embarrassing baby photos

honk honk its hance time
  • best friends since literal birth. since before birth. their moms were friends before they were born
    • so many embarrassing baby photos of the two of them in matching halloween costumes e.g. as woody and jessie from toy story
    • so many videos of them as little kids playing in hunk’s backyard, pretending to be explorers on a new planet
    • so many pictures of them at important events in each others’ lives (hunk at lance’s mom’s wedding, lance at hunk’s first piano recital, and of course hundreds of pictures of them at school dances, family vacations, award ceremonies)
    • also they “got married” at age 6 in lance’s bedroom and they both have photos from the wedding saved on their phones
  • hunk: [hyperfocusing] lance: [drawing hearts on post-it notes and slowly covering hunk’s back with them]
  • lance is chronically unable to not talk about hunk. doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, he will somehow relate it back to something hunk has said or done
    • pidge plays a game where she’ll bring up the most absurdly specific and obscure topic of conversation that she can think of with lance, and time how long it takes for him to start talking about hunk
      • his longest record is forty-eight seconds
  • lance: [takes hunk’s hands from behind, makes him dance]
  • both like to stim by making noise & like to copy each others’ noises
    • they will be sitting in the same room, working on separate projects, saying “bleep bleep bloop” back and forth to each other
    • they’re also the Spontaneous Harmonizing couple
  • hunk: [picks up lance when he’s in the middle of talking and just. holds]
    • lance continues talking almost as if he doesn’t notice
  • lance when hunk is being needy: ugh god hunk you’re driving me crazy, why am i even dating you hunk: ok let me just remind you that i, hunk, bore earthly witness to your real actual middle school scene phase, i was there, in the trenches, on the front lines, and i still had a crush on you so you don’t get to complain about anything i do literally ever
  • can smell each others’ meltdowns coming a fucking mile away
  • if one is ever hyperfocusing to the point that it’s sort of Bad the other will just. come over and take his hands and say “ok you’re done with this for now” and take him to get some food goo
  • lance loves when hunk lays on top of him it’s like he’s under a big ol rock and he feels safe and grounded
  • hunk when lance does something cool: [yelling] THAT’S MY HUSBAND

The greatest thing in Spider-Man Homecoming is the news channel using a photo of Spider-Man going out of a porta potty trying to get rid of tissue paper stuck under his foot looking so damn unglamorous OF ALL THINGS lmao

having ocs really is like being a parent because they try so hard to b cool and impressive and ur jus sitting there handing out their embarrassing baby photos to every single stranger and ruining their reputations 24/7

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So I don't know if this is gonna sound the same out loud as it does in my head but what if the palidans went to some sort of alien singles mixer thing and they had to fill out a little question sheet so they could be paired with a date that they were most compatible with,Lance bragging up a storm saying him and Allura were totally gonna be paired up but then him and Keith both look at their paper it being each other's names and Pidge just looses it

‘s not like pidge rigged it or something,, 

A day before the event:

Keith: hey uh pidge so u know the singles date pair thingy is tomorrow right 

Pidge: im too busy for a girlfriend, thanks 

Keith: no i uh, i need to know what lance is gonna put, for..reasons….

Pidge: so you want me to hack the system to set you and lance up

Keith: i mean, if you put it that way,

Pidge: i could but what’s in it for me 

Keith: i have like 3 photo albums full of shiro’s embarrassing baby photos back ho— 

Pidge: holy shit consider it done

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Can we get a sketch of Stan showing off Ford's embarrassing baby photo as Ford tries to stop him?

Ford tries to burn it but Stan’s already made 50 copies and hidden them around the house.

I refuse to believe that All-American Olympic Hero Kurt Freakin’ Angle is involved in anything sinister or inappropriate.

These texts and phone calls have been to his grandmother. She doesn’t want him as GM. She’s scared for his well-being. So she’s threatening to release embarrassing baby photos. She’s already sent them to Corey, so Kurt knows she’s not playing around.

A “Lazy” Morning in the Cahn House

…….I love Craig and my hand slipped. Enjoy!

Lionel’s eyes squinted in protest against the light streaming in from the window above him. He knew he should have adjusted those blinds more before they went to sleep. Sighing, he slowly opened his eyes, careful to make sure his retinas didn’t get singed from the sun as he did. Blinking a few times and looking around (as much as he could from his head smushed against the pillow,) he registered the room around him. Deep blue walls on all sides, the sleek TV in front of him on the smoky grey stand, the cream sheets surrounding him, the beautiful man next to him.


Craning his neck, a smile grew on his face as he took in the sight of Craig, still sound asleep. Careful not to wake him, Lionel shifted his body to fully look at Craig. His face was soft and peaceful; his eyebrows, usually showing some bit of furrow from worry, were now relaxed. His lips, often in a tight line, were slightly parted as soft snores escaped him. Propping himself on one elbow, Lionel noted the way the light from the blinds made Craig skin glow, warm and golden. He thanked any god he could remember when he realized Craig’s sheets fell in his sleep, giving Lionel a chance to look at Craig’s firm shoulders and toned arms. Lionel also thanked every deity he knew that Craig almost never wore a shirt to bed.

Unable to hold back, Lionel reached out and ran his finger featherlight along Craig’s forehead, moving it down to his split brow, down his cheek and then down his jaw. Lionel froze when Craig sighed and shifted in his sleep, blearily opening his eyes. He huffed out a laugh when his gaze focused and saw Lionel, a sleepy smile forming on his lips. Craig opened his arm, allowing Lionel to curl into him. How could he refuse? Lionel sighed happily when Craig drew him into his arms and kissed his forehead.

“Good morning,” Craig murmured against Lionel’s hair, tousled and free from its hair tie.

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lance seeing side ponytail pidge for the first time though

i know you probably intended this to be shippy but i just imagined the team visiting the earth for the first time since rescuing samuel and matt. they visit the holt house and all have dinner together. 

the holts strike me as the kind of family who have millions of family pictures all over the house. pidge probably makes sure to get there at least an hour early with her dad and brother to catch up and hide every single embarrassing baby photo before her friends can get there. 

that doesn’t stop the teasing though oh no. even in the nicest of childhood pictures get her teased by hunk, lance, and even keith. the addition of her own brother makes things even worse because he can tell the stories behind each and every cute candid. 

However the object of teasing moves over to Lance when Hunk notices him look a little too long at a more recent photo of Pidge just before kerberos. They’re at a park and she’s dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She’s got her hair up in a ponytail and she’s laughing in the direction the camera where unseen Matt is making a ridiculously stupid face. 

Hunk is a much nicer best friend than Lance would be in his position and only teases him in private or when he’s sure no one else can hear them. However Hunk teases him for weeks afterward and it only gets worse when Pidge grows her hair out and starts wearing it up again.

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 I’ve been screaming about mtnn featuring a lot of neuyako!karma with @isahnas for the last 24hours:

  • Neuro and Yako keep the real nature of their relationship out of the public eye, so sometimes Fuwa makes theories about Yako’s relationships with people and if she has a boyfriend or something. And karma just laughs his ass off
  • When Karma invites class-e to his house and Neuro and Yako are there and Karma is like: oh hi Mom hi dad. Fuwa nees to lie down
  • Karma knows a lot of random world trivia just bc his parents travel so muchALSO Fuwa probably notices that he has an eye for detail and one day says smth like “wow you’d make a great detective” and he kinda just… h e h e h
  • The fanboy from mtnn is Fuwa’s dad. They have a Yako shrine in their house and buy a cake every 10th of March to celebrate
  • The technology developed by Harukawa was then used by researchers and had a part in making Ritsu and when no one else is listening, Ritsu says “hello, child of the neurons” @ Karma
    • Karma: am i hallucinating? h a h a 
  • Karma picks up his habit of putting his feet on his desk from both Neuro and Godai
  • Godai is the reason Karma knows how to twirl a knife in his hands without cutting himself lmao
    • At least he didn’t learn about fashion sense from Neuro and Godai 
  • When he was younger he liked to dress himself with his dads blue suit
  • Yako gets more and more badass the more she learns out in the worldlike she definitely learns self defense and some martial arts for her own sake, and the day neuro sees her flip three men twice her size and knock them out, he is (secretly) very impressed

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could you do "I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me" w/ jinyoung ?? thanks!

Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

“Okay, so in this passage, what do you think the author’s intention is?”

Jinyoung’s voice was deep and soft yet it resonated easily around the small kitchen. I was trying my very best to seem disinterested in what’s happening behind me but I didn’t think it was working. I’d been looking in the cupboard for way longer than necessary; every time Jinyoung started talking I forgot what it was I had been looking for.

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What are embarrassing baby photos like for Spock? What baby Vulcan pictures did Amanda snap while her son was an infant and what embarrassing human-ish, emotional things did he do? And how do his t’hy’lara find out?

Like, does he realize one day while his parents are visiting that he’s left his mother with Jim and McCoy and McCoy’s booze supply but by the time he strides into the room to divert their attention it’s too late, because his mother is sitting with a full wine glass and an empty bottle nearby with Jim and McCoy sitting to either side of her grinning and Spock hears his mother before he even sees which holo she’s showing them “And here’s him tasting a sour Vulcan fruit for the first time–”

And Sarek strides in right behind him, having come to the same realization and intending to do some damage control, but it’s too late.

It’s just too late.

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Kali embarrassing Blake by showing Yang her baby pictures

Oh poor Blake.

Ghira: It is so nice to have you and girlfriend here to join us for this festival this year, sweetie. *Ghira said happily as he helped his daughter pick out a kimono to wear for the event, picking a very layered pink one out.* How about this one? It would look very nice on you. And keep you warm.

Blake: *Blake took one glance at the kimono and laughed while shaking her head.* Hahaha, nice try dad. But not only have I haven’t wore pink since I was three, it going to be 76 tonight. So I think I’ll go with a simple and light. Beside, if it was going to be cold I would just stay close to Yang. *She informed him, giggling when seeing her father roll his eyes and put the pink kimono back in defeat while she pulled out purple kimono with a flower design on the lower half.* Hmm, this one looks nice.

Ghira: If it’s going to be so warm tonight I don’t see why the both of you are sharing your room when we have a perfectly good guest room for Yang to stay in. *Ghira mumbled to himself.*

Blake: Dad. We have been dating for nearly three years.

Ghira: I know. I’m just saying me and your mother spent a lot of time making it all nice for her staying with us. Plus, it’s a bit soon for you two to be sharing a bed. *Ghira shrugged making Blake shake her head.*

Blake: Oh dad. Do we need to have the talk?

Ghira: What?

Blake: You see dad. When a woman and a woman love each other very much-

Ghira: Enough! You made your point! I don’t need the image of my bday girl doing…. That! In my head. *Ghira groan, holding up his hands in defeat before muttering.* Now I know how you must have felt when your mother gave you to talk.

Blake: Hehe, believe me. I probably had it worse. *Blake laughed as she and her father proceed to cashier when Blake twitch her cat ear with a thought.* Speaking of mom, I’m surprise she wasn’t the one the to come with me. I would have thought she would want me to pick something more…

Ghira: Revealing? *Ghira said narrowing his eyes.*

Blake: I was going to go with Flashy.

Ghira: Oh. Yes well. Kali wanted to spend time with Yang. To get to know her better.

Blake: Sigh, I see. I just hope she doesn’t do anything that will embarrass me like show Yang any photo albums.

Ghira: …

Blake: She’s not doing that right, dad!

Ghira: … *Sweating bullets.*

Blake: Dad!?

Ghira: It’s just one album, sweetie. *Ghira nervously smiled.*

Blake: oh god no.


Yang: Oh. My. God… *Yang whisper with wide eyes as she covered her mouth before squealing with delight.* ~She is SOOOO CUTE!~<3

Kali: I know isn’t she! She would always play and tackle the ball of yawn whenever I was kitting. *Kali smiled with glee as she show Yang a picture of baby Blake playfully bouncing a ball of yarn in the air with her hand and feet as she laid on her back before turning the page.* Oh and here is Blake playing with you favorite stuff doll, Luna Tuna.

Yang: Aaaaaaaaw.~<3 Hehehe, she is trying to eat it! *Yang giggled as she looked as the photo of baby Blake nalling on the stuff toy fish.*

Kali: Hehe, yes. There were quite a number of times we had to stitch Luna tuna back together.

Yang: Hehe, I bet. *Yang chuckled, remembering every time Blake bit her during sex, deciding her lover’s mother didn’t need to know that detail. The brawler then looked at the picture below that warmed her heart as she awed again, the photo being of Blake falling asleep and napping on a rocking horse.* Aw. Look at her! She looks so cuuuuute in this one. Gasp! She is even in kitty pajamas!~<3

Kali: Oh she would ride that for hours. Me and Ghira actually used it to know when it was nap time for our baby girl. *Kali smiled running her fingers over the photo.* We would just listen to the rocking slow down before speeding up again and slow down again.

Yang: Did she ever fall off?

Kali: Yes but always on the pillows we had around her and on her feet.

Yang: Hehe, nice. Whoa, haha, what’s going on here? *Yang giggled a she pointed to the next page at a photo of a naked baby Blake hissing towards a sink as she clings onto a younger Ghira’s beard who is tiring to pry her off.*

Kali: Ah. Hahahaha. *Kali laughed.* That was Blake first bath. Hahahaha. Back then she hated the water. We would chase her naked butt all of the house before getting into the sink or tub. It actually started her little phase of not wanting to wear clothes. See? *Kali smiled as she show Yang photos of Blake giggling as ran from Ghira or Kali trying to put clothes on her, some of which showed them catching a Blake clone.*

Yang: Oooooh!<3 Look at her little booty. Hahaha! Ruby went through the same phase just when she awakened her semblance. *Yang smiled, turning the page to a photo of a grumpy pouting Blake with crosses arms and trying not to cry standing next to a hanging sheet.* Hey what’s this one? Why does Blake look so upset?

Kali: *Kali looked at the photo and immediately covered her mouth while trying hold back her laughter, unfortunately telling miserably at it.* Ooooooooohehehehe. I nearly forget this one was in here. Hehehehe. *Kali said as she pointed to the sheet of the photo behind Blake.* You see this is the first time Blake wet the bed. Hahaha, and, hehe, and she was so scared that she would get in trouble she tried, ahhahahaha, she tried to blame it on our neighbor’s dog! Hahahahaha!

Yang: Hahahahahaha! Oh my god that is hilarious! Hahahaha! *Yang and Kali laughed together wiping tears from their eyes.* Oh man. Hahahaha! Oh you have to send me copies of these.

Kali: Sure thing Yang. Hahaha. *Kali nodded when suddenly the doors burst open revealing a out of breath Blake quickly scanning the room before spotting her mom an girlfriend.* Hello honey. I was just showing Yang some of your old baby photos. Would you li- *Kali began to greet her daughter before, the younger cat Faunus snatched the photo album from her and throw it to the ground while drawing her sword chopping it to confetti.* … To join us?

Blake: *Blake continue to pant, sheathing he sword, before taking a deep breath and turning to Yang and Kali who are staring at her blushing face with raised surprised eyebrows.She then points to Yang and says with a slight threatening tone.* You saw nothing.

Yang: Oh-ho.~ But I saw MAAAAAAANY things Blakey-poo. I just wish I had my own copy of how adorable you were as a baby and kid. *Yang could smirked as Kali reaches behind.*

Kali: It’s okay, Yang. I had a feel Blake would pull something like this. Sooo, *Kali smiled as she pulled out multiple photo albums, Blake’s jaw dropping while she blushed even more as Yang grinned ear to ear.* I had a few copies made.

Blake: MOM!! NO!! *Blake shouted diving towards the albums only for Kali to hold them out of reach as well as holding her daughter at bay.*

Kali: But sweetie! You looked to cute when you were a baby!

Blake: That’s not the point, Mom!! Now give them here!!

Kali: No! Besides, it’s not look Yang hasn’t seen your butt already.

Yang: She’s got a point.

Blake: NOT HELPING!! * Blake shouted at her girlfriend only for her eyes to widen in horror upon seeing Yang looking through one of the copies of the photo album.* YANG NO!! *Blake screamed as Now Kali held back her daughter.*

Kali: Now now. Blake. I’m should Yang’s father will show you embarrassing baby photos of her when you visit her father. *Kali told her daughter.*

Yang: Yeah Blakey. You’ll have your chance to embarrass me. Beside, Looking through these I hope when we have our own daughter she is like you in these photo. *Yang smiled as she looked through the album, taking picture of certain photos, mutter.* Aw that is my knew background.

Blake: *Meanwhile, after what Yang said, Blake stopped struggling and frozen as she whole face turned pink as Kali smile grow ten times it sized and let out a eep of joy.* … Aw Babe.


Ghira: I deeply apologize again for your window. Please send me the bill for the repairs and I will pay for them. *Ghira bowed to the shop owner in front of the broken window with the perfect outline of Blake’s silhouette.*

Fun fact, that rocking horse one was of me when I was like three of four years old. Though it took a few falls before my parents thought of the pillows in case I fell off.