embarrassing conservative relatives

omfg i cannot believe how absurdly conservative my dad is. becky was just complaining about having to write an essay on 1984 for ap english and he started talking about how the “liberal news media” uses doublethink and reports to the president and doesn’t actually report news anymore and how they cover up for people who should be shot and just omg can you get any more right-wing conspiracy theorist. it’s a goddamn miracle i turned out as well as i did.

so during dinner becky mentioned how her english teacher this year managed to get his bs and master’s in education in just three years, and my dad said that there are no smart people going into teaching anymore, that an education program is “easy for anyone of at least moderate intelligence”, and blamed the fact that there are bad teachers on the women’s equality movement because “once women could have any job, there weren’t any smart people going into teaching. it’s just people who can’t do anything else.” what. the. fucking. hell.