughts, which weren’t really helping you figure out what to do anyway. “I have a delivery for a Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“That’s me.”  The delivery boy was holding a large box with a note on top.  Curiously, you took the note from the top and opened it.

Don’t worry, I didn’t look.  I won’t know it’s you.


You gasped as you opened the box to reveal a pink and silver ball gown with a matching mask embellished with pink and clear stones.  Pulling out the mask and holding it to the light, you marveled at their clarity and sparkle.  It was intricate and beautiful.

“Do you think these are real?  They can’t be real, right?”

“I’m not sure, ma’am. I just do deliveries.”

Nodding quietly, you signed for the package and hurried to get your own deliveries done so you could prepare for what would surely be the best party of your life.


I’m so good.

Surveying the party, it looked like everyone was having a great time.  Since you were hidden by your mask, you could only overhear the positive comments about your catering and about the work your team was doing. It was a bit awkward, though, mingling with a team of superheroes.  It was easy to guess which person was Captain America and which was Thor, just by their size alone.  The rest were a bit more difficult, and you had a pretty good idea of who they were, but you had yet to try to figure out where Tony was.

“This is easily the best party Stark has ever thrown, right?”

You turned from your drink to address the man behind you, who had quickly moved to sit at the bar next to you.  “I should say so.  It’s very impressive, indeed.  I’m sure he’s quite proud of himself, knowing him.”

“Yeah, that guy’s really full of himself.  I mean, he’s not as bad as he used to be, I’ll give him that.”  The masked man grabbed your empty glass and gestured to get the bartender’s attention.  “Can we please have another?  I’ll take the same.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?  I don’t even know who you are,” you scoffed as he handed you a refilled glass.  “By the looks of it I won’t even get to find out for another two hours.  I really should trust the man who might end up carrying me out of here.”

“Woah, slow down.  How about a dance first?”  He grabbed your hand to pull you towards the floor as you slammed your drink back in one swallow.  “Wow, now who’s impressive?”

You laughed, already feeling the effects of the liquor as it warmed your throat and chest.  “Do you realize how much Stark paid for this stuff? I’m gonna get as much as I can before this night is over!”

The man spun you as you entered the dance floor, and pulled you in tightly to him with his hand gently on the small of your back.  You causally rested your hand on his shoulder as he held the other, swaying to the slow and mesmerizing music.  There was a strange familiarity with him, but you couldn’t place it.  Certainly you didn’t know anyone in this crowd, so you just shook off the feeling and enjoyed the moment with whoever this was.  As you continued to dance thru several songs, the warmth from the drink had now made you relaxed and the stress of the day was completely gone.  

“You smell nice.”

“Haha, you’re getting drunk!” he laughed.

“No, not yet.  Just enjoying the moment.”  

“Well, if we’re going to exchange pleasantries, you smell nice too.  And I must say, you look very beautiful.”

You gave him a skeptical look, even thru your mask, “You can’t even see all of my face, you liar.”

“Let’s remedy that then, shall we?”  He released his hold on you and took your hand, leading you towards the balcony.

“Hey, Stark said we can’t reveal ourselves until the party’s over!”

The man continued to pull you along, not worried about the details.  “Yeah, screw that guy, right?  Who listens to him anyway?”


“You go first.”

“No, you go first. This was your idea to be a rule breaker.”  You crossed your arms over your chest, determined to see his face before you revealed yourself.  “There’s still a lot of party time left, so if this ends poorly I can keep working on finding Stark before I give myself away.”

He stepped closer to you, taking both of your hands in his.  His voice became low and deeper now as he spoke.  “Why would you want to find him?”  The close proximity to him was exciting, but you didn’t want that to interfere with your thinking.  He held your hands against his chest as he looked down at you, waiting for your reply.

“I…I don’t know…why.”

“Are you interested in him?” His fingers slid down to your wrist, feeling your pulse.  “Ah, you are.  I felt your heartbeat speed up just now.  Do you think he’s interested in you?”  Despite his questions of your interest in another man, he held his position close to you, his grip on your hands just a little tighter.

“I’m…um, I don’t know.” Your voice faltered as you stammered, and you lowered your gaze as you began to feel uncomfortable with the conversation.

He released one of your hands and reached up to remove his mask.  You looked up and gasped at the revelation of who he was, covering your mouth in shock.

“Tony.  Oh my god, Tony, it’s you.”

He released your other hand and reached up to remove your mask as you stared at him in shock, not trying to stop him.  

“I knew it.”

As quickly as the mask was gone, Tony held your face in his hands and leaned in to kiss you.  He kissed you like a man who knew what he wanted, and knew how to get it.  You pulled him closer to you as you realized that you too had wanted this all along. When he finally pulled back, he smiled and laughed a bit, remembering your earlier conversation.

“So, that Stark guy, huh? God, he sounds awful.”

Masquerade (ThranduilxReader)

Have a most WONDERFUL Valentines Day <3

Title: Masquerade 

By LemonConfessions  

“You’ve disobeyed me,” The King of Mirkwood says quietly, trailing the seam of your cloak with his bleached aspen staff. His eyes shine with displeasure behind his silver domino mask. He is Winter tonight, draped in an ivory brocade bespeckled with tiny white diamonds. His bone-white headdress of interlocked antlers make him seem even more imposing and intimidating than usual.

“…I haven’t…disobeyed you,” you manage, bumping up against the wall. You’re trembling like a cornered rabbit. “Not exactly-”

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‘Virgin Queen’ featuring Alexander McQueen AW13 - models: Kirsi Pyrhonen & Magdalena Jasek - photographer: Richard Burbridge - fashion editor: Robbie Spencer - hair: Raphael Salley - make-up: Peter Philips nails: Sophy Robson - Dazed & Confused Nov13


‘Warrior Stance’ - Models: Catherine McNeil, Meghan Collison, Sun Fei Fei, Jamie Bochert, Lily Donaldson | Photography: Steven Klein | Styling: Edward Enninful | Hair: Orlando Pita | Make-up: Kabuki | Designers: Tom Ford, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci,Roberto Cavalli, Helen Yarmak, Dior Homme, Prada, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, J. Mendel