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My Top 10 Anime Ships

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I admit to spending an embarrassing amount of time on this.

10. Kaede x Setsu from Mirmo de Pon

Probably my very first anime ship ever, so I have a very soft spot for them. Mirmo de Pon was my childhood; if anyone could please help a poor soul find the complete episodes online? :’(

9. Tomoe x Nanami from Kamisama Hajimemashita

Tomoe knows how to treat Nanami like the goddess that she is, even as he snarks at her all the time. UwU, now I feel like re-watching it just for their moments. 

8. Soul x Maka (SoMa) from Soul Eater

I love my protective soul mate ships with an extra helping of angst yes, please and thank you. 

7. Amu x Ikuto (Amuto) from Shugo Chara

HE WAITED FOR HER. They saved each other countless times even when they were enemies; she saved him from himself and he loved her as herself no matter her persona, and he vowed to WAIT FOR HER no matter what. 

6. Hak x Yona (HakYona) from Akatsuki no Yona

I also love my bodyguard ships. Swoon! (I want someone who has not watched AnY to explain what is going on in this picture.)

5. Sanji x Nami (Sanami) from One Piece

Didn’t mean to ship anyone in One Piece at first, but now here we are. I am full-on heart-eyes (just like Sanji’s) for them. 

4. Yato x Hiyori (Yatori) from Noragami

When the mom friend and the dad friend get together to battle gods and demons with their snowpuff son. 

3. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (Royai) from FMA

Have I said how much I loved angst already? ANGST ^^^ Riza ‘I’d follow you to hell’ Hawkeye and Roy ‘I can’t afford to lose you too’ Mustang, ladies and gentlemen. 

2. Shinichi and Ran (ShinRan) from Detective Conan

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1. Hitsugaya and Hinamori (HitsuHina) from Bleach

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*directs you to the copious amount of HitsuHina meta on my blog* My tag for them is ‘OTP of OTPs’. Nothing’s perfect, but they’re pretty much close to it! She melted his icy heart and he made her believe again. I JUST CAN’T with these two..!! 

If you’re wondering if I literally scoured google images just to find pictures of my OTPs doing the princess carry (aka the bridal carry - denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters) or holding each other, then the answer is, yes, yes I did (totally worth it). 

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So when I started drawing this yesterday, it said 500. Then I woke up today and I have close to 700 followers??? 

Honestly, thank you guys so much!! I’m gaining followers like crazy and I keep getting asks and- Ahhhhh it’s just insane! I never thought my art blog would get even remotely popular. I just got a tablet, started doing digital art, and made this blog a couple months ago, so it’s been a big learning experience for me. experimenting with digital art and finding my style wouldn’t have been possible without the support I’m getting from from you guys! And if you don’t believe me, go look at my digital art from a few months ago and see just exactly how much I’ve improved. It’s actually kind of scary. Heh..

So anyway, Thank you guys so much! I just got off of a pretty big hiatus, and returning to this kind of support is wonderful. 

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I'm curious, what was your opinion on Kingdoms of Amalur? Every time I go through the tag (an embarrassing amount of times...) I always see your art of it and cry a little, I was wondering how you liked/disliked it?

Good lord, I loved sassing Agarth. 

I really loved Kingdoms of Amalur. I thought the UI and camera were kind of clunky and the character creator is woefully limited, but I looooooooooooooooved the world and lore. I particularly loved the lorestones and the role stories and storytelling played in the Fae’s very existence. I even loved the combat, too, which is so so rare for me because that aspect of gameplay (fighting & killing shit) really isn’t enjoyable for me–I usually play for the stories, the characters, the pretty environment, the glorious loot, etc. 

Even though I don’t post fanart, I still play the game! I find it’s a really great de-stressor at the end of a long day.

Hey! I just (kinda) decided to start posting stuff on instagram at @majb.art
Basically nothing there yet (except some old drawings and an embarrassing amount of tags) but i’d be so happy if anyone felt like following me!!

lots of love

anonymous asked:

heeyyyy could you maybe link me to some of your favorite artists in the fandom? xxxx

omg this is such a difficult question idk how to reply to it bc i genuinely love all artists in this fandom so much wow„ but i will try ok here are some in no particular order

radadusta – 4ever an inspiration and incredibly talented
rubycurls – such a cool art style i love everything they do so much
– makes amazing pencil drawings and is the nicest person !!
thrina – their work is so unique and love their use of colors„ v v talented
dreamyletters – makes AMAZinG comics and i love their brushes?? wow
pygmylouis – 4ever impressed by their consistent style and gr8 ideas how
aboutchopsuey – makes rlyrl y rly cute comix that i love soso so much
channybee – they are s  o   talented and have such an eye for colors
cyrilliart – they are incredibly talented with traditional art i am in awe
aki-anyway – they have the coolest art style & their work is rly neat
tippingvelvets – the creator of weird cats which i am 4ever in love with but also does other stuff that are amazing
cargsdoodles – has the COOLEST style i love all their work so muc h
skunkstripezayn – they have the PRETTIEST brushes n colors n everyth ign!!!!!! who do i need to kill to lear n
girlwiththeteasart – rly cool style„ everything they do is so gr8 wow 
meuphrosyne – i LOVE their art they do a lot of traditional n realistic stuff love lov elove
karukara – uses cool graphics n has great ideas all the time„ idk how whoa
nwalmaerx – rly special style and v v nice colors!! 
coconutwishes – traditional and digital art they are great with both im 4ever impressed 
lepomiere – SUPEr talented traditional artist idek understand how
danny-spikes – so cool and well done stuff love everything they do
– super cool colors!! v talented 

also i recommend this gr8 post by aki-anyway that lists p much all 1d artists!! 

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