embarrassing roleplay

Person B of your OTP as a famous and/or extremely well-known individual. News reporters and camera crews eventually catch up to Person A and interview them on their affections for Person B. Person B records, and watches on repeat, Person A blushing and stuttering while trying to describe their feelings for B on national television. 

Embarrassing Moments

Send in the following for your muse to catch my muse:
🌙- Trying to do a Sailor Moon transformation

🐧- Waddling like a penguin across the room

🍄- Tripping on mushrooms

👠- Sporting stripper high heels

👻- Muttering about ghosts while hiding under a blanket

🚘- Doing a sexy pose on the hood of their car

🎸- Singing about catching their mom having sex with another man as a child

🚿- Experiencing genital shrinkage/nipple hardening during a cold shower

🚬- Coughing up a lung trying to smoke

🐰- Doing baby talk to a bunny that isn’t theirs

🐔- Doing the chicken shuffle in their underwear

👓- Looking for glasses/sunglasses that on top of their head

🍺- Spilling beer all over themselves

🌸- Playing “They love me, they love me not” about their secret crush

💄- Poorly putting on make-up

🐭- Squeaking and hopping around to avoid a mouse

💵- Rapping poorly about being a rich rapper