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Step Bro... Fuck Buddy...or Love?

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW ) ( Not in this chapter but I ll make up to it with next chapter so don’t hate me) 

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Reader

Word Count : 1483

JungKook’s POV

I know the truth is all different… She is with Jimin and that drives me insane.

Without thinking I am calling her again… For the hundredth time maybe… She doesn’t pick up. The night is restless for me as I cannot stop thinking of what might happen between them. Why do I feel like this? I was the one that told her to keep it just sexual and a secret… Thats how I started this but now why do I feel like this?

I call her again and somehow she picks up. Well at least I think its her but I’m wrong.


It is Jimin. I try to keep calm as I ask for Kitten.

“Uhh… Dude… By the number of your calls I can see that you are the one who got her upset”

Like I need to know that. I roll my eyes.

“I have to talk to her”

Jimin’s voice changes

“We are tired and she is sleeping now. Look I don’t know what happened between you two but she is not acting her usualself… “

We… Did he say… We ? I can no longer listen to him. She slept with Jimin. She let someone else to touch her, to feel her.

I simply hang up as I cannot stand to hear anymore.

It is obvious that I should let her go on the other hand I cannot help thinking about it.

Did she moan his name like she did mine? Did she look at him in the same way? Did she let him to take full control over her body?

The most painful question is did he make her feel the same way or better?

This cannot go on like this… I need to face her. By a few calls I learn where Jimin lives. It is far from here but I do not care. I grab my jacket and already on my way.

572… There it is… The green building which looks old but in good condition. I climb the ladder quickly and ring the bell but they are not home. While I am thinking of what to do they show up.

She is smiling as she has some ice cream in her hand. The thing that she is wearing… Probably one of Jimin’s cardigans. Jimin tugs her hair behind ear. They look like a couple and it is painful to watch. I uncomfortably take a step right then they notice me.

Kitten freezes, stops walking and directly looks into my eyes. Her eyes… They are so deep that I can see love, anger, pain together

“JungKook what are you doing here?”

Jimin rolls eyes as he hysterically laughs


I shoot a glare at him as I grab her by the arm.

“We need to talk Kitten”

She protests and refuses to walk with me.

“Do not call me Kitten”

Jimin interferes as he yanks her other arm and his voice is protective.

“Let go of her”

Kitten POV

Just as I wake up I see Jimin watching me with a smile on his face.

“Morning babygirl”

I strecth as my body is aching a little because of our little action last night. It frustrating that I still wonder what JungKook is doing.

Is he with that girl now? Maybe he brought her home…He didn’t even care that I saw them. Just as I am about to get lost in my thoughts Jimin asks

“Thinking about someone?”

I deny, shaking my head but Jimin does not buy it at all.

“Tchh… Look at this baby who thinks that she can fool me… That someone you have been thinking about actually called”

As I am in utter schock I literally scream.

“What ! Dont tell me that you talked to him”

Jimin smiles, caressing my cheek.

“I did because he called a thousand times and the vibration of the phone drove me insane. Wanna talk about what happened with JungKook ? Thats his name right? ”

I have no idea if I should. All the things I am going through is too much but it is also too awkward to talk about.

“Jimin after last night I don’t think it is a good idea… I know I used to tell you about everything but…I do not want to talk about him right now””

Then Jimin does not give me a chance to say anything more.

“Ok… No question about that bastard… Let’s go out and eat something, shall we?”

I refuse but he does not give up. He pats me on the head

“I will buy you ice cream too but only if you eat something for breakfast”

My eyes are narrowed.

“Jimin… I am not a five year old kid”

He giggles as he nuzzles my hair.

“No baby you are definetly not… You are hot”

I slap his arm before he goes to look for my dress.

I wouldn’t feel shy with JungKook if it were him. I shake my head as Jimin is back with my dress. I tell him to turn around even though I know it is stupid. Jimin does not object and waits as I get dressed.  

We go out to decide what to eat. We both agree on pancakes after a long round of rock,paper, scissors. The place is small but clean. We sit over the small table and our hot delicious pancakes are well served. After I feel full I give the last one to Jimin whom happily accepts. On our way back home he stops to buy ice cream.

“Hey you don’t need to do that”

Jimin smiles as he hands met he ice cream.

“I promised right?”

We walk back to home as he is telling me some really embaressing memories of his.

There he is… JungKook is right in front of me. Having no idea why he came all the way I ask.

“JungKook what are you doing here?”

Still standing next to me Jimin gives out a crazy laugh


I lightly elbow him to make him stop. JungKook’s glare is so obvious as he literally shoot fires from his eyes. However he grabs me by the arm

“We need to talk Kitten”

Kitten? He still calls me like that? After doing such a thing with Han Ra? I pull my arm back.

“Do not call me Kitten”

Right then Jimin interferes as he yanks my other arm.

“Let go of her”

JungKook looks me in the eye.

“I have done it all to forget about you but I can’t let you go”

Those words make me stop. I look into his eyes and see how pure they are. I know JungKook well enough to understand when he talks through his heart.

Jimin grabs my arm again.

“Do not listen to him”

But I stop him and JungKook goes on.

“Hit me, slap me in the face… Do whatever you want because I deserved it. While watching you get ready for the party I was dying inside… Then I heard you were going with him. I wanted to stop you but how could I… You are not my girlfriend Kitten… We shouldn’t be together… Thats what I convinced myself so I have done the easiest thing… Drunk till I couldn’t feel anything at all. When I was with her I was still thinking of you… I didn’t know it until then but I… I love you Kitten… Even if you hate me …”

However I spent so much time with JungKook it is first time that I see him this way. Before I realize tears begin to flow from my cheeks.

“Seeing you like that… Touching her… Like you did to me… It felt like I was nothing.”

JungKook holds me in his arms and I hit his chest till I get tired. Right then his lips find mine and I give in.  As JungKook breaks the kiss I sigh

“This is still imposibble… You know”

JungKook shakes his head

“I don’t give a fuck if they are getting married… “

Jimin who keps quiet until then speaks up.

“Wait… Getting married… Who? Your parents? I mean you two…”

I silently nod to confirm as Jimin pulls me to his side.

“Are you effin serious ?! You were sleeping with a guy who is going be your step brother”

I almost beg him.

“Please Jimin… Don’t judge me… I mean…”

Jimin reassuringly puts his hand over my cheek.

“I won’t… But don’t tell me that you are in love with that asshole who has the guts to sleep with some other girl…”

I press my lips together and take a look at JungKook who is watching me. Am I in love with him… My heart knows that I am but my mind screams that it won’t go anywhere… And I know my answer is going to change everything.

Would Jimin be on my side if I tell him that I love JungKook?

What is going to happen if I choose JungKook?

My head gets all blurry with thoughts as I answer…

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