Eskild is literally judging William based off of Noora’s lies. Thats so fucked up to both of them to be honest. All Eskild knows is what Noora told him after her return and she definitely did not tell him the truth about what really happened when she just found the courage to tell the girls. Im over this whole “let’s make characters who have never had a problem with William before dislike him” theme going on.

Actually, have other people noticed that taking ideologies to weird extremes is a Thing among thirteen to fifteen-year-olds?  Because that’s definitely something I’ve noticed.  Like, I once new a thirteen-year-old girl who claimed to be uncomfortable watching two women dance together because it “promotes lesbianism,” which is…not something most Catholics believe, I’m pretty sure?  (They weren’t even, like, slow-dancing, it was some kind of Scandinavian Traditional Cultural Dance that only women did).

Has anyone else observed this among The Youths?


I…I don’t ask people to stream or anything very often ‘cause…I don’t like to be this vulnerable? LOL I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE KNOWING HOW DEEPLY I FEEL ABOUT SOME GROUPS OKAY. But Nu’est was my 2nd kpop group and they were partially responsible for getting me into Seventeen (who are the sunshine/happiness/all the sugary sweet good things of my life; y’all who follow me should know how much I adore Seventeen, ha ha, adore u, I adore them? okay i’ll shut up). And I remember how devastated I was when I heard about the Pledis trainees on Produce 101 Season 2. At first, I actually skipped over their first evaluation ‘cause my heart hurt so much and when Kahi started tearing up, I just crumbled? So I was so proud when slowly but surely all of them were being recognized and they made friends (and adopted kids) and just? seemed? so? much? happier? 

Episode 11 fucked me over big time. And I think many LOVEs will agree. I was so sure Jonghyun was going to be no. 11. When BoA paused for so long on Pledis, I–I knew #14 was going to be Jonghyun. I’m so proud of the Top 11, our new Wanna One, but…I felt it was bittersweet that Nu’est might have a win without Minhyun. So from the bottom of my heart, I want Nu’est to get a win WITH Minhyun. When Hello was nominated for Inkigayo, I almost started crying again. They deserve their first win to be with all of Nu’est

I know, I know, this is almost impossible and I know, I know I’m just praying for things, but if…just one listen? Go on Youtube and watch this music video (720 and >50% volume) I will be forever grateful.