embarrassing roleplay

RP Anxiety be like:

“I have this amazing story that will lead us down pathways of friendship, rivalry, pain and love. It will be the best adventure you and I will ever experience, and it will leave a lasting and positive impression on us for years to come.

But man. Taking the first step is more terrifying than facing death. So I think I’ll just drive-by hug/poke/wave at you instead, then go hide in a corner and embrace my embarrassment.”

Person B of your OTP as a famous and/or extremely well-known individual. News reporters and camera crews eventually catch up to Person A and interview them on their affections for Person B. Person B records, and watches on repeat, Person A blushing and stuttering while trying to describe their feelings for B on national television. 

Brotp Prompt

Person A has a kid in school who plays soccer. Person B decides to go to a game with Person A, who warns them that some of the soccer moms can be pretty nasty. Person B doesn’t take the warning seriously at first, but by halftime, they are engaged in a passive-aggressive war with the soccer moms, much to Person A’s embarrassment.

i’m gonna follow my heart back to you

word count: ~14,000

also found on: ff.net

an: lieutenant duckling is my very favorite thing and I started this quest by making the aesthetic but then a fic came forth. And I’m pretty okay with that. Thanks to @swans-and-pirates for reading through this and flailing because I always need that extra boost of encouragement. You’re my very favorite. <33

She meets him at the shore. He’s standing there, his jacket discarded as he hauls loads of equipment and supplies onto his ship. His hair is a mess and his cheeks are grimy and red with exertion, but he smiles at her and says, “Hello, love. How can I be of service?”

“I’m looking for something,” she tells him.

He arches an eyebrow and steps toward her more, tilting his head to the side. “And just what might that be?”

Emma bites on her lip and shakes her head. “Adventure.”

“Adventure,” he repeats, his eyebrows lifting playfully.

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Your OTP getting stranded on the near-abandoned highway when Person B’s car breaks down with no cell service. Person A takes out their bike from the trunk and offers to let Person B ride on the tiny seat attached to the back. After some convincing, Person A pedals to the nearest gas station with Person B huddled on the rear seat. Bonus if Person B looks far too large for the bike. 

Do You Wanna Start A Roleplay?

To the tune of: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? -(from Frozen)

Do you wanna start a roleplay?

Wanna make AU’s with me?

You never reply anymore

Log on some more

Its like you’ve gone away!

We used be world builders

but now we’re not

Is it ‘cause my last reply?

Do you wanna start a roleplay?

It doesn’t even have to be gay

….. ok bye….


Do you wanna start a roleplay!

Or just talk 'bout our ships!

I think some repartee is overdue

I’ve started shipping things

that don’t even make sense!

It gets a little lonely

all these empty chats

Just rereading all our logs


Please I know you’re online…

I saw you reblog my last post

I know its been months, but its ok

We can restart anyway, just let me in

We’re the only ones who ship this

its just you and me

what are we gonna do?….

Do you wanna start a roleplay?….