embedded tower

Quick points for the entirety of ORAS round 15.
  • You can choose where you end up when you travel through Hoopa’s rings as long as you have your destination clearly in mind.
  • Norman tells Ruby to stop being a little sh*t who keeps worrying and hurting his loved ones.
  • The Berlitz family funded the Rayquaza project on the condition that they’d be directly involved, and both Devon and Mauville Greater Holdings provided the tech.
  • Ruby finds a tattered piece of cloth, and believes it to be part of Zinnia’s cape.
  • Ruby wonders what the connection is between the mysterious, unseen figure in the video they watch and Zinnia’s hatred of Devon.
  • Norman and Ruby attempt to further purify the Green Orb core that they took from Emerald, turning its color to jade.
  • They figure that they should go to the Embedded Tower to find Rayquaza, but with the meteors starting to fall, Rayquaza appears to try to stop them.
  • In trying to get its attention, Ruby and Norman only manage to piss it off.
  • (Castform’s Sunny Day shouldn’t have worked as Rayquaza should’ve nullified it. Maybe this’ll be corrected in the volumes; that’s happened before with mistakes. Change it to Flash?)
  • Ruby gets squished, but he manages to get the scroll out.
  • Norman attempts to control Rayquaza with the Jade Orb core, but it doesn’t work.
  • Ruby tells Norman to call Emerald as to get Hoopa to get them all back to Hoenn, Rayquaza included. He hopes to reunite with Sapphire as so they can both take on the meteor…