embassy pictures


check out this sick ass NCR-BoS embassy i made (and pretend it’s not in Fallout 4 lmao)

the first picture is meant to be a waiting area for NCR travelers and settlers applying for admission into the newly-reformed State of Maxson, as well as BoS soldiers and their families as they await passports and NCR-issued identification documents

the second picture was originally going to be a farm, but bethesda fucked up and made it so that you couldn’t put crops here, regardless of farm plots or not. so instead it’s an open air extension to the waiting area, designed to keep travelers and embassy personnel entertained

the third picture is the second level, meant to be on-site housing for embassy personnel. the embassy keeps a rotating staff mixture of officers from the NCR and scribes from the Brotherhood of Steel

the fourth picture is the top level, an open air deck meant for observation and threat deterrence. the heavy laser turrets are the first thing most travelers see as they approach the embassy

and the final picture is a view of the front entrance that just…… looks cool