embarkation park

New villain looks like they’re about to release the Tengu, does so, but casts something and the Tengu falls down ill. It tries on its rage but can barely move. Villain takes off.
Randy shloomps and the NinjaNomicon explains it’ll need to be cured with some kind of plant in Norrisville State Park.
Randy embarks on the journey and requests Howard to keep an eye on the Tengu and after much angry debating finally agrees.
Howard sits across the room from where the Tengu lies. After awhile it’s obvious the bird recognizes him, and tries to lunge at Howard with no work as it collapses each time. Eventually it gives up and appears sad.
Howard starts feeling bad for it, and figures it’s not a threat in its current state and slowly walks up to it then calmly takes a seat on the floor near it.
The Tengu slumps its head onto Howard’s lap and is pretty much asking for comfort. In which Howard replies with a soft pat on its head and mentions Ninja will be back soon.


Last week I finally made the trip up to the North Cascades National Park to embark on one of the wildest backpacking trips I’ve done. After mountain biking the first 8 miles, suffering through 24 hours of torrential rain that left us soaked and freezing, climbing glaciers with only 20 feet of visibility, and scrambling up sketchy rock faces, we were rewarded with a great night sleep in the fire lookout, new friends with whom we shared whiskey, stories, and laughter, and an unreal sunrise with views of fog and snowy peaks for miles around. 

Instagram: @brysonmalone // @kellenmohr 

Huge shout out to lostinthewhiteroom for hosting me and being the ultimate homie. 

JB - So Long Goodbye by 10 Years

Requested by anon

The pain in your chest seemed unbearable. The way he had been so cold despite the sadness and the agony in his own eyes. You questioned everything you had one up until this point. Had it been something wrong you had said? Had you been too attentive to his needs? Or not attentive enough? Were you too much and too little all at once? What more was there to have given him that now he was leaving you with only the coldest of words to remember. Your fingers clutched at his shirt, as the words left your lips in a hiccuping and shaky mess. And still he stood as stoic as he could manage, head tilted back to force the tears not to fall from his eyes. It seemed like an eternity before he finally pried your fingers away, pushing you back far enough to look into your eyes.

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