embarrassing situations are not my friend

movies that should exist: a pride & prejudice modern adaptation
starring mindy kaling as elizabeth bennet & jessica chastain as darcy fitzwilliam

“ugh. you LOVE me?”
“don’t make that face. it’s not like i want to. you’re loud and you talk too much about television for an adult and every single member of your family has friended me on facebook despite the fact that i’ve never spoken to most of them, and most of them have very poor punctuation. in fact, this whole situation is very embarrassing. like herpes. but like herpes, i don’t think it’s curable without taking action. so here i am. telling you. i love you.”
“can you even hear yourself right now?”
“so … what are your thoughts?”
“what are my thoughts? about your i-love-you-like-herpes speech?? which, p.s., herpes is incurable. that shit’s always gonna flare up again.”
“exactly. the metaphor is appropriate.”

An Awkward Situation.

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: though not liked much by the avengers, Loki’s brought to the base by Thor to be looked after. You’re the only one he looks forward to meeting; his only friend. Days with you were going fine until you both find yourselves in an awkward situation.

Author’s Note: I wanted to experiment with a Loki fic so I came up with this. I already had the idea in my mind but wasn’t sure how to execute it in a story plus I wasn’t sure which character to pick. I just randomly thought of an embarrassed and flustered Loki and finding it adorable, I wrote this fic. Hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing and violence

Word Count: 1962

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Thor had decided to visit earth to look after some matters and meet jane. He was just about to leave when he thought of taking Loki along with him, though Loki had asked for forgiveness about his actions, he couldn’t quite trust him fully. So, he took him along and decided that he would let the avengers look after him.

The brothers arrived at the base and got in the elevator.

‘can you refresh my memory on the topic as to why I couldn’t have stayed in Asgard?’ Loki looked at Thor with raised eyebrows.

‘because after all you had done, you couldn’t be trusted to have left unsupervised.’ He simply stated.

‘I am not a child; I wouldn’t have done anything. If only you- ‘

‘children, my dear brother, are better than you. when they do not get what they wish, they complain or cry. They don’t just go around destroying cities or enslaving mankind.’ Thor faced him completely and he rolled his eyes.

‘I don’t like this place much. The humans hate me. How do you expect me to spend a week here?’ he asked in an irritated tone.

‘well, after what you’ve done that’s what you must expect, Loki.’ Thor kept a hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off.

 ‘as to how you’ll stay here, hasn’t (y/n) got it all covered? You seem to like her.’ He smiled. ‘do tell me, Loki. Have you, by any chance, seem to have caught what they call ‘the feelings’ for her?’ he grinned.

‘no, she is just much less loath able than the others.’ He said trying to maintain his calm. ‘she treated me nicely and she is very interesting, that’s the reason I like her company.’ He looked at him.

‘and she’s very beautiful’ Thor said grinning.

‘and she’s very-‘Loki stopped mid-sentence and glared at him.

The doors opened and Thor got out laughing while Loki simply followed. Thor had asked all of them to be present at the time of their arrival. They entered the common room and found only you and tony seated there as all others were out for a mission. You noticed them first and greeted them.

‘hey Thor!’ you smiled.

‘hello (y/n). how are you?’ je smiled brightly.

‘I am great! You?’ you chirped.

‘if we do not talk of Loki, I am good.’ He said and nudged him.

‘hello Loki.’ You turned to him.

‘ah, finally you have acknowledged my presence.’ He smirked and looked at you.

‘you always have to be like that, huh?’ you folded your arms.

‘oh he has to, you know maintaining the classic evil, sarcastic character. He can’t help himself.’ Tony walked up to you.

‘stark.’ Loki gave him a sharp look.

‘Loki.’ Tony taunted. ‘Thor, why are you putting us through this?’ he turned to Thor and pointed at Loki.

‘you do know the reason. He can’t be left by himself. I still can’t believe that he won’t cause any harm.’ He explained.

‘well, in that case we will have to babysit him.’ tony mumbled and exited the room.

‘I must leave too. Goodbye (y/n).’ he smiled

  ‘bye Thor.’ You waved a little. ‘be good brother.’ He patted Loki’s shoulder and walked away.

‘I hate it already.’ He groaned.

‘don’t worry, Come with me.’ You offered him your hand.

‘where are you taking me?’ he asked as you as he followed you across the hallway.

‘my room, I have some stuff I wanna show you. even if you don’t want to do what I have planned you can just sit with me or we can talk or read.’ You said and he gave you a genuine smile.

Days with you were spent so comfortably. He loved spending time with you. you would talk about everything with him. you would tell him little bits of things about earth while he would share his knowledge of the universe with you. Even sitting in silence with you gave him a sense of happiness.

On the 5th day, you decided to take him outside dressed as a commoner, which was something he loathed, he didn’t like how the clothes looked on him. it was a very big change.

‘you look so nice!’ you grinned seeing him in an emerald green t-shirt, black leather jacket and jeans.

‘I look like a fool.’ he glared at you and then look hesitantly at the mirror.

‘no! I think, you look rather dashing.’ You leaned on the wall of your bedroom. A pink smudge appeared on his cheeks.

‘thank you for the compliment.’ He muttered and you chuckled.

‘you’re so cute!’ you got on your toes and pulled his cheek.

‘I am not cute I am dangerous.’ He folded his arms and you laughed.

‘alright, Mr. dangerous, let’s get going.’ You grabbed his hand and led him outside. He showed hesitation but you ignored him.

Natasha and Clint were walking in your direction. Clint noticed you and waved.

‘do you ever spend time with us anymore.’ He said.

‘yeah, and what do you do with him all day in your room?’ Natasha folded her arms and gave you her signature smirk.

‘it’s not what you are thinking.’ You glared.

‘okay, won’t mention it again. I am happy as long as I don’t have to see his face.’ She said and Loki rolled his eyes.

‘why the hell are you hiding behind her?’ Clint grabbed his arm and pulled him forwards.

‘have you lost your mind?’ he stumbled forwards and fixed his hair.

‘you got him to wear that!’ Clint’s eyes grew wide.

‘mhm, isn’t he looking nice.’ You held his hand and he tightened his grip.

‘he does look hot. (y/n) I have to say; your choice is great.’ Natasha looked him up and down while he tried to maintain his calm.

‘I know.’ You smiled. ‘now if you’d excuse us, we have to go.’

With that you both walked away. You took him to your favourite café and were walking around a park.

‘you like it?’ you looked at him.

‘the beverage is pleasant.’ He said as he sipped on his drink.

‘how would you describe this?’ you swirled the cup.

‘about the coffee, a nice bitterness.’ He looked at the mug. ‘you, look tempting.’ He stopped and looked at you. you blushed and decided to play along.

‘do I?’ you moved closer to him. ‘you have no idea.’ He closed the gap between you and towered you.

 ‘this dress you are wearing today compliments your body perfectly.’ His eyes fixed on you.

‘so this dress is the main reason of your sudden flirtations?’ you took a step back and started walking.

‘no, it’s actually the change of scenery.’ He followed you. he noticed you two were now alone. It was evening time. ‘is it just me or the weather suggesting something?’ he said in a low voice.

‘it’s just your imagination!’ you shoved him playfully.

‘I- ‘he stopped as he noticed a man who had been sitting on a bench earlier was looking at the two of you. he ignored it and continued walking.

‘cat got your tongue.’ You teased.

‘no, I- ‘he saw the man aiming a gun at you. ‘(y/n)!’ he shouted and pulled you in his chest. He took out his dagger and threw it in the man’s direction. It landed in his throat and he fell on the ground. Everything happened way too fast, he just stayed in the position until you spoke.

‘Loki, take your hand off my chest.’ You said in a small voice. He noticed his hand was on your breast and too make it worse, his grip was… tight.

He immediately removed his hand.

‘I-I, I am so sorry! I just couldn’t think of anything else. I was trying to protect you and my hands just.’ He tried to explain.

‘yeah, it’s okay.’ You squeaked out. ‘let’s get back.’ You kept your gaze low as you tried to hide your crimson turned face. He too had a bright blush on his face. He was too embarrassed to say anything and followed you.

The ride back to the tower was spent in the most awkward silence. None of you said anything. When you arrived at the base, you headed straight to your room and Loki to his.

You got in the bathroom to get changed and wash your face. You could still see how red your face was. When you took your dress off, you could see that the area of your chest where his hand had been was a little red too. Seeing it made you feel more embarrassed. You shook your head and quickly put your night clothes on.

You lay on your bed as you hugged a pillow. You could still feel his hand on you. he had large hands and his grip was strong and…. God, thinking about it was a torture.

  ‘how will I face him now?!’ you groaned internally. You clenched the pillow and buried your face in it.

Loki was in a chaos. What had he done? He was so close to getting his feelings out, everything was going fine, until…. He covered his face and groaned as the memory crossed his mind. If he was feeling so what would you be thinking?

I must do something. I can’t upset her, she’s my only… friend.’ He thought and left his room.

You popped your head from the pillow as you heard a soft knock on your gate. You got up and opened the gate. A heat rose to your face again as you saw Loki standing there with his hands at his back. He was wearing his normal clothes now.

‘oh, Loki, I- I, what- what are you doing here?’ you stuttered.

‘hello (y/n). will you let me in?’ he said softly.

‘yeah, sure, come in.’ you kept your gaze low.

‘okay, (y/n) I am very sorry for what happened earlier.’ He said.

‘oh it’s alright! It was embarrassing and you were only trying to save me- ‘he put a finger on your lips.

‘hush, I know that I am making you uncomfortable, but I insist that you listen to what I have to say.’ He looked at you and you nodded. ‘I was trying to protect you. I was truly frightened when I saw that man trying to kill you. you see, you mean a lot to me. You bring out the best in me. Time spent with you is what I thrive for now. You are one of the very few who have ever cared for me. And the thought of losing you, out of every being made me take an immediate action.’ The words felt like silk when he spoke them. They had wrapped you in the best of feelings.

‘I love you (y/n). please forgive me. Even if you do not intend on returning my feeling, just be my friend again. You are the only close person I have left.’ He brought his hands forwards. He had a tiny box in one hand and a bouquet of your favourite flowers in the other. You took them and set them aside. You smiled at him and he gave you a confused look.

‘why are you so adorable?’ you placed a hand on his cheek and grinned. the corners of his mouth twitched in a smile.

  ‘so, what shall I think this means?’ he smirked.

‘well,’ you wrapped your hands around his neck. ‘it means, I too love you and now you don’t have to apologize for putting your hands anywhere on me.’ You winked and he chuckled. He pulled you in a tight embrace. He pulled back and slid his arms down to your waist.

‘I wanted to do this for a long time now.’ He pulled you closer and connected his lips to yours.

‘I fucking knew it! You owe me 20 tasha!’ Clint ran away after seeing you both.

You both pulled back. He looked at you and then at the door. He closed the door and locked it. He held you again and fixed his eyes on you.

‘now, where were we?’ he smirked.

Wounds and Contusions [Peter Parker] (Part 4)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Series Title: Wounds and Contusions
Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Characters: (Tom Holland) Peter Parker x female!reader, Flash Thompson, your parents
Warnings: possible spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, mentions of an armed mugging, mentions of bullying
Word Count: 1,557
Short Description: You’re a classmate of Peter’s and you worry about him when you see all of his cuts and bruises. After being saved from a mugger by Spider-Man, you rush to tell your new friend Peter the news and question his opinion on Spider-Man.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name

The police had handled the situation you were in quite well, but you were pretty disappointed that they seemed to care more about Spider-Man than the actual mugging; and not in a good way. The police were complaining that the “crazed vigilante” known as Spider-Man was trying to go against the values of the police, and embarrass them at the same time. All the while, they barely even seemed to care that Spider-Man had done their job for them without even expecting a simple acknowledgement. So, you were pretty upset. You would forever be in Spider-Man’s debt, so you had to bite your lip to prevent the snappy comments that were threatening to spill out of you.

Your parents were frantic when the police called them that evening, immediately rushing to the scene, as your New York City townhouse was pretty near by. They seemed to have picked you up in a hysterical state, but you were calm and collected. Spider-Man had saved your life. You were extremely fortunate that you weren’t attacked by your mugger, and were, in fact, in perfect condition. Now, all you needed to do was find Spider-Man and give him a proper thank you, not just a measly old hug.

Reporters showed up to take pictures of the mugger all webbed-up in Spider-Man’s synthetic webbing, and your name was mentioned as the reporter spoke, so you knew that you would be questioned about it whenever somebody recognised you. This was something you were not looking forward to. Your meeting with Spider-Man felt private, for some reason; despite there being an armed mugger there to witness every word he spoke. But Spider-Man just seemed to… human. His voice wasn’t very deep, and his comments were youthful. It seemed as if Spider-Man was just a teenager

When the school bell rang to signal the start of the first period, people would not stop approaching you. You were already relatively well-known at school, mostly because you were the only person that Flash Thompson didn’t antagonise at Midtown, but that had been pretty insane. There was nothing like it in the world. People kept asking about Spider-Man and about the mugging, and you barely caught most of the queries.

“Y/N! I heard you got saved by Spider-Man!”

“They mentioned your name on the news! What’s he like? What’s the Spider-Man like?”

“Did you see his face without the mask?”

“Is he really cute?”

“Are you hurt? Did Spider-Man heal you with his superpowers?”

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: CollegeAU / Fluff / Angst / Possible Series?
Word Count: 882 

Summary: Getting technique tips from your boyfriends best friend sounded like a smart idea at first. Now it just sounds dirty…

Author’s Note: I’m thinking of making this into a series but I don’t know at this point. Also, Its my first scenario so please don’t judge it too harshly. Besides that, I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

“Okay, so what you’re going to wanna do is make an oval with your lips. Like this,” Namjoon made an exaggerated oval shape with his mouth as an example.

You tried to copy his lip shape as best as possible, while simultaneously trying to control your laughter at your current situation. I mean, getting your boyfriends best friend to give you tips on something you’ve been doing since you were sixteen is slightly embarrassing. The entire situation is just made worse by the fact that you and Namjoon are sat “criss-cross-applesause" style on the living room floor of you and your boyfriends shared apartment while Yoongi is studying at the library.

“Like this?” you asked while pointing at your now oddly contorted lips.

“Yeah like that! Okay, the next step is to flick your tongue lightly. That way-“Namjoon stopped as soon as he heard the front door slam shut.

“What the fuck is this?” Yoongi said while taking off his shoes.

You froze is place. Fuck. This was suppose to be a surprise for Yoongi, but of course, he just had to walk in at the worst time.

“Well, It was suppose to be a surprise but I guess thats not happening now,” you said while standing up and walking over to him. Yoongi still hadn’t moved from his spot in front of the door, even when you wrapped your arms around his torso to greet him. The expression on his face was a mixture of anger and worry and you giggled at what he must think of what was happening. “Namjoon was teaching me smoke tricks with my new vape, idiot.” Yoongi’s face instantly relaxed at your statement and wrapped one arm around your shoulders and gave you a light peck on the cheek. “You said you thought smoke tricks were hot so I figured I’d surprise you.” You slapped his chest lightly while walking back to your previous spot next to Namjoon on the couch.

“She wanted to learn how to do rings but the crack in the window keeps letting in a breeze, so they blow away as soon as she tries,” Namjoon said rolling his eyes while refilling his own tank with liquid.

“Don’t blame me,” Yoongi said shuffling around in the kitchen, looking for what I can only assume to be duct tape to cover the crack. “Y/N’s the one who told him about American football and gave him an actual ball to throw in the apartment.” He chuckled slightly at your inability to say no to showing Taehyung things from your home country. It started out with binge watching some old 80’s action movies and quickly escalated to him yelling “Hey Y/N! How far do you think I can throw this?” Luckily, that day ended shortly after Yoongi took the ball and chucked it at Tae’s forehead for breaking our window.

“Listen here. I only show him this stuff because he calls me every hour till I explain something new.” You said after getting annoyed with not being able to make a single ring. Both boys chuckled at your frustration. Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes at you while taking a strip of tape over to the window and patting it into place.

After filling up his tank with vape liquid, Namjoon packed up his bag and stood up from the couch, “Well I better go, Professor Basu just assigned a 7 page paper about the controversy of the law of quantum mechanics.”

“Is that even a real law?” you ask.

He shrugs, “According to my 300 dollar textbook it is.”

Yoongi grabs the T.V. remote and flops down on the couch beside you. “That’s what you get for being in the honors college.” He says without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” Namjoon says as he shuts the door behind him.  
The room goes quiet for a bit as you continue trying to get this trick down and Yoongi flips through the channels.

“So, are you really gonna learn how to do smoke tricks?” he asks out of no where. You smirk at his question knowing just how to get revenge on him for ruining his own damn surprise.
“Well, I already know how to do one,” you say while moving straddle his lap on the couch. His eyes go dark with lust and he licks his lips desperately.

“Which one?” he asks as you take a deep breath from your vape.

“French inhale,” you say as smoothly as possible and open your mouth slightly in order to allow the smoke to enter your nose. Yoongi’s jaw drops at the extremely basic smoke trick and swallows hard.

“Fuck, I love you.” He says deeply. You smirk and quickly get off the twenty-something year olds lap.

“I know,” you say as you walk towards the kitchen. “Now what do you want for dinner?” Yoongi lays his head over the arm of the couch in defeat and chuckles at how you just played him.

“You,” he says quietly, probably only meaning for himself to hear. You smirk and roll your eyes at his remark while looking through the bar counter window.

“Shut up, pabo,” you say while turning towards the fridge.

“I love you too babe.”


Imagine taking a criminology class and recognizing Neal when he and Peter start asking questions around your campus.

You tilted your head to one side, squinting at the man as he and his friend explained the situation. He seemed oddly familiar. You felt guilty for not really paying attention to his questions, but you really wanted to figure out where you knew him from. Then it struck you. “Wait, are you Neal Caffrey?” you blurted out, immediately flushing in embarrassment.

Neal arched a brow, “My reputation precedes me,” he chuckled, “Let me guess, criminal justice?”

You grinned, “Criminology.”

Neal’s eyes crinkled in amusement, “It’s nice to know I’ve left my mark on the world.”

“So what are you doing working with the FBI, if I’m allowed to ask?” you inquired, genuinely curious.

He pushed his wavy hair back from his forehead and flashed a charming smile, “I’m afraid that’s classified information. Let’s just say I help out where I can.”

You laughed, “Alright, I won’t push the issue. I’ve got a class to get to. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Caffrey.”

You shook his hand and he dipped his head to press a quick kiss to your knuckles. “Please, call me Neal. And you are…?”

“[f/n] [l/n].”

“Then the pleasure is all mine, [f/n].”

Gif Credit: Neal

You’re Cute || Minghao || Oneshot

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GENRE: fluff, minghao!au, trains, late-night-rubbish-writes, oneshot, request

WORDS: 1224

REQUEST: Could you do either 18 or 22 pls. And if I can ask for Minghao pls or not whatever you decide c:” + “For the aus that we never asked for. Number 22 please, because that situation’s extremely embarrassing but cute 😂”

#22: “we go on the same train every day and i complain about how hot you are to my friend thinking that you don’t speak english except once you were like ‘honestly you’re pretty damn fine yourself’ oh my fucking GO D” au

“Dude. Dude dude!”


“Dude look!”

“What, where?”


“WHAT!” your friend roared, pulling her arm away. You didn’t realize you had been shaking her shoulder this whole time. You pointedly excitedly into the train.

“Look! It’s him!”


You rolled your eyes. “The same guy I’ve been telling you about! Train boy! The really hot one!”

Her gaze followed yours into the train and you both watched as the guy put on his headphones, scrolling through songs on his phone. In those few seconds before the doors opened, you noticed everything about him.

His side-swept brown hair. The doe-like eyes. His casual sitting posture; leaned back and legs opened wide. There was a slight smirk on his lips.

The doors opened and you hurried inside, dragging your friend to stand right in front of him.

“Dude what are you doing?” your friend scolded. “I know you – you’re going to be fangirling over him the whole ride. Why are we standing here!”

You noticed she had switched to speaking in Mandarin. “You don’t have to do that you know. He’s wearing headphones.”


“So that means we can speak about him freely and he won’t hear us, duh.”

In front of you the boy laughed at something on his phone. You liked the way he laughed; it was more like a giggle and he would throw his head back happily each time. It made you smile yourself.

“Yah, stop looking at him like that,” your friend snapped her fingers in front you. “That’s creepy!”

“I can’t help it, he’s so cute.”


“Would you look at his arms! Look at those veins. Do you think he works out?”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know maybe he breaks.”

“Like break dance?” you gasped. “That’s so cool! That would explain why he’s always in those dance clothes. He’s always sweaty in on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays.”

“You are a stalker.”

“Just observant.”

Your eyes flit back to the boy. Today he had on a little silver earring on his right ear – usually he wore earrings on both but you figured he looked better with just the one. “Dude he looks so badass today.”


“Look at the earring! He looks so good like that holy crap.” Almost like he heard you, the boy touched his ear. “He usually wears both but he looks really good with just one. It makes him look like a gang leader.”

“Again, you’re a creep.”

“Is it weird that I want to run my hand through his hair?”



“Y/N shut up!” your friend clamped her hand over your mouth. “You were squealing. Squealing!

“I can’t help it he’s so cute.”

“People are STARING!”

“Why are they staring at me? They should stare at this beautiful that’s right in front of me.”

Admittedly your fangirling today was really bad, especially since you didn’t have to struggle to use Mandarin so he wouldn’t understand what you were saying. On other days you would usually just throw some compliments about how hot he was – he was really hot – but right now, the boy in front of you was giving you too many reasons to appreciate his beauty.

He kept pushing his hair back with his hands and grinning right on cue. And that little dimple over his lip kept making an appearance…

As the train travelled on, more people started leaving than entering. You got a seat directly opposite the boy right after your friend left and spent the rest of your time shooting subtle looks his way. Since you lived at the very end of the line the train was practically empty a few stations before your stop.

You waited for the boy to get off: His station was five stops before yours. The train doors opened and closed but he didn’t leave.

You looked up curiously.

…And found him staring back at you.

Your eyes widened.

There was a half-smirk on his lips and a playful glint in his eyes. He stood up and took off his headphones, crossing the width of the train and sitting down in the empty spot next to you. His gaze didn’t leave yours.

Nǐ jīntiān hǎo ma? How are you today?”

You blushed furiously. “Wǒ hěn hǎo, xièxiè nǐ.”

“Do you know what these are?” he asked, continuing to speak in Mandarin. He pointed to his headphones.


“Do you know what they’re good for?”

“Listening to music?”

“Ah,” he held up a finger, grinning devilishly. “You’re half-right. But they’re especially good for pretending to listen to music.”

Your blush deepened. “What exactly are you saying here?”

“I think you know exactly what I’m saying.” He leaned forward, eyes dancing. You refused to meet his gaze, choosing instead to focus on the up-turned curve of his lips.

He moved back, crossing his arms casually.

“You probably don’t know this – or do you? – but I’m a student here from China. Chinese national through and through.” He turned back to you. “In other words, you need to brush up on your pronunciation my friend or you’ll never be understood by a native.”

“Don’t wanna be understood by a native,” you pouted.

“You’re cute when you pout.”

“Don’t say that!”

“If I recall, you’re the one who said that, about me.” He was grinning widely.

“You’re enjoying this!”

“Of course! I can’t help it that you look really cute today.”

“Stop it!”

“Stop what?” he asked innocently.

“You know what.”


“This!” you waved your arms wildly. He laughed, copying your actions. “What? What is this?”

“This teasing! You’re flirting! I can tell; you’re definitely flirting.”

“You like it.”

“No, I don’t!”

“You do. You’re so red,” he reached out and pinched your cheek. “Look, your ears are turning red!”

“Oh my god stop it!”

“Ahhh you’re really cute!” he dodged as you tried to swipe him. “I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. You’re like a little puppy!”

“You weren’t actually laughing at your phone just now, were you? You were laughing at me freaking out about you.”

“Pretty much,” he smirked.

You groaned, embarrassed. You tried to hide your face in your hands but he wouldn’t let you. He kept using your hair to tickle your ears so you would have to look up and stop him, then he’d be pinching your cheeks again. He wouldn’t stop saying how cute you were.

“What even is your name!” you complained.

He chuckled. “Minghao. And yours?”


He grinned, throwing his arm over your shoulder. “Y/N I think this is the start of a very beautiful friendship.”

You groaned. “This sucks. I didn’t know you were this annoying. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.”

“And deny me of your adorable thoughts? Never!”

“I can’t believe I said all those things! And you could hear and understand them! This whole time!”

“They made my day.”

“Hoo-ray,” you said miserably.

The train finally pulled into your stop; the last station. It had been the longest three-station ride of your life.

“Y/N, I think to commemorate the start of this friendship, you should treat me to some food.”

“Are you serious?”

“My favourite is anything that reminds me of home.”

“You’re serious.”

He beamed down at you. “We have a long time ahead of us Y/N. Let’s get to it.”


Cute tc story
  • So my tc writes, and he has a few published books, this one time before we got together he released a new book but for some reason didn't tell me (which he usually does) I found it and read it and it was a "fiction" about a teacher in love with his student at first I was just curious, then I realised that loads of the flirty situations were Sinmilar to the ones me and him shared, but with different names, I asked him about it because we were good friends and he simply looked down and said "it's fiction" with an embarrassed smile. A year later we got together and after he kissed me passionately he whispered in my ear "fiction is bullshit, it was always you"
I found journals of an agoraphobic man who lived in a haunted house.

(warning: long story)

My friend recently bought a foreclosed home, and while helping him clean it out of the previous owners leftover belongings, I came across a box of journals in the attic. What I learned in the early entries was that the man who lived there, Allan, was agoraphobic. For those unfamiliar with the term, agoraphobia is the fear of places or situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. In its most extreme form, agoraphobia can lead to the sufferer being confined to their home, fearful of the entire outside world. Allan fell into this category. I thought it would be interesting to get a peek inside the mind of someone who confined themselves to their home, so I decided to read them. I noticed they started when he was somewhere in his late 30’s. At first the entries were pretty normal, and gave a little insight into the man’s psyche. It’s quite sad, actually. Anything he would have to go outside for, be it food, home necessities, etc., his sister takes care of and then delivers to his house. But towards the end of the first journal, and mainly beginning with the second, the man started talking about really weird happenings, and it seems he was under the impression that his home, his only safe place in the world, was haunted. Without further ado, let me transcribe these journals. The following are from 2012. They become more frequent in the following years, if you are interested I will continue to transcribe them.

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If anyone was curious about how my musical audition went

I think I managed not to embarrass myself too badly, which was really the only goal. I didn’t get cast, but one of my best friends did (not to mention my neighbor in the dorm is stage managing), so I have plenty of people to interrogate about how it’s going, and from what I can tell the cast is going to be great.

TL;DR I get to see my favorite musical four nights straight, front row, for a total of $20, and support my friends at the same time. There were no bad outcomes of this situation. I can’t wait until April.

I’ve never understood why my friends weren’t aware of the fact that they are gorgeous. My one friend has the most amazing face existing while another one is blessed with a body shape people would kill for. However, no matter how often I told them this, they didn’t believe me. My opinion doesn’t matter as long as their likes, comments or people who ask them out aren’t high enough. And I realised that I’m exactly the same. When I post a picture it’s the most nerve wrecking situation ever. “What if they think I’m ugly? Oh only 10 likes omg I embarrassed myself and everybody’s gonna laugh at me” are only a few of my thoughts that are swirling through my head in that moment. I’ve never went on a date while people around me change their partners daily. It makes me questioning myself, my physical appearance as well as my personality. Please always remember; followers, likes, people who ask you out or friends are only irrelevant numbers that shouldn’t determine your feelings towards yourself. If only 5 people liked your newest Instagram picture so what you still slay that dress you bought last week at the mall. If everybody has a prom date except you , don’t think you’re less amazing than your friends only because you’re gonna rock that evening alone. You’re amazing, beautiful, and awesome the way you are and no number, person or comment should make you feel less than you actually are. Learn to love yourself even though it’s the hardest thing you’ll be confronted with in life.

i’m not sure if i’ve ever actually mentioned this on here but when we met taylor during the fearless tour, one of my friends asked her how she felt about singing songs that she no longer related to and if she got embarrassed by songs that were really sad or angry now that she no longer felt sad or angry about the situation and taylor said “no because there’s no point in being embarrassed by things i once felt and that were once real to me” and even though i wasn’t the one who asked the question, that response has really stuck with me.

it means a lot to me because in hindsight it’s so easy to be embarrassed by emotional outbursts, i frequently regret my emotions like 30 seconds after i feel them but like….. why should i????? negative emotions are always seen as such an embarrassing thing and i know for me i often try to hide when people hurt or anger me because i don’t want them to know they have that power over me but again… why???? why is it so important????? suppressing my emotions and being embarrassed when i lose control over them is still something i struggle with but when it happens i do think about taylor saying that and it makes me feel at least a little better.

:) --feeling grateful to live in the Internet Era.

Because apparently I should never think “This week can’t possibly get worse…” last night I started having pain radiating from the shoulder to the little fingers of my right arm. It was pretty clearly a nerve thing, and my first thought was that I had done something to a nerve by spending too much time using my phone with my right (dominant) hand–talk about an embarrassing repetitive stress injury :P

My doctor’s office is closed today; since it was hardly an emergency, I was basically stuck until I could call them. I read up on pinched nerves but it was a situation where I couldn’t exactly research what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for. Then, I had the inspiration to post about it on Facebook, hoping it was a specific enough experience that someone might happen to recognize it. 

Sure enough, only a few minutes later, my childhood friend’s mom commented from across the country, describing having the EXACT same problem with her arm…because of a neck/shoulder muscle tightness originating from a car crash. LIGHTBULB! I have a bad knot in the right side of my neck, and it plays up when I’m stressed, with such regularity that I just tune it out. This week…could probably be called stressful, lol. Sure enough, as soon as I started treating my neck, the arm pain began to melt away. Who knows how long it would have taken to figure out what was up otherwise? I might’ve had less use of one arm til I got in to see the doctor. I Asked And Facebook Answered. (And now I can make dad jokes about being so stressed my arm stopped working…being filled with stress from head to toe finger…) #blessed

Finally a real life adult

When I was 18 I made some bad choices that really affected my credit. By the time I was 20 I had the worst credit imaginable. I chose to take care of things by avoiding them and tossing notices in the garbage. I also felt I didn’t make enough money to pay off debt. By the time I was 25, it was embarrassing yet I still ignored things. Last year I took a financial course. It changed my life. I learned so much and was able to dig myself out of the deep hole I created. February of last year my credit score was a 342. Today, 601! It has taken a lot of work but I am on my way up. I have a great job, a checking account and a credit card. I create budgets and I am more mindful of any spending.

A few of my friends are in the same situation I used to be so now I have become an unofficial credit repair contact. It feels really good.

We All Try.

What’s more embarrassing than being ridiculously drunk? Having to call your ex to bail you out of a terrible situation. It wasn’t like I wanted Thiago to be the one rescuing me as if I was some damsel in distress but when my phone calls to my best friend went unanswered because she was somewhere lost on the dancefloor and the other few friends I had were probably tucked into bed with their children, he was the only name I could think of who could possibly head here and save me.

And so he was as he assured in a groggy voice over the phone that he would be here soon and I sent him a message with the address of the random bar. It felt…different to hear his voice over the phone now. Our conversations were rare and there were definitely no times I called. They were mainly messages to check up on him and his family with Rafinha’s insisting I send them as he raided my inbox every few weeks to remind me of my once close relationship with his brother.

He just loved telling old stories of how we used to be and how he missed seeing his brother as happy as he once was with me but I always tried to dodge the trap of getting too wrapped up in Rafinha’s words, especially considering Thiago was now in another relationship. He couldn’t have missed me that much if he was already preoccupying himself with someone else while I was still alone, forced to fill my nights with watching on-screen romances instead.

A figure plopped into the seat next to me and my eyes rose excitedly, thinking it was Thiago but I was met instead by a stranger who looked at me as if he wanted to plant a kiss to my lips right now. “Hello, pretty lady.”

If I wasn’t drunk off my ass, I would have groaned in disgust but I instead just gave a simple nod and as much of a smile as I could muster.

“Would you like me to buy you a drink? Aye bartender!” With an ungraceful wave of his arms, he tried to get the attention of the bartender but another voice interjected in the conversation from behind.

“She’s fine. She’s leaving.” The familiar voice caused me to nearly spin around and I was now looking at Thiago, his features showing he was sleepy as well as disgusted with the stranger, a stern look on his face.

“Are you her boyfriend or something?” The drunken man poked with a chuckle.

“Yes and she’s leaving.” Without another word, he reached out and grabbed my arm to gently pull me off of my seat and next to his side. He didn’t bother to even acknowledge me with words or continue engaging the drunken man with more conversation as he instead just turned around and began leading me back to his car.

I felt like a child who was being scolded by their parent for being caught on prom night engaging in underage drinking and sex. He definitely didn’t seem happy with me. Thiago opened the passenger side door of his car and helped me to slide into the low vehicle before he shut the door and went over to the driver’s side. He slid in silently and began starting up the vehicle, beginning the journey out of the small parking lot.

The ride went on silent for quite some time as he didn’t bother to even turn the music of his playlist up any louder than the low murmur it was at. I could recognize the familiar hymn of Ed Sheeran’s ‘I’m A Mess’ and whew, if that wasn’t me currently.

A literal mess.

“Thank you,” I muttered.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he drove, his fingers releasing for a moment to drum against the leather. “No problem.” There was no hint of happiness in his voice. It was all so…void of emotion. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed at me or still half asleep from the slumber I had interrupted him from.

I looked out the window, realizing he wouldn’t continue conversation and realized we weren’t heading in the direction of my home but I remained silent. It didn’t take long before we were driving familiar streets I knew led the way to his home and as I watched the scenery fly past my eyes, I began to drift to sleep.

“We’re here.”

The sound of a voice caused my eyes to flutter open and my head to raise, beginning to realize I was still in Thiago’s car and we were at a standstill. He removed the keys from the ignition and stepped outside, shutting the door behind him and walking over to my side to open my door. I wiped at my eyes and set one foot outside of the door, Thiago helping to lift me from the seat until I was standing out of the way and shutting my door.

My eyes fell upon the familiar view of his home as he led the way to the front door. I tried to muster up enough soberness to follow closely behind him, fighting sleep and fighting to sobriety as we made our way inside. “I have clothes in the laundry you can change into. You can take a shower if you’d like.”

It was the most he had spoken to me since the brief interaction in the car and I could only smile. I missed that tender, soothing voice.

“I’ll just take the clothes.”

He just nodded and led the way to the laundry area and once arrived, I watched as he shuffled through a few items and pulled out one of his t-shirts. He handed it to me and reached back through the clothes to try and find bottoms while I couldn’t help but notice the women’s clothing that was also entangled amongst his.

A lump filled my throat. “Your girlfriend lives here?”

My mind flashed back to the countless arguments I had gotten into with Thiago over my wanting to move in with him and his persistence that I remain in my own apartment. Now, maybe he was right as if we had broken up and I had lived with him I would have been left with finding another place but maybe if we had lived together things wouldn’t have gone sour the way they did.

“Nah, she doesn’t. She…she comes by sometimes. She’s upstairs.” I could tell he was uncomfortable with the conversation and admission that he was currently housing his ex and current girlfriend under the same roof.

I wanted to hate him for it. I wanted to hate him for being able to move on so seamlessly but I was too exhausted to. I was an emotional drunk, not an angry one. “Oh.”

I watched on for a moment as he finally found a suitable pair of bottoms that belonged to him and he handed them over to me but before he could send us out of the secluded room, I stopped him with a question. “Do you hate me?”

I could tell he was caught off guard by my questioning, his eyes narrowing in confusion and his plump lips parting for a moment before he closed his mouth. “Why are you asking that?”

I gave off a slight shrug. “I don’t know. Sometimes I just feel as if you hate me.” My voice was low as if I feared getting caught down here by his girlfriend and her interrupting me getting answers to the questions I hadn’t been drunk enough to ask previously.

He gave an adamant shake of his head. “I would never hate you.”

“So why don’t you call?”

He was perplexed on finding an answer, pausing until he could verbalize his thoughts perfectly. Something he was so good at doing while I was not. “It’s not always good to be in contact with someone you have strong feelings for when you’re trying to…move on.”

I wanted to scream then that I didn’t want him to move on, that he should see that his new relationship was a fluke compared to ours and how his parents sent me more messages over the past few months than he had, asking how I was doing and when I would make an appearance at the Alcântara household again as my presence was sorely missed.

I longed to get that same feeling from Thiago and though my mind pushed for him to admit that to me now, it didn’t quite happen that way. “Oh.”

That was all I spoke as I looked down ashamed at the clothing in my hands. There was an awkward silence that loomed over us for a moment before he shifted and motioned out of the door. “Let’s get you changed.”

I followed his lead out of the room as he turned off the light and we went up the steps. I couldn’t help but imagine the image of his new muse, tossed between his comfortable sheets in the place I used to lay on his left as Thiago loved waking up and facing me in the mornings, the light from the window shining down on me as I slept and made me look like an ‘angel’ as he had voiced so many mornings as he gave grins and ran his fingers through my hair.

I missed that.

We arrived to one of the guest rooms and he pushed the door open, letting me step inside of the familiar room first. I didn’t bother to take any time to retreat to the bathroom but instead began pulling off my jewelry and then my heels to rid myself of my nightwear. My hands fell to my back, awkwardly trying to tug the zipper of my dress down to no avail.

“Help me?” I called out lowly over my shoulder, looking at Thiago who still stood in the closed doorway. Who was usually a poised man, unbothered and unaffected now looked around nervously before inching closer to me.

“Sure.” He took his finger to the zipper and began to slowly slide it down, something he had done so many nights for me with the intention of revealing the beauty of my curves for him to enjoy only this time, he stepped away and let his gaze fall to the floor to avoid looking at me undressing. I didn’t want to put him in an awkward position. I knew Thiago wasn’t the type of man who would cheat, let alone cheat while his girlfriend was in the next bedroom over but was I wrong for thinking of him pushing me to the bed and having his way with me one last time to show he still had an ounce of feeling for me?

I winced to myself as I rushed to put on the top and shorts, tossing my dirty clothes mindlessly to a heap on the floor.

“Do you need anything?” He questioned from behind me. I turned around and met his gaze with a small smile.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you again.” I fell onto the edge of the bed and began to crawl towards the pillows, quickly sliding under the warm covers. “Do you mind…” I let my question trail off as I knew he knew what I was beginning to ask. Like a man who knew his partner well, he simply nodded and walked over to my side.

Instead of inching under the covers as he once used to do, he sat on top of the blankets next to me. There were so many conversation pieces floating around in my head that I swallowed away.

No, no. Don’t do this to yourself, my subconscious told me. You’ll end up in a fit of tears and embarrassing yourself.

“How are things?” I settled on questioning, the rational side of my brain applauding while the daring side sighed with dissatisfaction.

Thiago looked down at me while he sat at my side as it was the first time a smile had graced his lips and pushed his adorable dimples into prominence since I had seen him tonight. “Things are…going. I know that’s not the question you want to ask.”

He knew me too well.

“I think you and I both know I shouldn’t ask the questions I want to.”

He nodded in understanding, sinking comfortably against the headboard and releasing the little bit of tension he had been holding since he arrived at my side. “I miss you, if that’s what you want to hear.”

“I don’t want you to say things just because you think I want to hear them.”

His eyes focused on me, sincerity oozing from his gaze. “I’m not just saying it.”

I gave a half-smile. “Well I miss you too. Things are different without you. Now I’m stuck with Rafinha’s bothering all alone.”

He chuckled, careful not to be too loud or else this night could spiral into something we both didn’t want it to become. “He tells me all of the time of your conversations.”

I wanted to question what exactly the brothers talked about when my name came up. Did Thiago use his brother for information? Did he ask about me more than I may have thought? Had the feeling of sleepiness not wash over me the way it had and my rational side once again stepping in, I may have asked.

“Don’t listen to anything Rafa says about me,” I said with a smile and a yawn. “I just want to say thank you again for picking me up. You didn’t have to do that. You could have just sent me in a cab or something.”

He laughed some, that smile I had fallen for so many times lighting up the dimly lit room. “You know I’ll always do anything for you. Always.”

There was that silence again filling the room until Thiago interrupted it with a pat to my blanket covered thigh, realizing I was soon to be heading to sleep. “Get some rest,” he urged.

I just gave a silent nod. Thiago gave that dashing smile once more before he sent one leg off of the bed and kept the other on, leaning over to place a kiss to my forehead as he had done every night before we fell asleep together. “Goodnight, amor.”

Those were the last words I heard and the last sight I saw before I drifted off into a comfortable sleep, my dreams filled with visions of who we used to be painted into a beautiful and fictional manner. It was a dream I never wanted to wake up from.

Funny Dream

Originally posted by bugbuttrainbow

Haha, I had a dream last night! It started off with me like flirting with someone online and we had similar interest! I had known nothing about them but we talked as if we were talking forever???? So there was like some con and we agreed we’d meet there. I invited a friend to go with me and it was Jaehee??? So I was talking to her about how excited I was and how it was going to be my first bf. Then I hear someone call my name??? And when they run over it’s like a kid that’s middle school aged and I woke up shocked???? I was embarrassed it took me a minute to realize it wasn’t a real situation??? And it didn’t help in the dream because Jaehee was giggling. I was soooooo embarrassed. 

Anyway! I was telling this because I think this would actually be a good platonic [or romantic] Jaehee x Reader fic! She thinks it’s so funny so you give her son to laugh. 

anonymous asked:

The most awkward situation. A few wks ago this guy from school & I started messaging. We now have a sc streak and even though we message & sc heaps, there's nothing going on between us. Basically, my friends found out I was talking to him & today he was near us at lunch & my friend sitting next to me says "hey ___" & pointing from me to him. It was really embarrassing & I don't know what to do cause now he probs thinks I like him. Should I message him and be like "sorry about today" argh!!!

Ahhh 😁 yeah send him a snapchat and see what he says ! Nothing to be embarrassed about he’s human just like you…


I forget I’m supposed to be running an art blog, and get embarrassed that I might over-post things… but this is tumblr, so you kind of can’t over-post.
These are some things I’ve been moving forward.  I am gonna collaborate with some friends.
The trashbag yarn is an experiment in making a padded guitar case.  Hot Stanley is a weird size and shape, I figure I might as well make my own.
More meaningful, and then I can’t be contributing to some kind of sweatshop-poison-factory-situation.  These plastic bags aren’t gonna do much else with their lives, so I think of it as harmless rehabilitation.
I’ve been working on entirely different crochet and paintings this week, but I haven’t taken photos, so I’ll do that and post them, tomorrow…
I need to get back on track with my other projects, too, but right now I gotta mount and frame some things for an upcoming show.  I have two in March, so wish me luck~