The Signs When Embarrassed
  • ARIES: “shut the f*** up”
  • TAURUS: walks away proudly
  • GEMINI: “f*** this, f*** that, f*** you, f*** everyone”
  • CANCER: blushes
  • LEO: cries
  • VIRGO: “Don’t touch me.”
  • LIBRA: stares at a wall for 10 min
  • SCORPIO: starts to remind everyone around of their awkward situations
  • SAGITTARIUS: “Oh well, why not.”
  • CAPRICORN: smiles awkwardly
  • AQUARIUS: laughs
  • PISCES: is used to it

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The Zodiac Signs When Remembering Something Embarrassing

Cringes obviously: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

Makes weird noises: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Slams head against wall/desk/hard surface: Aries, Leo, Scorpio

Face freeze while internally panicking: Aquarius, Pisces

All of the above: Gemini

One Finger
  • Simulated patient: So, doc, what do you do for this "digital rectal exam" thing?
  • Med student 1: Well, I will leave the room and have you undress and put on this hospital gown. THen I will first do some general observations before having you lie down on your side for your exam.
  • Simulated patient: Okay...
  • Med student 1: Then I will insert two gloved fingers into your rectum and palpate the walls of the rectum as well as your prostate.
  • Simulated patient: Two fingers??
  • med student 1: Two fingers.
  • Simulated patient: Two fingers?!
  • med student 1: (oblivious) Yes, two fingers.
  • Simulated Patient: TWO FINGERS?!
  • med student 1: Yes... (then look at Med student 2 who raises her right index finger. Med student finally realizes her mistake)
  • Med student 1: ONE! ONE! I MEANT ONE FINGER!!!!!