embarrassed after walking in the door yelling


Description: After having to walk home in the soaking rain, your boyfriend Spencer is more than happy to make you warm again.

A/N: Please enjoy this self indulgent fic, it’s not a masterpiece but who doesn’t love flustered, embarrassed Reid? 

“Spence?” You yell out into your apartment after five minutes of trying to unlock your front door with shaking hands. Of course, the day you decide to walk to work is the day that it pours down with rain, you didn’t want to call Spencer and have to make him come pick you up so you decided to tough it up and walk; that was a bad choice.

Shivering profusely, you managed to nudge the door closed behind you before you began to strip out of your clothes, knowing it would be far quicker to get warm without soaking wet clothes weighing you down. You were in the middle of peeling your shirt off of your body when Spencer walked in from your office.

“Hey- did you just walk home in the rain?”  His greeting was cut off my his own worry, it was a shock to see you half naked and soaking wet but there was a primitive part of his body that noted how well the water made your jeans hug your body, how the droplets of water fell from your hair down to your chest, falling down the curves of your breasts in your bra. Still, stopping you from getting hypothermia was more important than staring at your body.

“N-no shit.” You said once you’d fully removed your shirt, dropping it onto the floor then starting on your jeans. “Come help me.”

The look on Spencer’s face was a picture, he almost stumbled over his own legs rushing over to you. His hands were pinned to his sides, his fingers flexing anxiously, both eager and nervous to touch you. It had been a few months since you had started dating and while you had gotten intimate, Spencer still felt himself feeling slightly overwhelmed by how badly he ached just to touch your skin.

He hesitated at first but knelt down to help pulling your wet jeans down your legs, his eyes didn’t wander even if they wanted to. He let you step out of them once at your feet, then took your socks off just because he knew you were starting to take off your bra and he didn’t have the courage to get up just yet.

“I need a hot shower.” You stated matter of fact whole Spencer started to get up, beginning to walk towards the bathroom as you pulled your panties off with easy, kicking them off your feet and leaving them like a clothing breadcrumb trail. Your attention was focused on gaining the feeling back in your fingers so you didn’t get to see the shock in Spencer’s face as he watched you walk away, his mouth gaping open. He was left stood there, your socks in hand.

Spencer scrambled to pick up your articles of clothing, throwing them somewhat towards the laundry basket before hurrying to the bathroom.

“Do you, um, need anything else?” Looking into the bathroom, he saw you waiting for the water to heat up. He was too flustered to even just look you in the eye, he couldn’t look at you at all; his gaze focused on the bath mat beneath your feet. It was cute, seeing him all sheepish like this. You hadn’t been trying to make him like this, everything had been of a total innocent nature in your mind but the blush on Spencer’s cheeks and his ridiculously rigid posture made you think it wasn’t the same for him.

You smiled at him, catching his eye as he found the courage to look up at you. After feeling the water again and it being the perfect temperature, you nodded your head.

“I heard that one of the best ways to get warm is from another person’s body.”

Spencer laughed in disbelief, if he didn’t know better he’d say his heart skipped a beat.

“I can do that.”

You grinned at each other before you reached out, grabbed his tie and pulled him into a kiss. Now, it was your turn to undress him.

Coffee Shop Barista! Taeyong (NCT)
  • Taeyong first gets his job at a little coffee shop around the corner, curtesy of his roommate Johnny
  • It was only supposed to be a temporary job until he could find something he could actually earn a lot of money for
  • BUT he realizes that he actually does like working there (even with the occasional rude customer)
  • He likes taking the graveyard shift- 3am to 7am, mostly because he can blare his music and dance around without being yelled at by the manager
  • Usually, most people start coming in after 5, until you showed up
  • You were studying/working late and NEEDED coffee in order to continue functioning
  • You stumble into the café, half-dead from exhaustion and immediately look up at him as his loud music blasts through the crappy shop’s speakers
  • now TaEYOng, sees you nearly asleep and thinks you are the cutest person to have ever walked through the door, and he becomes extremely shy
  • to avoid embarrassing himself, he gets through the transaction as fast as humanly possible
  • He’s so nervous when talking to you, to the point where he doesn’t even answer when you ask him how he’s doing
  • You were also embarrassed; you thought he was attractive but when he didn’t respond you thought he was ignoring you on purpose
  • After you go sit down, and Taeyong starts to make your order, he drops the mug after filling it
  • It shatters everywhere and he turns BRIGHT RED
  • He mumbles an apology as he ducks to hide behind the expresso machine
  • When he finally managed to get your order finished he doesn’t bother to call out your name- mostly because he didn’t ask you since he was so flustered when he was talking your order
  • Then he realizes that he has to actually TALK to you, without reverting back to a procedure that he has memorized (like taking orders)
  • That’s enough for him to almost drop the new drink he made for you
  • He walks over to your table with shaking hands and sets it down
  • “Enjoy.” His voice is nearly a whisper and sounds oddly cold since he literally JUST met you
  • You look up from your work to politely smile at him, ignoring the curt tone he used with you
  • “Thanks.”
  • For the second time that night, he turns as red as a tomato
  • NOw, when Johnny hears about Taeyong’s little crush he KNOWS that he has to do something, because Taeyong definitely wouldn’t
  • The next night, you show up halfway through Taeyong’s shift and he’s hiding behind the door leading back to the office, begging Johnny to take your order instead of him
  • Johnny smirks and agrees, taking your order and being nice to you
  • you recognized Taeyong the moment you walked in the door, and were silently hoping that he’d talk to you even though he wasn’t that kind to you when you first met
  • “So, how would you feel about going on a date with him.”
  • JOhnny asks as he makes your order, casually pointing over to Taeyong- who’s literally about to curl up in to a ball he’s so mortified
  • “JOHNNY!”
  • “I’d love to.” You give Johnny your phone number and wink shyly at Taeyong
  • Who promptly melts into a puddle of embarrassment and happiness

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Eren, Jean, Armin, Mikasa and Levi walking in on their s/o changing

Eren yells at his partner like it’s their fault he walked in on them changing. He uses anger in order to cover up embarrassment.

Jean shrieks and runs away. He’s in a silent mode for a couple hours after that, even if his partner is totally dressed.

Armin makes a small “Oh!” Before apologizing and closing the door. He stands there for a couple moments trying to regain his composure.

Mikasa respectfully closes the door and leaves. She won’t tell her partner what she saw to save themselves both of embarrassment.

Levi probably teases them to hide his own embarrassment, but for the most part he’ll leave them alone.

The Nursing Incident

A/N: So, I am gonna start to upload the one line prompts and do a few every day. Requests are still open for now :)

Request by @punkmccqll :  can you do an isaac one for 3,7 and 14 (i think it’s the ‘now you owe me a kiss’ one but i’ve forgot the number already😂)

Maybe you shouldn’t play Lacrosse as a human being without any supernatural healing abilities after all. At least that´s what you think to yourself right now while you are sitting in Isaacs new car and hold your throbbing ankle. This is embarrassing. Isaac and you aren´t necessarily friends, there is kind of this tension between you two but Coach yelled at him to drive you, so he did.

As you arrive at your house he asks you: “Can you walk on your own, Y/N?” You shoot him a glaring look. “Of course!”

You heave yourself out of the car and hobble to the front door. Unfortunately you only make it a few metres ere you lose balance. Isaac is there before you hit the hard ground and catches you with a smirk on his face.

“You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go through such extremes”, he says playfully as he adjusts you in his arms and carries you to the door. You roll your eyes.

“Where are your keys?” 

“Right pocket.”

He struggles to get it out of there and you realize that your heartbeat fastens a bit as he touches your hip. You hurry to suppress it, he certainly should’nt hear that.

He finally manages to open the door and carries you into your room, laying you down on the bed, surprisingly gentle and carefully.

“You should probably put that foot up”, he murmurs before he adjusts a pillow under the injured ankle. “Do you want a glass of water or something?”

The look he gives you out of those blue eyes is innocent and concerned but something is fishy about this, why should he suddenly care about you that much? But you are actually very thirsty after that practice, so you just say yes.

As he comes back with the water you gulp the liquid down in one sip. But he is still standing there, right next to your bed, not moving.

“Okay, why are you doing this?”, you ask him suspiciously. He raises his brows. “What do you mean?” “Why are you so nice to me?”

A smirk plays around his lips. “Maybe I am just a great nurse.” 

“Right. Not to criticise your nursing abilities but I am pretty sure that’s not the reason. So?”

The smirk gets even bigger while he folds his arms in front of his chest.

“Well, I guess I am doing this because now you owe me a kiss.”

You are taken aback by that for a second and you are very aware of the fact that he hears your heart skipping a beat. It takes you far too long to win your indifferent behaviour back.

“Do you know the concept of doing something nice just for the sake of being a good person?” 

“Yes, but not when it comes to cute girls like you.”

Great, now he makes you blush! But two can play this game.

“Still, I am not really in a position to do that. Why don’t you come over here and make me?

He is clearly dumbfounded for a second which already makes you feel the triumph but suddenly a dangerous glare appears in his eyes. You don´t really have time to react because he is at you in no time and kisses you with his soft lips.

What starts with a soft kiss soon turns into a make out session. You can´t help yourself, you are definitely drawn to this boy and you are totally forgetting about that hurt ankle as you burry your fingers in his curly hair and pull him nearer. The pain only comes back as he turns you around in your bed and he immediately stops kissing you as you wince.

“I´m sorry”, he mutters, getting your body back into position. But he is still smiling and his cheeks are red from the effort. You suddenly can´t take your eyes off him. Has he always looked that freaking good?

“How do you feel about just lying there while I keep on kissing you?” You grin and pull him back towards you.