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Your stories make me incredibly happy, and I see your thingum (header?) is Chicago. Can you maybe tell a story at some point about the Magnificent Mile and/or the Tribune Tower?

I actually just moved here a few months ago, so I’m not supremely familiar with either beyond wikipedia and an architectural tour! I’ll sure give it a try anyway, thanks for the prompt!


The Tribune Tower is a magical hodge podge nightmare place that Steven sort of wishes would just be transported to another dimension already. As the tower’s watcher, he’s not allowed to wish that, but his boss can’t mind read so.

The tower can fuck right off.

Objectively, it’s quite pretty. Gothic design hoisted high into the air, buttresses, stone, the whole nine-yards. His parents had said things like “scenic” and “honor” and “historic” when he’d first been assigned. Back then, he’d even agreed with them.

Now he knows better.

“Get. Your. Hand. Off. The. Stone,” he says through gritted teeth. He’s not angry; he’s cold. It’s snowing lightly, muffling the world around them. Oh, sorry, the snow’s not muffling the world. That’d be the distraction charm, a charm designed to turn the non-magical eye away, cast by the man crouched at the base of the tower.

The man turns and Steven is suddenly angry and cold.

“Raul,” Steven says, taking his hands out of his pockets. “Now.” The chill races from his hands as he calls fire to them.

“Guardian,” Raoul greets far too cheerfully for someone who’s been caught red-handed. Again. “I was just touching, no need to get all snippy.”

Raoul backs away from the tower, hands raised as if to say no harm, no foul. Steven isn’t about to believe the older man, so he stalks forward, keeping a wary eye on him.

This is what Steven is supposed to be watching. There are stones from all over the world embedded in the tower. The Taj Mahal, the White House, the Alamo. Dozens of historic places have lost parts of themselves to this Chicagoan landmark and, for whatever reason, many of them are at ground level. Where idiot sorcerers like Raoul can just walk right up and touch them.

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They towered over him, barely solid structures precariously packed together by weight and time. Past the towers, embedded in the gray sky, harsh lights shone down. Mocking light that elicited hope. The boy wondered…if he could just climb the tallest tower, then maybe, he could go home.
Not quite content with how this turned out but its better then I was expecting. This is a picture for my Junkyard Sky AU. where Tsuna fall into the trash heap or something like that. :p

Dark Tower - A Bridge to Nowhere - Near Open Cluster NGC 6231
The Dark Tower in the constellation of Scorpius is an elongated dark cloud of dust and gas embedded in a rich sea of stars. It is known as a cometary globule where intense UV radiation from very hot OB-type stars in NGC6231 (off the top edge of the image) sculpts the resulting columnar structure of the Dark Tower. The UV radiation is sufficiently strong to ionize hydrogen, producing an ominous pink glow around the top of the Dark Tower and similarly to ionize the background medium, such as the interesting “bridge to nowhere” of H-alpha light extending from the tip of the Dark Tower toward the left side of the image. There are several blue reflection nebula embedded within the Dark Tower. These structures are stellar nurseries. The Dark Tower is 40 light years across and 5,000 light years distant.

Credit: Don Goldman

Quick points for the entirety of ORAS round 15.
  • You can choose where you end up when you travel through Hoopa’s rings as long as you have your destination clearly in mind.
  • Norman tells Ruby to stop being a little sh*t who keeps worrying and hurting his loved ones.
  • The Berlitz family funded the Rayquaza project on the condition that they’d be directly involved, and both Devon and Mauville Greater Holdings provided the tech.
  • Ruby finds a tattered piece of cloth, and believes it to be part of Zinnia’s cape.
  • Ruby wonders what the connection is between the mysterious, unseen figure in the video they watch and Zinnia’s hatred of Devon.
  • Norman and Ruby attempt to further purify the Green Orb core that they took from Emerald, turning its color to jade.
  • They figure that they should go to the Embedded Tower to find Rayquaza, but with the meteors starting to fall, Rayquaza appears to try to stop them.
  • In trying to get its attention, Ruby and Norman only manage to piss it off.
  • (Castform’s Sunny Day shouldn’t have worked as Rayquaza should’ve nullified it. Maybe this’ll be corrected in the volumes; that’s happened before with mistakes. Change it to Flash?)
  • Ruby gets squished, but he manages to get the scroll out.
  • Norman attempts to control Rayquaza with the Jade Orb core, but it doesn’t work.
  • Ruby tells Norman to call Emerald as to get Hoopa to get them all back to Hoenn, Rayquaza included. He hopes to reunite with Sapphire as so they can both take on the meteor…
8:16 [1/1]

A/N: So @ive-always-been-a-pirate and I were talking speculation today about why the time on the clock in Underbrooke moved between 5x12 BTS and 5x14 BTS. Then mindyourhelm posted this little thing and my muse just screamed at me to write it. So here it is. 

Rated: K

Since the dawn of time the clock had been there.

Its shape had changed over the centuries, molding itself into whatever image the ruler of this realm chose. In days of old it had been a sundial, echoing the simple world its inhabitants had come from. An elaborate Victorian tower had been its image for years, iron beams blending it into the surrounding buildings that changed as time moved forward in the outside world. Its current incarnation was a modern clock set in the crumbling remains of a tower, embedded within the very pavement that ran through the town.

The clock had always been there, but its hands never moved.

Day and night came, seasons changed, and eons passed for the realm’s inhabitants but the clock remained silent. Its hands were forever frozen, mocking those who walked by because this was a timeless land, where age and time spent there didn’t matter. Even when it had been a simple sundial the shadow that marked the time never moved, forever locked on that same hour and minute. Some inhabitants had been there since the world was nothing more than brimstone and fire, others filtering in over the years as their souls left the mortal world. They were all used to the unmoving clock, the one constant in the realm no matter the shape their world took, many forgetting the ancient fixture was even there.

But not him.

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Half a round right now, we’ll get the other half later. Here’s Coronis’ summary:

Emerald gets Zinnia to explain why she refuses to recognize Ruby and Sapphire as candidates to use Rayquaza since they’ve obviously earned its permission to ride it and even taught it Dragon Ascent. Zinnia reveals that the full legend foretells the Lorekeeper entering space to destroy the asteroid with Mega Rayquaza, which essentially is a sacrificial move since humans cannot survive there. The Stones then get an idea, and remember the new Shelly and Tabitha who once worked on the ‘Suits’. Before they get things into action, Giovanni shows up with Red/Blue, and Blaise/Amber (we see that the latter have indeed succeeded their leaders’ stones and Pokemon). Giovanni raises the question of whether the asteroid is truly just an asteroid. He points out that Mega Evolution is supposed to be in-battle only, and if the asteroid is really just an asteroid, the megas should not happen. This leads everyone to suspect that the asteroid is actually a Pokemon from space. Blue suggests that with enough Pokemon power, they may actually be able to slow down the asteroid just like how the Primals destroyed the small meteoroid.

And so, everyone begins to get to work. With Sootopolis as a base, the Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Frontier Brains gather. All the scientific minds gather to figure out how to send the Lorekeeper to space with the suits. Emerald also contacts Gold/Silver/Crystal to seek help from the Kanto/Johto Gym Leaders and Elite 4. We also learn that Norman is with the group in Johto.

Sapphire meets Grannie officially, and she comments on how matching Gardevoir and Gallade are, offering her their Mega Stones but Sapphire slaps her with an embarrassed look. Steven then decides to return the jar of Key Stones they gathered from the Embedded Tower after Rayquaza was captured, which belonged to Aster. Steven clarifies that the Key Stone he uses is not Aster’s, but he officially inherited it from Gurkinn in Kalos. Grannie believes that Gurkinn is one of the descendants of Draconids who moved to other regions. Zinnia is happy to have Aster’s Key Stones back, but she collapses. We then see Ruby contemplating on who should go into space, and Sapphire is angry because she thinks Ruby is doing it again…

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I really, really love your analysis/theories on the 100 stuff! just wanted to toss this your way though. Aaron Ginsburg posted yesterday on his tumblr that the Polis tower was an already established building that survive the bombings. Not trying to be rude or anything, just wasn't sure if you ha seen this post :)

No way! don’t ever think you are being rude by telling me canon information that i didn’t see. Like this:

So! This proves that Polis Tower IS NOT the 13th Station, but was an existing skyscraper. The gargoyles and the base of the tower made me question if it was the space station. This helps steer my theorizing and not put fourth the effort trying to justify why they would pimp out the outside of a space station with gargoyles lol. Due to knowing that this was an existing Skyscraper, I DO think that this was the ‘homebase’ while Polaris was the ‘outerspace-base’. The infinity logo was a ‘company logo’ for the AI project the Rebecca was the head of. She was safely in space when ALIE released the bombs, but then took the space station to the ground. OR maybe she launched her escape pod before the station was destroyed and came down to earth with Version 2.0 of the code by herself – there were no other survivors from the 13th station. BUT! if there were other survivors from the 13th station, they might have been the ‘carriers’ of this ‘Nightblood’ that they were testing in space to go along with Version 2.0. Only having this ‘Nightblood’ could someone connect to Version 2.0 – this ‘other’ City of Light where the Commanders are connected to. The pod was taken to Polis Tower because embedded inside it’s systems in version 2.0 of the code.  

This month’s ORAS summary, courtesy of Coronis:

Zinnia is determined to knock Ruby and Sapphire off Rayquaza and sends forth Salamence to attack. Ruby and Sapphire fight back with Gardevoir and Gallade, the former using Misty Terrain. However, apart from Salamence’s attack, they also get hit unexpectedly from a Noivern, which turns out to be Aster’s. Rayquaza and Sapphire sense the presence of Aster on Noivern, which is why Rayquaza flies after it, but Zinnia uses the chance to blast Ruby off. Sapphire regains her voice in her scream, and decides to hop off Rayquaza to save the boy. Zinnia is finally alone with Rayquaza, and mentions about her quest to seek it out since she freed it from the Johto research building. She mentions how she manipulated TA and TM to awaken Kyogre and Groudon, but Rayquaza ended up being used by people it didn’t have a bond with (Norman), which was why it left with rage at the end of the RS chapter. She pleads to Rayquaza to be her partner, but to her shock, the dragon lord stabs her with its tail and blasts her off into the sea.

Ruby and Sapphire are saved by Tropius and meet up with Emerald. Emerald wonders if the soil from the Draconids’ Village could calm Rayquaza, and we learn that Latios has rescued Zinnia and brought her to Sootopolis. As everyone gathers, Joseph and Steven Stone also arrive, and Joseph decides to voice out his apology to Zinnia on behalf of Devon. He recalls how they thought they could control Rayquaza like the Draconids did, with science, and thus made an irreparable mistake at the Embedded Tower (I assume he is implying that Aster got killed). He pleads that their aim was purely to save the planet, and thus asks for Zinnia’s forgiveness. However, Zinnia mocks that he is not really apologizing and points out the arrogance in his words. She states that he still believes that his science can do anything, and says he didn’t think of what would happen to the warped asteroid which may fall upon another life-bearing planet (she didn’t really mention the parallel universe concept here, just says there may be another life-bearing planet). She wonders if her people who opposed to her trying to fill in Aster’s shoes were right all along, and breaks down in tears.

Emerald thinks it’s irresponsible for them to give up now after getting so many people involved, and states that there must be something else they can do…