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This is a portrait I came up with out of nowhere, to be truthful. I was actually making a chapter cover for one of the Grimm Tales chapters when the idea for this picture hit me. It started out as a simple picture of Weiss and Ruby standing against a blank background, but a message started to form as I made each new stroke. So, instead of just a little picture of these girls looking pretty (as always), there actually is more too it than I intended; a message being embedded within the art. 

What do you think of it?

RWBY © Rooster Teeth Productions
Grimm Tales © Camron “Darkesper” Davis

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Another one of the spirits from Holy Priest, this is Gub he’s the spirit who serves the god of parasites (esp. worms + maggots), his master is the king of Gold Paradise

In 2000 I tried to do some watercolouring with this watercolour sketch of the Dune 2000 PC-game which I got from a former colleague of mine as a farewell-gift. Even though I don’t play the game anymore since the current PC’s and laptops are too fast, I still have it as a reminder of those days and especially that goodbye which is embedded in my heart. #art #artwork #drawing #tekening #watercolour #aquarel #dune #duin #dune2000 #engineer #pcgame #game #strategy #strategygame #sandworm #zandworm #spice #spijs

Photo Art Color Effects v1.7.29 Apk

Photo Art Color Effects v1.7.29 Apk

[embedded content] Photo Art Color Effects v1.7.29 Apk color your old and black photo. Everyone can be a artist. 32 color effects i.e Colorize, Pixelize, Mosaic, Pencil sketch, Posterize, Solarize, Brightness, Negative, Thermal, Smear cross. 12 brush types. Two finger zoom or fast finger zoom. Import your pictures or take from camera. Share with your friends via Email, Facebook or other social…

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Artsy Fartsy Afternoon at Tales, with Henri Rousseau

Artsy Fartsy Afternoon at Tales, with Henri Rousseau

cropped-henri_rousseau_-_il_sogno2.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 452 pixels) – Scaled (83%). First taken from https://deborahbrasket.files.wordpress.com All other pics from Wikipedia. Henri Rousseau has always been one of my favorite painters. I don’t understand the attraction. Art is bias built on empirical experiences, and somehow Rousseau’s art embedded itself into my subconscious.  Monsieur…

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