embellished cardigan

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon [x]

Summertime and being out of school means the travel urge is kicking in, and nothing would thrill me more than going on a train trip like Nancy does in TRN. Truly, that game is my dream trip! To create a look sintered by that game, pair a floral dress with a lace-embellished cardigan, peach tights, oxford shoes, ruffled socks, a lace-embellished bag, and a gold hair bow. Train car earrings, a chandelier necklace, gold bracelets, a railroad spike ring, and a cameo ring complete the look.

sarcastic-autumn  asked:

I have been scouring the Internet to answer this question: should I use an embroidery hoop to embellish my cardigans? Can you help?

Excellent question! The last time I tried to embroider a tshirt with a wooden hoop I ended up stretching the top and my niece refused to wear it.

This is a great guide to embroidering on knits, one that I will be keeping bookmarked! I always assumed you shouldn’t stretch it before stitching but of course it means that it will be shaped to fit when you’re wearing the top, not when it’s hanging nicely in your cupboard. Without pre-stretching, your stitching may end up looking like this when you slip your cardy on:

I knew I’d one day find a reason to use that picture.