embarrassing pete

fall out boy as short dogs aka why I should never have free time

(Patrick is a corgi with sideburns, Pete is a miniature pinscher because idk rock and roll, Joe is a miniature poodle because I had to translate that crazy hairdo, and Andy is a pit bull because he could probably kill you in theory but is actually a sweetheart)

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omfg ok so high school AU where Patrick is dating Pete n Pete is older but Patrick's parents loooove him anyway and theyre in Patrick's room and Patrick is supposed to be studying but Pete keeps being annoying and Patrick is like LITERALLY WHAT DO YOU WANT and Pete kisses him and it ends up in Patrick humping Pete's thigh, face buried in his neck, whining when he comes hfff

that is so cute and hot hhnn!!
trick is really bashful about it and thinks he’s embarrassing himself but pete absolutely adores him and thinks they’re the hottest sounds he’s ever heard!

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick Stump) (Fall Out Boy)

Word Count: 1,028


What the hell possessed me to play tattoo roulette with the band and crew? And of course I lost so here I was on one of our days off with Pete heading to a tattoo shop in London.

“Stop being a baby Patrick, we’ve gone easy on you and you’re getting something small on your shoulder.”

Pete held the door open for me and walked in with confidence leaving me to trail behind him. The shop was kind of small and had a vintage vibe to the decor which tried to make you feel more comfortable. Pete was chatting to the girl behind the reception, or more like flirting. She got up and walked up a small flight of stairs leaving Pete and I alone.

“It won’t hurt that bad Patrick. Girls dig guys with tattoos.”

We were interrupted by the sound of boots on the metal staircase and I had to keep my jaw from hitting the floor as the most beautiful girl I’d seen came into view and smiled in Pete’s direction.

“Petey long time no see, you never told me you guys were in London. Give me a hug.”

“y/n I’ve missed you. I’m not here for me or any of the crew today.”

y/n was an interesting name. I’m guessing this is where the crew came to get tattooed when we were in town. Now I couldn’t act like a baby because I wanted to make a good impression. Pete motioned towards me and y/n’s eyes scanned me over.

“I’m y/n and you must be Patrick, this is my shop and just so you know I’ve been doing this for years so you’re in good hands.”

y/n put her hand out and I shook it, she was good at putting people at ease. She wore a black leather pencil skirt with a crimson blouse tucked in at the waist, through the thin material I could make out a sleeve of tattoos. Half her head was shaved but her hair was still long and t suited her unlike most people.

“Can I come in with him y/n. He might need a hand to hold.”

Pete laughed and I rolled my eyes feeling annoyed that Pete was embarrassing me in front of y/n. y/n chuckled and shook her head.

“No Pete you can stay out here and enjoy the decor and free cake, I won’t have you distracting Patrick on his first tattoo.”

Pete pouted like a child before sitting down in one of the plush sofas. y/n turned to me and I mouthed ‘thanks’. She motioned for me to follow her back up the stairs. I didn’t mind walking behind her because I got a nice view of her bum.

Her tattoo room had the same vibe as the rest of the shop as I got comfortable on the chair. I still didn’t know what tattoo the guys had picked out for me. I took off my jacket and rolled up the sleeve of my shirt and I could have sworn y/n watched me before she realised she was caught and quickly looked away.

“Today you’re going to be getting the symbol of the kid gang from your videos. Is that okay Patrick?”

I nodded, thankful that the guys had gone easy on me. y/n set up her ink and machine and I might have tensed slightly as it buzzed and came to life. y/n smiled and wiped my arm with a wipe.

“We’ll play twenty questions Patrick, that way you won’t even know you’re having a tattoo. What’s your favourite colour?”

“Err I’d have to say blue, you?”

When the needle touched my skin it felt more like a tingle than sharp stinging pain the guys told me to expect.

“Mines green or purple depending on the day and my mood. Favourite band?”

I rolled my eyes as she continued her work.

“A small band called Fall Out Boy, have you heard of them?”

She laughed.

“I think so, but I’ll also be more of a Panic fan. Brendon Urie is god and that voice works wonders.”

I mocked hurt and that’s how we continued for the next half hour, asking stupid questions and making each other laugh. By the time we were done it was my turn to ask the last question but I was too scared.

“Can I see it y/n?”

Pete popped his head around the door and y/n motioned him over as she took off her gloves.

“Now you look more like a man Patrick.”

I wanted to slap the smirk off Pete’s face. y/n wrapped my arm and the three of us headed downstairs to pay up. y/n said it was on the house because of friend discount and she enjoyed doing it. We hugged and left the shop because she had another appointment after me.

“Do you like her Patrick?”

“I think I do Pete.”

~Next Day~

I entered the tattoo shop and to my surprise and relief y/n was sat at the counter sketching. She looked up as the bell above the door rang.

“Patrick, I know you just got your first tattoo but do you really need another one?”

I shook my head and approached the counter.

“We never finished our game yesterday. Final question y/n, are you single?”

She blushed and put her sketchbook to the side, that was all the confirmation I needed. She ran a hand through her hair and smiled.

“Yes I am Patrick.”

“Would you like to grab lunch with me today? And maybe come to the show at night? I’d like to get to know you more.”

It would pain me if she rejected me, but I had to man up after Pete mocked me all the way back to the hotel about my developing crush on y/n. He told me to go for it as did the rest of the band so here I was. y/n got up from behind the counter and walked towards me before stopping inches from me.

“I would love to get lunch with you Patrick.”

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, she said yes. Now I didn’t regret playing tattoo roulette.

The Tangled Webs We Weave (Peter Parker x reader)

Can you do one with Peter dealing with Gwen’s death and his relationship with the reader afterward? I need some Peter love in my life!!

You leaned your head onto Peter’s shoulder as you both stood silently, your arm linked through his, standing so close to each other that your black attire blended together to make you look as if you were one.  A few raindrops began to gently fall and settle in your hair, signaling that it was time for you to go; you gave a gentle tug against his arm and heard him sniffle quietly, his voice failing him completely.  He only gave you a small nod and turned, releasing your arm and sliding his hand down into yours, intertwining your fingers so tightly that you began to lose sensation in them.

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5, 8, & 25 with Peter Parker, please :3

5. You’re an idiot. | 8. Have I ever told you I like you? | 25. Don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh! Prompt idea list here

Date night was going great for Peter, until Aunt May brought out the photo albums.

“This one was Peter’s 6th birthday!” May squealed, pointing at a picture of a young Peter with frosting all over his face. “He wanted to eat the whole cake by himself, and wouldn’t share with his friends. It was adorable!”

Next to you, Peter groaned and threw his head back, absolutely mortified. “May, please! Can’t you go bake cookies or something?”

“Uh-uh, Parker,” you wiggled your finger in front of his face. “This is just getting good!” You flipped the page and pointed at a picture of toddler Peter picking his nose. “Look how cute you were!”

His face reddened. “Don’t laugh. I was a kid!”

But you and May were both giggling to yourselves and pointing out more cringe-worthy photos of him. “I said don’t laugh!” he said. He got up and slammed the book closed, thoroughly embarrassed.

“Aw, c’mon, Pete!” You smiled. “You’re an idiot. We were just teasing. Have I ever told you I like you?” You threw your arms around his neck from behind and kissed his cheek playfully. May winked and held up both thumbs.

He rolled his eyes, but he wasn’t mad. “Yeah, yeah, (y/n). I think you’ve seen enough embarrassing pictures of me for one day. Why don’t we watch TV or something instead?”

Another Phandom Dispute

Okay so all I’m seeing is people really feeling sorry for Dan. And I feel like you guys are seriously overreacting.

Dan is a grown man. Pete is a grown man. What happened was completely justified and nothing was “cruel”. If you’d bother to watch Dan’s reaction, you’d know Dan was just embarrassed because he was prank called, like any other person would have been. But Dan is fine, and you shouldn’t be fussing over him. The man is nearly 24, he will be okay.

Pete was acting. Pete was making a prank call. Pete was good at keeping serious the whole time. I was impressed, not pissed. Pete didn’t do anything mean or cruel, it was a PRANK.

Dan also works at Radio One. The people working there know him. Grimmy knows Dan, and I don’t think he would have had Pete call Dan if Dan seriously couldn’t handle it. What he got from Dan was a healthy moderate dose of embarrassment. If Pete had pranks anyone else, they would have reacted the same way.

In Dan’s live show yesterday, the call had already happened. Dan was fine. I can promise you that our awkward meme king was perfectly fine. Again, 24 years old. Dan is a grown-ass man, this is no different then when you people treat Phil like a child.

Dan will probably still have to address this because you guys are completely ignorant sometimes. Remember the mob? Not actually a mob. You guys need to find your chill, because right now I can see why people really dislike the phandom.

Again, Dan is fine and Pete did nothing wrong. Please grow up.