embarrassment to toronto


so at the concert the boys had to bring fans on stage and teach them the point choreo of Bingo
and as the rules were being explained Changsun was looking around and we made eye contact and I smiled and he nodded (this happened twice?) and so when it was time for him and Jinhong to choose their team’s fan, Changsun was pretty clearly pointing at me and said “the fan in the back making the finger heart” and I was like ??me?? And everyone was like yes you go go go so I started pushing my way through the crowd and when I was halfway there security stopped me and I looked up and some random chick from the front had gotten up and I was like ((didn’t he say from the back and pointed at me??)) and changsun started like kinda shifting and he looked awkward and he looked at me apologetically and he looked super uncomfortable and repeatedly looked at me making the same confused face as I was (he looked pretty distraught?) and I saw him a few songs later looking at me again so I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled and kinda brightened up after that and started giving thumbs ups to the crowd a lot and it was so precious he’s so precious

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here's a kind of cute hockey thing that was mildly embarrassing: i bus through toronto to get home from university & so i pass the air canada centre & this one time we're stopped at a red light near the ACC & i was staring out the window listening to music not paying attention & then i realize the guy next to me is waving so i'm like "what's going on" & i look closer & realize it's MITCH MARNER waving at me bc he thought i was looking at him & i waved back & the guy is a LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE

You are so lucky that is literally the cutest thing ever!!! Thank you so much!!! 💕💕