embarrassed begging

epiphany pt.2 | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + college au

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?


Reader’s POV

As your eyes fluttered open, the bright light from your window piercing through making you squint, you felt something heavy strayed against your body. Finally adjusting to the light, a gasp left your mouth when you saw Jungkook in front of you, his chest rising up and down softly, as his arm was draped around your waist, having you flush against him.

Wha- OMG!” You exclaimed loudly, as you threw his arm off of you, scrambling away when your sudden movement caused Jungkook to fall off the bed with a large thud.

“What the hell…” he grumbled, his voice low and raspy as he got up on his feet, rubbing the side of his head as he stared at you through his lidded eyes.

“Y-You! You were–Why were you in my bed?!” You shrieked as you quickly looked down at yourself, the clothes you wore last night still donned on your body, a sigh of relief escaping you.

Jungkook’s eyes widened in alarm when a look of realization dawned upon him, as he stared at you, words spluttering from his mouth in a frenzy.

“Wai–It’s not what it looks like! I swear, I didn’t do anything! Y-you’re the one that grabbed me and asked me not to go and-”

“I did what?!” you exclaimed, your own eyes widening to the size of saucers, when Jungkook added, “Last night, you grabbed my wrist and told me not to go in your sleep and I tried but you just wouldn’t let me go so I thought I’d stay till you let me go but then I fell asleep an-”

Moaning, you fell to your knees in dramatic fashion, your head in your hands as you groaned in embarrassment, “Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. This is so embarrassing, this is so embarrassing!!!”

“Y/N–” Jungkook started when you lifted a hand up, pointing towards the door without lifting your head, feeling too ashamed too look him in the eyes.

“Please, just leave Jungkook-ah…I can’t. This is too embarrassing.” you begged as you saw his feet shuffle around, before he grabbed his stuff and made his way out the door, a breath of relief leaving you as you sunk against the wall.

“You’re kidding me?!” Seulgi repeated again while you were walking next to her, your shoulders slumped as your trudged down the sidewalk.

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Dirty Mouth

Characters: Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, it is more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: OC gets turned on by how Mox treats her in the ring. She goes to find him in the locker room. Fun happens.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Choking, Blood, Swearing, Dirty Talk, Unprotected Sex.

Do let me know if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics (:  Please please please let me know what you think!

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Pillowtalk (M)

Originally posted by yoonmyeon

Genre: Smut

Summary: Namjoon was the one, once upon a time. He can’t come back into your life and expect things to go back to normal. You’re happy with Hoseok, and no random visit in the middle of the night is gonna stop that..right? (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)


Word Count: 2,860

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

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Can’t We Make it Up to You?

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a threesome smut with Jimin x reader x V? Also can the story line be you are working on a group project at your house ?? Pleaseeee 💜

Warnings: SMUT, just some nasty threesome smut, language you know the drill

Note: THIS IS REALLY LONG FOR ME,  ,95 line, ouch (why do i picture 95 line like the twins from ouran….so mischievous.. ) this was so fun tho THIS IS A LOT OF SMUT OKAY

Originally posted by hana-mori-posts

“Guys, can you listen for like five seconds? We really need to finish this, I don’t want to be stuck procrastinating and doing it the night before its due, I actually want it to be good.”

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#23- Gags (Destiel)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, use of gag

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I do love writing Destiel. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean is noisy.

He can’t help it. He’s always enjoyed sex, always loved the feel of skin on skin, never wanted to hold back any of the groans and growls the sensations pull out of him.

And sex with Cas? Well, that’s a goddamn out-of-body experience, and he can’t possibly be expected to be quiet with his angel sucking his cock, lips wrapped around his erection and blue eyes staring up at him with no angel innocence at all.

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Headcanons with their S/O

Random head canon. Some NSFW.

- will call you princess and/or sweetie as cute pet names.
- likes to spoil you and somehow pays attention to what you like even though you think he may be sleeping while you were talking.
- tries to cook for you… and fails miserably. Had to get Ignis to help him. Rip
- he seems to not care for breasts or ass. Though I feel like he would appreciate a nice ass and a good set of breasts.
- foreplay and is very good at it.
- private about his love life. Not into PDA

- would most likely take lots of pictures of you (and some naughty ones with only you and with the two of you together.
- I get the feeling that one of the chocobros will accidentally come upon those photos and Prompto will get embarrassed and begged them not to say a thing about it
- sooo into PDA. Like he wants to show you off!
- can eat you out good and will make sure you get off before him.
- likes to make sure you are loved. He never ever wants you to feel insecure.

- prepare yourself for a good home cooked meal almost everyday
- loves having deep conversations with about anything
- pretty flexible and really is willing to try anything with you.
- not into PDA but will sneak a few kisses here and there.
- sometimes can be oblivious when you’re trying to hint to him that you want to get him in bed.
- likes to plan dates and make sure you’re well taken care of. Would support you for anything.

- loves grabbing your butt while out in public. But he’s such a gentleman
- if anyone stare at you and gets ideas about trying to go out with you…. just one glare from him and they’ll back the fuck down
- is into rough sex, but can be very sweet if you tell him to slow down.
- likes outdoors dates. Prepare for walks on the beaches, hiking to see a beautiful sunset, and beautiful sightseeing
- has high stamina. He can go on for many rounds!

Those are just random thoughts. Haha. Enjoy!

XOXO // Alex Standall

A/N: not confident in how this turned out but here we are. 

@ anon, I tweaked your prompt a little bit, just because I’m not going to write a suicide attempt. 

Named after: The I C O N I C show, Gossip Girl 

Warning: Nonconsensual groping. Implied slut shaming. 

You had gone out on a date with Nate Scott, a new guy on the baseball team, on Saturday night. He was a transfer, and he seemed nice enough, at least you had what the survey deemed chemistry. The whole dollar valentines thing…Jeff and Clay made you fill it out. You knew they wanted the best for you. Your relationship status, like Clays, was ‘below average’. But now, as Sherri is telling you why everyone is, whispering, around you, you wish you’d never even seen the pink colored paper. 

According to Sherri, Nate had told a few of his buddies, which apparently is the whole school, that you had slept together on the first date. That you were easy. Which WAS NOT true at all. You guys had made out in his car but nothing like how he was describing it to be. You thanked Sherri for letting you know and set off to go find Nate, wanting him to somehow, fix it. 

As you walked through the halls, you’d be lying if you were to say it didn’t bother you. The looks, the whispers, the laughs. It ate at you slowly and then all at once. Your pace quickened, the sound of your shoes hitting the floor, a steady but determined beat, was the only thing that kept you going. 

You found Nate at his locker, which just happened to be right across from Alex Standall’s. The latter boy, putting away his books for his next period. 

When you reached Nate’s locker, he turned to you, an apologetic expression clouding his face. 

“You asshole!” You started.

“I know- I know-” he begins, trying to put a cap on whatever you’re going to say. 

“No! You don’t know! Cause people aren’t calling you a slut! I don’t even understand why you would even-”

Your voice trails off as you exhale. You can feel the lump in your throat grow bigger and you know if you start up again tears would roll down your face. Which would be even more embarrassing than begging the boy who caused all this bullshit, to close Pandora’s box. 

“I didn’t mean to…” he answers, sighing as he shuts his locker. 

You’re grateful for this moment if anything to get your emotions under control. 

“I- We- some of us were at Bryce’s and well I was telling them that we…ya know…went out.“ 

You nodded, as you waited for him to continue. 

“And he- he- asked what we did… and I wasn’t going to say anything I swear. But he started just- just- making up things and I…" 

"You just went along with it?” You asked, finishing his sentence. 

He drops his head, nodding in shame. “You don’t understand what it’s like." 

"You’re joking right?” You answer sarcastically. 

“Listen, I just got here. I just wanted to fit in…I didn’t know all this” his hands gestures to nothing in particular, but you know what he means, “would happen…I’m sorry." 

You can tell he’s being genuine in his apology but that doesn’t take away from the anxiety in your chest. Doesn’t take away all the shit that you’ve had to deal with since this morning, let alone the rest of the year. Doesn’t fix anything.

"Well, it did. And now? I’m the school slut so I hope you impressed them." 

"I’m sorry…really…I still would like to-” He’s stammering over the next few words he says, and they’re just as stupid out loud as they were in his head but he’s trying anyway because he likes you. A lot. He had a great time on your date. 

“Fuck off Nate. You’ve done enough.” You say, cutting off what sounded like another date. 

You turn on your heel, knowing what you said was a little too harsh, leaving him to deal with how the both of you felt. 

After surviving the next few periods you sat down across from Clay who was at the table by himself. 

“Hey!” You smile, pulling out your lunch. 

“Hey…” he answers quietly. 

The way he’s barely making eye contact with you and pushing his homemade mac and cheese around is concerning.

“You okay?” You ask. 

He stops his fidgeting and looks up at you as though to answer your question with another. Just as his mouth opens to answer you, he’s interrupted by Liberty High’s favorite baseball player. You were pretty good friends, the three of you. Jeff joined your two person crew once Clay had started tutoring him and every now and then he’d eat lunch with you guys instead of the baseball team. 


You both turn to look at the baseball player making his way over to your table. 

“I’m a genius. B minus. You’re going to my game on Friday.” He articulates, slamming his test down in front of Clay. 

“Shit.” The smaller boy mumbles. 

Jeff laughs taking a seat next to him. The two boys engage in conversation for a bit. Jeff is trying to talk Clay into the party after his game and the smaller boy is having none of it.

“Y/N will come with you!” Jeff throws in.

“Negative to that one Atkins.” he chuckles a bit, knowing that would be your response. "But congrats” You offer, still a little uncomfortable with your earlier talk.  

“Thanks! …Hey, I’m sorry about…you know…your business getting out in the open. If you want to sleep with someone on the first date you should. No shame.” He replies, pulling out his lunch. 

He says it so casually. As if you hadn’t heard it 50 different ways all day.


"I didn’t know you did…that” Clay remarks softly, avoiding your eyes. 

“I didn’t- I don’t!” You yell. 

You drop your head in your hands as though it would somehow make everything and everyone just. Stop. Sighing you look back up at the two boys sitting across from you. 

“Jeff, would you please tell him, Nate, is a liar, and a complete asshole” You plead, half annoyed. 

Jeff sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose before he looks back at you. 

“Cmon…that’s my teammate." 

And Jeff emphasizes the word teammate as though it would rank him higher in the friend category. As if you weren’t the person to make and give him notecards and an hour of your time in addition to Clay’s to study for the test he was just boasting about. As if you didn’t help him convince Clay to ask Hannah out. As if you had just met him.

And Clay? Clay is sitting there eating up everything that comes within earshot as some sort of gospel truth. He, of all people, should know how it feels. The whole school thought he was gay freshman year for fuck sake.

Bryce is also your teammate” you assert. 

“Yeah, but I don’t like Bryce. Nate’s a good guy.“ 

"It's…not, that big of a deal if you did” Clay quips. 

“But. I. Didn’t,” you say through gritted teeth. 

The tears at the brim of your eyes escape and you’re wiping them away as fast as you can, standing up and grabbing your backpack in the process. 

“Y/N…” they both call out at the same time. 

“Just. Leave me alone.” You mutter before leaving. 

For the rest of the week, you spend half of your time meticulously avoiding Jeff and Clay and the other half practically running from Nate’s apologies. You try to keep your head down and ignore the not so appropriate comments from most of the boys in school, as well as the hurtful remarks from the girls. 

It was on Thursday, in the crowded hallway where you were packing up your stuff, that really tipped you over the edge. 

Cause the hand that grabbed your ass was not one that you knew nor wanted there. You spun around, glaring at the back of several letterman jackets, laughing about what was just done.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It’s all too much. You slam your locker shut making your way out of the stupid building that had ruined your life. And you hear someone calling out after you. 

“Hey! Slow down!”

You glance behind you, exhaling at the sight of bleach blonde hair.

Alex jogs up to you, and the two of you walk in silence as he catches his breath.

 "I’m sorry for what happened back there. They’re all dicks.“ He confides to you. 

The silence that hangs between you two serves as your response and Alex tries again.

"Legend has it they were all subjects to one of those freak science experiments." 

He leans into you as if it were some secret.

"Government had them switch their brains with monkeys." 

He catches the smile playing on your lips and continues. 

"Now all they do is act on primal instinct and get overexcited at bright colors…at least that’s my theory." 

You laugh and Alex laughs with you, happy to have lightened the mood. 

"Hey, do you wanna…go to Monet’s with me?” He asks. 

The look on your face tells him everything. 

“Sorry, I’m an idiot. Should’ve clarified, not because of the whole rumor thing. I’m working through all the drinks on the menu, and I just wanted some company. I’d look weird sitting by myself." 

You bite your lip, looking at the boy who is now pouting at you as you think about your answer. 

"Plus I think you could use a hot chocolate.” He adds. 

When you’ve made up your mind you’re cut off by two very familiar voices. 



You turn and see Clay and Jeff waving you over to talk. Just when you were doing so well at avoiding them. 

You turn back to Alex with a confident, "Yes please, let’s just get the hell out of here." 

He smiles brightly back at you pointing out where his car is. 

And as you drive out of the school parking lot, you catch your two former friends through the window. They look disappointed, to say the least. 

You feel your phone buzz and you look down at the message in your group chat. 

Jeff: Nate told me what happened. 

Clay: We’re sorry. 

You locked the screen without response. Turning back to Alex, as you turn the radio on, and he pulls onto the main road. He glanced over at you and smiles at how you’ve visibly relaxed. 

"Not gonna lie…I’ve also just been meaning to ask you out for like two months now." 

You smile back over at him and nod. 

"I’m glad you did…”

Boyfriend Rocky

  • Ahem let me grab some tissues 
  • Thats my bias list wrecker right there 
  • At first he’s all shy to talk to you and shit bc he prolly never had a crush before and he just stutters like hell just at the thought of you
  • You’re like Sanha’s friend or idk
  • And he first sees you with him 
  • And hes like oh wow who dis
  • He has a big mouth and kinda tells sanha 
  • And pretty much everyone else 
  • Then Sanha starts bringing you to hang out with the boys
  • Just to get you with rocky ofc lol 
  • But he’s so nervous to confess 
  • And is just nervous in general when he’s with you 
  • Like the boys start to bug him bc he’s talking too long wtf 
  • But they bug him more and probably drag him towards you and be like “he’s got something to tell you” and run away laughing bc Satan’s children 
  • He’s all flustered omg 
  • And you just smile at him like “what is it?”
  • He shuts his eyes tight, “will you– w-WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” 
  • He blurts out so nervously that his voice cracks LOL 
  • You say yes ofc and you guys start dating 
  • What did we have before? Embarassed rocky? Not anymore
  • In fact it may be the other way round with you being the embarassed one bc he legit dances anywhere anytime
  • He’s so hyper and cheesy and playful someone stop this kid 
  • Like if you go to the amusement park
  • And that would be often 
  • He’d literally drag you with him on every game even those scary af ones bc he doesn’t give a fuck and finds everything fun
  • Calls you jagi yeobo baby babe honey and every pet name that exists
  • Skinship skinship and more skinship 
  • he can’t survive without clinging onto you 
  • He’s basically a koala
  • Kisses cheek kisses neck kisses forehead kisses and more 
  • He just has to touch you
  • Like even when youre just sitting in a waiting room or idk he’d be fiddling with your fingers 
  • Abs flashing holy shit 
  • Like you never knew he did have any bc he’s a squishy lil ball of squish 
  • But apparently he does and it’s hot 
  • Teases you the whole time 
  • “Honestly jagi dont you feel burdened that im too handsome? I mean all girls are all over me and i might look at one of the–”
  • “minhYUK STOP”
  • “Hahaha I’m kidding jagi you know i only look at you”
  • Possessive af when the other boys spend time with you 
  • “Hey hey hey hands off my property”
  • Dances to you ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE
  • like legit everywhere
  • In the house on the streets in the park on the waiting line
  • Writes rap about you
  • Sometimes even sings with his holy graced voice
  • And feels really embarrassed after 
  • You beg him to do aegyo bc he likes to appear cool 
  • But you just want to eat him when he acts cute 
  • Choreographs special dances for your birthday 
  • Ice cream dates 
  • Just lots of them
  • His hypeness is contagious
  • And the hyungs have trouble controlling you guys 
  • You’re the happy viruses of the group 
  • He makes you happy and you make him happy and you’re just a really really happy cute couple

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request a scenario where Todoroki is comforting his fem/so because she's scared of thunder? Btw I luv ur blog ❤️

Oh gosh anon this is so Ouran XD are you a fan? Cause I am

I hope you enjoy my attempt of a scenario, thanks for requesting darling. And I’m SOSOOSOS SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG I’m taking my mid-term exams and having quite a stressful time D:

Todoroki couldn’t sleep. No, it wasn’t because of lingering worries. No, neither because of the loud storm outside. It was just the fact he wasn’t used to being away from his own house, his own bed. Ever since the whole class had moved into UA about a week ago, sleeping had become quite a task for him. He had tried to make the new bedroom look as similar as his own but apparently it wasn’t enough. He still couldn’t properly sleep.

He stood up from his bed, rubbing his eyes, tired of worthlessly changing positions and turning around his pillow. Maybe he could try to get a glass of milk or something, perhaps there was some at the common room’s fridge. It was worth a shot, right? After all, he had nothing better to do, and there was nothing to lose.

However, as he reached the hall, he heard quite a weird noise that almost made him lose his breath.

“Just the wind” he convinced himself, trying to be rational “We are still at UA, we are safe”

He couldn’t see where he was going, the room was pitch black, since he was afraid turning on the lights would wake up his classmates. So he basically bumped onto every piece of furniture in the room until he tried to reach the fridge. There was no milk. Great.

But just as disappointment was about to win over boredom, he heard a desperate, panicked shriek coming from the mere darkness.

He almost let out a shriek himself.

Almost by instinct, his first reaction was to run, either away from the danger or towards it to fight. He didn’t even know where the noise had came from, so he didn’t know where he was heading really. He asked who’s there multiple times before he started to consider it may had been his imagination. But as he was about to believe his own lies, he bumped into a new something across the hallway.

Or, rather than a something, a someone

“Who’s this??” he grabbed the mysterious someone by the shoulders, trying to guess their identity and failing, since he really couldn’t see. But not even the loud rain and thunders from outside, could make him not recognize that voice:


He deadpanned, relief not being enough to soothe the shock.

“[name]??” he asked, trying to let his eyes get used to darkness, but getting little to no result “is that you??”

“Y-yes” why did your voice tremble so much? “sorry to d-disturb you” he realized it wasn’t just your voice trembling, but your whole body.

“Are you ok?” he asked, letting go of your shoulders in case you felt uncomfortable “what are you doing here?”

If there was a secret buried deep inside Todoroki’s chest, it was his feelings for you. He knew he was just a good friend in your eyes, no more, no else. But he couldn’t help the butterflies in his stomach whenever you were together. And right then, in the middle of the gloomy darkness, it was no exception.

That’s why he couldn’t take seeing you in distress, and that’s why he almost freaked out as soon as he realized you were crying.

“I…I know this sounds weird b-but…could you p-please stay with me?”

And, being it a curse or a miracle, you tightly hugged him, burying your face onto his chest.

“But, [name]” he tried to comfort you, awkwardly stroking your back, not exactly knowing what to do “what happened? what’s wro…”

A loud, deafening thunder interrupted him, and you immediately sunk your face deeper onto his body. Todoroki deadpanned, his eyes widening as realization suddenly hit him.

You were scared of thunder.

“Please don’t leave!” you cried, terrified “please!”

He hugged you tighter, embracing you so that your ears were protected from such hazardous noises, and fondly pressing his lips onto your hair.

“Don’t worry” he whispered “I wasn’t planning on leaving you”

You stayed like that for a while, waiting for your breathing to ease and your heartbeat to calm. But, as yours began to get slower, Todoroki’s began to get faster! He couldn’t believe he was so close to you. Of course, you two had hugged multiple times before, but somehow it felt so intimate right then, with the rain humming in the background and the darkness hiding you from the world.

Hearing you cry was unbelievably painful, he kind of thanked the dark from hiding your tears from him since he knew that image would destroy his heart. But now, since you were calmer, he really wished he could see your lovely face.

“[name]?” he called your name, tugging some of your messy hair strands behind your ear as he pulled away “are you feeling better?”

You nodded, but the flash of a sudden lighting illuminated you for a second, and he could clearly see you were still distressed.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for bothering you” you mumbled, taking his hand so that you wouldn’t lose him in the dark “I came here to see if I found someone to spend some time with me…and I’m really glad it was you”

This time, he had to thank the darkness for hiding the blush on his cheeks.

“I’m glad to help” of course he was, he was a hero, after all. A hero, and a rather love-struck teenager “do you want to return to your room? It’s late, tomorrow we have gym class and…”

“I don’t want to go back alone, I’m still scared” you begged, quite embarrassed “I know we aren’t aloud to go to other’s rooms at night, but…”

“Do you want me to stay here with you?” His bluntness, and the gentle patience in his voice surprised you. You nodded. “Well, then I’ll stay”

As he tangled his fingers with yours and guided you towards the sofa, you wouldn’t stop voicing complaints about not wanting to bother him. To which he just answered he really didn’t mind (not to mention he was actually ecstatic). He sat down, thinking you would sit besides him and try to sleep. Wrong. You sat ON TOP of him, and hid your FACE under his SHIRT.

He almost dies.

“[name], get out of there” he said, as less awkwardly as he possibly could “there’s no need to be afraid”

“I’m sorry” you whispered, peeking at him, your eyes finally getting used to the darkness and being able to differ the silhouette of his face. He looked worried “I’m such a cry baby”

“No, you are not” he said, laying down on the sofa, and gathering the courage to pull you down against him “we are all scared of something”

“But-” again, a thunder interrupted you and you almost let out a shout… if Todoroki hadn’t covered your mouth with his hand.

“Shhh, calm down, it’s alright” he moved his body so that you were resting side by side, facing, with way to little space between your faces “I’m here”

And then, very gently, he proceeded to cover your ears with both of his hands, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs, and still trusting darkness to cover the redness of his face. It didn’t. You could totally see him now, as well as he could see you. You were staring into each other’s eyes deeply with the excuse of blinding darkness, pretending it was a mere coincidence when it really wasn’t.

When the next thunder echoed and brought to your throat yet another scream, this time Todoroki didn’t had free hands to cover your mouth. So he unthinkingly did what his instincts insisted: he shut you up with his own lips.

It wasn’t really a kiss, since the moment he realized what he was doing, he chickened and stopped any motion. He just stood there, frozen, pressing his lips onto yours with his eyes wide open, staring at your shocked reaction. Apparently, improvisation worked: you were miraculously beginning to calm down.

How you fell asleep after that, he doesn’t quite remember. Since, apparently now that you were there with him it was easier for him to doze off too…

The next morning, when class A entered the common room to have some breakfast, they were very much surprised by what they found lying on the sofa. Giggles and whispers were heard, and by the time Todoroki woke up to find you between his arms, it was already too late….let’s just say he had to untag himself from lots of pictures on social media….

Imagine Ubbe keeping you safe without really showing it (Part 1)

Request: Hey! I just sent an Ubbe x reader request but I don’t know if it sent? Where Reader helps care for the injured during battles and one day Ubbe refuses to let her go because it’s particularly dangerous and he wants to protect her cause he loves her. She thinks it’s cause he sees her as a liability. She goes but gets hurt saving his life. She lives but he loses it and if furious and worried and guilty. They have an argument but resolve it and confess their feelings for each other? Thanks 😊
Summary: The battle is done, the vikings have won and it’s your turn to attend to the wounded. After helping a shield maiden out of her miserie Ubbe comes to you with a badly wounded Sigurd, your task … to help him.
Words: 1604

The roaring, axes against shields, feet against the ground. It filled you with so much life … they had won the battle. Your eyes traveled up to the sky, thanking the gods silent for their support in this battle. But you also knew it was really time for you to get to work. As a healer you always had to go on the raids and battles, helping the injured, praying for the heavily wounded. You saw sometimes to much dead but you graced every one of those dead with your presents. Some villages where easy to take, others were stocked with fighting spirit, leaving you to tend the wounds and injuries of the men and woman out of Kattegat. You stood uphill nearby when you saw the first vikings return to the camp, roaring their victory for everybody to hear. One of them had a head in his hand, swinging it around in excitment before you noticed the first wounded, crawling herself further over the ground, a sword pressing in her upperleg. ‘It hit an artery.’ You said when you arrived, pressing fabrics against her leg before you looked to the sword. It needed to be pulled out but the changes were big that she would bleed to dead.
‘Valhalla will welcome me, I’m sure of it.’ She encouraged the doubt in your eyes. You nodded and pulled the sword out, she didn’t yelled. She only clenshed her teeth while the blood soacked the fabrics, not really mattering how much pressure you putted on it. The woman smiled, laying her head in the mud while looking to the sky. Dying was a peacefull thing just after battle for all of them where sure they would enter Valhalla with proud. You layed you ear against her chest when her smile fadded, just to be sure … and she was.
‘Y/n.’ A rush of relief runned through you body when you recognized his voice. Turning away from the woman you looked to Ubbe, supporting Sigurd while stepping closer. He was covered in dirt, blood but he seemed alright. It was since you went on raids with the young sons of Ragnar that you fell for him and everytime ever since, you prayed a little more for his safe return. His brother was less alright. You rushed over to Sigurd, looking to the arm who just hanged there totaly out of possition, his back soacked with blood.
‘Sigurd.’ You greeted him fast, leading the both of them to a clear spot where Ubbe helped his brother on the ground.
‘I’m alright.’ Sigurd protested. You started to pull out his defensif armor and looked to the shoulder you revealed.
‘Can you fix him?’ Ubbe asked worried. You looked up, meeting his colorfull eyes full of concern for his brother. He really didn’t admitted to it but he loved his brothers, being the oldest one of the four he took his task serious to keep them in line and in a certain way also safe.
‘It will hurt,’ she turned her eyes back to Sigurd. ‘A lot.’
‘Get it over with.’ He hissed in pain. You took his leather belt and pushed it in his mouth.
‘Hold him down.’ You nodded to Ubbe. He didn’t challenged your knowlegde in what your where doing, he fully trusted your work. You took Sigurd his arm, laid your other hand on his shoulder before you pushed his arm back in position with one hard push. He yelled throught the belt, sweat covering his forehead.
‘He has a large cut on his back to.’ Ubbe pointed out, pulling his brother up on his neck, reavealing his soacked back. You glanced under his shirt to a deep large cut. ‘We should bring him to the camp, where it is safe.’
‘I can work here to.’ You reacted with a fast smile.
 ‘Y/n, is safer there.’ Ubbe insisted friendly. You looked up to him and nodded, studing his face.
‘You have some nasty scratches to, I should look to that to.’ You said a little concerned. He only smiled, helping his brother up.
‘I’m fine.’ He winked, already walking. You took Sigurd his weapons and clothes and rushed after the both of them.

It was a pretty deep wound, you cleaned it in the best you could but you where a little scared that it would infect. ‘That is not the look you give while saving my brother.’ Ivar reacted on the concern in your eyes. You looked up to the little spoiled brad but didn’t say a thing because Ubbe was faster.
‘Without her he maybe was already dead. And don’t you have somewhere else to be?’ Ubbe asked him. You tended further to Sigurd but followed the conversation between the two of them.
‘What, so you can be alone with your little healer here.’ Ivar his words maked you blush, turning a little so they wouldn’t notice it while you layed some herbs ointment into the wound. Ubbe laughed, pushing his brother before Ivar finally gave up and left. You pulled the bucket closer, washing some bandages clean, refreshing them with cold water, softly laying them on the wound. Sigurd shivered but kept his eyes closed. You gave him something to ease his pain a little, he fell asleep by it. You felt his hot breath on you neck when Ubbe lurked over you shoulder to his brother. It was the kind of warmth that really filled your body in this kind of cold days.
‘Will he live?’ Ubbe asked. You slowly looked over your shoulder, his head hardly away from yours.
‘I can’t do more than this.’ You answered, studying his filty face again. ‘Can I attend your wounds now?’ You asked carefull, feeling his breath warming the curve from you neck to your colarbone.
‘I’m fine.’ And he pulled back.
‘Ubbe,’ You stopped him. He looked down, smiling, before he turned around to you again. ‘If it infects you could loose a whole lot more than only your face. Please,’ you gestured to the seat. He sighned, but on a friendly way and sat down. You hesitated for a moment before you layed your fingers under his chin, turning his head gently to the left so you got a good vieuw of his right side. ‘There aren’t any deep ones.’ You murmured for yourself.
‘Told you.’ He smiled. A smile spread over your own face while you took a fabric washing away the blood and dirt away where he was in covered.
‘I wouldn’t forgive myself if I can safe your brother but let you walk around with infected wounds because you are a little to stubborn.’ You said a little amused. His smile grew more playfull, you really loved this kind of smile on him. You looked to it until you caught yourself on watching. Your smile faded, working a little faster to clean his face, Ubbe didn’t say a thing about it. He looked to his brother again.
‘Thank you,’ he began. ‘for helping Sigurd. I know you don’t like him.’ Ubbe went further.
‘It is my duty to help our people. And who would I be to refuse a boy just because he hates me.’
‘He doesn’t hate you.’ Ubbe smiled. You pulled your hands away from his head, looking to his clean skin again.
‘He does, admit it. I’m way to boring.’ You reacted with a supportive grinn, knowing you were right.
‘You’re not boring Y/n.’
‘You just say that to make me feel better.’ You interupted him. With the scratches washed out there was only one who needed a little of your self made ointment. You carefully smeared it out over the wound before you pulled back and nodded to him. ‘You are free to go.’ You gestured to the others in the camp. He stood up and looked to his brother again. ‘I will keep an close eye on him, I promise.’ You reassured him. He lifted his hand, stroking his thumb over your cheek and you felt the warmth spreading to your body.
‘Thank you.’ He said from right out his heart. You nodded and looked how he walked away, leaving you with that weakness in your knees. But you knew … you weren’t good for him, you were just a healer.

Sigurd got a fever during the night. It  took you more than one bucket of water to keep his fever down, cleaning the wound every hour just to be safe. It was exhausting, half the camp was already asleep, the wounded were asleep and Sigurd was to, only a little restless. But you … you worked the whole night, sweat transparent on your forehead while you putted on some new bandages. You stood up, arching your back in pain from always crouching down. When you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders, you startled, looking over you shoulder to Ubbe. ‘You should rest.’ He said a little concerned. You bited your lip and looked back to Sigurd. ‘Tell me what to do and take a few hours to sleep.’
‘I don’t really want to leave,’
‘This is an order Y/n.’ He said with a sternly voice. You nodded and looked back to Sigurd, explaining Ubbe everything he needed to do to keep his brother comfatble.
‘You have to wake me if something goes wrong, promise me that.’ It was almost begging, how embarrassed.
‘Yes, yes, go no, before I need to treat you to.’ He smiled reassuring. You hesitated, standing there, between sleep and responability. But finally you took off, always looking over your shoulder only to see Ubbe watching you until you where out of sight …

To much inspiration for 1 part, will do it in two then. ;-)

Believe It or Not. Part 17.

Summary: shit goes down

Suggested song: “Verbatim” by Blackbear


(Based off 2x05 “Venomous”)

Jackson was lifting weights in the boys’ locker room with Danny after school, both just minding their own business and training for the next lacrosse game.

Time became a blur, because once Jackson was able to comprehend he was being kidnapped it was already too late, Erica was dragging him god knows where and he wasn’t strong enough to stop her.

All of the sudden he was being dragged down a flight of stairs and into a basement. The cold, concrete material tearing holes in his shirt as Erica and Isaac held him on his knees. Jackson looked up into the eyes of Derek Hale.

“What happened to you on the night of the full moon?” Derek asked with a smirk, placing medical gloves over his hands.

“What? Nothing. Nothing happened.” Jackson answered quickly, Isaac’s hand gripping his shoulder tighter and tighter every word he spoke.

Derek stood up, making Jackson nervous by the way he was staring into his eyes.

“You’re lying.”

“No wait. No wait, I can, I can- I can prove it. I taped myself.” Jackson panicked.

“You taped yourself?” Isaac laughed mockingly.

“Yes. It was the full moon. And maybe while you were curled in the corner having an existential crisis about turning into a monster, I was preparing for the so - called gift your big, bad Alpha promised me, and what did I get? Nothing. You want proof? Let me get the video.”

“No,” Derek smiled placing a piece of cut glass between his fingers, “no, I have a better idea.”

“What is that?” Jackson’s eyes grew wide as Derek took slow, menacing steps towards him with the sharp piece of glass.

“You know Jackson, you’ve always been kind of a snake- and everyone knows a snake can’t be poisoned by its own venom.”

Jackson had no choice as the loyal betas dug their fingers in his mouth to keep it open. Derek forced the tip of the glass into Jackson’s mouth, letting a sample of the venom he stole from the animal he encountered the other night slide on the boy’s tongue.

“You’re still a snake Jackson, just not the one we’re looking for.” Derek stood up and walked away as Jackson’s body fell to the ground, paralyzed.

Unable to move, Jackson just got to watch as Isaac bent down to look into his eyes.

“You’re still going to have to do one thing for us. Well, actually, for me.”

Time seemed to be moving extremely slow as Y/n walked through the hallways of Beacon Hills this morning. Coffee in hand, she wandered the halls with her head down watching her feet drag across the ground.

To say she didn’t get enough sleep would be an understatement. She wasn’t just not sleeping, she would cry and cry until she finally drifted off under the covers. Only to jerk awake gasping for air, reliving either her conversation with Stiles in the jeep or any time she’s had to run for her life due to the supernatural.

Seeing him today would kill her, she hadn’t heard one word from him, and she knew it was because he had nothing to say to her. Around the others y/n knew they were both going to have to suck it up and act okay, and she wasn’t prepared for that.

Y/n walked into class and approached her usual seat diagonal from where Scott usually sat. Only to be met with the last person she expected to see sitting there, Isaac Lahey.

“This is my seat jackass, move.” She motioned to the side with her hands, annoyance written all over her face.

He laughed at her, glancing down towards his hand as he made his claws replace his fingernails. “Yeah, I think I’ll stay.”

He peered up at her face to see exactly what he wanted to see, defeat.

Rolling her eyes, y/n took the seat behind him. She glanced over at Scott and gave him a questioning look with her eyes, to which he just shrugged.

Two seconds later, Stiles ran into the room and crashed in the seat behind Scott.

“Dude, I just talked to my dad, who just talked to Jackson, and I’ve got really terrible, horrible, very, very bad news.”

“I think we already know.” And that’s when Stiles eyes landed on Isaac.

Y/n unenthusiastically made her way to her next class after the most uncomfortable experience of her life in the last one. Dreading the rest of the day knowing that she’ll have to encounter one more class period with Isaac before the day is over and she can go home.

She walked through door of coach’s class and again, walked towards to the seat on the side of the room that she sat in behind Scott.

And just as she was about to set her things on the desk and sit down Jackson cut off in front of her and sat down.

“Seriously?” She whined, “Is everyone’s goal today to piss me off?” She spoke out loud to herself as she found another seat at the back of the room next to Lydia.

Y/n wasn’t listening to anything coach was babbling about because she was too busy straining her neck and ears to know what Jackson was talking to Scott and Stiles about.

Scott must have seen her struggling because her phone vibrating caught her attention. She reached into her pocket and retrieved the small device, opening the message she received from her brother.

‘I think something big is going to happen in Chemistry.’

Confused, she texted him back, ‘what do you mean?’

Y/n looked up to see Scott on his phone typing aggressively fast. Which started to make her worry.

‘Isaac and Erica are going to run the test on Lydia in chemistry, and if it works, they’re gonna kill her.’

Her breath caught in her throat as she finished reading the message. Y/n glanced over to look at Lydia except the strawberry blonde wasn’t in her seat.

That’s when y/n remembered coach had let her go to the board to write the answer, and she was writing something that’s for sure. Even though y/n hadn’t been paying attention she was pretty sure that wasn’t the answer.


It was written all over the chalkboard, covering every blank space that there was.
Y/n watched as the girl turned around, black smudges under her eyes caused by tears that had escaped. Lydia was gasping for air, she looked terrified.

“Okay then,” coach interrupted “anybody else want to try answering? This time in English?”

Y/n didn’t take her eyes off of Lydia, feeling honestly really bad for her. Y/n was having flashbacks to when she was ignorant while all of this was going on, when no one was telling her the truth about what was happening. A strong feeling of guilt consumed y/n as she realize they were all putting Lydia in the same position. Y/n knew she didn’t owe Lydia anything, they weren’t friends. But she believed Lydia was smarter than she led on, she had to know something was going on. And knowing your friends are hiding something from you, makes you feel the deepest and emptiest illusion of pain that there is. Y/n knew first hand, she wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Not even Lydia Martin.

Once again y/n was pulled from her thoughts at the sound of her phone buzzing, it was from Scott and there was an image attached. She quickly opened her phone to see a picture of the letters Lydia had written on the board except the image was flipped and she could finally see the real meaning.


It was english.

“Derek is not gonna kill her without proof.” Scott said to both y/n and Stiles as they walked through the hallways of the high school to their Chemistry class with Mr.Harris. Scott oblivious to the sad stares Stiles and Y/n gave each other when the other wasn’t looking.

“All right, so he tests her like he did with Jackson, right? But when and where?” Stiles continued to question out loud as they walked through the door of the classroom. All walking at the same pace until y/n stopped walking altogether, causing a chain reaction with Scott and Stiles.

“I think here and now.” Y/n sighed, then Scott and Stiles followed her gaze to where Isaac and Erica were standing at the opposite side of the room. All five of them glanced to where the one and only Lydia Martin was seated, with an empty seat right next to her.

“One of you has to get to that seat first.” Y/n whispered to the two boys standing by her side. Without saying a word, Scott and Stiles started rushing to the empty seat at the same time that Isaac and Erica did.

Luckily, Scott got to the seat, and even though it was only for two people, Stiles managed to sit with them too. Relieved, y/n grabbed a seat at the table next to the one her friends were sitting at. Erica and Isaac settled for sitting together at the table behind them, not taking their eyes off of Lydia. Without really thinking, y/n kept looking over her shoulder and staring at them. Would they really do something at school? In front of everyone?

She was mostly staring at Isaac. She remembered the look in his eyes when he had her pinned to the ice, he didn’t look like he wanted to hurt her. She was still embarrassed that she practically begged him not to hurt her. Y/n was never going to beg anyone for anything, ever again. Allison’s been helping her train every night for the past week. She truly felt stronger.

Y/n watched the both of them, Erica looked like pure evil, scheming bitch. Catching her completely off guard, Isaac looked right at Y/n. He must’ve sensed her staring at him. Every bone in her body was screaming at her to look away, but the way his eyes locked with hers caused her to stay exactly where she was. He smirked at her and winked, god she wanted to punch him so bad.


Allison’s voice finally allowing Y/n to be released from Isaac’s ice blue eyes. When she looked up at Allison she noticed right away the confused look on the girl’s face as she looked at Erica and Isaac.

“Just sit down, I’ll fill you in.” Y/n whispered in a failed attempt to keep the two betas from hearing her, knowing they probably still heard her anyway.

Allison let her bag fall off of her shoulder and onto the ground next to the lab stool, taking her seat both she and y/n placed their elbows upon the table and leaned their heads close to each other.

“They’re planning on testing Lydia.” Y/n informed Allison.

“”Right now!” Allison panicked, immediately being hushed by an annoyed y/n.

“Yes, right now. So as we go through the rotation for the experiments we just have to make sure neither one of them ends up at a table with her, okay?”

Allison just nodded her head in agreement instead of saying anything, swallowing harshly with worry. The terrifying thought crossed through her mind, what if it is Lydia.

As if y/n knew exactly what Allison was thinking due to the wide-eyed expression on her face, she placed her hand on Allison’s arm.

“It’s not her.” It can’t be.

“Erica, you take the first station. You’ll start with… Mr. McCall.”

Mr. Harris instructed the two. Erica smirking and Scott rolling his eyes and making their way to a lab table as Mr. Harris finished pairing the two off.

Allison and Y/n remained together while Isaac was paired with Stiles. Relief flooding through y/n when she noticed Lydia with some other person instead of Isaac or Erica.

“Whatever you’re thinking of doing, wait. Give me a chance to talk to Derek.” Scott begged and pleaded to Erica while she held the same smirk as before.

“Why don’t you talk to me instead,” she smiled with big puppy-dog eyes, “That’s funny. In school, you guys act like you’re broken up, but she’s all over you.” Erica scoffed looking at Allison.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Scott attempted to hide his secret, unaware of the increases in his heart rate that didn’t go unnoticed to Erica.

“If I were Allison,” her hand found its way to his thigh, “I’d be wanting you all the time.”

Over at y/n and Allison’s table, Y/n was watching the revolting encounter between Scott and Erica while Allison actually tried to focus on the project.

“Allison don’t look.” Y/n warned her oblivious friend, her eyes transfixed on the two.

“Oh my god.” She heard Allison sigh, and she glanced over to see Allison death-glaring right at Erica.

“Hey, I said don’t look.” Y/n shrugged. Both returning to the assignment.

“Switch!” Mr. Harris’ voice only added another layer of tension to the room.

Y/n looked around quickly and rolled her eyes whilst sighing as she realized that the only open seat was next to Isaac.

Reluctantly, she let herself fall onto the cold, metal stool. Immediately getting to work on the next step of the experiment so she could ignore his presence.

He smirked at the fact that she was so determined not to talk to him, laughing slightly, he broke the silence.

“What, no hello?” He perked up so he was sitting straight, listening to the increase of her heart rate.

Y/n glanced at him for a second, not long enough for him to notice before she got back to work attempting to control her breathing.

“No, thank you for not slashing my throat when I had the chance?”

This time she dropped all the lab tools in her hands, sighing and sitting up straight so she could look him straight in the eyes. Restraining herself from slapping the smirk right off his face.

“Thank you? You want a thank you for not killing someone? Look nimrod if you hurt Lydia, I’m gonna-”

“Going to what? Beg and plead for me not to hurt you… again?”

Tears threatened to escape eyes but she held back, she wouldn’t let him see that.

“I was going to say turn your ass into a fur coat and give it to her as a birthday present.” She collected herself.

“Really?” He smiled widely, “I’ve never actually been to one of her big invite- only parties. I did ask her out once though.” He glanced forward as he said his last thought.

“Sounds like the beginning of a heartfelt story. I’m gonna pass, thanks.”

Isaac caught himself off guard as a genuine laugh escaped his lungs at her response. He cleared his throats as to not seem so distraught.

“It was the first day of freshman year-” but he was cut off immediately at the sound of y/n’s voice.

“And you thought everything was going to be different for you in high school, but she said no.”
Y/n sarcastically dragged on the ‘no’ for emphasis as she poured some weird blue liquid into a graduated cylinder.

“Yeah, She even laughed. Told me to come back when the bike I rode to school had an engine, not a chain.”

When Y/n was done with her current task, she let herself look at Isaac again, his gaze already on her.

“Unrequited love’s a Bitch.” She stated coldly, “Maybe you should write about it in English class, you know. Channel all the negative energy.”

He smiled while she smirked confidently at him.

“Nah,” he laughed leaving his eyes locked on hers, “I was thinking I’d channel it into killing her. I’m not very good at writing.”

Isaac became very pleased, seeing the breathless and terrified look on y/n’s face. Although, he was taken aback when she leaned forward, face inches from his.

“Listen to me. It’s not Lydia, and even if it is, you can’t kill her-”

Y/n was cut off when Isaac grabbed her wrist and wrapped his fingers around her upper arm, unaware that his claws had been released.

“No you listen to me, you and your little friends aren’t in charge here.”

Noticing his eyes starting to glow yellow, y/n whimpered, “You’re hurting me.”

His eyes instantly changed back normal as he stared deeply into her frightened ones, his claws fading back to regular finger nails as well. But he didn’t let go of her arm, just loosened his grip until his touch was ghosting over her skin.

She watched his expression change from angry to… guilt?


“I’m sorry.” Isaac breathed out, finally letting go of her. His gaze drifting down to the floor ignoring the shuffling of students around her.

“You mean that, don’t you?” She whispered leaning down towards him, causing him to sheepishly look back up to her, brows furrowed in confusion.

“You don’t want to hurt anyone, do you? You don’t have to Isaac you can get out-”

“I believe he said switch.” Stiles interrupted y/n, eyes dead-set on Isaac’s figure.

Without saying a word, Isaac got up and left the stool whilst Stiles replaced him.

“What was that all about?” Stiles questioned y/n.

But she didn’t answer, instead she watched Isaac take a seat next to Lydia before Scott could stop him. Stiles noticed too, neither of them knew what to do.

Isaac looked up at Y/n’s glaring eyes, and she knew, he was going to do it anyway. Derek was his alpha, and he would do whatever he was told.

“What are we going to do?” Y/n whispered, not really expecting an answer.

Y/n and Stiles continued on with the further instructions for the experiment. Y/n glancing back every five seconds to where Isaac and Lydia were.

Stiles watched her distraught behavior, and he understood it for he felt helpless too.

“Are you okay?” He decided to distract her.

Y/n turned back around to continue her work.

“I’m fine.” She replied shortly.

Stiles huffed in response, “Y/n seriously-”

“I am being serious Stiles. I’m fine.”

Frowning slightly, he decided to let it go. Both of them turning back towards the beta and the strawberry blonde. He hadn’t done anything yet, and they were left to wait anxiously.

“Time.” Mr. Harris stopped the working students, “If you’ve catalyzed the reaction correctly, you should now be looking at a crystal. Now for the last part of that experiment- which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy, you can eat it.”

That’s when it clicked. Y/n, Stiles, Allison, and Scott all made the connection. They all stared at the crystal being held in Isaac’s hand. The Kanima venom not visible, unless you were looking for it like they were.

Isaac handed the crystal to Lydia, and she took it at the nice but not-So-nice gesture. The strawberry blonde continued to lift her hand holding the crystal to her mouth. Y/n watched speechless as Lydia opened her mouth, but just before she could taste it-

“Lydia!” Scott’s voice echoed throughout the classroom, stopping her from doing anything as he stood from his seat and stared at her with concerned eyes.

“What?” She asked annoyed.

“Nothing.” He sat back down, defeated.

Isaac smirked as Lydia ate the crystal, realizing he won. His smile only grew when she didn’t get affected by the poisonous venom. Isaac looked out the window to see Derek watching, Scott saw him too.

Unconsciously, his gaze left the window to see if y/n was watching. And she was, she looked angry. Except, he didn’t know if anger was the right word to describe her, was she disappointed?

Whatever she was, looking at her right now made his face fall. He couldn’t grasp what was happening right now, all he knew was that he hated that he had hurt her. He shook the feeling off immediately, he had more important things to worry about.

Once the bell had rung they all hurried out of class. Y/n looked around the hallway unable to find her friends, she started walking to look around the students shifting past her when all of the sudden she was grabbed and pulled into another room.

She squealed slightly, until she had fully entered the room and turned around to see Scott. Behind him, Allison and Stiles.

“Shut the door.” Scott asked sternly, she obeyed without saying a word.

“Derek’s outside waiting for Lydia.”

“Waiting to kill her?” Allison asked for clarification.

“If he’s thinking she’s the kanima, then yes, especially after what happened at the pool.” Scott stressed

“It’s not her.” Y/n stated from the corner, arms crossed and staring straight in front of her.

“Y/n, she didn’t pass the test. Nothing happened.” Stiles took a few steps toward her.

“It just doesn’t make sense.” She looked down towards the floor.

“Hey,” Stiles approached her all the way until he was right in front of her, without thinking he cupped her face in his hands, “we’ll figure it out.”

He searched her eyes as she stared hopelessly at him. At a loss for words, she just nodded her head until he let go of her.

“It doesn’t matter,” Allison thankfully broke the tension between the two causing Stiles to turn his back to Y/n, “Derek thinks it’s her. So either we can convince him that he’s wrong, or we’ve got to figure out a way to protect her.”

Silence fell over the room as everyone processed her idea.

“I really don’t think he’s gonna do anything here, not at school.” Scott pointed out.

“What about after school? What if we can prove that Derek’s wrong?” Y/n perked up, letting her arms un-cross and fall comfortably down at her sides.

“By three o’clock?” Stiles questioned.

“There could be something in the bestiary.” Allison suggested, giving y/n a warm smile before walking over and standing at her side.

“Uh, I can talk to Derek, maybe convince him to give us a chance to prove that it’s not her. But if anything happens, you guys let me handle it, okay?”

His expression turned extremely concerned and serious as he stressed the last part of what he said to Y/n and Allison.

“What does that mean?” Y/n raised her eyebrows.

“That you guys can’t heal like I do. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Allison smiled softly and glanced at y/n as she let out a small laugh. Allison continued to place a comforting hand on Scott’s shoulder.

“I can protect myself, and Y/n can too.”

“Yeah, Scott, don’t worry with her training I’ve gotten really good.” She reassured her brother.

“I just don’t either of you getting hurt. Seriously, if anything goes wrong, you call me, okay?”

Y/n felt slightly awkward as Scott’s attention became completely focused on Allison as he continued.

“I- I don’t care if your dad finds out. Call, text, scream, yell, whatever. I’ll hear you and I’ll find you as fast as I can. We have until 3:00.”

Allison and y/n had the task of translating the pages of the bestiary, since it was in Latin the best idea they had was to go to Ms. Morrell for help.

“So What was that?” Allison couldn’t help but ask Y/n.

“What was what?” Y/n asked cluelessly, although she was scared that she knew exactly what Allison was talking about.

“Back there with you and Stiles, are guys like-”

“No.” Y/n stated before Allison could continue to grill her with questions, “I don’t know- I just can’t be with someone right now.”

“Can’t or don’t want to?” Allison raised her eyebrows.

But y/n just rolled her eyes, ignoring Allison as she opened the door to Ms. Morrell’s office.

“Do you mind me asking where you got this? Uh- book?”

The two girls stood there awkwardly, Y/n turned towards Allison waiting for the girl’s answer.

“Um, a family heirloom.” Allison attempted to say nonchalantly.

“Interesting family. I’m pretty familiar with most Romance languages, but this is a little out of my reach.” She sighed while examining the pages.

“Can you give it a shot?” Y/n ask more intense than she meant to, earning a slight glare from both Allison and Ms. Morrell.

“Alright, uhm, “Kanima” - do I have that right?” She looked to the two girls for confirmation.

“Yeah.” Both Allison and Y/n answered in unison. Causing Ms. Morrell to glance at them suspiciously, but they just gave her an unsuspecting smile.

“Like the wolf, it’s power is greatest at the moon’s peak. Huh, sounds like a werewolf.” She let out a laugh.

Both girls responding by laughing as well, gesturing as if the idea of a werewolf were crazy.

“Oh, there’s some words here I don’t recognize.” The teacher’s brows furrowed, confused.

“Just try.” Allison pushed.

“Please.” Y/n added at a lighter tone, nudging Allison in the side to try and stay cool. Even though neither of them was actually succeeding.

“Could I hold onto it for a little bit?” Ms. Morrell asked politely.

“Now is better, please.” Y/n replied quickly, silently cursing herself for making the same mistake that Allison just did. Man they really sucked at this.

“Alright, uhm- okay. ‘Like the wolf, the Kanima is a social creature, but where the wolf seeks a pack, the Kanima seeks a friend.’”

“A friend, what does that mean?” Allison asked out out loud, not really sure if she was expecting an answer from anyone.

“Maybe it’s lonely.” Ms. Morrell suggested.

“Like a teenager.” Y/n whispered hesitantly from beside Allison, who glanced at Y/n and immediately made eye contact her. Wide eyes from both.

A few seconds later, y/n received a text from Stiles.

‘We need to get Lydia out of here, now!’

“We have to go.” She held her phone screen up so Allison could read the message, and they rushed out of the room without saying anything to Ms. Morrell.

They started making their way towards to library which is where they would meet Stiles and Lydia.

“I want to.” Y/n said to Allison, continuing on the subject from before they walked into Ms. Morrell’s office.

“And- I don’t know how to explain it- I know how I feel about Stiles, but, I just can’t right now.” She shook her head as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

Allison grabbed the sides of her arms and turned Y/n to face her, causing them both to stop walking.

“I get it, I do. Trust me.” Allison smiled lightly to which Y/n returned the small gesture.

“He’s mad at me now.” Y/n laughed quietly.

“That’s because he’s a 16 year old boy,” Allison reasoned, “he’ll get over it, and when he does- he’ll understand to Y/n. You don’t see the way he looks at you, but I do.”

Y/n’s eyebrows furrowed, “How does he look at the?”

“The way I look at Scott.”

“If we’re doing a study group, why didn’t we just stay in the library?” Lydia asked as Stiles hurriedly pushed her out the double doors exiting the library.

“Because we’re meeting up with somebody else.” Which wasn’t exactly a lie.

They continued to walk down the halls a little ways and then suddenly from beside them Y/n and Allison approached and adjusted quickly to their walking pace.

“Well, why don’t they just meet us in the library?” Lydia asked again, pouting at the two girls that just showed up.

“That would’ve been a great idea! Too late.” Stiles sighed unenthusiastically.

Lydia stopped walking right in the middle of the hallway.

“Okay, hold on-”

Suddenly she was shoved forward by Jackson who had just joined them as well.

“Lydia, shut up and walk.” And she obeyed, Y/n rolled her eyes at his unnecessary aggressiveness towards Lydia. She was just confused, she didn’t know what was going on and that wasn’t her fault. It was their’s.

Stiles pulled the jeep and parked it next to the curb outside of Scott’s house.

Everyone hopped out and made their way up the steps of the front porch.

“If we’re studying at Scott’s house, then where’s Scott?”

“You realize it’s my house too, Lydia?” Y/n asked, expressing her annoyed attitude.

“He’s meeting us here!” Stiles chimed in.

Stiles practically slammed the door, continuing to look all three locks present on the wooden piece.

Lydia raised her eyebrows for him to explain the weird behavior.

“Uh, there’s been a few break-ins around the neighborhood.”

Allison and Y/n looked at each other, knowing this was a disaster.

The panicky and spastic boy then continued to place a chair underneath the door handle.

Y/n closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall, waiting for him to explain this one.

“And a murder!” He added way too excitedly.

“Lydia, follow me. I need to talk to you for a minute.” Jackson motioned up the stairs, she followed but stopped halfway.

She looked back at the three that still remained by the door, then continued to roll her eyes and walked the rest of the way up the stairs.

Y/n felt overwhelmed with the turn the day had taken, afraid of passing out she took at seat at the bottom of the stairs and put her head in her hands. Allison and Stiles looking out the windows on either side of the door.

“Stiles give me your phone.” Allison was the first to speak.

“Why?” He asked as he handed it to her.

She ignored him as she dialed Scott’s number waiting for him to pick up.

“What’s wrong?” The room was so quiet Stiles and Y/n could hear Scott’s voice.

“It’s me,” Allison replied, “you need to get here, right now.”

“Okay. I’m leaving now. On my way.”

The hand that was holding the phone fell down at her sides, Allison shook her head and laughed slightly.

Stiles walked forward to retrieve his device but she pulled it back up and held it in both of her hands, prepared to make another phone call.

“What are you doing?” Stiles voice caused Y/n to raise her head from her hands so she could observe the interaction.

“I think- I think I have to call my dad.” Allison’s voice cracked as she struggled to hold back tears.

“No, but if he finds you here- you and Scott-” Stiles tried to stop her but she cut him off.

“I know. But what are we supposed to do? They’re not here to scare us, okay? They’re here- they’re here-” Allison couldn’t restrain the tears any longer, letting them flow freely and stopping her from finishing what she was saying.

“They’re here to kill Lydia.” Y/n calmly filled in the black for her, Stiles and Allison looking over at the sounds of her voice.

“I got an idea, just shoot one of them.” Stiles motioned to Allison as she held her cross-bow in her hands.

“Are you serious?” She whispered, frightened. Y/n still remained on the stairs.

“Look, they don’t think we’re gonna fight, so if one of them gets hit, I guarantee they’ll take off. So just shoot one of ‘em.”

“Which one?” Allison shook her head and looked back out the window.

“Uh- Derek. Yeah, shoot him, preferably in the head.” Stiles suggested.

“If Scott was able to catch an arrow. Derek definitely can.” Y/n intervened, a pessimistic tone laced her words.

“Just shoot one of the other three then.” Stiles angrily motioned with his arms.

“You mean two?” Allison questioned as she was looking out at the street.

This caused Y/n to finally move from her seated position, moving to look out the same window as Allison.

She counted Derek, Erica, and Boyd…

“Where the hell is Isaac?” She asked, turning to look at Stiles.

Y/n didn’t wait for a response as she ran up the stairs to where Jackson and Lydia were. As she reached the top of the stairs she saw Lydia standing in the hallway.

Allison ran up right behind her.

“What’s happening?” Lydia asked with a terrified expression on her face.

“Someone’s trying to break in.” Y/n lied quickly as she ran forward and grabbed Lydia’s arm.

“Come with me.” She pulled Lydia into her room, continuing to drag her into her bathroom.

“Stay in here, lock the door, got it?” She searched Lydia’s eyes as the girl nodded her head. Y/n shut the door, then waited until she heard the switch of the lock. Once she did, she ran back out in the hallway where Allison was standing right outside Scott’s room.

“Stiles, it’s!” She shouted down the stairs to where Stiles remained. Then she turned to face Y/n, panic all over her face.

“I’ll take care of Erica, you get Isaac.” Y/n was about to protest saying she didn’t have a weapon but before she could, Allison pulled out the two Chinese daggers that Y/n had been training with.

Allison tossed them to her and she caught one in each hand, letting them spin until she grasped them in the position she wanted them.
Y/n walked back into her room, head not facing straight in front of her. So you can imagine her surprise when she ran right into another person, that other person being Isaac. She stared up to his smirking face, speechless.

“Nice to see you again too.” He smiled, so confidently it made her want to scream.

“I won’t let you touch her.” She snarled through gritted teeth, not in the mood for his sarcasm.

“That’s not really your choice.” He tilted his head to the side, looking his now yellow eyes with hers.

“I won’t fight you.” Y/n spoke.

“Because you’re afraid you’ll lose like last time?” He stepped towards her, trying to intimidate her.

Except she didn’t step back, she remained exactly where she was.

“No, I’m pretty sure I could easily kick your ass this time,” he laughed but she kept talking, “but I won’t fight you because I don’t think you want to fight me.”

His smirk dropped, now he looked angry.

“You don’t know anything about me.” He snapped, eyes turning back to normal.

“Maybe not. But that night you hesitated to hurt me- to kill me when you could’ve. And don’t say you stopped because Derek told you to, because you stopped way before that. You don’t want to kill her, Isaac. And you don’t want to fight me either.”

“Wanna bet?” He stepped forward again and this time she reacted by stepping back.

“Okay,” she raised her eyebrows, catching him off guard as she let her daggers drop out of her grasp and onto the floor, “do it then: hit me, bite me, kill me.” Y/n shouted at him, completely calm.

He just stared at her dumbfounded.

‘Come on’ he spoke to himself inside his head, trying to motivate himself. But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t. Looking into her eyes right now, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

He opened his mouth to say something but was caught off guard as the Kabila fell from the ceiling, grabbing Y/n’s neck and holding her against the wall.

She squinted her eyes in pain, not wanting to look at the creature.

Without even thinking about it, Isaac reacted by grabbing the tail of the Kanima and throwing it away from Y/n. The Kanima hissed at the two, then hurried out the window and onto the roof.

“Thank you.” Y/n whispered, staring wide-eyed at Isaac.

He didn’t say anything as an unsuspected arrow laced with Kanima venom shot him in the leg.

Allison entered the room, and killer look ok her face as she stared Isaac down. Scott walking behind her, a limp Erica propped over his shoulder as he dropped down to pick Isaac’s paralyzed body up and placing it over his other shoulder.

Y/n speechless followed Allison and Scott down the stairs, where Stiles and Lydia stood on the front porch facing Derek.

Once the last year had made it onto the porch Scott tossed the two bodies in front of Derek’s feet.

“I think I’m finally getting why you keep refusing me, Scott.” Derek smiled at the beta, “You’re not an omega, you’re already an alpha of your own pack.”

Scott looked behind him, seeing Y/n, Allison, Stiles and Lydia all standing behind him. He knew Derek was right.

“But, you know you can’t beat me.”

“We can hold you off until the cops get here.” Y/n interrupted, smiling when she saw the distraught look on Derek’s face.

“You know Derek, when no one else would tell me the truth, you did. I thought you were a friend, thank you for showing me the real you.” Y/n told Derek as she walked forward to stand beside Scott.

“Get them out of here.” Derek ordered Boyd without saying anything back to Y/n.

Allison took Lydia home while Stiles stayed behind to help Scott and Y/n fix anything that has broken during the multiple fights that took place tonight.

“I can’t believe it’s Jackson.” Stiles whispered.

“Really? You can’t believe Jackson who verbally abuses his girlfriend and isn’t nice to a single person, is a homicidal lizard?” Y/n replied sarcastically as she placed a lamp back on the table in the living room.

“Way to go taking out Isaac tonight Y/n.” Scott changed the topic.

“Actually I didn’t do anything,” Y/n stated, causing both boys to look at her and urging for her to continue, “he saved me from Jackson tonight.”

Neither of the boys spoke, Scott looked confused while Stiles expression could be described as… jealous?

“His dad was murdered and he had no friends, So of course he accepted Derek’s offer. But I don’t think he wants to be the bad guy.”

“Are you- are you kidding? Do you know how many already bad things he’s done?” Stiles started shouting.

“Yeah- because he’s been told to do them, they’re all afraid of Derek.” Y/n shouted back.

“Okay stop!” Scott interjected himself between the two.

Y/n stared into Stiles’ confused eyes while he stared into her angry one.

“We should be trying to help them, all of them.” Y/n looked at Scott now, referring to Derek’s three betas.

“Y/n, they have to want to be helped.” Scott replied to his desperate sister.

With that, Y/n didn’t feel like she could be in the same room as them anymore. She quickly went upstairs and into her room. She stomped through the door and ran her hands through her hair, so overwhelmed with the situation. Once her hands dropped to her sides, she turned around to see Stiles standing at her door frame. She couldn’t tell if she was relieved or if she wanted to slam the door in his face.

“What?” She asked. It was dark, but from the tone of Y/n’s voice Stiles knew she was trying not to cry.

“I just came to say I’m sorry. Not just for right now, for the other night.”

“It seems like that’s all we know how to do when it comes to each other ,” Y/n locked her eyes with his, “apologize.”

Stiles didn’t know what to say to her as she sat down. He decided to approach her cautiously and sit down next to her.

Y/n didn’t look at him, staring down at the floor.
It was only when she felt his warm hand intertwining his fingers in her cold one, that she looked up to him.

“That’s not all we know how to do,” he whispered with a small smile, lifting up his other hand and placing it on the side of her face while using the pad of his thumb to wipe away her fallen tear, “and you know that.”

Stiles leaned forward and Y/n involuntarily followed his actions until their lips found each other in a slow, yet passionate kiss. Y/n was to the first to pull away once she realized what was happening, no matter how much she wanted to stay.

“Stiles-” she sighed with her eyes still closed, holding onto the kiss.

“I know.” He cut her off, smiling kindly.

“I’ll give you all the time you need.”

Speechless, Y/n was left to watch Stiles walk through her door, leaving her alone with her thoughts. And an overwhelming sense of admiration for him.

•• and that’s all(:••

Akira, Yusuke and Ryuji with their (closeted) otaku S/O


•Akira finds out about his S/O’s secret while in akihabara with Futaba
•while is face stays neutral he certainly is surprised when he sees S/O standing near the maid cafe in uniform
•he doesn’t say much, just stares (you can’t blame the boy S/O looks damn good in the uniform)
•Akira doesn’t approach S/O until he’s alone (mostly because he doesn’t want to embarrass them and partly because he didn’t want any of the gang to see S/O look so cute)
•when he does ask S/O about it they go bright red and refuses to meet his eye
•that’s when S/O admits she’s an otaku
•Akira just stares at them while they explain everything
•he had never seen S/O talk so fast in his life as he watched them ramble about their figure collection hidden in their room and the stacks of manga she keeps under her bed
•Akira really doesn’t mind, seriously he can’t see why you would hide it from him
•Akira would be very blunt saying that his S/O doesn’t have to hide anything about themselves
•S/O feels like a weight his lifted off their shoulders hearing that from him
•Akira even asks for some anime recommendations for him watch
•He will watch every single one of his S/O’s recommendations with them. Every.single.one
•Akira does smirks and whisper to his S/O that they should come over to the cafe in the uniform one night after closing
•S/O couldn’t stop the redness on her cheeks and almost yells they wouldn’t do that in a million years
•They end up doing it on Akira’s birthday though

•Yusuke doesn’t find out about their S/O’s secret until he walks into their room to look after sick S/O
•when he does he’s shocked and confused
•S/O his cuddling up to a body pillow like her life depends on it
•Yusuke blinks as he stared at them in confusion
•know that he thinks about it this is the first time he’s been in your room
•after looking around it’s cluttered with anime and idol posters
•there’s a stack of vita and PC games next to S/O’s bed
•after closer expecting he finds out they are Otome games
•he would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised but he doesn’t really mind
•he doesn’t like anime but he recognising the skill that goes into the art
•while your sick he does watch some anime with you
•he’s very picky about the art
•"The anatomy is all wrong" “hair can not be styled like that” “I did understand how those clothes are functional in battle,”
•S/O just listens to Yusuke silently, their just happy he’s willing to do this with them
•she’s lest happy when he makes a comment on her Waifu
•Yusuke gets very jealous of the body pillow
•he may have had ideas to hide it so S/O has to cuddle up to him for warmth

•this boy is also an otaku
•not as much as his S/O but he has spent a number of days marathoning animes and reading through manga
•He secretly love naruto and one piece
•honestly anything that involves fights he’ll watch
•Ryuji finds out his S/O’s secret when he sees her in cosplay
•poor baby can’t handle himself when he walks in on S/O in full costume
•S/O is just as embarrassed, begging him not to tell anyone and that she was sorry
•when Ryuji finally picks up his jaw from the floor he stutters out that he doesn’t mind
•in fact he thinks it’s pretty cool
•he asks S/O a lot of questions about who she cosplays as
•Ryuji really likes how S/O looks in cosplay, he has a hard time not staring
•he gets a little jealous when he finds out she goes to conventions in cosplay, he doesn’t like the idea of people staring at S/O when he’s not around to protect them
•Ryuji now insists on going to every convention with S/O
•S/O has even convinced him to wear matching cosplay with them
•it’s not uncommon for dates to be anime marathoning
•Ryuji and S/O swap and share recommendations with each other regularly

Only A Game [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Also E-2! Barry dad be one of the dorkiest dads ever like he so excited about his kids’ programs and is like trying not to embarrass his kids but is. And the kids are ‘dad plz I love you but no’


My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

Basketball games are going on through the school year. Meaning, the whole family goes to Jace’s games. You carry Abby into the gym, sneakers squeaking against the floor. The young basketball player kisses your cheek, handing his bag to his dad. “Please, dad, please don’t…embarrass me.” Jace begs, walking towards the group huddle.

Snorting, you grip onto Sara’s hand, peach t-shirt scrunching when Abby toys with the collar. As you usher your seventeen year old up the bleachers, Barry frowns at your son, positioning Nico on his hip. “I don’t embarrass him… Do I?” he crinkles his bushy eyebrows over his thin glasses. His silver Nike sneakers climb up the steps, following after the long line, which is his family.

Sara fixes her cheetah print shirt over her black leggings, plopping in between you and Barry. “Yes, you do. And you embarrass Luca at his football games, too.” she says simply, crossing her legs. Barry’s green eyes widen, arms wrapped around Nico’s ‘Daddy’s boy’ orange t-shirt. “Shh, dad.” she mumbles, watching the basketball get tossed into the air.

The teams go back and forth down the court; Luca bends over, elbows on the knees of his red skinny jeans. You clap in front of Abby, nodding at your middle son. One of the kids pass the ball to Jace after stealing it from the other team. He dribbles up the court, Adidas high tops sneaking around the other boys. Sara yells a loud ‘woo’, which Abby echoes, sitting up straighter.

Biting your lip, you lean forward, seeing him roll the basketball in between his palms, face dripping with sweat. Jace’s gold jersey sways over his black t-shirt as he squats, steadying himself on his feet. Breathing in, he throws the ball, smiling brightly when it gets in the hoop; the buzzer goes off. “Yes!” you shout, giving him a thumbs up.

“Yeah! That’s my son! Number nineteen! ‘Atta boy!” Barry screams, standing up, pointing at his fifteen year old. The light gray hoodie falls off his shoulder, blue shirt shifting against his collarbone. Jace scowls, running back up the court with the rest of his team. Rolling your eyes at your husband, you grab his pale hand, pulling him back down. “W-what?” he asks innocently, pushing his spectacles up the bridge of his nose; Nico pokes his cheek.

Luca gets to it before you do. “You’re doing it again. The embarrassing thing? Dad, we love you, but please, stop.” he states, voice completely monotone.

Barry frowns for a moment before Sara leans into his side. “It’s okay, dad. You don’t embrace me at my track competitions.” she whispers, cupping her hand around his ear. He grins, kissing her forehead and placing Nico on his lap. Abby grasps your hands that are around her stomach, watching Jace pass.

“Thanks, honey.” Barry coos, scrunching his nose underneath the frame of his glasses. Smiling quickly at you, he refocuses on his son, scoffing when the ref blows the whistle. “Oh come on! That was a foul!” he yells, craning his neck to the side.

You sigh, “Babe. Sit down. You’re embarrassing me… and I’m married to you!”

Bts Reaction | Finding Out You Write Fanfics About Them.

Request: hi hi im backkk *evil laughter* i would like to request a bts reaction to finding out you wrote fanfics about them!

I totally don’t worry about this on a constant basis. I would be so embarrassed omg.

Warning: Smutty references



Originally posted by gotjimin

He would stumble across a fic you wrote about him back before you knew him (or the other members) while looking for a new book to read. 

At first, he didn’t realise it, that was until he saw his name, to which he slammed the book shut and looked at the title. It read Spring Day by Y/n. He looked around before reopening it and continued reading a little further, he ended up reading it in one shot, before quickly placing it back up on your bookshelf, like he never touched it. 

When you finally came home he would try to act normal but you could tell something was off, he kept glancing over at you nervously. You finally brought it up to him and he told you he was fine and that it had been a long day is all. 

After dinner he went to take a shower, you sat down on the sofa only to notice your bookmark on the sofa, the bookmark that was in your fanfic that you had written about Jin. 

Panic would set in as you realised that is why he was acting weird is he found what you had written. He probably thought you were a crazy fan now, you went into your shared room and place the bookmark back in the book right as he walked out, his eyes opened wide when he saw you placing the bookmark back into the book. 

“Yah! Y/n I am sorry I thought it was just a random book I didn’t realise it was something personal!” he would frown worried that you would be angry and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

You told him you thought he would think you were a crazy fan. 

He smiled at your and kissed your forehead, and explained how he wasn’t angry or weirded out at all, but said he actually really enjoyed it and wanted you to write about him more often. 


Originally posted by remartins97

He knew his way around the internet, so you should’ve known better than to make it so obvious for him to find your website with your fics on it.

At first, he glanced over it thinking it was just a fan site that someone had created of the two of you, but he stopped and looked back at it closer, to see exactly what it said.

-Hi! I am Y/n and I write Bts Fanfics- 

He would chuckle and open it to find you hadn’t been active in a few years, even before the two of you had met a small music shop. 

He would start reading some of the ones about the other members and smiled at how good you could write, the stories were fluffy and cute and he liked them a lot, that as until he saw in bold the word SMUT. To which he smirked, he knew you were usually too shy to talk about that sort of thing with him so he was surprised to see that you wrote such dirty things.  

He opened it up to find a lot of the stories were about Namjoon and him. He clicked one about him and started to read it, his lip licked his bottom lip as it started to get into the details of the story. 

Just as he got to the good part you walked in quickly apologising for being late, he would jump and close down the screen and lock his computer and turn to you, with a composed look on his face. 

He would talk to you for a moment asking you about your day before he bit down on his lip and hummed “What do you think of people who write fanfics about me?” 

You eyes would open in panic for a moment before you reassured yourself there was no way he had found that old website, you hadn’t posted on it in so long you wouldn’t be surprised if the website had been deleted. 

You replied that you didn’t have a problem with it, to which he smirked sexily “well in that cases would you like to explain this then?” he said as he opened up his computer to show one of the stories you had written about him. 

You blushed cherry red and started to apologise over and over again to which he chuckled “i’m not mad, but I am really wanting to know how the sweet and shy y/n that I know can write out such dirty things online. You have been holding out on me baby girl” He would say as he inched closer to you and lick his bottom lip again. 

You would be embarrassed for weeks and begged and pleaded for him not to tell the other members about it. He promised not to say a word. (Ps, your bedroom life got very interesting from there on out haha)


Originally posted by rapmonabiased

He knew already. You admitted it to if not long after you started dating that at one point you had written fanfics about him and his fellow members. 

He had always wanted to read them but every time he would bring it up you would blush and tell him no.

One day he was going through some old boxes in your bedroom and stumbled across a huge binder filled with paper, he opened it thinking maybe it as your old school work only to see a photo of all the member. He smirked and looked around making sure you were still in the other room and opened it and started to read one of your angst filled stories about him. 

He gasped at how well your writing was and smiled wide at the fluff that followed. You walked in to see him reading it and stood there watching him as he engaged so heavily into your stories. 

That was until he came across one that was dirtier than the rest, he groaned quietly as he read it, you blushed and finally spoke up, his eyes slowly looking up to face yours, his eye was dark and hooded until he suddenly he snapped back into reality.

“Ay! I am sorry y/n I didn’t mean to find it!” he would hand it to you and practically run out of the room from embarrassment. You smirked as you looked down to see the part he was reading, a dirty story about him and you. 

You chuckled and closed it and went to go comfort him to find him on the sofa, you sat on his lap and kissed him sweetly apologising to him for not showing him earlier, but that the reason was because of that story. 

He would grip your hips firmly before looking back up at you, his eyes filled with lust, his cheeks still slightly red from his embarrassment. “You won’t need to write out that sort of thing ever again sweetie” 


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

He would find out through a crazy fan that wanted you both to break up. They would post on social media about your fics trying to expose and embarrass you. 

You would see and try to call him to explain before he saw it, but you were too late. He would seem a little upset at first asking why you were writing these things about him and the other members. 

Once you explained that it was back when they first debuted and you didn’t know them he would feel a little better about it, he would ask to come over to your place later to talk about it face to face. 

But, he read all of it, and as much as he wanted to be angry at you, the fluffy stories gave him serious feels, that was until he saw the one you wrote about him. It wasn’t like the rest of the members. It was dark, angsty and very very sexual. 

When he arrived at your home he closed the door and pinned you up against the wall “you like it when I call you daddy huh?” he would say as he smirked down at you.

You would blush bright red at the fact that he had seen the one fic you worried that he would see, you looked at your feet to embarrassed to reply.

He wasn’t having it, he would put his finger under your chin and make you stare him in the eyes, his eyes dark and lustful. 

You would stammer over your words and he would smirk knowing your answer, kissing your lips hard and roughly until you finally pushed him away and asked if he was angry.

“I am furious, but that doesn’t matter right now, I think my baby girl needs to be punished.”


Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

He would ask to borrow your computer to email his manager about some choreography he has been working on since his computer was broken. 

You protested at first because you knew your fics were on it but finally caved when he gave his signature pouty face.

He got to work emailing his manager as you jumped in the shower. He went through your files to look for the one he had saved, making sure it was saved properly before he got off your computer when he saw a folder labelled fics.

Of corse being the curious boy that he is he opened it to find a folder of each of his fellow members, including him. His eyes went wide as he looked at the bathroom door before opening a file about him, reading the fluffy content that was inside.

When you came out you saw him staring intently at the screen, a smile spread across his face, he didn’t even notice you had walked back into the room until you cleared your throat.

He would jump and look up at you. “YOU WRITE FICS ABOUT US!” he would blurt out before placing your computer to the side and jumping up to hug you and kiss your cheek.

He would gush over how good your writing was and say how cute it was and how he wanted to be like the Jimin you wrote about. 

You explained to him that they were really old and that you preferred the Jimin you were in love with now over that Jimin to which he would blush and kiss your lips sweetly and pick you up and snuggle you into his chest.

“I love you y/n”


Originally posted by helendrv

He would ask you randomly about it. 

“How do you think people write me in fanfics?” 

You would be caught off guard because you hadn’t told him you used to write fanfics about him before you met him in person. 

You would shrug and told him that they probably wrote him as cute a bubbly Taehyung. 

He would lay down on the sofa and look at you as you walked over, ruffling his hair before his face went serious. “Do you think they write dirty things about me”

You replied out loud that you did before you covered your mouth realising you said it out loud instead of thinking it.

He smirked and looked up at you “what did you say?”

you rolled your eyes and tried to shake it off but he wasn’t having it, he protested until you told him that you used to write about him and the other members.

He would ask to see them and you showed him all the stories, even the dirty ones. He would get turned on when he got to his dirty story and you would end up moving things into the bedroom soon afterwards. 


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

You were at home watching a live interview that your boyfriend, Jungkook and the rest of Bts where on. When the Mc asked Jungkook how he felt about how his girlfriend wrote fanfics about him and his members.

His eyes would fill with shock, giving off his signature Jungshook meme look before composing himself and replying that you didn’t write such silly things.

You face palmed, you knew you should have deleted that blog you used to write Bts fanfics on. You never imagined that first you would be dating Jungkook and second that it would ever be found by any of the members ever. 

The Mc chuckled and handed him a paper with what you assumed was one of the fics you had written on it. The members crowded around and all started to snicker as they started reading, more so at Jungkooks face then at the story itself. 

His ears turned bright red the embarrassment written all over his face. 

Namjoon would speak up and move passed the situation quickly before Jungkook could reply.

He didn’t speak much after that and just nodded and would glance daggers at the camera, he knew you were watching and you knew well that those were meant for you and no one else. 

After the broadcast ended your phone began to ring, you picked it up and apologise over and over again. 

“So you really do write that stuff about me….” before you could explain he said he wanted to speak with you in person and more privately. 

He would meet at your house the next day and you both would talk about it, he would be calmer and collected about it. He asked you to take the blog down and he said he did read the story and he said you were a good writer but she didn’t want anyone else to see those stories.

He secretly loved them but he didn’t want either of you to get any more media backlash about it so he had saved them privately to his computer and once and while would pull them up and read them from time to time in private. 



Here a kink, there a kink, everywhere a kinky kink: A Solangelo Request

(( more praise kink Nico requested by anon))

Here’s the thing, Nico knew he was strong and capable in a lot of things, to the point he may or may not have flaunted it.

Like sword fighting for example.

He could beat a small crowd without even breaking a sweat not to mention single-handedly do so.

When he had a sword in his hand you could feel the confidence emitting from him in waves.

Everyone knew, even the Romans, not to engage him in a sword fight for he showed no mercy, except with small children and his significant annoyance.

Whom he was fighting at this very moment, and whom he was winning against dramatically.

“You said you’d go easy on me!” Will whined as he was yet again sprawled on the floor and panting.

Nico laughed as he helped his boyfriend up with ease. “I am!”

“ yeah, yeah, sure you are….” the son of Apollo grumbled as he rubbed his lower back.

“Should we end it here?”

“That would be nice. Plus you owe me!”

“Wait, what? What do I owe you?”

“Cuddles and movie time!”

“Not that I’m against that or anything but why?”

“Because you just kicked my ass and didn’t go easy on me.”

“But I did go easy on you!”


“Whatever, let’s go drama queen.” Nico laughed as he began to walk to his cabin alongside Will, who was still complaining might I add.

Once they reached Cabin 13, they quickly disposed of their armor and pants, put on a movie, and settled on the couch with sodas. Will’s being a grapefruit Izzy, Nico’s being a cream soda.

But soon the movie was forgotten in favor of making out until Nico complained about being sweaty and such and got up to take a shower. Once he reached the bathroom door he looked over his shoulder at Will and asked, “Care to join me?”

The reply was immediate. “Hell yeah!”

See Nico was beginning to be confident in many things, aforementioned sword fighting and other things. He didn’t need to be told he was doing a good job or even wanted it but when it came to being intimate with his lover it was like he craved it. He craved to be told he was doing a good job, or he was just good in general. He didn’t understand it. But when Will praised him, much like he was doing now as Nico gave him a blow job in the shower, his body felt…hotter….and more needy, though just by telling Nico he was, “So good….so good.” While trying to push his head farther along his member, Will could make him moan. Without even touching him! It was bizzare. Will called it…a praise kink? Whatever that was…

“Gods Nico, you’re so good at this!” Will moaned out as he bucked his hips and whined, tugging on Nico’s dark locks.

Nico let out a whimper against Will as a shiver racked through his body. He released Will when he felt that he was close. Making the other growl. But smiled down at him as he slowly helped him up and held up one leg. His other hand was tracing his rim, almost pushing in but not quite.

The dark haired Italian bit his lip and whined. Will licked his lips and smirked, because he absolutely adored when Nico was like this. “Beg for it, Neeks.”

The son of Hades whimpered again as his boyfriend nearly pushed a finger into his aching, needy hole, before pleading. “Please, Will, please I need it!”

Once Will pushed one finger in and then another, he leaned closer and kissed Nico deeply. “Good boy. That was some nice begging, but I want to hear more.” He purred.

Nico didn’t know of it was possible but he thought he had surpassed red when it came to how bad he was blushing. He squirmed and rolled his hips over Will’s fingers, begging like he asked, he would do whatever Will said to get him to praise him.

“I want you! I n-need you, Will.”

“Mmmm what do you need Angel?”

“I need Y-You in me! I need to to f-fuck me!” Gods, it was kinda embarrassing to beg, but it was worth it when Will said.

“You’re so good at begging Nico, gods.”

And then Will was in him, making him feel complete. And Nico again, was doing everything he could for Will to praise him. And Will generously did so. To the point Nico couldn’t form a coherent thought or even pronounce a simple, ‘Will.’ His toes curled as he wrapped his legs around the blond’s hips and moaned out with every thrust.

“That’s it baby. Scream for me.”

And he did just that as Will praised him and stroked him as he continued to thrust into him. He was fucking him senseless and it was wonderful. He loved it.

When they finished and calmed down enough to clean up, Nico blushed and looked up at Will, “Did I do good?”

Will smirked down at him before giving him a kiss. “You did magnificent Sunshine, you were absolutely great.”

Nico smiled as he let out an involuntary shiver. “I’m glad.”

((I feel like that could have been better. But oh, well. I hope you like it anon!))

Fic Prompt

A while back, an anon sent me a prompt from this post and I just finished it because I’m the worst™

This is dedicated to not only said anon, but also to my fellow members of the shrixie defense squad™ @swearronchanel  and @beatrix-franklin for helping me think of puns 😂

prompt: “Stop it, you’re embarrassing me” for Trixie & Shelagh 

Shelagh sat at her desk, tapping her pencil eagerly. She had been checking her watch constantly, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as she painfully watched each second pass. In one hand, she held a blue slip of paper tightly in her hand, and it had begun to crumple from the pressure. Shelagh could feel her forehead begin to sweat, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Instinctively, she rested a hand on her tummy, rubbing in a circle pattern. Suddenly, a cheerful voice from behind her snapped her back to reality.

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anonymous asked:

ooooh how about headcanons for kirishima, todoroki and izuku going lingerie shopping with their s/o? perhaps getting something very sexy or funny

Just sit back and imagine our spastic, timid little Deku in a VICTORIA’S SECRET. IM SCREAMING


  • He’s manly as fuck, and his manliness is ultra exposed when he’s gazing at the thongs and resisting an absolutely manly nosebleed
  • how many times can I say manly? count
  • Requests you to buy literally all the sexy body suits, nightgowns, the smallest underwear he could find
  • suggests buying one for himself so you guys can match, even grabs one to try on and you regret taking him anywhere
  • you’re jealous because he can pull off a lace bodysuit and thong better than you can


  • he’s so embarrassed, and begs you to let him wait outside otherwise he’s gonna have an overload
  • you drag him in anyway to help you pick stuff out and his whole face is as red as the left side of his hair. you think it’s the cutest shit but he’s just ready to leave before he pops an awkward boner
  • you suggest modeling for him, he says no because he honestly might jump you right there. you enjoy testing his limits and just know you’re gonna get it tonight
  • he low key takes some pictures to remember this moment,  but he can’t hide it well and you see it but choose to ignore it
  • buys you a thong..or two…or three..and requests for you to wear them as often as you can. he stutters so much you wonder if Izuku possessed him or something


  • he’s stuttering, blubbering, and you think he’s crying just a little bit.
  • he’s too embarrassed to even touch the sexy outfits, much less look at them. he can barely handle the thought of you wearing any of these
  • when you start modeling them for him, his heart feels like its gonna explode and he questions your thought process of bringing him to this place
  • he begs you to buy pretty much everything you put on, both so he can hopefully see it again and because he wants to run away and never return
  • he low key wants to come do this again. low key

anonymous asked:

Head Cannon dean passing out when you start having his baby

He tried to stay calm. Really, he did. And honestly, he had done an amazing job up until that point. I mean, it’s Dean Winchester… monster hunter, world saver, he was strong and tough and rough and all the adjectives that you’d give to the strongest, bravest man in the world. But the moment the doctor said you were crowning- that’s when he lost it. 

You saw him grow pale, the slight wobble in his stance distracting you from the intense pain you were feeling. His eyes went wide, the grip he’d had on your hand slackened, and before you could call his name - he was down. Dean wiped out, crashing down onto the green and white specked tile floor of the delivery room. 

Maybe it was the preceding 27 hours of your labor that had done him in. Dean had refused to leave your side for more than two seconds the entire time. He hadn’t eaten a thing, had barely sipped the coffee Sam had brought him, hadn’t rested, nothing. All his focus from the moment you went into labor to the second he blacked out was on you. He attended your every need, fusing over you and the son you were about to bless him with. He was a mess, fluttering around, bringing you ice chips, fluffing your pillow for the thousandth time, he did everything but listen to his own body. 

That and the pain of seeing you, his love, in such immense pain, was enough to flip his eyes back and send his body to the ground. 

Later he’d be embarrassed, beg you not to tell Sam, but you were touched by it actually. He was so concerned with you, he didn’t matter. Sure, it wasn’t the healthiest thing to do, but it showed you just how much he cared. He was already a great husband, and this just proved what you already know: Dean Winchester was gonna be one hell of a father.