embellished blazer

“Night Owls” - Kurt/Blaine

Blaine will mumble, “Miss you,” or, “Bed’s too big,” or simply, “Mmmm… fuck me?” And even though any of these are reasons enough to to stop working, he will say, “Five more minutes, B.”

anon asked: “Would it be a bad thing to ask you to write about one of the times where Blaine just say ‘Fuck me?’ lol” So this is a smutty little companion piece to “Morning People.” :)

warning for consensual somnophilia (sleepy sex)

940 words | AO3

This is night.

Blaine blinks his eyes open in the dim light, immediately finding his husband in the corner of their darkened bedroom. His back is to Blaine, his nimble fingers at work on an embellished blazer resting on his dress form. Blaine just lays there and watches him work for a few moments, noting the tension in his broad shoulders and the laser focus in his eyes when he moves to the side of the dress form to inspect the garment.

He loves Kurt like this. Blaine can think of few things more attractive than watching Kurt work, putting his passion into action. He stretches under the covers, his hard cock twitching against his lower belly, and groans softly when he reaches down to stroke himself.

Kurt, absorbed in his work, doesn’t notice.

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