((OOC: So I’m currently in Gatwick airport and when going through security my bag had to be checked. We couldn’t figure out what it was that had come up as weird until we opened my makeup bag to reveal about six rose gold harry potter wand makeup brushes… The price of being a complete nerd ladies and gentlemen.)) 

The Signs When Embarrassed
  • ARIES: “shut the f*** up”
  • TAURUS: walks away proudly
  • GEMINI: “f*** this, f*** that, f*** you, f*** everyone”
  • CANCER: blushes
  • LEO: cries
  • VIRGO: “Don’t touch me.”
  • LIBRA: stares at a wall for 10 min
  • SCORPIO: starts to remind everyone around of their awkward situations
  • SAGITTARIUS: “Oh well, why not.”
  • CAPRICORN: smiles awkwardly
  • AQUARIUS: laughs
  • PISCES: is used to it

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