Embedly Labs

I’m a big fan of Embedly.

I daresay it makes the desktop/web version of Twitter approximately a million times better by doing a ridiculously simple and obvious thing: it displays all kinds of media plus the content of links mentioned in a given toot–right over in that weird mystery meat column on the right.

That’s it.

You know me. I could give a shit about redesign backlash and iLynchmobs and #OccupyTrivialChanges and what have you. Still.

I mention it here because:

  1. an internet acquaintance of mine seems curious about it what it does;
  2. you’re a goddamned doofus to ever visit Twitter.com without embed.ly running.

So, there you go.

Or, more properly, here you go:

Twitrpix using regex

I’m modifying the code to display the TwitrPix image using Dabr Open Source. In embedly.php, modify the code:

$services = array(
’#youtube.com\/watch\?v=([_-\d\w]+)#i’ => ‘http://i.ytimg.com/vi/%s/1.jpg’,
’#twitrpix.com/([\d\w]+)#i’ => 'http://img.twitrpix.com/thumb/%s’,

Actually to display the TwitrPix is already there using Embed.ly api calls. But I prefer to use the regex instead the Embed.ly api calls. So Writelonger still can show the thumbnail even the embed.ly quota is out.

For more info you can read it here: http://code.google.com/p/dabr/issues/detail?id=288